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It was an unusually early and hot summer. I came home one day to find my wife Rachel already sunning herself by the pool. I stepped outside to find her completely naked, sporting a devious smile and basking in the hot summer sun.

“Working on your tan?” I asked.

“I thought this year I’d try to keep from having any tan lines”, she replied.

This was sort of amusing since she’d really slacked off in the grooming department, not having shaved a thing in weeks. I guess she was going for the natural look to match the gorgeous waist-length red locks on her head.

Wasting no time, I stripped and joined her.

“Would you rub some suntan lotion on me?” She coyly asked. I was more than happy to oblige, giving her a thorough massaging and covering her entire body in lotion.

We laid out in the sun for what seemed like eternity. All that I could thing of was the wicked smile she gave me when I came home. I was trying my best to avoid being a human sundial, but the sight of her nude body in the sun and my own thoughts were making that a futile effort. When Rachel noticed she let out a little giggle.

After a while longer, she stood up, proclaiming “well I’m all nice and toasty, what do you say we take a dip?” And with that, my nude wife dove into our pool with me scampering in behind her.

Rachel clearly had preplanned some of this. I could tell by the look on her face that she was having a lot fun, teasing me in the pool and splashing around. Now I thought we laid out in the sun forever, but the time in the pool – albeit fun, still seemed like it was even longer. She was doing her best to say just out of my reach and making me chase her throughout the pool.

After having her fun, my wife said “let’s go wash off this chlorine” and we adjourned to the shower.

Now I knew something was up. My wife hadn’t asked me into the shower with her in ages, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to pass this up. I knew I’d at least get to shave her legs and armpits – something she new I loved doing.

Trying to play it cool, I washed her waist length red hair first, making sure to take my time. After a thorough shampooing, I began rubbing in conditioner. I could tell from the look on her face that she loved the attention I was giving. With the conditioner in place, I gave her a nice scalp massage that had her moaning in pleasure. I decided to let the conditioner sit a little longer and focus my attention on the rest of her body.

I built up a nice thick soapy lather all over her body, scrubbing her down from head to toe. She smiled and let out soft moans every so often as I washed her body, allowing me to spend extra time washing her breasts and pussy.

After I rinsed her body off and the conditioner out of her hair, she proclaimed, “mmmm, looks like it is my turn” and began washing me.

She followed my lead and started washing my hair first. Having short hair, it wasn’t necessary to spend nearly as much time on it nor let the conditioner sit – but she did it anyway, simply to tease me. She lathered my body up with soap, spending extra time playing with my cock and balls. She had me at full attention and I was doing my best to keep from exploding there on the spot. Rachel knows exactly how to push my buttons, and she was in perfect form today.

After rinsing me off, she said “time for a shave.” I almost came on the spot thinking she meant her, since I do a pretty good job of keeping my package well groomed, but this was not the case.

With my focus on her unusually playful mood, I had failed to notice she had already made preparations in our shower. She grabbed a can of my shaving cream and shot out a large amount into her hand. She began spreading it all over my cock and balls, and not worrying one bit about teasing me in the process.

She slowly shaved my trimmed public hair away, being very careful to make sure she didn’t nick me, but making sure she gave me a very close shave. Knowing how much I loved to be shaved by her, she took her time, going over everything three times to make sure not a single hair or any stubble remained.

After shaving off every last pubic hair I had, she produced a can of cream hair removed. She began covering my entire body, save what she’d just shaved, with a nice even and thick layer of the cream. I was literally covered from my neck to my toes with hair remover.

Since she had some time to kill as the cream did its job, she grabbed the shower head, bit her lip and gave me a look I’ll never forget. With that, she switched the showerhead to pulsating mode and began to masturbate right in front of me. I stood there dumbfounded, as my wife took the pulsating showerhead and placed it between her thighs. I no time, her hips were shaking and she was moaning in ecstasy. My cock was harder than ever, but I didn’t want to touch it for fear that the hair remover would burn me.

She continued to work the showerhead over her pussy, moaning louder and louder. My cock felt like it was going to split in two. She braced herself against the wall and had a mind numbing orgasm right in front of me. Upon her climax, she screamed “Oh my god, yes!” and I came on the spot, shooting my load onto her thigh.

As she regained her composure, she began wiping the hair removed off me, taking all my body hair with it. I was smooth from the neck down, not a single hair remained on my body. The mere sight of my wife bringing herself to climax had taken its toll on me. I would have probably collapsed on the stop if the words she spoke hadn’t given me an adrenaline rush like no other.

“Now you get to shave me”.

While I prefer my wife to keep up with her shaving, I’ve been known to persuade her to lax off on it for a while to make the shaving process that much more enjoyable. Well it had been weeks since she shaved and was frankly quite hairy. She’s a redhead and fair skinned, so she could pull it off without it being too obvious, especially during the colder months of the year. But the summer was here and the hair had to go.

I was in heaven. My wife had known for years about how much I loved shaving her pussy, and if it wasn’t for the fact that she was a natural redhead, something else I love, I’d probably ask her to shave far more often.

Now her pubic patch hadn’t been tended to in quite some time, so shaving it took a little finesse. I had to be extra careful not to nick her, but unlike with me, there was plenty of hair to shave. I lathered her pussy up with a nice thick layer of shaving cream as my cock began to stir.

I slowly shaved the top of her pubic hair away, each stroke removing more of the long hairs. Within no time, my cock was as hard as ever. I had my wife lay on the floor of our large shower so I could shave the outside of her pussy lips. Each time I pulled gently on her vaginal lips, I caught a distinct, but very quiet moan out of my wife’s mouth. This only fueled my hard on even more. My fingers were at my wife’s most intimate parts, and I was reducing her red forest of public hair into nothingness. I shaved her pussy three times to make sure I got every last hair, making her totally smooth. By the time I was finished, her pussy was dripping wet from the attention.

I kneeled down and began a thorough oral inspection, a tradition of ours. Within no time, her legs were wrapped around my head, bucking her hips and grinding her bald pussy into my face. I love eating my wife’s pussy, but eating my wife’s shaved pussy really gets me going. It didn’t take long for her to explode and cover my face with her pussy juices. I was in heaven and couldn’t wait to make love to her, but she had other ideas.

“Mmm, that was nice. I love when you lick my shaved pussy. But there is only one problem. I haven’t been keeping up with the rest of my shaving. Think you could take care of that for me?” She asked with a faux sheepish look, already knowing the answer.

It was my turn to cover her body with the hair remover. I covered her just as she covered me, a nice thick layer from her toes to her neck
. I had to struggle to keep her long red locks up and out of the hair remover, but I managed. There is a five-minute wait for the hair remover to work, and I was feeling very impatient. My wife’s continued teasing wasn’t helping matters.

“It’s supposed to be really hot this summer. Maybe I should cut my hair. I love having it long, but I’ve never had it short.” She said with that devious look back on her face. She was right. In the twelve plus years we’ve been together, the shortest her hair has ever been was at her shoulders.

Her words certainly got my attention, and I’m sure she could tell from the look on my face. However, part of me was skeptical. Every time she’s had really long hair and has gotten it “cut short” it’s always been by her shoulders. It was a great look for her, so of course I agreed that a haircut was in order, never thinking in a million years that I’d be the one cutting it.

My hands were literally trembling as I wiped the hair remover form her body, leaving her completely smooth from the neck down. I rinsed off her hairless body, rethinking what she had said. While part of me didn’t want to get my hopes up that she’d try something different with her hair, something about her mannerisms today was unlike anything I’d seen from her before. So anything could happen.

“Time to towel off!” proclaimed Rachel, as she stepped out of the shower.

We proceeded to towel each other off playfully, teasing the other with our hands. Once dried off, we wrapped her hair in a towel and proceeded to rub in some body lotion onto each other. We’d learned long ago that a good lotioning is the best way to keep from getting ingrown pubic hairs, and who can complain about the process?

With all the attention, my cock was ready to explode again and I nearly came on the spot when my wife opened her mouth and said these words:

“I’d like you to give me a haircut, but only if I can give you any haircut I want first.”

This was a dream come true. I had no problem letting her cut my hair, I’d have let her do that even without letting me cut her hair. After I agreed, she said “Great, but first I am going to take care of that stubble.”

“Stubble?” I thought? I was hairless form the neck down, but when she grabbed my razor I knew exactly what she meant, my face. She turned on the hot water and started warming a washcloth for me. I had shaved that morning, but I guess she was looking to make me very smooth.

Now Rachel never shaves my face, I’ve asked her to do it countless times and she’s always said she’s not comfortable doing it and she’s afraid she’d cut me. Well she must have gotten over that fear because she lathered me up and began shaving away my stubble without hesitation, exuding confidence. While it didn’t feel good as her shaving my cock and balls, I was still in heaven. She did an excellent job as well.

She finished drying off my hair and grabbed a pair of electric clippers. I didn’t think anything of this since my hair is fairly short, with a faded clip on the back and sides. What I hadn’t noticed was she used an attachment shorter than what the woman who usually cuts my hair does. But I didn’t protest, I had agreed to let her do whatever she wanted in exchange for me giving her a haircut.

She ran the clippers up the back of my head and along the sides, but she caught me by surprise when she began clipping the longer hair on the top of my head. I caught a big smile in her face as she reduced the hair on my head to fine short brown hairs, roughly half a centimeter long. But she wasn’t done yet.

She reached back into the shower and grabbed the hair remover and applied it to what little hair was left on my head. While waiting for the cream hair remover to do its work on my head, she grabbed the razor again and made my eyebrows history. After she wiped the cream off my head, and for the first time in my life, I was completely hairless from head to toe. She rubbed in some lotion on my head and then proceeded to give me the best blowjob of my life.

She couldn’t keep her hands off my body. One hand would be stroking my cock and balls and the other hand would travel my body, seeming to be looking for any trace of stubble – but there was none. She was sucking me off with conviction, taking the entire length of my cock deep into her mouth. I was in complete bliss and in no time shot my load deep down her throat. She hungrily swallowed every bit and continued to suck me off, making sure not a single drop of cum was missed.

“My turn”, she said with great satisfaction. Again, had it not been for the rush I got when she said that, I might not have been able to continue. She had me dry and comb out her beautiful long red hair.

“What kind of hair cut would you like?” I asked.

“Hmmm, I dunno. I was thinking of doing something shorter and cooler for the summer months” she replied.

“So how short were you thinking?” I inquired.

“Maybe we could try something short-short?” she said, producing that devious smile again.

“Short-short? How adventurous are you feeling?” I pondered.

“Mmm, maybe something very adventurous. Maybe we should match!” She said, looking me directly in the eye.

My cock instantly sprung right back to life. Never in a million years would I have guessed she would ask me to shave her head. We’d had masturbatory fantasies about it in the past, but never would I have ever thought that those fantasies would become a reality, but here they were.

I bound her beautiful waist length red hair into a ponytail, picked up the clippers and asked “Are you sure?” with a look of complete disbelief on my face.

“Completely” she said, without hesitating one bit.

I started at the back of her head, figuring I’d probably get the sides and back clipped before she would back out. I placed the clippers at the back of her neck and switched them on. She jumped at the sound of the clippers.

“Last chance to back out!” I said.

“No, I want you to cut off all my hair” she responded with confidence. And with that, I began pushing the clippers upward through her red locks.

As I shaved up the back, I could see she was getting quite excited. She spread her legs and lightly began rubbing her sopping wet smooth pussy. The more I clipped, the harder and faster she rubbed herself, moaning as the clippers moved along the back and sides of her head.

“You ready?” I asked, as I placed the clippers at her temple.

“Mmmmm, do it!” she moaned. I pushed the clippers up the center of her head as she rubbed her clit, moaning louder and louder as I released the last of her locks in the ponytail.

After a couple minutes, her wait-length hair was reduced to tiny short red hairs.

She continued rubbing her smooth pussy as I applied the cream hair remover over her scalp. Once applied, I shaved away her eyebrows. She renewed her masturbation with greater conviction as I wiped away the hair remover and the last hairs left on her body. We were now both hairless. I washed off her head and applied lotion as she exploded on her hand.

“Now what my love?” I asked.

“Mmmm” she sighed, “lets head into the bedroom” extending her arm outward.

I took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom where we spent the rest of the day making love and inspecting each other’s hairless bodies. I’d never come so much or so hard in my life as I did that day; we fell asleep in each other’s arms sometime after 3am.

Early the next afternoon I awoke to find her outside lying naked by the pool again.

“So now I understand what you meant about no tan lines this year” I playfully quipped.

She just gave me that playful smile again and asked me to rub in some suntan lotion and make sure everything was still smooth. We stayed hairless that entire summer, screwing like newlyweds on their honeymoon. When fall came we started to grow our hair out again, but who knows what the next summer will bring.

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