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Jenna was a normal, pretty, popular girl in high school, with a not-so-normal secret obsession. This is her story… and her friends’.

Jenna’s dad owned a barbershop in the town where they lived, and her family lived in a small apartment above the shop. One weekend, her parents had gone out of town, and she had invited a couple of her girlfriends over for a sleepover at her place.

Jenna was lying on the floor with her friends Susan and Liz, gossiping and giggling, while Mary sat on the bed, trying to brush her hair. Mary had light brown, wavy, shoulder-length hair. Finally she threw the brush down in disgust. "I hate my hair!" she said in frustration. "It always get so tangled and hard to manage and then I have to spend an hour brushing it!"

Jenna looked over at her and grinned. "We could cut it," she said, smiling, "my dad’s shop is just downstairs."

The other girls giggled, thinking she was joking, and Mary, smiling a little, shook her head. "No, I couldn’t, I was just…"

"No, really," said Jenna, getting up off the floor. "I’m serious. I think you’d look great with a short haircut."

Mary paused for a second. She’d never really seriously thought about cutting her hair short, or anything beyond a trim, really. But the more she thought about it…

"I could cut it," said Jenna, "I’ve been helping out at my dad’s shop on the weekends."

Mary stared at her. "But…"

"Come on," Jenna insisted, "let’s go downstairs. It can’t do any harm to just show you what I think I could do."

The other girls, meanwhile, were completely silent, staring dumbly at Jenna and Mary.

Mary bit her lip. "All right," she said finally, "I guess it can’t hurt just to go down there."

"Great!" said Jenna. "Come on, girls, let’s go."

The girls all followed her, eyes wide, as she led them downstairs and turned on the lights in the empty barbershop. But none of them could see the strange smile of delight that was spreading across her face.

She promptly sat Mary down in one of the chairs, and swiveled it so that she could look at her reflection in the mirror on the wall.

"Come on, Mary," she urged, "I really think you’d look wonderful with a new look."

Mary stared at herself in the mirror, trying to imagine her face without the shoulder-length hair framing it. Maybe Jenna was right, maybe…

"All right," she said finally, taking a deep breath, her heart pounding in her chest. "I’ll do it." A low gasp escaped Susan and Liz, sitting in the corner and watching, transfixed. Another strange smile flashed across Jenna’s face, and then she grinned, looking at Mary.

"Great! Don’t worry, you’ll be stunning, Mary."

Mary, biting her lip, nodded in nervous silence as Jenna put a cape on her and produced scissors.

Jenna looked at Mary for a long moment, and then spoke.

"Now Mary, I have a great idea for a new style for me, but it’s going to be very short. You’re going to have to trust me, all right?"

Mary’s mouth opened, as if she was about to speak, but then she closed it. She just nodded wordlessly.

Jenna nodded, and she smiled again. "All right then, I want you to put your head down now. Don’t look up until I’m done, all right? I want this to be a surprise."

Mary just nodded again, her face a mask of anxiety, and put her head down, clenching her eyes shut.

Jenna pulled back Mary’s hair into a ponytail, and brought the scissors up to cut it just below the hairline on the back of her neck. Then she paused, and looked down at Mary. "Are you sure about this, Mary? I can stop now, if you want, but I really think this will look great on you."

Mary just nodded again, her eyes still shut, and whispered, "Do it."

"All right," said Jenna, grinning, "all right."

Jenna took the scissors around the thick ponytail of Mary’s hair, and snipped.

SCHNNNIKK! Inches of hair fell from Mary’s head, and the remainder fell in a ragged, chin-length bob around her face. Jenna took the scissors in hand and expertly cleaned it up, snipping and clipping the hairs until they fell into a perfect chin-length bob, with no bangs, around Mary’s face.

"Not done yet, honey," she said softly to Mary.

Then she put the scissors down and reached across the shelf, rummaging around until she finally found what she wanted, and pulled it out.

Susan and Liz gasped again, seeing what it was, and then stared openmouthed at Jenna took it out, plugged it in, and lifted up the hair on the back of Mary’s neck, holding it there.

They were clippers, without an attachment.

Jenna flicked them on, and a buzzing sound filled the room.

At this Mary seemed to jump up, and her eyes flew open.

"Don’t worry," soothed Jenna, "you’re gonna look great."

Mary bit her lip again and closed her eyes, shaking.

Jenna put the clippers onto the nape of her neck, and paused a moment.

Then, grinning, she pushed them up Mary’s nape.

Mary gasped as the clippers’ cold steel kissed the nape of her neck, and fear slowly turned to a strange, inexplicable shiver of forbidden pleasure that ran down her spine.

Jenna, seeming to sense Mary’s excitement, grinned and drove them higher. The hair fell from her neck, shorn locks cascading to the floor, as Jenna pushed it even higher up her nape, leaving behind only faint brown stubble on her neck. She made a second pass, a third, while all the while Mary was in blissful, silent ecstasy.

Jenna picked up the scissors again, and evened out the new hairline. Then she picked up the clippers and drove them even higher than the sides in back, reaching to the top of her ear level in back, and the gently sloping down to the bottom of her ears on the sides in a new, curving hairline. All the hair above this line was thick, long, and perfect… everything below was shaved into a sensual peach fuzz.

Jenna stepped back a moment, to examine her work, and a sigh escaped Mary.

Jenna shook her head. "Still too thick…"

She picked up the clippers again, and flicked them on. She lifted up the longish hair above the new hairline in back and set the clippers underneath it, pushing the shaved nape even higher in an undercut, almost up to the crown in back and to the top of the ears on the sides. Then she let the hair fall, covering the newly buzzed nape, and it looked just as it had before, except that now the long hairs above fell perfectly into place around Mary?s head.

Jenna set the clippers down, and looked at Mary?s transformed image in the mirror for a second.

?All right,? she said finally. ?I?m done.?

Before Mary lifted her shorn head, her hand flew to the sexy stubble on the back of her neck, rubbing the newly buzzed skin of her shaved nape.

When she lifted her head, she was already smiling, but when she saw her reflection in the mirror, she stopped short, staring. She turned her head to one side, and then the other, gazing in shock at her ?new ?do.?

?Is it really me?? she asked softly.

Jenna grinned and took the cape off her, sweeping up the mountain of hair on the floor. ?Oh, it?s you,? she said, laughing. ?I told you you?d look gorgeous.?

Mary, still staring at her reflection, and unable to keep her hand off the buzzed back of her new, inverted up (and it?s sexy undercut) slowly got up and sat down next to Susan and Liz, grinning.

?Now,? said Jenna, turning and holding up the clippers, a smile on her face, ?Who?s next??

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