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If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married. – Katherine Hepburn


Samantha Ryan Patterson had no idea how she lived through the next few hours. To have the most humiliating and horrifying thing in the world happen to one is hard to take. She supposed there were scores of worst things. After all she was not losing her life or her health or a family member. Just her hair. And she had a man who loved her with or without it. Or so he said. It was obviously the truth since Jake’s response to the whole experience and the end results was similiar to a nuclear reaction. He was so hot for her, Sam thought he might actually explode at some point. He was drooling. It freaked her out alright. He had accomplished that much. But it didn’t make her feel any better about it.

By the time their hot love fest was finished, Jake had her back in the chair again, to finish the shaving. Her hope that he would bypass that part, disappeared quickly. And for some reason her husband thought she had changed her mind. That she would go along with the final stage with less tears and less anger. Wrong. Just because she had responded to the process didn’t mean she wanted a shaved head. She never did and never would and never would go along happily in this lifetime. Bill returned and washed her tender scalp off and wrapped her head in a hot towel. Jake had secured her in the chair once again and Sam burst into tears again. She wouldn’t beg anymore. She knew it was wasted breath. But she couldn’t help crying like a baby. Jake sat back in another chair with a stiff drink and the hopefully satisfying cigar. Satisfying to Sam as well as himself, he hoped. But it was not to be, he realized. Samantha wouldn’t be pacified or happy about anything it seemed to the tall, dark and handsome man. She would fight this tooth and nail and he would still have his work cut out for him. Taming the shrew would continue. He relaxed and enjoyed the show priming for round two.

Slowly and with great care, Bill the barber worked on Samantha and she tried desperately not to throw up. She couldn’t bring herself to look at Jake and definitely not look at the mirror. She NEVER wanted to see herself. Hopefully she’d just hide herself away, hide all the mirrors and wait until it grew out. He spread hot latter on her head once again and Sam wouldn’t admit it felt good. She allowed her brain to shut down. No this was not something that she could adjust to. She would have to think about other things. She couldn’t center on what was happening to her and make it through. She just couldn’t. But Jake wanted her full attention. It was as if he wanted her to experience every tiny bit of torture. Which he did. That was the main purpose. Getting control over Sam, would take a lot of things. First and foremost, this sacrifice, this punishment. A way to show Sam that he meant business. Hopefully for the rest of their lives, he would have this control. Knowing he could and would do whatever he needed to do to have her behave. It was rather base. Archaic. But it was going to work, wasn’t it? Jake thought so. He leaned back in his chair hiding a tiny grin He was thrilled and happy. He was extremely excited about the coming week. How hot was this going to be? Did he like Sam with no hair? He was curious to see what she looked like. And like all beautiful women, there was not much that would mar her beauty. Natalie Portman, Demi Moore and others had carried it off. He knew Sam could as well. And she could grow it back. Just like his hair, it would do little to take away from her looks. The whole process drove him wild. He could live with her naked little head easily for now. No problem. Compared to their sex life to date, he might have to worry about having a heart attack. Hotter sex with Sam was almost incomprehensible. It was absolutely thrilling, the things that were to come.

Samantha felt the man working with the razor and the tears spilled over more and more. Jake began to wonder if she would ever stop. Slowly and surely Bill completed his job through the silence in the room. The only sound being the rasp of the razor. Sam wanted to scream and not from pleasure this time. She refused to let herself relax. Refused to give in to the feeling this might be making her hot. She sniffled and wiped her nose as the man wiped the last flecks of creme away. Jake stood up and came to her. He placed the back of his hand on her upper cheek, wiping a tear away. "Stop it, baby. You’re through now." He trailed his hand backwards along the smoothness over her ear. "You look cute as shit. You do." Samantha jerked away from his hand and rubbed her nose on her shoulder under the big pink cape. "So what do I do?" Jake asked the barber. "To keep it like this. Just shaving everyday. Like my beard?" "Sure. I have other lotions and things for more delicate skin, but basically…." "Wait, wait, wait….Jake!" Sam spoke up and finally glared directly into his face. "Wait one minute!" Jake returned the look but talked only to Bill, the barber. "I want it like this for at least a year. Until after the baby comes and well, we will see…." "Well." Bill said as he prepared to leave, "There’s the hair-removal treatments, I suppose." Samantha closed her eyes with a tiny moan. She decided to stop listening to them. She needed all her energy and didn’t need to be brought down further. That’s what Jake wanted. To bring her to her knees. But she had too much to do now, trying to deal with what her husband had done to her. She let her mind center around the future, the baby and her future plans. Jake was crazy as a loon if he thought he could keep her like this.

Sam raced into the bedroom and buried down into the big bed. She pulled the covers over her head and snuggled down. It was late and she could ordinarily go straight to sleep. But under the circumstances, she doubted she’d ever sleep or relax for a long time. She refused to feel her head. She refused to feel or even look. She heard Jake closing the front door and knew that Bill was gone. Breathing a deep sigh and trying to swallow another outburst of tears, she imagined how bad things were going to work out now. Samantha felt she just couldn’t talk to Jake. She didn’t want him to see her like this. No-one was going to see her like this. Jake was right about her vanity. No friend or family member would ever see her like this. No ONE! She wondered where the wig was he had spoken of and at the same time she felt him walk in and lower himself onto the bed.

"Come out, baby." his voice held a smile. "You can’t stay under there forever, sweetie." He began tugging at the covers. "Fuck you." her voice was a tiny mumble from under the covers. Jake got up and left the room and from what she could tell he was closing the house down for the night. He returned, turning the lights off and taking his pants off. Finally in the bed with her, he pulled his shirt off and began uncovering her from the depths of her safe cocoon.

"Sweet. Come here. It’s over now. We have more to talk about, baby." Jake, always stronger than she, succeeded in the unearthing of his tiny wife and drug her into his lap. He sat up, balancing his back against the headboard and pushed her bare head under his chin. He began stroking her neck using the thumb massage on her nape. "I love you, Sam. Come on. It’s not so bad. Sit up and let me see." He rubbed her eyes with his other hand, wiping the last bit of tears away. Samantha kept her chin down. She shivered and gasped. She thought she still might be in shock and held onto her tummy hoping this experience hadn’t done anything too rough to the baby. Trying to be still, she felt ordinary movement and she felt better about that.

"What is it?" Jak
e placed his big hand over hers. "The baby’s OK, isn’t he?" Samantha not speaking was a new thing to the movie star. He decided to give her this time to pout. It would take a bit for her to come around. He could wait. But she could at least answer him on important queries. "Answer me, Sam. The baby is OK? Your OK, right?"

Samantha buried her face in her hands and whimpered. He chose that moment to run his hand over her shaved head. Pulling his other hand up he cupped her head on the other side and simply massaged both smooth sides. She moaned and lifted her hands and pushed roughly, knocking his hands away. Still not saying a word, his wife finally looked him squarely in the eyes. "Don’t touch me, Jake. Just stop it. How could you do this? How could you?"

"Stop it Sam. This is not the end of the world. Guys……military men…..gals ….and a million other people have head shaves. It will grow back later. Matter-of-fact the better you are……the sooner I’ll let you grow it!"

"NO, Jake. It’s growing RIGHT now. Period. You’ve made your point. You are stronger than me, trickier than me and definately a much bigger asshole than me. Point taken." Her lips quivered but her voice was stronger. "I’m not making the movie. I’m not leaving your side and will be at home to have the baby. It’s over. You’ve got what you want."

"No, Sam. It will grow when I say so. It will grow when I KNOW your attitude is where I want it…." He grabbed her chin and dived into a kiss. His hands came up and took hold of her head again, holding her steady, pushing her tight lips open and letting his tongue attack. It was a rough kiss. There was nothing sweet and gentle about it. Flipping her legs up he forced her backwards on the bed and lifting himself over her. Forcing her legs apart he entered her. Like every time they made love, Samantha could only groan and open for him. He was still her man. He took her violently; hard and quickly. Jake placed one hand on top of her naked head and using that for better leverage he pushed down and met his own movements. In and out, deep and rough he lifted his head and looked down at her sweet face. "Open your eyes, baby….." Her eyelashes fluttered and she opened to stare deep into his. "Say, yes, Jake. Say it. "Whatever you want, Jake."

Samantha lifted her small hands and wrapped them around his neck. Her own thumbs caressing his own shaved neck under and behind his ears. Of course Jake’s hair was in a stubble mode, but it still made her hot. ‘Too bad they hadn’t stopped in their nutty sexual romps with his hair.’ she thought. "Baby, I can say whatever you want me too, Oh……oh, sweet Jake!" Samantha bit her lip as he pulled back and impaled her deeply. "Oh.oh…but…but.. you want me to really mean it, don’t you?" "Say it, Sam. You mean it. God-damn it I know you do." Her hips rose up and met his with equal passion. "Your body doesn’t lie babydoll." He pulled back and paused. Her eyes opened wider and she glared at her husband. He took one hand and ran his finger down between them. Dipping one finger into the soft folds of her clitoris, Jake flicked the throbbing little nub around amidst the wetness. There was a definite sound of that sweet dampness in the dimness of the room. His other hand ran across the top of her head and he lifted his lips up and kissed the top of her forehead right where her hairline had been. "Say it Samantha. This has been the sexiest thing that’s ever happened to you. You know it and I know it." Samantha moaned. She closed her eyes. "Yes, Jake. The process but not the end results……. I can’t live with this. What you have done. It’s gonna kill me." Jake plowed forward, burying his voice in her ear. "Cum for me, baby. Before you die. Right now, forget it all and fuck me. Hard as hell, sweet."

"Oh, Jake!" Samantha lost it then. She gave in to him again. Not mere minutes from wanting to kill him, wanting to die herself. "Of course…..whatever…. you want, Jake."

She didn’t want to admit that he was right. She didn’t want to admit the whole process had made her hotter than hell. It was quite the conundrum. She screamed as she came. His hands on her bare head and his huge dick filling her like it always did. His power and his perfect thrusts and timing. The man had her. He most definitely knew her deep down to her very core.

Jake flicked the controls of the television back and forth. He changed back and forth between the news and sports. The sound turned down, they rested. Samantha’s head rested in his lap and he absentmindedly stroked the smoothness of her scalp and Samanth began to drift off to sleep. She sat up and stretched, knowing she would have to go brush her teeth and get ready for bed. Jake put the controls down and crossed his arms, studying her. A small grin played at the corner of his mouth. "Baby, you look cute as hell, you do." Sam frowned. She couldn’t figure out how to avoid the mirrors in the bathroom. Crying so much was going to ruin her eyes. She didn’t want to start up again. "Do you forgive me?" Jake was still grinning. "No." she said sadly and crawled off the bed. She found the gown he had packed for her and went into the bathroom. She tried not to look at her head and wrapped a huge towel around it as if she’d just washed her hair. Coming out of the bath with the towel turban, she had fresh tears pouring down her face. ‘It wasn’t any good….’ Sam thought as she laid her stockings and shoes on the near-by chair. She’d never get used to this and she’d never forgive him. The hurt was too deep. Yes, Jake could make her do and say just about anything, as long as he could reach her with those un-Godly hands.

He had given her the phone earlier and she had called Cyn. Telling her that the movie was off, had been very hard for Samantha. Although Cyn was completely confused, Samantha told her she would talk with her later. She thanked Cyn and asked her to cancel everything with Chuck and to thank him for the wonderful offer. She wanted to ask for George’s phone number but Jake was right beside her. Samantha hoped she remembered it by heart. Later, when Jake was asleep she was able to sneak into the bathroom and call her friend, George. At that point he was the only one she thought that could help her. It was surprisingly easy to slip out of the house around 3:00 that morning. Jake must have thought she’d never leave, not wanting anyone to see her nor pick her up. She simply unlocked the door and left when George pulled up in his rented car.

The next morning, Jake woke to find her gone. He found it unbelieveable and it took him at least two hours of phone calls and searching before it got through to the stubborn and hard-headed man that she had disappeared. He’d been so sure that all his problems were solved and he and Samantha were on a clear path of exactly what he wanted. It took him three days before he knew his problems were just starting. Three days before he knew he had screwed up completely. Three days before he sat down, buried his face in his hands and broke down much like Samantha had done. Non-stop for an hour.

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