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Julie sat in front of the mirror and glanced at herself. It had been six months since that wonderful haircut, and even though her coworkers were shocked by her new look, most quickly agreed that the look was very very cute. Now the sides were starting to hang over her ears and the top had become shaggy. Well the barber shop might still be open this late she thought. Can’t hurt to check it out. Twenty minutes later she pulled into the parking lot and was disappointed to see the barber shop sign gone and a for rent sign in the window. There was however a new salon next door to the old barber shop with a sign proclaiming "GRAND OPENING YOUR WISH IS OUR COMMAND!" Oh well might as well get it off my ears Julie thought. She walked through the door and spotted someone at the shampoo bowls. The cabinet door was open over the sinks blocking her view of the person. "Be right with you hon," came a females voice from the shampoo area. "Take your time," said Julie looking the shop over. It was done in a color scheme that reminded Julie of the old TV show "Miami Vice". Lots of pastel colors that were interesting and relaxing at the same time, very different she thought. "Now what can I do for you darlin’?" came the question from her left. Julie turned to answer and her jaw almost dropped to the floor. The stylist was wearing a buzzed flattop in blond and Julie could not take her eyes off her. "Can I help you," the stylist repeated offering her hand, " I am Patty, and you look like you are in dire need of a trim." "Well I got it cut at the barbershop that used to be next door. But now he is gone and I do need trim bad," Julie admitted. " Yes Joey closed a week ago, he moved to Ohio I heard. So what can I do for you tonight?" Patty asked moving around Julie to her station. Julies knees got weak as she saw Patty’s nape was shaved to the middle of the ears and SHORT above that. Patty glanced into the mirror at Julie’s face and smiled. " I promise it won’t hurt," she teased, " and besides it will grow back. Come on have a seat and I will fix you up." Julies stomach was turning flips as she thought about getting into the chair and letting Patty take charge. But some how she just could not see herself with a flattop no matter how that thought excited her. "But it is getting late, what time do you close?" Julie asked hoping against hope that it would be too soon and she would not have to decide on the cut. "Hon’ I am here till the last customer leaves. So we have all the time you need," Patty assured her. "And if you don’t quit biting your bottom lip it is going to bleed." Julie stopped biting her lip but was still too nervous to answer the question, should she or not? "Tell you what lets shampoo you and then you can decide, OK?" Patty led her to the shampoo bowls and Julie sat down. Patty covered her with a shampoo cape and tilted the chair back to the sink. The warm water quickly soaked her hair and wonderful shampoo was applied which smelled of flowers. As Patty massaged her scalp Julie relaxed into the chair. Her strong fingers working Julies scalp was almost putting her to sleep and she savored the shampooing. Patty rinsed her off and reapplied shampoo this time working the nape area more and almost to the cape collar around her neck. Again the cooler rinse water brought Julie back to the moment and Patty raised the chair to a setting position. A towel was quickly applied and blotted the water off of Julies head and neck. "Are we ready?" Patty asked escorting her over to her station. "What will it be?" Julie was too nervous to look Patty in the eyes but managed to mumble " I guess take it off my ears," she managed. "Do you have time for that." Patty was all smiles as she assured Julie that that would be no problem. The shampoo cape was removed and a neck strip was wrapped snuggly around her neck before the styling cape was put in place and secured. Patty smoothed the cape down on Julies shoulders and with a comb quickly sectioned the hair off and clipped the upper position out of her way. "So how short do you want to go this time?" she asked as she turned to the counter behind the chair. "Or are you letting it grow out and just want to even it up?" Julies fingers were moving under the cape toward her crotch as she pondered the question. It was time to decide if she was willing to do this again. "Well I kinda got a hard time last time I went real short so maybe just trim it up this time?" she said. She was at once mad at herself and relieved. She had chickened out and this woman was standing there ready to do what ever she wanted and she could not say the words. Besides that flattop she was wearing was making Julie moist just thinking about submitting to the cut, and she could not say the words!!!!!!!! DAMN, that was a wonderful cut on Patty!! Julie looked up as Patty combed though the hair at the nape of her neck and with a pair of barber shears evened the bottom up with a few quick snips. The next section was combed down and evened up removing only 1/2" of hair which fell into Julies lap.Julie was truly disappointed although the cut quickly shaped her hair to a flattering look, but NO CLIPPERS….Man what a downer Julie thought. Patty hummed gently to herself as Julies hair was expertly trimmed and the next section was combed up to be cut. "How long have you been cutting hair," Julie asked to pass the time. Patty stopper cutting and looked at Julie in the mirror. "About six years, but is that what you really wanted to know?" Patty replied. Julies heart almost stopped beating for a moment. "No what I really wanted to know was how long have you had a flattop because I think it looks WONDERFUL on you," Julie admitted. " I was a barber on a Marine base for 2 years and finally one day got tired of the ribbing from the male barbers. I had one of them do it. It does get attention but it has to be cut again every 2 weeks. I have my hubby shave the neck every other day so it is smoooooth all the time." Patty was looking Julie in the eyes now. "So are you ready for that or do I finish what I am doing?" Patty asked. "It is just so short." Julie stammered ," I just am a little scared to do it." Patty nodded as she laid the shears down and picked up a pair of hair clips and the comb. "Let me tell you would look wonderful with those cheek bones and the shape of your face. But YOU gotta say that is what you want," Patty used the comb to lift the hair up and pin it out of her way. A quick once over with the trimmer and she reached for the blow dryer and a round small brush. All too quickly the cut was over and Julie was disappointed. True the cut was wonderfully done and very flattering but the tingle was not there this time. Julie paid Patty and again admired the flattop. "Well can I put you down for another cut in 6 weeks?" Patty asked. "Or would you prefer sooner?". The gleam in her eye was unmistakable. "Well let me see how this look goes over at the office but put me down for 5 weeks,OK?" Julie was not thrilled but she had found someone who seemed to care, and down the road who knows, right? The next morning Julie was called into the office and told her job was being outsourced. Her new haircut was forgotten as she packed and left the office for the final time, not knowing where to go for work. When Patty called to remind her of her appointment the following Monday Julie was almost in tears. " I am sorry Patty but I am running out of savings and really do not have the money for a cut right now," she sniffled. "But w
hen I get a job I will call I promise." "Hey no problem. In fact maybe you can help me," Patty said. " I am hiring a stylist and a nail tech for the salon. Why not come over Sunday. I’ll let her give you a perm and I will get my nails done. I can see how she is at doing hair and I am way overdo for a manicure, OK?" Julie was touched but really felt she could not pay for a haircut right now much less a perm! "No, but thanks Patty," she said "That is real sweet of you for offering." "Look darling, she can’t perm me so go for it. We can work out something OK," Patty was right about that….not enough hair for a perm on Patty. "OK but only if I can pay for it alright?" Julie agreed. "Great, we are not open on Sunday so come on over about 10 AM and you can sweep the shop down to pay for it," Patty chuckled, "That way I won’t have to clean up Saturday night before going home." "See you then and thanks Patty" she sighed. Now she would have a nice look for the continuing job search starting on Monday. Julie was at the shop early on Sunday when Patty arrived. Patty put her to work sweeping the shop and they were ready when Sharon and Ginger knocked on the door. Sharon quickly went to work on Patty’s nails and Ginger escorted Julie to the back for her perm. The chatting in the shop made the time pass so quickly Julie suddenly realized that she was sitting there with a head full of perfect curls while Sharon did her nails in a wild chrome color. Patty paid Sharon and Ginger for their time and walked back to sit beside Julie while her nails dried. "So what do you think of the perm?" she asked Julie" It does look sweet on you." Julie glanced in the mirror again as Patty stood up and stepped behind her to see the back better. "Well it is nice. But I don’t know how I can pay for it Patty!" she replied’ "Easy, go to work for me!" Patty said. "My receptionist is going on maternity leave and I can use the help. Oh crap! Did Ginger trim your neck, hon " " She said she forgot her trimmers. OK deal I will take the job!" Julie beamed at Patty in the mirror. "Alright, now let me trim that neck line," she said her hand on Julies head steadying it looking down. The trimmers buzzed to life and quickly swept up the back of Julies neck, then sweeping up the back of her head to a level even with the top of her ears. Julies eyes went wide as she jerked her head up to look in Patty’s smiling face. " I guess you better relax and let me finish this cut darlin," she grinned" And it will grow back." Patty cut off the clippers a moment and removed the guard, quickly replacing it with a silver one. " This is a OOOO blade honey, and you are about to be bald back there so relax and enjoy," Patty grinned clicking on the clippers. Julie was in heaven. Patty knew the feeling of the clippers and was using them to tease Julie. Julies hand had long since moved to please herself and the dreamy look on her face pleased Patty. Again and again the clippers denuded the nape area stopping at the top of the ear. Julie was pushing against the clippers as the perfectly formed curls cascaded off her shoulders and into her lap. Patty balanced each clipper full of curls till she could dump them into Julies lap in the growing pile. Suddenly the shop was silent as Julie rode the crest of her joy to the end. Patty unclipped the cape and folded it down off Julie’s shoulders. When she tucked the towel into her collar Julies hand again moved under the cape. The ceiling fan played a cool breeze down her nape. Hot moist lather was wiped around each of Julies ears and up the nape to the top of her ears.

Patty attached a leather strop to the chair handle and quickly stroked her pearl handled straight razor as Julie watched scared and yet so willing. A towel was placed over her left shoulder and smoothly the slight stubble was deftly shaved off. Julie was lost in her own world, vaguely aware of the slight scraping as the razor did its work. Patty wiped the razor and transferred the towel to the right shoulder. All too quickly Patty finished the right and placed the towel on the counter. "Now darling hold real still for me," Patty instructed. Julies head was held down slightly and the wonderful touch of the razor began again. This time the lather being removed made the coolness of the fan a true delight to the skin. Patty wiped her razor for the final time and put it away before removing the towel and cleaning off any stray lather. She lightly stroked the smooth nape and Julie shivered from the touch. "Go sit in one of the shampoo chairs," Patty told her,"One last thing to do and you will be finished." Patty walked over a minute later and reclined the chair settling Julie in the curve of the bowl. "Relax…won’t hurt a bit," she said. Julie closed her eyes and felt a quick brush over both eyebrows….then the unmistakable stroke of a straight razor! The other eyebrow received the same treatment before the chair was raised. "Just took off a little bulk," wiping the eyebrows off." So…….see you in the morning right?" Julies hand slowly massaged her bald nape and grinned. "I guess I have to work extra hard now for your tip!"

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