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Kathy stared straight ahead as her mother drove to the beauty salon. Her perm had been the talk of school on Monday morning but Monday afternoon when her mother returned from the business trip things went bad. "Mom I don’t see what the problem is. Businesses expect these things from time to time. That is why they charge so much," she whined. Her mom parked in front of the shop at 6:55 only five minutes before the appointment she made for Kathy. Man this SUCKS Kathy thought. I have to go in and apologize and promise to never do this again.Plus my allowance for the next three weeks will be gone too! It was not fair!At least her mother made the appointment for the end of the day. The shop closed at 7:30 so they would be alone in the shop. As they entered the shop Kathy saw that Jane the owner who had done her perm was the only one there.Well maybe this won’t be so bad after all. Jane recognized Kathy and smiled as they entered the shop. "Back so soon? How do you like the perm?" she asked coming around the desk. "There is a little problem," Kathy’s mom said extending her hand," I am Susan Timmons. Kathy’s mom." Jane shook her hand with a puzzled look on her face."Jane Moates and what is the problem," she asked."Is the perm too tight?" "Something like that. Have a seat Kathy," her mom said pointing to the chair at the first station. Kathy looked like she had been struck by lightning. "SIT, NOW young lady," she repeated. Kathy walked to the chair and sat not sure what was going on. " I think it may need to be a little shorter in the back," Susan said. Jane shrugged her shoulders and placed the neck strip snuggly in place, then stopped and looked at Susan. " I am confused. When she came in Saturday," she said indicating Kathy she gave my receptionist a check and produced ID saying she was Susan Timmons! So I am curious as to what is going on here?" Kathy seemed to sink into the seat a little further."Do you happen to have that check?" Susan asked, fixing Kathy with a withering stare. Jane removed the deposit bag from the desk and handed a check to Susan which showed a drivers permit number that she recognized and her date of birth! "Where did you get this ID and check Kathy? Oh wait, this is from the ID I thought I lost last month and a check from the next pad of checks , right?OK fine then ," Susan said. Susan motioned for Jane to join her on the other side of the shop from the stations. There was a whispered conversation and Jane walked back to the chair Kathy was sitting in and turned the chair to face the door, out of sit of the mirrors on the front and back wall. "How much money do you have in your savings account Kathy?" her mothers tone of voice was icy. "About $20 I think," she mumbled,"Why?" "How much is a perm Jane?" Susan ignored Kathy’s question. " Kathy’s perm was $65.00," Jane replied not taking her eyes off the back of Kathie’s head. "Would you allow Kathy to work off the other $45 after school here in the shop and on weekends?" Susan asked Jane. "Sure we could work something like that out I think," Jane replied looking a little relieved for some reason as how things had turned out. "NO WAY," Kathy yelled," my friends see me in here I would die from embarrassment. I WILL NOT WORK IN THIS SHOP, PERIOD!!!!" "OK Jane, I want you to repossess $45.00 worth of curls please. Kathy do not move young lady" Susan’s voice was frightening. The clippers sprang to life and Kathy jumped straight up in the chair.Jane’s hand on her head forced her to look down at the cape as the first curls slid off her shoulders and made a pile in her lap.THE clippers were quickly ravaging the thick curls on the nape of her neck. The vibration on her neck was strangely arousing to Kathy though she was in sheer terror at the thought of what the clippers were doing to her hair. A low moan escaped from Kathy’s lips as she started pushing back against the clippers savoring the lovely vibrations on her skull. Her fingers beneath the cape moved quickly to her crotch as pass after pass of the clippers added to the pile of curls in her lap.Her breath came quicker and quicker as she fantasied what the nape of her neck must look like now. Suddenly the clippers were silent and Kathy took a deep breath. That was the greatest rush she had ever felt.The clip on the cape was released and the cape lowered off her neck and shoulders. A different sound of buzzing started as Jane quickly eased the trimmer over the lower neck line.Kathy was in heaven again as the vibrations buzzer through her skull. Again there was silence then Kathy felt the neck duster flick across her newly denuded neckline. It almost tickled and added the thrill to her experience. "How is that," Jane asked, "1/2" guard. Will that do the job?" Kathy felt another hand brush through the velvety nape of her neck. "If you are happy that is fine with me," Susan said. Jane turned the chair and held up a mirror so Kathy could see the buzzed nape. A tear trickled down her face…..not over the buzzing as her mother thought but over finding a source of joy she would never have suspected. Jane removed the cape and dumped it on the floor, curls scattered all over the mat under the chair. "Wait for me in the car," Susan told Kathy. Kathy left the shop and Susan turned to Jane."Go ahead and cash the check. I will get the money from Kathy to cover it, and here is the $25 for the haircut. Thanks for helping straightening out my daughter. I think she has almost learned her lesson." They arrived at home thirty minutes later and Susan was quick to issue instructions. "Go in your bathroom and sit backwards on the toilet till I get there,facing the wall," she told Kathy. Kathy was doing as she was told, and running her fingers across the velvet on the nape of her neck. It was SOOOOO silky. Kathy dropped her hand into her lap as her mother entered her bathroom, lingered a moment in front of the mirror behind the sink then left again. She quickly glanced at the sink and her heart stopped, her mother had plugged in the fathers HOT LATHER shaving cream machine and it was heating up now. Kathy faced the wall as she heard her mother walking toward her bathroom. She glanced over her shoulder just in time to see her mother plug in the pair of clippers she used to use to give her brother a crewcut every summer for ten years. The guard was removed and placed on the counter as her mother rummaged through the box selecting the small silver guard and clipping it in place. "Now you paid Jane now you pay me for stealing my check and ID." Kathy’s head was pushed down exposing her nape and the clippers sprang to life. It sounded much more shrill the Jane’s clippers and the first pass from the base of the neck to the top of the ears let a rush of cool air touch her neck. Kathy was again savoring the buzz and vibration on her scalp. The hair was piling on her shoulders and the sensations running through her body were mounting in intensity as her fingers worked their magic.Her mother paused and wiped the hair away with a towel, switching off the clippers. The water running in the sink bought her back to the moment as a warm washcloth was applied to her neck for several minutes.A swishing sound reached her ears as her mother whisked the washcloth off and delicious hot shaving cream was applied to her nape area. A hand on her head pushed her face downward and Kathy felt the razor slowly remove the lather and she heard the rasp as the little hairs were shaved off. Her mother rinsed the razor and started the next pass and Kathy could feel her mothers breath on the bare scalp. Scalp that had not
felt air in 16 years, and it felt WONDERFUL!!!!!!!The razor was rinsed again and again the scraping of lather and hair heightened her arousal. Kathy was in another world the cool air on her bald nape sent a shiver up her spine. Again and again the razor was rinsed and continued across the back of her nape. Finally Kathy felt a warm washcloth remove the last traces of lather and brisk rubbing to remove the dampness from her nape. "Close your eyes," her mother commanded and she sprinkled baby powder on the freshly shaved area. "You owe me for the hair cut and and Jane’s tip. You will be sitting here every Sunday night for the next three weeks at exactly 7 PM and I am going to shave it off again each time.Now get ready for bed after you clean up this mess." Kathy scrambled to the sink after her mother left the room and grabbed her hand mirror, turning her back to the wall mirror so she could see the damage that had been done. The shaved area ended even with the top of the ears in a mass of curls that covered the rest of her head. Kathy started running a tub of hot water as she cleaned up the clippings off the floor. Suddenly an evil grin spread over her face as she carried the bench from the vanity into the bathroom and placed it by the tub. She hefted the clippers for a moment and a smile spread over her face. She placed a towel over the bench and slipped her pants and panties to the floor. Seated on the bench with her back supported by the wall she flipped on the switch and the clippers sprang to life. Kathy held her breath expecting her mother to come bursting into the room.She made the first pass down the left of her mound and the tingling sensation along with the dark curls piling up on the towel were mesmerizing!! The pass down the right side was even more intense and her breathing was becoming more labored. She paused for a moment and surveyed her work. Why not she thought as she cleaned off the growth from navel to mound? She was instantly frozen as the vibration from the clippers coursed though her most sensitive area and all the nerves went wild.The clippers were not moving but the vibrations were driving Kathy to a new sensation she had never felt before. The wave rolled over her and carried her away. Kathy finally came down off the roller coaster ride and switched off the clippers. So maybe that is what a vibrator feels like! She stripped off her T shirt and moved the bench over by the tub placing her fathers hot lather machine in easy reach. She slipped into the tub and savored the warmth of the bath on her newly cropped area. After soaking for about 10 minutes she knelt in the tub and dispensed lather on her fingertips. She slowly massaged onto the clappered area and rinsed her hand off in the bath water.The razor was poised as she composed herself then the first gentle pass started. She rinsed quickly and gently removed another patch of stubble.She was quite careful even though her senses were alive and tingling. This was not the place for a nick to spoil the effect or wonderful feeling.She laid the razor aside finally and stood in the bathtub to survey her handiwork in the mirror.She reached down and scooped up a handful of water letting the warmth of it flowing down her smooth mound heighten her sensations. Her hand brushed down her slick pubes and her breath caught in her throat.Kathy stepped from the tub and dried off slowly turning slightly to admire the shaved nape and then her bald mound. She finally sat, eyes half closed and watched as her brightly polished finger nail moved up and down between the slick flesh massaging that one point that would carry her away again. As she crawled into bed that night one thought stayed in her mind….I wonder what mom would shave if I used the other two checks for some sex toys and haircut videos? Humm might be worth it to find out!

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