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This is a new story which happened after the first story. I go a call from a person named Kumar who was from the city of Chennai in South India. As my friend was away for a holiday with his family under his instructions I attend the call of the customer and he gave me his address and said to be at his home by 8.00 am and I was nervous and gave a call to my friend and told him about the call and he said he will call back. I was tensed and waited for the call from the friend. At last the call came and he said this is a golden opportunity for me and he said to me that I will have to shave for 10 persons and told me to take two sets of new st right edged new razors and 30 sets of Gillette blades. I never slept that night and waited for the dawn. The sun rose at 6.00 am I got up had my shave and bath and went to the hotel and had my break fast and had went to fuel station and had the bike filled with the fuel and came to the room and collected the bag and checked for all the equipments and went to the shop and got the blade packet the shop where my friend used to by his blades, the shopkeeper asked me where was my friend I told that he was in the customers place and told me to get his equipments and he gave me a parcel and told me the friend had paid for it. I asked for the blade he said there was the blade in the packet. I reached the customers place within the stipulated time. I was received at the door by a person named Ram he said to me your friend had briefed about myself. I stepped into the house with all tension, he called for his wife who came with the cup of coffee it was a steaming cup of hot coffee which relaxed me. The person told I hope you know about the job, with all excitement I said yes and can you brief me. He said it was his pleasure. He told me that I was to shave 12 women which included 8 girls and 5 men and all of them should be bald from head to toe. This made me further excited. I said where is the room, he lead me in to a room which was furnished with two barber chairs and all the equipment was on the table. The first person was a girl who was aged around 21 she had hair up to her shoulders and she was in her night dress and she closed all the windows and drew the cur tin and switched on the lights it resembled like a beauty parlour. She introduced herself to me her name was Pooja and she had done her BE in information technology. She began to undress and she resembled Madonna expect for her hair colour and I said Shall we start, she gave me a smile and a wink, she told me to use the equipments which were on the table. Then I started with the scissors and the comb and made large passes and applied some water to her hair which was dry and after reducing the hair length I took the clipper and reduced it to the length of a stubble and took the Gillette women’s shaving cream and started to apply on her head took the straight razor from the table and took the new blade from the bag inserted into the razor and started to shave the girl and the job was finished and she requested me to give her the second coat and it was done and she lifted her hands above her head there was a unshaven stubble of ten days and it was done she stood up and told me shave her pubic hair it was the first time I am shaving a women’s pubic hair as the hair was dense first the clipper was used and then applied lather and inserted a new blade gave her a good smooth shave and she requested me to shave her asshole which was also done.

And next came her mother more in part ii

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    story was good
    next parts please

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