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It was Friday morning at the coffee shop and Roxanne was excitedly tell her best friend Tammy about her new job.? I start my new job on Monday! I?m so excited as I?ve spent the last ten years doing the same thing? ? Yes, and looking the same way.? replied Tammy. ? You?ve worn your hair the same way the past ten years with just a little variation. Don?t you want to make a new impression at your new job?? continued Tammy. ? I thought you liked my hair?? said Roxanne. ? It is a lovely chocolate brown color and the length is attractive down to your waist but the most you ever do with it is braid it like today. People get tired of seeing the same look every day month after month year after year. Don?t you get tired of it too.? ? I?m comfortable with it the way it is. It is simple and easy to take care of and I?m afraid of what I might look like if I cut it differently.? replied Roxanne. ? Maybe your supervisors have seen your inability to change your hairstyle as a minus. Have you ever thought of that.?? ? No, it never occurred to me till now.? replied Roxanne. ? I think your should start your new job with a new look. Your new employer has seen you with your current look at the interview. Just think what a positive impression you would make if you showed up on Monday with an up to date hairstyle.? spoke Tammy. ? I see your point but who could I trust to cut my hair and give me a new style that looked good on me.? asked Roxanne. ? I know just the girl. Her name is Heather and she works at the Super-style Salon. I?ve seen her work . She did the new cashier at the grocery store and a few other ladies I know. Her shop isn?t far from here and I bet if I call her she can fit you in this morning.? said Tammy. Tammy got on her cell phone and called Heather. She got off and told Roxanne that Heather had the next hour open if they came right over. They jumped in Tammy?s car and raced right over to the Super-style salon.

They walked in and Tammy spoke ? Hi Heather, this is my best friend Roxanne and she starts a new job on Monday and wants a fresh new look. I want you to do your magic on her and I?ll pay.? Heather took a look at Roxanne ? Let me take out your braid and get you over to the shampoo station.? Roxanne stood still and undid you thick chocolate braid of hair. ? You have lovely long hair but with your face and body style you can wear any style.? Heather put a cape on Roxanne and took her over to the shampoo station. She leaned Roxanne back and her brown hair filled the sink. She lathered up the thick mass rinsed it off and then put in the conditioner. She told Roxanne the conditioner had to soak in and went over to the main area and spoke to Tammy. ? Ok, Tammy just what did you have in mind for your ? Best Friend?? ? I?m sick of looking at her long hair and braid for the past ten years. I want you to cut it so short she can?t braid it for a few years. I want you to remove most of her mane. I don?t care if she cries it is for her own good.? commanded Tammy.

Heather rinsed out Roxanne?s and took her over to her styling station. ? Ok, Roxanne, Tammy says your in a major hairstyle rut. That you?ve had the same look the last ten years. I think I should give you a style that will allow you to grow into other styles as the next period of time goes on. How does that sound?? ? It sounds ok just don?t make me look ugly. I love my long hair and it has always been sort of a security blanket to me.? replied a nervous Roxanne.

Heather combed out Roxanne?s thick long soft chocolate brown hair and put it into a thick ponytail at the base of Roxanne?s head. She pulled tight on the ponytail and grabbed a pair of large shinny sharp scissors.? Say farewell to your long hair Roxanne.? and with those words spoken the scissors started chopping into through the thick mane of hair. The hair gave up a good fight but with it being wet and conditioned it was no match for the sharp scissors. Snip, snip, snap they went and only a minute or two the 24 inch long ponytail was severed.? Oh, my god you?ve chopped all my hair off!? screamed Roxanne. ? Now, I didn?t say it wouldn?t be scary or without emotional pain but you?ll survive.? said Heather as she handed the long severed ponytail to a smiling Tammy. Then Heather grabbed a shiny straight razor and seeing terror in Roxanne?s eyes spoke ? Don?t worry, I?m just going to add some fun to your head and put some pizzazz into it.? She then started to remove long three to five inch pieces of hair from Roxanne?s thick head of hair. Locks of brown hair tumbled to the cape and then to the floor. The area around the chair turned into a chocolate brown as the hair started to cover it. While Roxanne sat in the chair feeling helpless her ? Best Friend? stood by smiling. The more soft hair that was removed the more she liked it. She had been waiting years for this moment. Heather continued to chopping and slicing away at Roxanne?s hair. Finally she pushed Roxanne?s head down and shaved her neck area nice and smooth. She grabbed a pair of clippers and tapered the base area of Roxanne?s neck. Then she picked up the sharp scissors and came to Roxanne?s front and cut in short bangs and a fringe. More hair hit the floor. Poor Roxanne could only sit and hope for the best. Roxanne heard the blow-dryer come to life and with a brush Heather styled Roxanne?s new short hairstyle. ? Now, that is what I call a change of style. A new look for a new job.? Heather handed Roxanne a mirror and she saw herself with a short layered hairstyle that barely covered her ears and the hair flipped up and out all over. She felt her shaved neck and her new soft head of hair. ? I can?t believe I let you cut off 80% of my hair. I haven?t had hair this short since grade school. ? said a shocked Roxanne. Tammy came over ? You look great! You look younger and have moved into the 21st Century. Think of the time and shampoo you will save.? ? I guess I was stuck in a hairstyle rut. I don?t look as bad as I feared having seen all the hair on the floor. Change sure is hard isn?t it.? It will just take me a few days to get use to it.? said Roxanne as she started to smile. Heather removed the cape and Roxanne went out the door to wait for Tammy in her car. Tammy paid Heather and gave her a big tip. She went over to Heather?s cutting station and put the long brown 24 inch ponytail in her bag.

She got in the car and Roxanne looked at her. ? I guess I should thank you for making me finally change my hairstyle.? said Roxanne. ? That is ok, that is what Best Friends are for anyway.? spoke Tammy as they drove back to the coffee shop where Roxanne had left her car.

The End..

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