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Mary stepped from the barber chair, when it came to a stop, and walked to where her daughter was seated. Standing in front of her she looked at herself in the larger mirror, brushing her finger tips over the back and sides of her shaved head then over the top of her buzzed head.

Looking down at Doris, whom she sensed was looking up at her the whole time, she smiled and stepped to the right. Still looking at Doris she turned her body towards the chair, moving her left hand in the direction of the barber chair.

There Pat stood, white cape in hand, waiting for her ……….

Doris looked up at her mother, standing to her left. Her hair so short that it did not look like her, but rather a man dressed in women’s clothing. Her mother smiled, then motioned towards the barber chair.

She tried to swallow but it was hard. She tried to think but could not. She stood looking at the barber chair, and — standing next to it was Pat, shaking the large white barber cape of hair that had been on her mother’s head.

"Was the fate of her hair to be the same", she thought to her self.

Her mother’s arms encircled her shoulders, "It was the same for me back then. But, your grandmother just whispered — ‘We all most do something odd to prove who we are’ Then, I just walked to the chair, as you will do".

Doris looked at her mom, the top of her head had hardly any hair and the back and sides shaved to the skin. How would she deal with such a lose, if she did as she was being told.

Her mother removed her arms, giving her a kiss on the left cheek. Then, she sat down, in the same waiting chair Doris had as she watched her hair cut.

Doris closed her eyes, hoping when she opened them it would have been a dream and she would be standing in front of her make-up mirror at home. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly then opened her eyes.

It was not a dream, she was not home standing in front of her make-up mirror. She was in a barber shop and the barberette, Pat, was standing next to the barber chair waiting for her have a seat.

Doris wondered if she could just walk out the shop and nothing be said. Her eyes glanced in the direction of the shop’s door.

But, before she could react in movement her body began shivering. Her mind begin flashing the hair cut her mom had just gotten and the strange feelings she had as she watched. How her thoughts saw her sitting in the barber chair, her hair being cut like her eyes, her mind, was watching.

She closed her eyes again, opened them quickly. She was still in the barber shop, the barberette still standing next to the barber chair with opened barber cape in her hand. The barber chair was big and smiling. She knew her body would not let her go toward the shop’s door.

Her left foot moved forward, then her right foot. Towards the barber chair.

Within a few seconds Doris was lowering her body into the barber chair, as Pat caped her. A strip of tissue paper was wrapped around her neck, then the cape pulled into place and pinned. Her legs hung downward from the seat, not crossed like her mother’s.

No words were said. Pat just begin brushing her hair out from a center part as she had did her mother’s hair. The brushing finished Pat looked at her mother, Mary. She shook her head "yes", Doris felt a lump come to her throat and her stomach. Her throat became dry, her body shivered.

"CLICK hmmmmmmmmmm" came from behind her. For some strange reason she felt her body relax like it had never done before. Her body rose as the "humming" came close to her back, then moved upward. She felt Pat’s left hand on the top of her, as it pushed it to tilt downward so she was looking at her caped lap. She felt her mid back hair fall forward, her eyes saw the long strands fall before her eyes.

Pat place the clippers half an inch below her hairline. Doris took a deep breath as she felt the humming clippers sit on her skin. A she let the breath out her body rose just as Pat begin pushing the clippers into her hair.

Her eyes watched as large section of long hair tumbled down into the lap. The clippers climbed higher up the back of her head before being pulled away. It was placed, again, on the skin below the hairline and to the right of the first movement. Slowly the clippers rose into her hair, Slowly her body rose.

Soon, the clippers were moving a little faster, but her body reacted the same each time. Her head was tilted upward so she was looking at herself in the large mirror. Pat pushed the hair, on the left side of her head, forward, then she raised the clippers to the back. Slowly she pushed it into Doris’ hair pushing a large pile of hair over her head to fall pasted her eyes as it fell into her lap. Three move passes and Doris was the left side of her head. The hair was buzzed almost all off her head.

As Pat walked behind the chair, she glanced a look at Mary. She was sitting there with a smile on her face. She winked at Mary, as she brushed her left fingers up the back of Doris’ buzzed head. She changed the clippers to her left hand, then pushed the remaining hair on Doris’ head forward on the right side.

Pat looked into the mirror, catching Doris’ eyes. Doris turned her head to the right and smiled at Pat. Mary saw this and spoke, "Like I said no problem".

Pat pushed the clippers in Doris’ hair pushing a pile forward. Doris watched as it fell passed her eyes then into her lap; Three more passes and Doris was looking at her self. Her hair no longer on her head but in her lap. Strange as it felt, Doris smiled as her eyes caught her mother looking at her. She raised her left foot and placed on the foot rest, then crossed her right leg over it. The hair in her lap moved, some falling out the cape.

Pat made the last pass with the clippers, turned it off and hung it under the shelf. Doris watched, as did her mom, as Pat picked up the smaller clippers. She turned and walked to the right side of the chair.

"Like mom’s":, she asked Doris, then looked at Mary.

Mary heard her, her body reacted by leaning forward to hear Doris’s reply.

"YES", she said softly. "I want to become a PATTERSON woman".

Pat saw the smile on Mary’s face. Before Doris could change her mind, as if she would, Pat placed the small clippers on her cheek, in front of her right ear, and pushed it upward buzzing the buzzed hair shorter. She moved it to the arc of the head and pulled it away. She placed a little backwards and moved the small clippers upward.

Slowly she worked her way across the right side, to the back, then to the left side. Finished she turned the small clippers off, removed the hair duster from her back pocket and dusted over Dori’s closely buzzed head. When she finished she looked in the mirror to notice Doris had closed her eyes and was smiling. She looked at Mary, who was also smiling, but her eyes were wide open and in a mazed.

Instead of hanging the small clippers up, she turned it back on.

"CLICK hummmmm" filled the shop. She looked at Mary, she was still smiling but when she caught Pat’s look she winked and shook her head "YES". Pat looked at Doris in the mirror, her eyes were still closed and she, too, was smiling.

Pat slowly moved the small clippers over Doris’s head, placing it at the hairline of her forehead. Again she looked at Doris in the mirror and she still had her eyes closed and was smiling. She glanced a quick look at Mary, she was still shaking her head "YES".

Slowly she moved the clippers over the top of Doris’ head. As she guided the small clippers backward she glance at Doris, in the mirror, to she her eyes slowly opening then looking at her head. A glance at Mary, she was how sitting relaxed in the waiting chair.

Pat continued making six, seven, more passes with the small clippers over Doris’ head, buzzing her head almost to the skin.

Finished she turned the small clippers off and hung it under the shelf, next to the big clippers. She turned with the hair duster in hand and dusted over Doris’ head, dusting away any small clipping that still be on her head. She undid the cape, stepped to the right side of the barber chair, and removed the barber cape with all of Doris’ hair still in it. She pulled the ends of the cape together and placed it on the floor next to the back wall. She removed a large white towel and pulled it open. She tucked the middle of it into Doris’ collar, then spread it over her shoulders.

She looked at Mary, who’s top head was not buzzed as short as she had Doris’. There was a strange look to her, but she was still smiling. She noticed Doris looking at her mom.

Pat stepped to the counter, by the hot lather machine. She pressed the button and warm lather begin filling her left hand.

She walked to the right side of the barber chair, both were still looking at each other. Pat begin lathering the right side of Doris’ head, working her way around the back, then the left side. She lathered up to the arc of the head as she did Mary’s. Slowly she walked around the back of the barber chair slowly rubbing the warm lather in circles until she was standing on the right side of the barber chair.

She glanced at Mary, then at Doris in the mirror. She looked at her self and a strange thought came to her. She tried to shake it but it stayed with her. She looked at her left hand, it was still full of warm lather. She looked at the top of Doris’ un-lathered head.

She took a breath, her right hand finger-tips scooped some warm lather. Her right hand raised to the top of Doris’ head and began lathering the rest of her head. She wanted to stop ….. not because she had not done this before, but she had inquired first. This time she did not ask, neither Mary or Doris. She lathered the right top then worked around the back, finishing on the left side.

Still not saying a word she walked to the sink and washed the left lather from her hands. She did not look in the mirrors as she choose a straight razor. She walked, but did not look at Mary, nor at Doris in the mirror, to the right side of the barber chair. She took hold of the leather strap and begin stropping the open blade over it. Up and down …… Up and down …… like she always did.

When she let the strap go she looked up to see Doris looking at her. Their eyes met ….. Pat smiled and Doris turned her head forward. Pat raised the open blade to the center of Doris’ head, then looked at Mary. They looked at each other a few seconds.

Pat slowly begin shaving the first strip of buzzed hair from Dori’s head. Doris sat there her fingers interlocked. Mary sat smiling.

Pat continued, slowly shaving Doris’ head. First the right top, the right side. Working around Doris’ head to the back, then the left side.

No one said a word. No one glanced any looks.

With the last stroke taken, Pat begin searching Doris’ head for any feeling of hair. When found she would shave the area until it was smooth.

She closed the straight razor and put it away in the cabinet, for it’s next customer. She took a large white towel and moved it under warm water. Rigging it out she turned and placed it around Doris’ shaved head. She let it sit for a few seconds and wiped her head of any remaining lather. She turned and tossed the towel in the bin under the shelf. Picking up the hair duster, she shook some powder on the hairs.

As she turned she shook the hair duster a little, then raised it to Doris’ head and begin dusting her head. When she was finished she removed the towel from Doris’ collar and tossed it to the bin under the shelf. Her right hand grabbed the standing silver handle and pushed it forward.

The chair being to lower, coming to a ‘bump’ stop. Mary stood up and walked to the barber chair just as it stopped. She smiled at Doris as she stepped from the barber chair, and they hugged.

Mary gave Doris a kiss on the top of her head, looked up at Mary, "Like I said ….. NO problems".

Doris walked to the waiting chair and picked up her things. She turned to see her mom and Pat hugging.

They stepped back and Mary told Pat, "Only wish I had another daughter".

"Well, don’t let that keep you away", Pat said to her. "If Anthony likes the hair cut, no reason not to keep it a little longer"!

"You have a point there", Mary replied. "Just might be coming back".

Mary turned towards Doris, her right arm reaching out. Doris stepped toward her and was given a hug.

A few minutes later they walked into the house. Doris’ brother was coming down the stairs when he saw both of the. He stopped dead and staired, "WHAT happened to your hair"!

Doris smiled, "Got a short hair cut".

Anthony hearing Junior’s loud comments, stepped from the living room. Mary turned towards him.

"Why don’t the two of you go fix dinner", she told Doris and Junior. Then, with her head she motioned "UP".

"YES", their dad said as she walked toward the stairs, taking Mary by the hand.


Now do you think I would not have a follow-up here ……

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