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“Dear Air Crew Manager, I am writing to apologise to the company and explain how I managed to single handedly delay the return sector from Bahrain last week”

Damn!! I crossed out the words yet again in frustration and tried to work out what to say to save my neck. My very bald neck. What exactly had happened that caused such a huge uproar and got me suspended for six weeks – the length of time it would take to grow out my new flat top into a style suitable for a female Flight Attendant. I thought back to the previous week….

I always loved flying to Bahrain on a nightstop,… just enough time for partying with all those gorgeous G.I’s and Navy Seals, and a little left over for shopping in the souk where we bought all our fake Gucci watches and Tailors ran us up silk clothes for next to nothing.

I was looking forward to collecting a beautiful feminine silk dress copied from Vogue from my favourite Tailor, ready to wear to an upcoming wedding. When a Bullet trip came up for grabs I begged to go, especially since my best friend Kelly was working on it too. I didn’t know the captain but I knew the Purser was a tough cookie. Still, it was worth it for 28 hours of fun! The flight went smoothly and we arrived on time, early Tuesday evening in Bahrain. We all checked in to our rooms and collected our crew list of room numbers from reception, happily I was next door to Kelly and we agreed to meet everybody in the bar a little later. In my room I took my hat off, changed out of my uniform and pulled my hair down from the tight uncomfortable bun that gave me such a headache. Us girls got through so many tins of hairspray and hair nets, it made your head itch like mad at times. I brushed down my long blonde tresses in the bathroom and was disappointed to see I had a bad case of ‘ bun-hair’, the name we gave to the annoying kink that forms in long hair that has been tied up very tightly. Oh, what the hell. there was only tomorrow, then I would sleep, then do the bun thing again… I resolved to do myself a deep conditioning treatment when I got home. I was always fussing with and pampering my hair and it showed… long glossy locks that almost reached the bottom of my back. Everybody envied me and I always got lots of attention from the handsome military men who packed the bars and clubs out.

Getting changed, I anticipated the great night ahead. After meeting the crew, Kelly and I headed off to the local nightspot where the poor guys had to pay to get in and girls could get in free and drink all night for free too! The place was full of fit men with square jaws, and it wasn’t long before we were chatted up by Brad and Mitch, two Navy Seals from the Deep South. I just melted every time Mitch spoke to me and called me m’aam with that American accent. It was the ‘weekend’ in Bahrain and the equivalent of a Friday night, everyone was out to have a wild time. As a stunt two barbers chairs were set up on the dance floor and poor unsuspecting punters were lining up to have neat tequila poured down their throats as they sat in the chairs. Kelly and I thought it would be a laugh to participate and settled down to have some tequila poured into us too, much to the delight of the crowd! Unfortunately the time difference and alcohol caught up with us and soon the room was spinning. Brad and Mitch helped us into a taxi and ever gentlemen, accompanied us back to the hotel door. They were desperate to see us the next day and took our room numbers, promising to call.

Next day Kelly called me mid morning, she had been up for ages and already talked to Brad. Apparently we were to meet the guys for Lunch and shopping, giving us just enough time to sleep for a few hours before the evening check in. I was still tired but didn’t look too bad considering it was probably the crack of dawn where we came from. All the same I felt like I needed freshening up and had a long shower, washing my hair too. Not having time to fully dry it, I tied it in a pony tail and carefully applied some makeup .We had to dress respectfully to visit the centre so I put on a long sleeved t-shirt and some Capri pants. I called the Captain and Purser to let them know we would be out for a few hours and we went to meet our Navy Seals.

Brad and Mitch were pleased to see us and fussed over us all day, they were perfect Gentlemen. I collected my dress and we went for a meal, followed by a few beers. We all had quite a few and I could feel myself getting drunk again. The company had a strict 8 hour rule governing the time you could drink before operating a flight and we were very close to it. Kelly and I were trying to behave ourselves but enjoying our time with the guys so much. They asked us to accompany them while they both got their hair cut and would then drop us back at the hotel.

We went deep into the souk with them and stepped into a tiny doorway, where two barbers were working in a small room equipped with basic old fashioned equipment and chairs. I giggled when I saw the chairs, they were the same as the tequila barbers chairs in the club, Kelly thought it was funny too. We all waited together then Brad and Mitch had their haircuts, they looked absolutely fantastic with their flat tops and big broad shoulders, it was time to go weak at the knees again! Just then, Mitch called, “OK girls, its your turn now ” and being a bit tipsy I laughed and jumped in the chair, remembering the night before. The chair was even more comfortable than I remembered from the night before. Its thick padded leather wrapped around me and my arms nestled onto the rests as if they were made for me. The chair jerked as the barber pumped it up and I rose away from the floor. A cloth strip was folded and wrapped cooly around my neck and was pulled quite tight. Then a large black cape swirled over my head and enveloped me as it settled over my shoulders and body. My beautiful flowing mid-back blonde pontyail was whisked from under it and it tightened over the cloth strip. The barber pulled the band from the ponytail, freeing my hair and then grabbed a brush and pulled it briskly through the length of my hair. It ran through surprisingly easily and I was pleased to note that the ‘bun-hair’ kink had become much less pronounced. I was enjoying the feel of my hair being pampered.

I caught a glimpse of Kellys face in the mirror and she looked a bit worried, because without conversation or even looking up, the barber took his clippers, placed a plastic attachment, that I now know was a ¼” #2 guard, on the blades and switched them on. Everybody except the barber froze, and I was rooted to the spot as a low hum penetrated my brain and grew progressively louder. My hair was swept to one side at the nape, my head was pushed forwards to my chest and suddenly there was an intense vibration that commenced at the middle of the base of my neck. Before I could react in any way the vibrations started to move rapidly up the back of my head. The hair in the clippers way was severed easily and without ceremony. I was stunned, he’s cutting my hair! That wasn’t supposed to happen! The feel of the vibrations changed as the clippers reached the occipital bone half way up the back of my head. Some sense of reality was starting to return to me only to vanish again as the clippers roared on up the back of my head right to the crown. Just below the crown the barber applied a practiced flick of his wrist that pushed the handle of the clippers towards my head and raised the blades away from my head to emerge flashing through the longest strands of my hair at the crown. The layers started to peel away from my head and I felt a sudden rush as the entire section slid away and cascaded down the back of the cape, tumbling to the floor, commencing a pile of severed blonde of up to 2 ½ feet in length!

Without changing expression, the barber carried on with the haircut. The clippers reentered my hair at the nape and, running slightly slower this time, ascended again to my crown along a path parallel to their previous route and slightly to the right. Another large sec
tion of my hair slithered away to the floor. My senses were starting to return now, firstly replaced with panic but then bemused at the sensations arising from my body in response to the vibrations on the back of my head. Deep inside of me my body was reacting to the feel of the clippers vibrating over my head. The barber was now running his hand up the clipped stubble remnants in the wake of the clippers ensuring that all the hairs were raised for severing evenly. The sensation of his hand on the stubble was incredibly intense and built on the stirrings from the clippers. To all this stimulation was added the adreneline rush of realising my long treasured blonde image was going to be a thing of the past, like it or not! That, the submissive pose that the barber had pushed my head down into and the total loss of control all started to accumulate madly. My hands slid unconsciously underneath the cape towards the damp area building below.

The clippers roared relentlessly on, taking strip after strip of the hair on the back of my head. It started to feel lighter as the years of treasured growth tumbled away. I tried to get a look to see what damage was being done back there as, in the mirror in front of me, I didn’t look much different and with my head to my chest it was impossible to get a good view. Suddenly the hair in front of my right ear was lifted up, my head was pulled upright, and the clippers descended under my sideburns. I watch fascinated, then aghast, as they ascended the side of my head. The clippers reached a new crescendo as they passed in front of my ear before tingling across my temple. For the first time I could see for myself the damage they were doing to my long hair and my jaw dropped as they continued on right up the vertical side of my head to where it started to curve over the top. I watched the teeth of the guard emerge through the long locks at the top, first lifting, then severing them, oh so high. The shorn locks slithered away down into the cape in my lap where they gave away the slow movement of my fingers underneath. My mouth fell open as I observed the almost invisible stubble left behind on my head. It was SOOOOOOOOOOO short!!!

The clippers continued their efficient work soon making the entire right side of my head match the area in front of my right ear. Then the left side followed in their wake. My head now felt really light with the back and sides an almost invisible ¼” of blonde stubble right to the top and a cap of blonde up to 3″ in length on top. It was slightly springy due to being released from the weight of it’s life long length. Unnoticed, the barber had reached across and replaced the attachment on the clippers. My heart leapt into my mouth as he suddenly placed them at my forhead and pulled them rapidly back over the entire length of my head to the crown. I was convinced that he was shearing the top as short as the rest and was therefore relieved as I saw the _” lngth that sprng from behind the blades as they cleared the #6 guard he had substituted. I was now sporting a very short, boyish crop.

The clippers passed around behind me and snapped off. I found myself feeling disappointed that he was done with them as I was so enjoying the feel of them on my head. I smiled as they snapped back on again and the sound headed for my nape. Strange, they felt different this time, kind of warmer and more intense. They ran up the nape and up the back of my neck to my occipital bone and were then removed, The barber looked and then returned to his task, this time running back up the same path but right to my crown. I became aware of a strange tickling down my lower neck and nape but I couldn’t make sense of it. I decided to just sit back and enjoy the sensations as the barber completed his runs up the back of my head. The buzzing of the clippers was suddenly louder again and they swung round in front of my ear. They looked different this time and realisation came as they ran right up the side of my head. Thousands of ¼” blonde shards of hair were pouring from the side of my head, tickling as they fell over my cheek and into my lap. He was shaving the side of my head to nothing! White skin gleamed in the clippers unguarded wake!

I sat there, eyes wide and fingers working more intensely as I watched the remainder of my hair being sheared from the sides of my head. Now I just had the blonde _” cropped cap sat on top of my head. It looked strange but surprisingly cute! The barber then took a jar and gouged a lump of its contents into his hand. He rubbed this into both hands and then plunged them through my hair leaving it standing to attention as the wax coated the strands. Then he reached for the strange comb that he had previously used in making Brad and Mitch’s flattops. It was quickly planted in the remaining cropped, and now erect, hair. The clippers snapped back on and roared across the comb. Half inch chunks of hair tumbled in their wake and the comb was quickly moved around over the top of my head taking it all down to ½”. Then the comb moved back to the front, much closer to my head this time. The clippers passed aver again and my hair was almost history in their wake. The comb moved back again and left a wake even tighter than the front pass, all perfectly flat across my head. The comb progressed back over my head and the remaining hair was shorn closer and closer. As he reached the back the barber spoke for the first time. “Sit still”, he said, in his thick accent. The clippers passed over my head free hand, the blades brushing through the remaining hair but not quite touching my scalp. Free hand he took my hair at the back to almost nothing, less than 1/16″. The free hand continued forwards. The results were absolutely flat across my head. A quick move down both sides of my head sharpened up the edges of the top to totally vertical. The clippers snapped off and moved away. I tilted my head and looked at the results. White skin on back and sides right to the top. A flat erect fringe of hair square across the head and tilting downwards to a shadow at the back. I tilted my head forwards and a transparent landing strip, made all the more so by my blonde hair, of almost bald shone across much of the top while a horseshoe of stubble remained around it. It all looked SOOOOOOO neat! The cape was swept off and the shorn pile that had accumulated in my lap joined the massive moundon the floor. I whipped my hand away and back to the armrest and hoped that no-one else would spot the embarrassing damp patch that was showing through my Capri pants. The neck strip was removed.

I felt the back of my head and was disappointed to find it felt like sandpaper. Erotic and sensual yes, but not baby smooth as I had somehow expected. A towel was thrown around my shoulders and a whooshing noise came from behind me. Warm shaving foam was spread around my head from nape to 2″ above my ears. The barber reached for a straight razor and stropped it on the leather strop hanging from the counter. My head was pushed back to my chest again and the naked blade started from the top of the foam running down over it and removing everything. Another different sensation but still very arousing. The lower half of my head was gradually cleaned bare. The barber lathered my head again and repeated the process with the strokes now going against the natural hair growth grain. Finally he wiped away the excess foam and I was released from the towel. My hand shot to my head. This time is was really baby smooth and really erotic. My hands wandered over my head freely, reveling in the variation of feel from smooth, to sandpaper to fuzzy at the top. How stimulating! The chair jerked back to the floor as the barber released the hydraulics. I sat in the chair unable to move and he finished my neck off with a soft brush with powder and dusted the remaining shards that had managed to escape past the neck cloth.

I had just had my hair shaved off into a flat top identical to Brad and Mitch’s, a real military high and tight flattop! For two minutes nobody could speak but Kelly managed to pick up my longer hair f
rom the floor and form it into a ponytail again. In the mirror I had watched as the barber shaved the sides of my head until I looked like a Navy Seal myself. I was a real life G.I. Jane. Finished and waiting for his next customer, he asked for payment and Mitch paid, in shock. There was quite an audience by now and we left the shop with Kelly carrying my ponytail. ” Oh my god” was all Brad could say. They took us back to the hotel in a taxi, me covering my head with the silk dress. The guys were silent until we got to the hotel, where Mitch tried to apologise, but there was nothing that would stick my hair back on. Kelly checked none of the crew were around and got me back to my room where I lay on the bed, the room spinning, and waited for the wake up call. I still couldn’t believe what had happened! I stroked at my head, enjoying the sensations but reeling from the shock of its sparsness, and fell into a deep sleep until the phone rang 45 minutes before check in.

Stumbling to the bathroom I felt a bit hung over and remembered having a bad dream, until I switched the light on. There I was with a military flat top haircut! I rubbed my head and felt nothing but stubble and smooth bare skin. This was not happening to me!! In a daze I applied makeup and put on my uniform, each time hoping that when I looked in the mirror again it would be me looking back and not this stranger. I heard trolley bags being wheeled down the corridor and chatter as the early birds went to check out of their rooms. The phone rang and Kelly asked if I was ok, oh my god, yes I am fine!! I wanted my long hair cut into a flat top for ages! of course I am NOT fine you stupid cow! Check in time passed and I sat on the bed in a daze. They would be calling me any minute.

Then there was a knock at the door and there stood the Captain, the Purser and Kelly. She must have told them!! They could see immediately what the problem was and started talking over my head. There was no way I would be allowed to operate the flight looking like this and the Captain got straight on the phone to Flight ops. Apparently they thought it was hilarious especially when they found out who the ‘victim’ was. The flight was going to be delayed while they sorted out the problem, which was not enough crew to legally operate if they hid me in the flight deck. Something like this could potentially cost the company thousands. I sat there wishing the ground would swallow me up waited for the verdict. Eventually Flight ops rang back and said the flight had to go ahead with me operating. I begged the Purser to put me in the galley where I could hide and never come out all flight if I could manage it. But being a hard faced bitch she told me no, I had to work in the cabin. And she put me in the most prominent position. Going down to face the crew was unbelievable, everyone gasped when they saw my new haircut. A couple of the gay guys joked that I would easily pull – a woman! We traveled to the airport and I hid at the back of the bus with my hat pulled down. This was a nightmare!!

Greeting the passengers I didn’t get too many strange looks as it was hats and gloves on. But the moment of truth came when I had to put my jacket, hat and gloves away and get ready for take off. I tried to hide myself but soon realised it was never going to happen. As I collected my demonstration equipment and made my way to the front of the cabin I could see the passengers were giving me strange looks. I turned to face the music and felt over 300 pairs of eyes burning into me. They had never seen a stewardess with a flat top haircut in their lives! The worst part was having to turn around and point to the doors…. my shaved neck was burning as much as my cheeks! The meal had to be handed out next and I was surprised that there were no negative comments from the passengers. Many looked at me oddly and I noticed that the guy in 38C was watching me intensely. As I collected the trays from the finished meals I had to lean past him. “You look fabulous with that haircut,”, he said quietly into my ear, “Very brave and it suits you superbly!”. Thank god it was a night flight. The captain whacked up the heating so they would all fall asleep and I hid myself in a corner. Kelly came to see if I was ok and asked if she could touch my hair. We both rubbed my velvety head and she actually said she loved the feel of it. I had to admit that even though I was horrified when it was being shaved off I had enjoyed the sensation more than anything in my life. Feeling the clippers vibrating as they ran over my head had been one of the most exciting things that had ever happened to me. I was actually loving my flat top! no more messing with hairnets and hairspray!

We landed very late at night and I was hauled before the late duty manager, who was speechless! I was suspended on the spot and sent home to grow my hair and to write a grovelly letter to the Manager of the company and the Chief pilot for all the problems I caused. I never did grow my hair long again, I loved the feeling of it being shaved too much. After 6 weeks it had grown and I had it cut into a neat short crop. I kept it like that for a while but was dissatisfied. It looked great but it was too long for thoooooose sensations! Because we were banned from having shaved hairstyles I grew my top hair into a chin length bob. Now, every three weeks I go and have the whole of the underneath shaved with clippers and razor in the local barbers chair. That way the company never finds out about my secret haircut but I can enjoy the sensations from it. All I have to do is keep my hat on firmly to avoid exposure in windy conditions. The feel of my longer hair brushing over the undercut is amazing. For the first few days it gently strokes over the smooth shaved version. Then it strokes over the sandpaper and finally over the stubble. By 3 weeks the changing sensations die away and it’s time to start the cycle again. I love the feel of my undercut and I love stroking it, but secretly I long for the day I could leave the job and go and get myself another flat top or maybe even go all the way to bald this time! After all, when it’s that short you can change styles to something different every few days!

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