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Sherry was a regular at Flattops `R’ Us since she received her flattop. That is until her company sent her to Africa for three years. She got back in town on a Friday. One of the first things she did was check the phone book to see if Flattops `R Us was still listed. She was relieved and excited to find they were.

She then went shopping. She had to find just the right thing because she knew she was going to get her hair cut. The first store she went in had a fuzzy mohair and cashmere poncho. The poncho was about 6 inches thick and had a hood attached. This was it.

Saturday morning she woke up early. She brushed her hair for the last time and quickly put on the poncho. She was downtown in no time.

As soon as she walked in the door she recognized some familiar faces. Each one of the barberettes except one had hair chili bowl length or shorter. A couple of them were as smooth as could be.

Sherry signed in and was told they had changed their procedure for returning customers. She was told she would be given clippers. On each clipper was either FT, HT, CB, MH, S1/2, S and CLB. She could not see the writing as you had to have a special light. Savannah, who was helping her went on to tell her what each meant: FT-Flat Top; HT-High and Tight; CB-Chili Bowl; MH-Mohawk; S1/2-Shave ½ of the head; S-Shave; CLB-Chin length bob.

She sat down to wait and watched a young lady with waist length hair sit in a vacant barbers chair. Not long after she was caped clippers were roaring and hair was flying. It wasn’t long until Sherry saw a fresh bald head. She thought to herself, “I wonder what that feels like?”

She noticed Savannah was calling her name and pointed to an empty chair. First take off your poncho and sit down. As soon as she sat down Her legs and arms were bound with iron clasps. Savannah placed a fur cape around her and took the clippers from her.

Savannah held the clippers under her light and found out what haircut she would be giving. Sherry waited in suspense.

Savannah asked her if she wanted it all at once or in stages. Since the last time she had it done at once, she said stages. The first stage would be a chin length bob. This was cute but not short enough. Next she got a Chili-bowl. Also very cute, yet something wasn’t right. Savannah then gave her a flattop with a wonderful landing strip. Sherry felt at home. However, she was not going to keep it very long. In a flash she felt the cool steel blade of the clippers at the front of her head. In a few minutes all her hair, that had been past her shoulders was off. Savannah said “I am not yet finished. She applied some warm shaving cream and begin shaving Sherry’s head.

Once Savannah finished, she let Sherry’s hands be free. Sherry couldn’t’ wait to rub her head. IT was so smooth. Savannah told her to come weekly for a fresh shave. Sherry wished she had said come daily.

She put the poncho on. It felt wonderful against her smooth head. She knew she could hardly wait until time for her next visit.

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