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Jane and Karen were two middle level managers. They both had short haircuts and were suspected lesbians. Now, into this situation came Betty a young secretary with mid-back length soft blonde hair. She dressed conservatively wearing either long dresses or pants. She wore conservative blouses but it didn?t take much imagination so see that she possessed a nice set of breast in the D- cup category. She liked to put large curls in her hair or wear it up in a tight ponytail. She was a real good worker who Jan and Karen liked a lot. The weeks wore on and hints to Betty to cut her hair fell on death ears. The curiosity as to what Betty looked like under those conservative cloths grew in Jane and Karen. Finally the two managers decided to do something about it.

One day Jane asked Betty if she?d be interested in coming over to her house for a dinner party two nights hence hosted by Jane and Karen at Jane?s house. It was to start at 7pm and Betty said she would be glad to attend. She was told how to get there. Betty showed up wearing a mid-calf skirt and a long sleeve blouse. Her lovely long blonde hair was down with large curls in it. Things were going fine and about 9pm the other guest started leaving. Soon it was just down to Jane, Betty, and Karen. A short time earlier while the guest were still there Karen had slipped a Mikey Finn into Betty?s drink. The three were talking and the drug was starting to take effect in Betty when Jane got to the point. ? Betty, we sure would like you to stay on past your 90 day trial period but we just don?t know if your going to make a good ? Team Player?. ? What do you mean?? asked Betty. ? Well, look at me and Karen now. Our hair is short and business like. Yours is long and teenager like in appearance. We dress less conservative than you and still look professional. Now, if we keep you past the 90 days there will be a nice pay raise for you.? finished up Jane. Karen spoke ? Now, if you can prove that your willing to change to fit in with the group then you will last past the 90 days. If you can?t then we will have to let you go.? ? How, can I do that? ? asked Betty. Jane came up behind Betty and lifted up her mass of blonde curls.? Well, for starters you could let me cut your hair tonight.? ? Your telling me that if I let you cut my hair and dress less conservatively then I?ll be accepted past the 90 days.? said a groggy Betty. The Mikey Finn was taking full effect. ? It sure would help your situation? said a smiling Karen. ? Ok, but where do you want to cut my hair.?? asked Betty. Jane took Betty to the kitchen where a chair had been set up. ? I don?t want to mess your cloths up so why don?t you take them off.? Karen jumped in to add ? Yes, we want to take your measurements anyway to buy you some less conservative outfits. Here we will do that first so lets remove your clothing.? There is no one here but us three and no one will ever know. Karen and Jane told Betty to stand still while they removed all her cloths. ? Oh, my you have such lovely breast and such a nice size rear. Do you mind if I touch them.? said Jane to Betty. Jane held Betty?s size D breast in her hand. ?They are so nice and firm.? she says. Betty stands there in a drugged state while Karen and Jane measure every aspect of her young body. ? I think she is ready for her haircut now. ? says Karen. Jane grabs a sheet and places it around a nude Betty and tell her to sit in the chair.? We will give you a nice short look for work.? says Jane. Karen will help me so we finish it sooner. Betty?s long soft golden hair is brushed out and separated in the middle. Karen starts on one side and Jane the other. They each pick up a thick section of golden hair with curls. The pull tight and take a pair of scissors and with a snip, sniping sound heard on both sides they sever the long blonde locks from Betty?s head. The locks measure some 18 inches long as they are cut and set aside. They will be saved to be looked at in the future as treasures of conquest. Karen and Jane smile at each other as they slowly work their way over and around Betty?s head removing her long hair and cutting it into a nice short, short haircut. They grab bigger sections and the snip, snip, snap, plop sound is heard as the hair is removed. Betty is by now in a dazed state. The clippers are turned on and they shave Betty?s neck and taper up the back of the neck and sides. They finish up the haircut and decide to tidy up Betty?s pubic area. They lay her back on the kitchen table and shave the area smooth using clippers, razor, and shaving cream. They feel all over Betty?s soft body. The fun is finally over. They dress up Betty and take her home and lay her in her bed. They leave her car keys with her and her car and go home.

The next day a new shorter version of Betty shows up to work wearing a knee length skirt and a loose button down blouse. The short crop hairstyle is a big hit with fellow workers. Jane and Karen come over to Betty?s desk and ask a confused Betty how she is doing. ? Boy, that must have been some party and I must have gotten really drunk to let you cut my hair off .I sure was surprised this morning when I got up.? Jane responds ? Yes, it was and things did get kind of out of hand. I?ll never serve that wine again.? ? Yes, and since your 90 days are up today we think we will take you shopping for a couple of new outfits. We will buy them for you as starting tomorrow your on permanently. ? added Karen. ? Welcome to the Team? said a smiling Jane.

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