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Samantha drove to the studio that morning wondering what Jake had called about. He’d asked her to come by first thing before she met Cynthia for lunch. It was a gorgeous LA morning with not much fog and the promise of clearing to a fully sunshine drenched day. Her film had wrapped, finally and she was a very happy woman. For the first time since she had met Jake, her life was simple and relaxing, with no extreme dramas on the horizon. Jake’s movie had started and they would be filming here in Los Angeles, making their marriage as close to normal as it could be. She had their new baby, Max at home and a husband who would be going off to work at the "office" during the day. Although his days would be long, he’d be coming home at night, leaving she, Florence, Pete and baby Max, to the daily drudge of remodeling the beach house.

"How boring." Sam giggled as she pulled into the studio lot. She’d told Jake she would be looking forward to a few months of being a housewife and mother." Shall I meet you at the door with a martini and dinner, like the bewitched Samantha did for Darren?" Sam had asked Jake the night before. "Of course." He’d smiled. "I’ll get Paul to play Larry Tate and bring home unexpected guests now and then." Perhaps that was what he wanted to talk to her about. Dinner. Knowing Jake, he had to sit out the morning waiting for a scene to call him and he was bored.

"Good morning, Mrs. Patterson." The guard waved her through the gates. Samantha felt strangely like an old-world movie star. She pushed her sunglasses up on her nose and sailed through the studio gates, feeling silly. Jake had bought her a black Mercedes, but she felt she really needed a shiny white Thunderbird convertible, if he expected her to continue playing this ridiculous role of movie star wife. That and a hot pink boa to fling back over her shoulder.

"Hey." Jake spotted her as she walked onto the set and reached out to rest one hand on the small of her back. He sat in one of those studio canvas back chairs, side-by-side along with the director. Sam had slipped onto the set un-noticed and spotted both of these men in deep conversation. She’d placed an arm on Jake’s shoulder at the same time he reached for her. "Ahhhh, there she is!" The young director jumped up off the chair. "Hey Sam. NOW we can get started." "What?" Sam smiled, her eyes wide and questioning. "Hey Gil."

"Your man, here. He was making us wait for you. We have to get rid of all that hair and he wanted you here. To hold his hand, I suppose, the big whiney ass."

Samantha jumped and her eyes opened wider. Jake had told her this movie called for his head to be shaved. How had she forgotten that? He’d simply not mentioned it again and definitely didn’t tell her today was the day. "Surprise." Jake stood up, put kept his hand on her back. "I thought about having Max here. You know, so he wouldn’t freak out seeing me later and not recognize his dad? But then I thought we couldn’t handle two of you falling apart on the set." "Oh, she’s not going to get upset, Jake?" the director whined himself. "You didn’t tell me that. Come on. She’d gonna’ be cool. We have to get going with this. Sam, you aren’t going to get all weird are you? It’s just hair."

Samantha looked at Gil, the director and her lower lip started to quiver. Gil had no idea. "Oh, fuck." He frowned. "Jake?"

Jake laughed and wrapped both arms around Samantha. He picked her up, goosing her and burying his nose in her neck. "Yes! She’s gonna’ be a fruitcake and get all whiney. Aren’t you, baby?" He lowered her down into the set chair with the name Jake Patterson plastered across the back. Squeezing her small waist he drew back and studied her expression. It mattered not what she felt at this point. He knew it would all turn out well and was looking forward to a very sexy evening with his wife. He’d made reservations for them to spend the night at the Beverly Hilton. Samantha pushed his hands away and struggled out of the chair, frowning. She jumped down and looked around the set, only now noticing the barber chair and the set being lit and fussed over. She grabbed Jake’s hand and headed for what looked like a back set dressing room." Give us a minute, Gil?" Jake looked backwards towards the skinny director with a huge grin on his face. "It’ll be fine. Just a sec….""Two seconds, Jake. We’re all set to go, here. Money…time…? Hurry!"

Sam closed the door quietly and turned crossing her arms and leaning against the back of the door. Her husband looked at her sheepishly and waited. She sighed. "I suppose there’s nothing to say?"

"Nope." He ran his hands through his hair and grinned. Reaching for his blackberry he hit a button and held the phone out to her. Taking it, Sam waited for the phone to ring knowing this was another of Jake’s schemes and mildly curious. Flo answered after two rings.

"What?" Sam asked.

Florence told her she had packed an overnight bag into the back of Sam’s Mercedes and Jake had arranged for she and Pete to baby-sit tonight. "But just tonight now, you guys. Pete and I are off this weekend and flying home for our niece’s birthday, remember?" Samantha hung up after talking baby details and handed Jake the phone back.

"You think you are so smart, don’t you, slick?"

"I am." Jake moved towards the door but Sam caught his arm and held on.

"Wait, baby." She stood on tip-toes and wrapped her hands around his neck. "I don’t like this Jake. Not with all these people. Not any way at all. You know that…" She was shivering. In anticipation and in dread. Jake knew that. He’d planned on it.

"Yeah, but it must be done. You know that and well…..why not enjoy it?" He leaned down and kissed her with one swift peck on the lips. He rested his head on her shoulder and nuzzled her neck. "You look great today, sweetie. You smell great too….." he rose up. "I mean it. You look so very nice. ….gorgeous…..cute."

"Yeah, but you won’t. Not in a few minutes…" Samantha ran her one hand backwards into his thick black hair. "Jake, I love your hair. This is strange. This will be so damn strange. I don’t like it. Regardless of everything else…all our games….I don’t care. I don’t like this." The movie star gave his wife a very deep kiss. It was touching at that moment and held the promise of an extremely interesting night to come. He allowed her to play with his hair as much as she wanted. It would be awhile before she could do that again. Sam broke away and gasped. "Oh, Jake what if it doesn’t grow back as pretty?"

"Shut up." He laughed. My hair’s not ‘pretty’. And it will grow back. You know it will. Come on…."

Directing her out to the set, Sam continued protesting with Jake merely nodding at her every word. "Yeah, yeah…it will be OK. Here sit!" He pulled a chair over for her, directly in front of the barber&
rsquo;s chair and just out of the circle of the scene’s lights.

"OK." He turned and put his hands on his hips waiting for direction. The crew and two other members of the cast in this scene, were all studying the couple, with grins on their faces.

"Oh, my God, Sam. Hey." The script girl pulled her chair up next to Samantha. "How can you stand this? Why’d you let him do this?"

"Hey, Judi." Sam said, her eyes watching the scene in front of her intently "It’s in the script. It’s in the movie. You know that…Oh…shit!" She held both of her hands tightly clasped in front of her. Hopefully she wouldn’t fall to pieces and get hysterical…. "Oh, shit, shit, shit.." Jake had climbed into the old-timey barber chair and was talking with Gil and another actor in the scene. The barber, who seemed like a professional and not an actor lifted the big black cape and let it settle over Jake’s big form.

"This has to be done in one shot." Gil was saying. "We’ll just get the lines and shot the entire procedure and edit…what ever. There’s no re-shoots, obviously, Jake. So, we’ll just shoot everything and get Ted’s lines later if we have to." He put his hand on the secondary actor’s shoulder. "Ted’s just supposed to be talking to you while the barber works….but you know that. And then of course we’ll get the close-ups of your reactions. Jesus, I really can’t believe we’ve talked you into this. You OK?"

The barber tightened the cape around his neck. Jake took a deep breath and looked up at Samantha. He winked. He keep his eyes on her face and smiled talking to Gil the whole time. "The part’s great. I’m a big boy. I can live through this. And it does grow back."

"Not necessarily." Ted, the other actor spoke up. "My cousin had his head shaved and it never grew back exactly like it was before. It was sorta’ curly and there were some spots…." Ted paused as everyone on the set turned and gave him the evil eye. Gil took hold of his arm a little too tightly. "I’m sure that’s not true, Ted….." He swung his face around to look at Jake. "He’s kidding, Jake!"

Under the bright lights you could tell Jake had turned a little bit white. He cleared his throat and Sam bit her lip.

"Come on guys." Jake forced the mood lighter. "Let’s get it over with. Everyone’s been patient long enough." He looked at the elder barber. "He does know what he’s doing, doesn’t he Gil?"

"Sure. This guys a pro, aren’t you, Ed?"

The barber shook his head. "Of course. I’ve done this many times, Mr. Patterson. The studio always uses me when they want the best."

"OK, then." Jake gritted his teeth. "Scalp me! I’m all yours."

Samantha gave out a tiny cry of "Ohhhhhhhh." and the entire crew turned to stare at her. She couldn’t help herself. She slammed her hand over her mouth and still looked at Jake pitifully.

"OK. OK!" Gil held his hands up and walked towards Samantha. "Come on. Places everyone. Sam, he’ll be just as pretty as he always is. Action guys…" He stopped beside Samantha’s chair and grabbed her hand. "Here, I’ll hold your hand, darlin’. How’s that?" The crew giggled and laughed at Sam’s little outburst and then swung into action; the tension broken and all getting to work. Samantha put her hand over her eyes and gripped the director’s hand in a steel lock. Of course she had to peek through her fingers. She just had to.

Oh, course Samantha had seen Jake’s hair cut before. At least buzzed before and she had to admit it was definitely sexy. Between "cuts" in the action and the light and camera angles being moved the entire process took longer than it normally did. Sam barely held on. Ed began by cutting Jake’s hair with a slim pair of scissors. He just picked up hunks of the shiny black locks and started hacking away, attempting to get the over-all thick head of hair cut back. Judi, the script girl gave a sad sigh at one point and Sam hit her in the arm. "Hush, Judi." she said.

"I can’t help it." Judi whispered. "Jake has such gorgeous hair."

"He does." Sam whispered back sadly watching the locks fall downward onto the cape. His hair reduced to what looked like a bad little boy crop, the scene went forward as Ed reached for the big black clippers. Jake and Sam’s eyes met, but not for long. Ed pushed Jake’s head forward roughly and placed the clippers at the base of his neck. "Head down." His voice wasn’t that loud but to Sam it was unsettling. She jumped when he clicked them on and that buzzing sound filled the air. From where Sam sat she couldn’t see the path being ploughed into the back of Jake’s head. Looking into a side mirror she caught more of the action. The clippers dug upward, higher and higher until they reached his crown, leaving nothing but stubble behind. "Oh, baby." Samantha spoke to her husband and the air in general. Quietly and chewing one fingernail, she watched as the ugly clippers ran another path up the back of his head. Moving to the right hand side, Ed cut away until Jake’s sideburns were eaten up and one side had been cut almost to the bare skin. He pushed one ear down and buzzed around that area. Sam got hot. She waved her hand in front of her face and Jake caught that movement. He grinned even though he was not enjoying the haircut. He hated it, in fact. The only thing he could do to put up with this, was to think about Sam and their hotel suite later that day.

Ed moved to the other side of Jake’s head and attacked the hair that was still there. Over and over he ran the clippers, the camera catching all these moves and filming Ted and his lines as well.

‘The things I do for you baby!’ Jake thought as the director yelled ‘cut’. Jake ran his hand up the bristles left on his neck. ‘Fuck.’ he said to himself and knew that those as well would be gone shortly. He’d shaved his head once before when he was only seventeen and it was also for a movie role. He’d hated it then and he would hate this now, but it was a small price to pay for two months of white hot sex with Sam.

The barber used the clippers relentlessly to cut almost every bit of Jake’s hair off. It was nearly down to the bare scalp when he stopped and used a hot damp towel to wrap around her husband’s head before he moved on to the lather. He started rubbing the shaving crème onto Jake’s head and then another break in filming occurred. Sam jumped up and was at Jake’s side immediately with a bottle of water. For some reason his assistant knew to hang back when Sam was on the set. She was rarely needed at times like this. Jake wanted Sam and everyone knew that.

"Thanks baby." Jake said softly. Under the hot lights he was parched. Sam stared at his head. Partially covered with the white foam and the other half skinned so close. She couldn’t say anything. "Don’t talk." Jake wiped his mouth and handed her the bottle back. He reached for her other hand and squeezed it. "You go straight to the hotel as soon as we are done, OK?"

It was almost past the lunch hour now. Sam had cance
lled with Cyn. "What hotel?" He told her of his plans. "You go there and we will NOT be long tonight. I’ll be there shortly. We can order an early supper or …..whatever…

"I’m not hungry." Sam stated. She barely moved. She was praying she could walk back to the chair.

Jake smiled up at her. "Come here." He said. "Kiss me."

"Huh?" Sam said.

He reached up and pulled her down. His lips by her ear. "Soak in the tub. Take a long bubble bath. Get yourself ready for me."

"Eeeee" A tiny squeak. Sam was beyond talking. At least in public.

"You want to go? Leave now? You do look flushed, baby." Jake cupped her chin in one hand and tilted it.

"Uh-huh. No." she whispered. She ran her fingers over the shorn right side of his head and closed her eyes.

He laughed deep down in his chest. That rich laugh that tickled Sam so much. "Go sit down, before you put us both to shame, girl. You can wait."

Sam stood up and marched back to her seat. His laughter followed her back all the way.

She turned redder still and tried to remain as calm as she watched the action resume and the barber take the razor to her husband’s head. He ran the razor over and over, removing the later and what was left of her darling husband’s hair. Finally when Sam felt she was about to swoon and faint right there on the spot he was finished and wiped Jake’s head off with a towel. Jake looked in the mirror when the barber moved out of his viewpoint and he gulped.

Sam started crying. He was completely bald. She jumped up and left the set, knowing they still had to wrap and handle a few more shots. That was all she could take, in front of all these people. She rushed to her car and headed out the studio gates, with tears streaming down her face.Turning towards the hotel, she cleared her throat and tried to wipe her eyes. She could fall apart completely once she got to their room.

Soaking in the huge marble tub Samantha sipped the strong drink she had mixed herself. She giggled and glanced at the gorgeous silk peach gown lying on the chair beside the tub. Jake had thought of everything. She’d found the elegantly wrapped box on the king sized bed the minute she had entered the room. Beside that present was another smaller box. Samantha decided to wait for Jake to unwrap that one.

They had been incredible lucky to have found each other. Yes, they loved each other. Yes, they would be able to be good parents to Max and any other tiny Patterson’s to come along. But what a topping to the cake was this sexy fetish they shared.

"He is too good to me." Samantha said aloud, already feeling the alcohol’s effects.

"No. I take that back." She told the ceiling, resting her head back amongst the bubbles. Jake needed me. He needed to find someone to be good to. She didn’t want to get all melancholy and start crying again. They should enjoy tonight and not get all lovey-dovey. When she seriously thought about the two of them together and how much she loved him Samantha had a tendency to get mushy. This was not a night for mush. Jake was obviously going for a night of world shattering sex. No mush.

‘What was that quote?’ Sam thought. ‘A good cook in the kitchen, a good wife….but a whore in the bedroom? A quote from Jerry Hall?’ she thought. "Although that hadn’t been enough to hang onto Mick." Sam said aloud. And Samantha certainly wanted to hang onto Jake. At first she’d been against their marriage and a future with Jake. But now she would fight for it until her dying day. He was most definitely and with no doubts…her man. What they had was too great. When she heard the door open, Samantha could hardly contain herself. She thought this might be the best night ever. She was correct.

Jake came through the bathroom door and did not pause or greet her in their usual old married couple way. She floated in the bubbles and stared at him. Her curls up on top of her head and her cheeks pink and her lips red, swollen and inviting. Jake wanted to tear her to pieces. Eat her up. He loved her to perfection and it was always a thrill to him to realize this. He’d never known it was possible for him.

He ripped his jacket off and stood there in an old grey tee-shirt. That and only his jeans. Samantha glanced at his arms. How she loved that spot where his muscle peeked out from the tee-shirt sleeve. His arms lightly covered with black hair. The way he stood. His legs spread and his height looming over her in the tub. Trailing upward, she took in the shaved head. Jake still wore his sunglasses. He stood there, glaring down at her from behind those black glasses and Samantha had never felt more desired in her life. He might as well have been drooling.

Throwing the jacket aside he came down on a knee and dipped one long arm down into the bubbly bath water, his hand rushed up her leg until he found her sweet center. His fingers took hold of her clit and rolled it. He flicked it and rubbed it and held on for dear life. Samantha’s head fell back and she came up out of the water her breasts straining towards him. Jake took in the nipples at high alert and pointed directly at him. Beads of water dripped from them and Jake licked his lips. A treat just for him. His mouth captured one hard tiny point and he moaned, closing his eyes as well. Sam tasted like strawberries. She had a taste he loved and was familiar to him even before he met her. Like fresh fruit and crème. Her newly manicured petite nails trailed up the grey tee. She found her way to the bare neck and finally rested on his newly shaved head. She raked her nails up the back of his head, giving Jake an electric-like shock he felt all the way down his spine to his feet.

Sam exploded in a raw and violent orgasm. The bald head was too much. She might hate the look, but for now, it was the hottest she’d ever known her husband to be. Her hands grabbed his broad shoulders, trying to hold on to something. Anything. Otherwise she’d simply lift-off. Just leave the earth’s atmosphere and never return. She buried her face into the now damp tee covering his chest. From neverland she heard him whispering to her.

"Good God, you’re an angel, baby. That’s it. Come for me. I don’t want you to stop. Not this night." Jake hissed. Her body rocking and rolling in the water. She never had to act like a wild whore with Jake. She simply was one.

The water splashed around them and as Sam came back to earth. His glorious fingers brought her around. Still rubbing and stroking her, but gently and with a certainty that there was much more to come.

"Look at me Sam."

That was NOT a hard thing to do.

She seductively opened her eyes and smiled at him.

"You look hideous." Samantha said with an evil grin. She lifted her fingers and stroked his bald plate. Spreading her hand out, she cupped the back of his head and enjoyed the slick feel. It felt funny. This would take some getting used to.

"You love it." Jake responded with a twin grin.

She pulled herself upwards in the tub. On her knees, the soapy bubbles dripping from her body, she pulled him to her breast and his hands wrapped around her waist. He angled her backwards and licked a bubble from her navel. All the time Sam rubbed and clung to his sweet head.

His hands holding her hips, Jake dipped downwards and snuggled into her recently shaved mound. "You did good, baby." He licked. "Just, like I want you."

"Oh, shit….&q
uot; Samantha couldn’t say anymore.

His fingers came up and pushed her open for him. His tongue doing things most women only dream of. He took his wife into another easy orgasm and it delighted him. He held tight and continued licking as hard as he could. And as she calmed; as her orgasm was subsiding, Jake stood up and pulled her upwards. Picking her up straight from the bath he turned realizing he’d never make it to the bed. He lifted her cute bottom up onto the huge bathroom vanity. Grabbing some big fluffy white towels down from the towel rack he crammed them under her. Sam fought to drag his wet tee-shirt off and he paused only long enough to rip it over his head. Pulling back and unzipping his pants Jake began to wonder if he were being too crude, too ungentlemanly for his tiny wife.

Somewhere in that slight pause Samantha looked at him. Straight in the face and fully alert.

"JAKE!" she screamed.

"WHAT?" he responded, with his dick in his hand, he glared down at her.

"Fuck me! NOW!"

"K"." he said, shrugging his shoulders, aiming at her center and driving forward with great gusto.

When Jake swung her up to carry her out of the bathroom, Sam looked over his shoulder at the black sunglasses floating in the pink bubbles. She grinned to herself. He need not put forth much of an effort. They were perfect together. He was so smooth it hardly took much to drive her wild.

Her husband was a movie star. In the old-world way, romantic, balls to the walls way.

He just was.

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