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It had been a good sales meeting Colin thought, as he stood by the elevators on his way back to his hotel room. The new products looked good, and his sales targets were achievable. Tomorrow’s yearly review would also heap some praise upon him as his sales figures had risen by the biggest percentage.

“Going up to bed?” An unfamiliar female voiced asked. Colin turned to see a gorgeous young woman standing beside him. She was stunning! Her long blonde hair cascaded down her back, her figure was slim and petite, and she was wearing a sexy, black cocktail dress and high heels.

“Oh, err, yes.” He stammered.

“You do not look like the kind of man who goes to his room, at this time of night, to sleep?” She replied in a cool, confident voice.


“No,” she continued, “you look like the kind of man who goes to his room, at this time of night, to do anything but sleep!” Her bright blue eyes stared at him, as she tilted her head slightly.

“Well, err, maybe in my younger days,” he said jokingly, “but I’ve had to calm it down a bit you see.” He pointed to the wedding ring on his finger.

As he finished his words, the elevator doors opened and the pair of them stepped inside. He couldn’t help but look at her, through the mirrored walls, as she turned to face the closing doors. She was absolutely gorgeous!

“Does that mean you won’t be asking me back to your room for a drink then?” She asked him.

Obviously aroused by her approach, he awkwardly smiled and pointed at his wedding ring again.

The mysterious woman turned to face him and, taking both of his hands, softly said, “She doesn’t need to know.”

Colin could have come in his pants! He had never had such a beautiful woman make such a pass at him, and he was finding it unbearably hard to resist the offer.

“I won’t tell her if you don’t….,” she paused and gave Colin a mischievous smile, “.disappoint!” She released his hands, and placed her arms around his neck.

Lost for a reply, Colin pressed the Floor 4 button. She smiled at his obvious embarrassment, but continued to tease him by stroking his neck with her manicured fingernails.

All too soon, the elevator doors reopened and the woman released Colin. They stepped out together into the corridor. As if waiting for an invitation, she remained at the elevator doors. He could not resist the temptation of this encounter, and was soon leading the way to his room. He was still in disbelief, and kept looking at his newfound companion.

Within seconds of entering his room she was all over him, pulling his jacket off, kissing him in a frenzied fashion, and pushing him back onto the bed. She pulled up her dress, and climbed onto the bed to straddle him, before ripping open his shirt. He thought he had died and gone to heaven. For over ten minutes, the two of them indulged in this heavy petting.

“And you are?” She asked, smiling down at Colin as she sat astride him.

“Colin,” he replied chuckling,” Colin Harrison. You?”

“Jasmine.” She answered. “Well, Colin Harrison, I think you need to order some room service? Strawberries and champagne sounds appropriate!” She climbed off him and stood beside the bed, looking at him for his reply. He didn’t want to look like a tight-arse did he?

“Why not,” he exclaimed, whilst wondering how much that might cost.

“Good! I’ll go and get my things from my room, and you phone down the order. I’ll be back before you know it!” With that, she straightened her dress back down, checked her appearance in the wall mirror, and left the room.

Colin lay there dazed for a moment. Was this really happening to him? For a moment, he thought about his wife and marriage. This would destroy both! But how many chances like this does a man get? Besides, it was as Jasmine had said, if his wife never found out then who would get hurt? It would be just some good fun sex between two passing strangers!

Having made peace with himself, he picked up the phone and dialled room service.

Jasmine returned about ten minutes later. Colin was relieved, as he thought she might have been playing a cruel prank on him and not come back. She announced that she was going into the bathroom to `make herself more comfortable’, telling Colin how she `couldn’t wait to have him inside her!’

It wasn’t long before room service delivered the goods. A bottle of champagne, in an ice bucket full of ice, two champagne flute glasses, and a bowl of chilled strawberries. As Colin poured the champagne out, Jasmine reappeared out of the bathroom wearing a sexy baby doll nightie.

“Do you like it?” She teased.

“Do I ever?” Colin answered in awe. Jasmine looked like a centrefold, stood there in the bathroom doorway, as if on a photographic shoot. She slowly walked over to the bed, before lying down diagonally across it. She lifted up her nightie to reveal her shaved pussy, completely bare of any pubic hair.

“Well? Do you want some or not?”

This was the point of no return for Colin. To proceed would surely sacrifice the honesty and integrity of his marriage. But he could not control himself in the face of such temptation. He completed undressing and, naked, he joined her on the bed.

Jasmine obviously enjoyed having sex. Her energy and lust was overwhelming, and she was so adventurous! Colin had never had a sexual partner like her. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as fit as he used to be and, after half an hour, he ran out of steam. He knew Jasmine was still firing on all cylinders and, consequently, felt embarrassed at having to calm down the proceedings. However, Jasmine was as attentive as ever and suggested he take a cool shower to re-energize himself.

Once she heard the water running, a darker side of Jasmine emerged. She poured out two more glasses of champagne, and then opened her travel bag. She pulled out a small bottle of liquid, and poured some of the contents into Colin’s glass, before returning the bottle to her bag. She then took her place back on the bed, keeping hold of her `clean’ glass of champagne.

Colin soon returned from his shower, rubbing himself dry with a towel as he walked around the bed.

“That’s better,” he declared, “you were right!”

“I told you, didn’t I? It works every time!”

“Yeah, I feel rejuvenated!”

“Good! I’ve poured you out some more bubbly. Drink it up and then get your sexy arse back over here!”

The invitation was too good to pass up on. He picked up the glass, and downed the contents in one go. Then he climbed back onto the bed, lying on his back. Jasmine rolled over and sat astride him again. With her head flung back, she gently started to rock backwards and forwards on his erect penis, as he moaned with delight. Within minutes, he had come inside her once again. God how she loved that feeling! She looked down on him, only to see his eyes were closed and his body still.

She quickly dismounted him, and checked that her liquid had done its job. It had, and she now knew he would be unconscious for about an hour. It was time for Jasmine to get busy!

Firstly, she picked his mobile phone out of his jacket pocket, scrolling through the stored phonebook list and making a written list of the names and numbers. Then she went to his briefcase. It wasn’t locked, which allowed her to search through its entire contents. It mainly contained work-related documents, but she found his business card and his works diary. The latter proved to be a goldmine of information regarding his forthcoming movements. Jasmine also found some of his household utility statements, stuffed in a side pocket, which he had obviously paid whilst out and about.

Quickly she got dressed again, before picking up his car keys and room key and heading for the hotel car park. The BMW key ring was little help to her as she cast her eyes over the well-lit car park, as there were numerous BMW cars parked. However, pressing the remote key fob was soon rewarded with the beep of Colin’s car unlocking itself
. Jasmine sat in the drivers seat, exploring all the door pockets, the glove box, and the sun visor. Again, as like so many road-based salesmen, Colin’s car gave up so much information about him!

Colin sleepily opened his eyes. It wasn’t a dream! There she was sat naked in a chair, watching television. Her curvaceous body was a joy for him to behold. She turned her face towards him.

“Hello sweetheart,” she softly said, “are you awake now?”

“Err, yeah, err….how long have I been..”

“Most of the night.” She replied. “You must have been very tired love?” Indeed, she had expected him to wake up again upon her return to the room, but he had remained sound asleep. It was now just past six o’clock. Jasmine had awoken, and had showered already.

Colin climbed out of bed, still naked from the night before. He couldn’t believe that Jasmine was still there in the room. He thought that she would have left him by now and gone her own way?

“I didn’t ask you last night Jasmine,” he pondered, “but what were you doing here last night?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, when I met you in the lobby…”

“I’m not a prost..”

“No, no, I didn’t mean it like that.” Colin hastily reassured her. “I just wondered whether it was business or pleasure, that’s all?”

“Ended up being a bit of both didn’t it?” She smiled. “Well, I was here for a hairdressing competition in the Ladbrooke Suite.”

“Hairdressing competition? Are you a hairdresser then?” Colin sounded surprised.

“Yes, but I wasn’t competing, just a spectator. There was nothing of much interest and so I decided to go back to my room. That’s when I bumped into you.”

“I’m glad you did!” He gushed. “If you cut hair like you make love, you must be one fabulous hairdresser!”

“There’s only one way to find that out, isn’t there?”

“What’s that?” Colin asked puzzled. Jasmine rose out of the chair and stood beckoning him over.

“I could give you a haircut? Nothing too scary, just a little tidy up? Would you like that?” Would he ever, he thought, as he gazed at her naked figure.

“Well, yes, that would be great.”

“Good! Come and sit down here on this chair. I’ve got all my stuff with me.”

Colin paused as he realised he was still naked. He looked as Jasmine as if waiting for her instruction.

“Don’t worry about that,” she said, “it’ll be easier to clean up afterwards. You can get straight into the shower and wash the bits off!”

With that, he took his place in the chair, and Jasmine began combing out his hair. It was cut in a typical salesman style, but was in need of a tidy up. Soon, Jasmine was combing and cutting quite merrily, whilst Colin continued to compliment her.

“You are absolutely gorgeous,” he nervously remarked, “I’ve never met anyone as beautiful as you!” It was all he could do not to ejaculate, as she moved her naked body around him.

“Your too kind Colin.”

“No, it’s true, you’ll make someone very happy!”

“Someone?” She asked.

“Yes, and he will be one lucky fella I can tell you!”

“How about you? Are you that someone?” She enquired.

“Me? No, I can’t can I? I have a wife,” he paused, “but it’s a pity I didn’t meet you first Jasmine!”

Colin’s words of comfort had little effect on her. Jasmine didn’t like rejection at the best of times. Being so attractive, she was used to men falling at her feet and worshipping her every breath. This sounded as if Colin was giving her the brush off?

“Marriage shouldn’t be a life sentence Colin. If you’re not happy…”

“Hey, I never said I wasn’t happy with my marriage!” He retorted.

“But you spent the night with me? That doesn’t sound like the actions of a happily married man does it?”

“I love my wife Jasmine.”

She picked up her hair clippers and tapered out the back & sides of Colin’s hair. She didn’t speak again during this process, and Colin took it as she was just concentrating on what she was doing.

“There you go, all done.” She declared.

“Thank you, that’s great.” Colin stood up and examined his reflection in the wall mirror. She had cut his hair slightly shorter than he would have usually had it, but it was very well done. “Superb job! I’ll just have a quick shower and then I’ll be back. We may even have time for a quickie before we go?”

Jasmine tidied her stuff back into her travel bag. She was angry with Colin, and with herself. He had enjoyed shagging the arse off her, but now just wanted to be rid of her, and to add insult to injury he was now suggesting having a `quickie’ before his breakfast! She felt used and abused, just like she had felt so many times before. However, it was because so many men had done this to her before, that she had anticipated Colin’s rejection. Only this time she would not let her man walk off into the sunset. This time, she was going to fight to keep him. Last night, he had chosen her over his wife and that must mean something!

But now was not the right time. He would probably be nasty to her if she had it out with him, and say things both of them would regret. She decided to leave quietly, whilst he was still showering, and pick up their romance again another time.

Needless to say, when Colin came out of the bathroom and saw that Jasmine had left, it was with a heavy heart that he saw she had gone. At the same time, part of him felt relieved. He allowed himself to feel quite smug that he had enjoyed a one-night fling and got away with it! He dressed and went down for breakfast, looking to see if he could see Jasmine anywhere. He didn’t.

Two weeks later, Colin was driving along when his phone rang.

“Hello, Colin Harrison speaking, can I help you?” He answered.

“Hi Colin, it’s Jasmine. Do you remember me?”

“Jasmine?” He had to think for a few seconds. “Oh yes, Jasmine…err, how did you get my number?”

“Yes, I’m well, thanks for asking!”

“Err, yes, sorry, how are you?” He never expected her to call him. To be honest, he never expected to hear from her again!

“I want to see you again Colin.”


“What do you mean why? I want to see you again, that’s why?”

“What for?”

“I can’t believe you! You make love to me one minute, and the next you talk to me like I was a stranger?”

“Now hold on there Jasmine,” Colin jumped in, “we had sex, that’s all. We didn’t make love, it was just sex!”

“No, it was more than that!”

“Look, you are a very beautiful woman but it was just sex, and that’s it!”

“But I want to see you again!”

“Well, I don’t think that’s a good idea Jasmine. I have a wife and child to think about you know? I don’t think we should see each other again. I don’t know how you got this number, but I don’t want to hear from you again Jasmine. Do you understand me?”

There was a pause.

“Okay Colin, I understand you.” Jasmine’s voice had deepened. “I understand you perfectly well, but you had better understand me. You are not going to walk away from me as if I was just some whore, do you hear me?”

“Jasmine! It was just a one-night stand, that’s all.”

“You are not going to treat me like a whore Colin, otherwise…”

“Oh, go and get a life!” Colin hung up. He had to pull over and park his car for a few minutes, whilst he regained his composure. Jasmine was indeed a beautiful woman, but he could see that she was a messed up woman as well. How fortunate had he been not to get too involved with her? A lucky escape he thought!

If only Colin had known just how informed Jasmine now was. She knew most of his personal details, including his home address and telephone number his wife’s name, his daughter’s name, his doctor’s address, etc.

The devious side of Jasmine knew that whilst Colin’s marriage remained intact, her own relationship with him was not going anywhere. She decided that her first line of attack would be through Emily Harrison – Colin’s 28-year-old wife. Having devised a plan, she set off in her car t
o come face-to-face with Emily.

She parked her car up the road from Colin’s house, and walked down to 24 Winters Row, a recently built house on a typical modern estate. Jasmine knew Colin’s daughter would be at school, and Colin would be at work. As she approached, she could see Emily’s car, a Ford Fiesta, parked on the driveway. She went up to the front door, and pressed the bell. Seconds later, Emily opened the door.

“Can I help you?” Emily enquired. She was slightly shorter than Jasmine and was not so slender. She had long brunette hair, which was straight, and was generally attractive. Emily looked her visitor up and down. Jasmine was dressed conservatively, and wore minimal make-up. She had pulled her blonde hair into a ponytail.

“Oh hi, I’m sorry to disturb you,” Jasmine began, “my name is Jessica and I’ve just started a mobile hairdressing round in this area. I was wondering if you might be interested in my services?”

“Well, I don’t know really.” Emily pondered. Since having her daughter, she had let her hair just grow. Modern salons were too fussy in her opinion, and she just couldn’t be bothered with them. Every so often, her friend would trim her ends, but she couldn’t describe her hair as having `a style’.

“Look, I know I’ve caught you on the hop, but if I could just leave you with this leaflet?” Jasmine persisted.

“Yes, certainly,” replied Emily, “to be honest hairdressing was the last thing I expected you to say! We get so many double-glazing salesmen round here you know?”

Jasmine passed Emily her home-produced leaflet, detailing her costs and listing her mobile telephone number, as Emily continued.

“Come to think of it, I probably could do with a trim.” Emily announced. “Have you a phone number?…oh, yes, here it is on the leaflet.” Jasmine was quick thinking enough to pounce on Emily’s answer.

“A trim you say?”


“Well, If it’s convenient with you, I’ve got time to do that now.” Jasmine was determined to grasp this golden opportunity. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you a free trim by way of a special promotion!”

“You’re on!” Emily agreed excitedly.

“I’ll just go and get my things,” Jasmine said, “and then I’ll cut your hair!” What an opportunity she thought, as she rushed back to her car. Instinctively, she just wanted to plunge her scissors into Emily’s locks and hack it all off, but that wasn’t her plan. She could learn much more about Colin and his life through Emily!

Back in the house, Jasmine caped Emily and began combing through her long hair.

“I haven’t had it cut properly for a while now.” Emily advised her. “I grew it after having my daughter.”

“What made you keep it long?”

“I don’t know really Jessica. I never seemed to have the time or money to spend on myself. Besides, I think my husband prefers it longer.”

How short was it originally?” Jasmine enquired.

“It was bobbed when we got married,” Emily replied, “which is probably the shortest I’ve ever had it.”

“No shorter?”

“No, definitely not! My ears stick out too much to have it cut too short.” Emily laughed to herself, but Jasmine made a mental note of that interesting revelation.

As she stood over her, Jasmine imagined grabbing the long lengths and cutting them off at the scalp. However, she resisted and began Emily’s trim whilst entering into conversation about her family life, which Emily was only too willing to discuss.

As Jasmine carefully trimmed her split-ends, Emily filled in the blanks on the Harrison household. Jasmine soon won Emily’s confidence, and she was even invited to stay for a cuppa after the haircut had been completed.

Jasmine listened carefully as Emily explained how her husband, Colin, worked long hours and often had to stay away in hotels. Emily even confessed to feeling insecure about her looks since having her daughter. She feared her husband might cheat on her, but believed him to be a good, faithful man. Jasmine smiled discreetly at this.

As Jasmine left, Emily assured her that she would use her services again and suggested that Jasmine came round to cut her husband’s and daughter’s hair. This was met with a nod and smile, although Jasmine had no intention of that happening!

Back in his car, Colin’s phone rang, and he pulled over to take the call.

“Hello, Colin Harrison, can I help you?”

“I wouldn’t hang up this time Colin if I were you!” He immediately recognised Jasmine’s voice on the other end of the line.

“Why’s that Jasmine?”

“Because it would not be very clever of you.”

“Listen, Jasmine, I’ve already told you..”

“How’s Emily?”


“Your wife…Emily, how is she Colin?”

“How do you know my wife’s name?”

“How’s life at 24 Winters Row? Do you have a happy life there Colin?”

“How the hell..”

“Because that could all change couldn’t it? What would Emily say if she found out about us two Colin?”

“Okay, okay, you’ve got my attention.”

“Better!” Jasmine paused as if to demonstrate her authority over Colin. “There’s no reason for Emily to ever know about us Colin. I told you that from the start didn’t I?”


“Well, if you start behaving yourself and doing what you are told, then Emily need never know!”

“And I suppose behaving myself means spending time with you does it?”

“That, and other things!”

“And if I say no?”

“Then I phone 568824, and tell Emily all about us!”

Colin was dumbstruck. She even had his home telephone number! He knew Emily was home right now! Jasmine could easily put the phone down and ring Emily straight away. He had little choice.

“Okay, where do you want to meet?”

“No, no, no Colin. It’s not that simple now. You’ve made it difficult for both of us. I want you to prove you can be trusted!” Jasmine was enjoying her role.

“How do I do that?”

“I have a little task for you to complete. If you do as I ask, then Emily need not know.”

“What’s the task?”

“Emily’s lovely long, brown hair Colin. That’s the task.”

“What about it?” He asked puzzled.

“I want it cut short!”

“What?” Colin wasn’t sure that he’d heard right. “You want me to cut her hair short?”

“It doesn’t have to be you who does it Colin, but I want it cut short and I’m giving you one week to get it done. Seven days from now, either your wife’s hair is short or you will have no marriage!” With that, it was Jasmine who hung up this time.

Colin sat there, in his car, blankly looking through the windscreen. What on earth had he got himself into? Why was Jasmine acting like this? How the hell was he going to ask Emily to have her hair cut short? What choice did he have? He loved Emily, but he knew their marriage would be over if Jasmine ever told her of their fling.

That night, when he pulled up on the drive, he was still lost as to a way to achieve his task. The family sat and ate dinner, before their daughter went upstairs to her room. Colin and Emily sat on the sofa, watching the television. Colin’s mind was racing with the dilemma he had found himself in.

“You haven’t noticed have you?” His wife asked him.

“Noticed what?”

“My hair! You haven’t noticed?”

“What about it?” Colin nervously replied, believing that, in some way, Emily was aware of his plight.

“I had it cut today, well, trimmed…just the ends. What do you think?”

“Great, ” he answered, relieved, “it looks great!”

“Yes, a mobile hairdresser came round, touting for business, and I thought why not? She was able to…”

Colin didn’t hear what she was saying. He was busy thinking. Surely there was an opportunity here for him?

“Didn’t you feel like having it cut shorter?” He asked.

“Shorter? I didn’t think you would approve. You’ve always said how you loved my long hair!”

“Well, yes I know I have, but I just thought you might fancy a change?” He was lying. He absolutely adored Emily’s long, brown hair, and had
always encouraged her to grow it. Jasmine had really scored a hit.

“So you wouldn’t mind,” she sounded very surprised by his response,” if I had it cut shorter?

“No, not at all. If you wanted, why not have it cut much shorter?” Even Colin couldn’t believe what he heard himself saying.

Emily was amazed. Colin had always been so fond of her long hair. She had always found it to be a bind, taking up so much of her time, but had resisted having it cut because she thought Colin liked it so much.

“If that’s the case, I will have it cut,” she declared,” I’ll phone Jessica tomorrow!”

Colin sat there as if a heavy weight had been lifted off him. He couldn’t believe how easy that had been, or how willing his wife was! Surely this would be enough to convince Jasmine?

The following morning, Jasmine’s mobile phone rang. She looked at the display, which read `Emily Home’. Could this be the phone call she had been expecting, and so soon?

“Hello, Hair by Jessica.” She announced.

“Hi, Jessica, it’s Emily Harrison. You called on me yesterday and gave me a trim. Remember, 24 Winters Row?

Jasmine knew all too well. She now wanted to hear Emily ask for that haircut.

“Yes Emily, I do. How can I help you, you’re happy with your hair aren’t you?”

“Oh yes Jessica,” Emily replied, ” I just wanted to make another appointment with you.”

“So soon,” Jasmine asked, smiling to herself, ” what can I do for you now?”

“I’d like it cut shorter. Can you fit me in some time?”

“I’d be happy to,” came a cheerful reply, “can you be in tomorrow morning at about ten-thirty?” Jasmine was amazed at how fast Colin had convinced his wife to lose her locks.

“Yes, ten-thirty would be fine, is that okay with you?”

“It’s perfect! I’ll see you tomorrow Emily.” Jasmine held the phone in her hands for a few seconds, enjoying the satisfaction of now controlling both Colin and Emily. How she would have loved to phone Colin back and gloated over his weakness, but that would have blown her cover!

The following morning, Emily greeted Jasmine and invited her inside as before. She had already washed her hair, and had it wrapped in a towel ready for her haircut. She sat down, at the kitchen table, and Jasmine threw the cape around her and removed the towel. She began combing Emily’s hair out.

“Right then sweetie, what’s it to be?”

“Well, you won’t believe this Jessica. Last night, after seeing that I’d had my hair trimmed, Colin said that I should have it cut shorter! I mean, we only talked about this yesterday, his love of my long hair didn’t we?”

“Yes, we did.”

“I couldn’t believe his change of view.” Emily was obviously excited by her newfound freedom, which wasn’t quite the reaction Jasmine had hoped for.

“So he wants it cut short does he?” Perhaps she won’t be as keen when her long tresses actually start falling from her head, Jasmine thought!

“Well, he said he wouldn’t mind if I went shorter, so I was thinking of having it bobbed again – like when we got married?”

“Just bobbed?” Jasmine was not impressed with just that! Clearly Colin had not instructed his wife specifically, but had just said shorter!

“Yes, just bobbed. Nothing too short! I can’t have those ears sticking out, can I?” Emily joked.

Jasmine resigned herself to cutting her hair length to just above her shoulders. Whilst Emily chatted about Colin’s change of heart, Jasmine was secretly cursing him. Obviously, she would have to raise the stakes with Colin she thought.

As Jasmine finished off the cut, Emily made a surprise remark.

“I’ll need your services again in three weeks time Jessica.” She said. “It’s our Wedding Anniversary, and Colin’s taking me out for a meal. So I’ll be wanting my hair done special for that night, can you do that?”

“When’s that?”

“It’s Wednesday 12th, next month. The meal’s booked for seven o’clock at `Edwards’.”

“Very posh,” complimented Jasmine, ” so when would you like me to pop round and do your hair?”

“Well, you’d better make it about four, as Colin will be home after five and he’ll need to get washed and changed.”

“Okay. I’ll pop round at half-three that afternoon. I can trim-up your ends again, and jazz it up a little for you.”

With that, she finished Emily’s haircut and uncapped her. Her hair was cut in a superbly precise, shoulder-length bob. Emily admired her reflection in the mirror.

“Oh, that’s just gorgeous Jessica, thank you so much!”

Emily paid her, and Jasmine left. She would have to give some serious thought to what her next step would be with Colin. She certainly wasn’t finished with Emily, that was for sure!

“Hello, Colin Harrison, can I help you?”

“Well done Colin,” said the voice, “she’s had a haircut!”

“Oh it’s you Jasmine. I wondered when you would phone.”

“Not really that short though was it Colin?”

“Now look, you never said how short, you just said short.”

“Really? Okay, well from now on my instructions are going to be crystal clear. That way, there can be no further confusion, right?”

“Listen, I’ve done what you asked.”

“That’s right, and now you are going to do something else. Tonight, you will go to the Avondale Hotel. You will go directly to room 17 and knock on the door. A woman will answer the door and let you in. You will then follow her instructions. I will arrive shortly after, do you understand?”

“Tonight? I can’t come tonight! What will I tell my wife?”

“Tell her you’re working late.”

“And how about when I don’t come home?”

“That’s not my problem Colin. Remember, room 17 at the Avondale.” With that, once again Jasmine hung up. Once again, Colin sat there dumbstruck. He was in so deep now, and could see no alternative but to follow Jasmine’s instructions.

That evening, after a somewhat heated telephone conversation with Emily, Colin found himself walking down the corridors of the Avondale Hotel. He reached room 17 and stopped. He pondered on the actions he was about to take, took a deep breath, and knocked quietly on the door. A few moments later, a female stranger opened the door. She was tall and slender, very attractive, and had short, brown hair.


“Yes. Where’s Jasmine?”

“Inside.” She retorted abruptly. “Take off your clothes and lie on the bed.” She had a strange accent. Colin thought it sounded a little Polish, but couldn’t be sure.

“I will not do anything of…”

“Take off your clothes and lie on the bed, or your wife will know how naughty you have been. Jasmine is outside your house right now. If you do not co-operate, she will knock your front door. Is that what you want?”

Colin thought for a moment. It could be a bluff, but Jasmine knew his home address, she obviously knew what Emily looked like, and she had lured him to this hotel so that he was not there to stop her. Reluctantly, he began to undress. Once naked, he lay on the bed.

The stranger approached him, and fastened handcuffs to his wrists and ankles, securing him spread-eagled to the bed.

“What are you doing that for?”

“We don’t want no funny business!” She replied, typing a number into her mobile telephone. After making a quick call, she placed the phone back into her pocket, and sat in the chair looking at him.

“Who are you?” Colin asked.

“A friend of Jasmines.”

“What do you people want from me?”

There was no reply. The woman stared blankly at him.

“What do you want?” Colin felt desperate for answers. His current situation felt surreal to him, as if he was living a completely separate life.

Suddenly, there was a quiet knock on the door. The stranger opened the door, and Jasmine entered, wearing a luxurious black coat.

“Hello again Colin, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long?” She said.

“So you weren’t outside my house then?”

“No, not this time,” she teased him, “but who knows…….next time eh?”

She gree
ted her friend with a kiss on her cheek, and then sat down at the dressing table, facing Colin.

“This is Daisy. She is going to help us tonight.”

Both Daisy and Jasmine began to get undressed in full view of Colin. Whilst he hated being manipulated like this, he couldn’t help getting aroused as these two attractive ladies stripped naked in front of him.

Jasmine deliberately sat, legs apart, on the chair, masturbating her shaved pussy. Colin watched intently, his penis erect, as she faked an orgasm for his benefit.

“Are you ready for some fun Colin?” Jasmine asked, knowing that her seductive powers had worked again.

“Bitch!” He replied. Jasmine just laughed at his remark.

Daisy climbed onto the bed and sat astride him. She stared down at her captive, grinning menacingly. Behind them, Jasmine produced a small digital camera from her coat pocket.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” Colin protested. There was no reply. Instead, Daisy started to kiss his groin area whilst Jasmine photographed the couple. Daisy then took a firm grip on his penis, and proceeded to act out giving Colin a blowjob – all captured on Jasmine’s camera.

Colin struggled with his shackles, trying to give the impression that these acts were against his will, but his efforts were futile. Indeed, Jasmine paused to view her handiwork and smiled at the results.

“You look like you’re really enjoying it you horny bastard!” She laughed.

Daisy climbed off Colin, but only to fetch a can of shaving cream and a disposable razor from her bag. She squirted the cream over his groin, and began shaving him as Jasmine resumed her role as photographer.

“I think that will do us.” Jasmine called to her friend.



Daisy climbed back off the bed, and began to get dressed again whilst Jasmine remained naked. Once dressed, Daisy put her hand up to her head and pulled off her short-brown wig, exposing shoulder-length blonde tresses, which she shook loose. She smiled at Colin before taking the camera from Jasmine, and kissing her on the cheek again.

“Later sweet,” whispered Jasmine, ” and thank you for this!” Daisy just gave her a knowing wink, and left the room.

“What’s all that about Jasmine?” Colin demanded to know.

“I call it insurance sweetie,” she beamed, “it will help to keep you focused over the next few weeks and months!”

“What the hell are you on about?”

“You’ll know soon enough. Now, let’s have some fun!” With that, she climbed abreast of Colin’s groin. “This feels lovely now it’s been shaved! So much better smooth, don’t you think?”

Colin had to admit, the feeling of Jasmine coming down on him was amazing. Despite her entrapment, he couldn’t resist the enjoying the sex with her – and she knew it! As he lay there, still spread-eagled on the bed, she went to town on him as energetically as she had upon their first meeting. He forgot about Emily and his worries, and overdosed on his own pleasure. Jasmine was simply an amazing lover.

After a while, she climbed off the bed and went to her coat, producing a small bottle. She returned to Colin, unscrewing the cap.

“When you awake, I will be gone and you will be unshackled Colin,” she said standing over him, ” but I will be in touch very soon my love!”

With that she forcibly made him swallow some of the bottle’s liquid contents, pinching his nose to ensure that he did indeed swallow a sufficient amount. She then lay next to him, stroking his penis with her hand. Within minutes, he felt his eyelids getting heavy, and then he passed out.

True to her word, when he awoke he was alone in the room, and unshackled. He looked at his watch. It was half-past-eleven! He hastily left the hotel, and drove back home to Emily. Once more, his secret life had left him feeling heavy-hearted. The sex was fantastic, but the realisation of his predicament made his blood run cold. Before, he had felt that he was in this too deep to confess all to Emily, now he felt as if he were drowning.

Upon his arrival back home, a non-too-pleased Emily awaited him. They had heated words, about his company taking advantage of his good nature, before they retired to bed. It was all Colin could do to hide his shaved groin from Emily. He was relieved that, in the mood she was in, she paid him little attention once in the bedroom.

“Hello, Colin Harrison, can I help you?”

“These photographs turned out better than I thought Colin!”


“I think Emily would be particularly impressed with this one!”

“What do you want Jasmine?”

“And this one, it really shows Daisy sucking off your cock ever so clearly!”

“Okay Jasmine, I’ve got the message!”

“Good, because I have another task for you to perform, and I don’t want any mistakes or misunderstandings this time.”

“So what do you want me to do now?”

“Your wife’s haircut Colin. It wasn’t as short as I would have liked it. So, your beloved Emily will be having a one inch long crew cut by next Thursday, or you might as well consider your marriage over!” The phone went silent as Jasmine hung up.

Colin felt numb! Why was Jasmine so obsessed by his wife’s hair? Emily would never agree to have her hair cut so short! But, for the sake of his marriage, he knew he had to try to convince her. He did not doubt that Jasmine would follow through with her threats!

Back home, Emily noticed that Colin seemed troubled. She assumed that his recent heavy workload was taking its toll. Indeed, his behaviour has changed in recent weeks, as if he was preoccupied with something. Once their daughter had gone to bed, Emily snuggled up to him on the sofa, and asked him what the matter was.

“Oh, nothing really, just work stuff. That’s all.” He replied.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No, not really,” he sighed, ” I just have a few things which I need to sort out.” That was an understatement, he thought. But with his wife being so attentive, he took the opportunity to test the water with her. “Your hair looks great shorter.”

Taken aback by this sudden compliment, Emily just smiled at him. It had been just over two weeks since Jessica had cut it for her, and such compliments had been scarce from Colin.

“I can’t believe how much younger you look,” he continued, using all of his salesmen skills to bring the conversation around to his agenda, ” and how much better suited to short hair you are?”

“Wow, thank you! What’s brought all this on?” Emily quizzed.

“Nothing, I just think you look so much better with shorter hair,” he said, building up to the `big one’, ” and I think you could even go shorter you know?”


“Yes, shorter. It would really suit you Emily.”

“How much shorter do you think?” She was obviously taken by surprise by Colin’s new enthusiasm for short hair, and intrigued at the same time. By contrast, Colin was trying to steady the conversation, so as not to rush the suggestion of the crew cut. He instinctively knew that his wife would reject the idea outright.

“Probably a couple more inches?” He knew that wouldn’t be short enough for Jasmine, but if he could get Emily to agree to it, it would be a start. He believed he could always persuade her to go shorter.

“A couple more inches? No way Colin!” She firmly retorted. “That would be way too short! I’m not having it cut that short!”

“It was just a suggestion,” he was on the retreat, “how much shorter would you go?”

“I wouldn’t!”


“No, I wouldn’t. I like my hair this length Colin, but I don’t want it any shorter. Why are you suddenly so keen on short hair? You’ve always gone on about loving my long hair, and now you just seem obsessed with short hair, why? ”

“I just thought you would look good with it shorter, that’s all.” He sensed that he was getting nowhere. His wife was not going to play this time, and that was a problem. In any case, there was no point in alienating her on the subject, so he let i
t go. “It’s okay, if you like it as it is, that’s fine. It still looks gorgeous.”

Her expression changed from argumentative to loving again, and she snuggled back up against him. As the two of them continued to watch television, Colin was all too aware of his dilemma.

Over the weekend, with their Wedding Anniversary meal due at Edwards that forthcoming Wednesday, Colin raised the subject of Emily’s hair a couple more times. Colin would ask if, on reflection, she had considered having it cut shorter. Emily would reiterate that she liked her current hair length, and would not be having it cut. She did think that she might have it cut a little to surprise him on their anniversary meal, but not as short as he seemed to be pushing for.

As he walked back to his car on Tuesday morning, after leaving a client, Colin’s mobile telephone rang.

“Hello, Colin Harrison, can I help you?”

There was a long pause.

“You only have two days to go Colin. You’re leaving it late this time.”


“You’re not testing me are you?”

“No, no I’m not, but I have a problem. There is no way that Emily is going to have her hair cut any shorter. She’s absolutely adamant about it. I’ve tried, but she just isn’t willing!”

“Oh dear.”

“Look, can’t we just forget about it?”

“I wish we could sweetie, but this is really important to me. You must try harder Colin. Be more forceful with her?”

“She just won’t have it. What can I do?”

There was another pause.

“Well, you could wait until she was asleep and then cut it all off? Or simply frog-march her down the local barbershop maybe? Personally, I don’t care how you do it, but I want to see her head sheared by Thursday night!”

“Be realistic Jasmine.”

“Thursday night Colin, or you know what I will do!” Jasmine sounded more determined than ever. She hung up.

Colin spent most of Tuesday evening sat on the sofa, savouring family life and wondering how much longer it would remain intact. He resigned himself to the fact that he was going to have to call Jasmine’s bluff, because Emily was as stubborn as ever. There was no way she was going to agree to having her hair any shorter, and his constant requests were now leading to arguments with her. He could always pre-empt Jasmine’s revelations and tell Emily everything, but what if Jasmine had no intention of carrying through her threat? His marriage would be over needlessly. No, he decided that he would weather out the storm, and call her bluff.

As Colin drove to his first appointment, his phone rang.

“Hello, Colin Harrison, can I help you?”

“Okay Colin, I have an alternative task for you.” It was Jasmine, and she sounded as if she was willing to compromise.

“What’s that then?”

“This afternoon you will go to the Avondale again. This time, Daisy will be waiting for you in room 15. Be there at three-thirty sharp, and do precisely what she says.” The line went dead.

Colin thought carefully. He was taking Emily out for their anniversary meal at seven, and couldn’t be late for that! But his appointment with Daisy and Jasmine, at three-thirty, had to be kept. Jasmine had compromised, and he felt had to meet her half way. He decided he would go, but they wouldn’t be drugging him this time!

At three-thirty, he knocked the door at room 15. As described, Daisy opened the door. This time, her long blonde hair hung loose around her shoulders. Her make-up was immaculate, as was her clothes. Like Jasmine, she was a stunning woman.

“Good, you are on time.”

“Jasmine not here yet then?” Colin asked.

“No, make yourself comfortable,” she replied, “would you like a drink?” There was a bottle of champagne, and three glasses, on a nearby table.

“No thank you, I want to stay clear-headed!”

Daisy poured herself a drink, and sat down in a chair. Colin stood awkwardly for a few seconds, before sitting on the edge of the bed.

“No handcuffs this time?” He asked her. “No camera?”

She just gave him a dismissive look. “No need,” she answered, “Jasmine just wants to talk to you this time.”

Feeling less tense with the situation, Colin relaxed a little as he waited for Jasmine to arrive.

Across town however, Emily was answering her front door.

“Oh hi Jessica, you’re early?”

“No, I said three-thirty and, to be honest, I’m running a little late.” Jasmine replied.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I haven’t washed it or anything. I do apologise! Please come in.” Emily held the door open, as Jessica walked through carrying her holdall.

“Don’t worry about washing it, I’ll spray it damp. It’ll be okay.” Jasmine reassured Emily.

The two of them walked through to the kitchen, and Emily pulled out a high-backed dining chair. Jasmine set up her things on the dining table, placing her bag behind the now seated Emily.

“So, it’s the big night tonight then?”

“Yes Jessica, I’m really looking forward to it. What with Colin’s work and all, things have been a little tense round here just lately. It’ll be nice just for the two of us to go out and have some time together.”

Emily continued talking as Jasmine laid her tools out. Suddenly, Emily felt something pass over her head, and drop to her chest. She looked down to see that Jasmine had slipped a strap over her? It suddenly tightened, pinning her securely against the back of the chair.

“What’s that?” She asked Jasmine. But Jasmine did not reply. She was busy preparing another strap, which she promptly secured across Emily’s thighs and under the chair.

“What are you doing Jessica?”

“Just making sure you do not fidget Emily.”

“Why, I mean, why would I be fidgeting? What are you doing?”

“Well, Colin thought you might fidget.” With both straps tightly securing Emily to the chair, and rendering her helpless, Jasmine threw the cape around her.

“Colin thought I might fidget?” Emily laughed. “Why would he think that?” As the cape was gathered up around her neck, Emily still failed to understand what she was on about.

“He had the impression that you were not that keen on having a crew cut.” Jasmine announced to her caped client.

“A crew cut? But I’m not having a crew cut?”

“It’s what your husband has paid me to do,” Jasmine advised her, “he said he wanted you shorn nice and short!”

“No Jessica! Now hold on a minute! I’m not having a bloody crew cut!”

“Crew cut is what he said. He phoned me this morning.” Jasmine was enjoying Emily’s anxiety.

“No, no this isn’t right! He has been on about getting it cut shorter, but I said no! I definitely don’t want it that short! What the hell is he playing at?”

“He even gave me a picture to work from,” Jasmine revealed as she took one of her digital photographs from her bag, “he told me how you usually wear wigs whilst lovemaking, but how you found them uncomfortable?”

Jasmine held out the photograph for her to see. Emily’s eyes widened as she recognised her husbands face in the picture. He was in bed with a woman, both naked, and she was sucking him off. The woman’s face was turned away from the camera, but she did have short, brown hair. Emily’s eyes welled with tears, as she stared at the photograph.

“You see, nice and short!” Jasmine pointed out. “Only he wants yours even shorter than that!”

“But…that’s not…that’s not me!” Emily blurted out through her tears.

“How about this one then?” Jasmine chuckled as she placed another sordid photograph in front of Emily’s face. This one showed Colin having his groin shaved. “Is that not you either?”

“No.” Emily wept, hanging her head down.

“Oh dear, it looks like your husband has been a naughty boy doesn’t it?” Jasmine was enjoying this. “And now he wants you to look like his mistress, eh? Or, perhaps he just has a thing about short hair?”

Emily just sobbed, tears dropping off her cheeks and onto the cape. Jasmine ran her hands through Emily’s hair. She had looked forward to this mome
nt. It was Emily who had prevented Colin from being with her and, for that reason alone, she must be punished. What better way than to remove her crowning glory, and allow those big ears to stick out for all to see! Would Colin find her so attractive then?

“Oh well, I’ve got a haircut to do!” With that Emily heard her plug something in, followed by a loud pop and constant humming.

“What are you doing Jessica?” She cried.

“Your husband wishes you shorn Emily my dear, and shorn you will be!” Jasmine held the clippers in front of Emily’s face, as if to prove that this was not idle threat.

“No, please Jessica, don’t!! I beg you!”

Jasmine wasn’t listening. She stood behind Emily, and reached over to place the clipper blades on her forehead. She then gently drew them back across her head. The humming of the clippers changed to a scrunching sound, as Emily’s hair was shaved off. Emily burst into uncontrollable sobbing, which made Jasmine smile.

She stepped away to view her handiwork. Emily sat there, caped and helpless, with a shaved stripe across her head. Jasmine liked what she saw. She picked up her mobile phone, and punched in a number.

“Hello, Colin Harrison, can I help you?”

“Hello Colin.”

“Jasmine. Well, I’m here as you asked.”

“Very good. Unfortunately I have been delayed. Can I speak with Daisy?” Colin passed the phone to Daisy, who took it and walked to the other side of the room. Their conversation was brief, and then Daisy handed it back to Colin. As he lifted the phone back to his ear, Daisy left the room.

“Where’s she going?” Colin asked Jasmine.

“Her work is done sweetheart,” she replied, “there’s no reason to stay there any longer.”

“So when are you getting here?”

I told you Colin, I’ve been delayed.”

“Well how much longer am I going to have to wait here?”

“That depends on how delayed I am, doesn’t it? Jasmine was almost teasing Colin with her answers. He sensed that she was up to something, but couldn’t work out what?

“So, what’s delaying you then?”

“I had a little something to take care off,” she informed him, “something which you couldn’t manage?”

“What? What couldn’t I manage? What are you on about?

“A certain task I asked you to do for me, remember?”

“Task, what task?”

“Regarding your wife Colin.”


“Well done Colin, yes, Emily. Well, Emily’s hair to be specific!”

“You bitch! What are you doing?”

“I’m in the middle of giving Emily the haircut you wanted me to give her!”

“If you’ve harmed her, in any way, I’m going to kill you Jasmine!”

“Now calm down Colin, Emily’s not angry with you about the haircut,” she chuckled, “but apparently she says it’s not her in the photographs? I think she’s more pissed about that!”

Colin was dumb struck! So Jasmine had been true to her word.

“You bitch, do you know what you’ve done?”

“What I’ve done Colin? That’s hardly fair is it? Listen, I’m going to finish off Emily’s haircut now. You’d better hurry home and get ready. The two of you are going out tonight aren’t you? Emily can show off her new look, and you’re both guaranteed to have lots to talk about now? It’s been a pleasure knowing you but I think it’s best if we don’t see each other again, don’t you? Goodbye Colin!” Jasmine hung up. She walked back over to where Emily was seated, smiling at her victim.

“Now, where were we?” Jasmine beamed as she placed her telephone down on the table, and switched the clippers back on.

She pushed Emily’s head forward. There was no resistance, just a constant sobbing, as the clippers were pushed up deep into her luxurious brown hair. Wickedly, Jasmine did not even use a guard on the clippers, choosing to shave her hair off close to her scalp. Emily’s hair cascaded down the cape, dropping onto the floor. Repeatedly, Jasmine made sweep after sweep with the clippers, until Emily’s head was completely shorn. The skin, for so long covered by gorgeous hair, now looked extremely pale and bare.

Jasmine removed the cape, but left Emily tied to the chair. She packed all of her stuff into her bag, before producing a small envelope.

“If you’re interested, there are some more photographs to look at? He really has been a very naughty boy you know?”

Emily did not reply, she just stared at Jasmine.

“Well I’m sure Colin will show them to you when he gets here. He’s on his way back now, so he won’t be long.” With that, Jasmine picked up her back and left, gently closing the front door behind her, before walking down the road to her car.

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