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As a lifelong haircut fetishist, I?ve often been asked what my perfect haircut fantasy would be. With this story I?ll attempt to bring all the fantasy elements of the perfect experience into focus.

My girlfriend, Gillian, loves to wear her hair short. The shorter the better and that?s totally fine with me. As a matter of fact it?s better than fine, it?s the greatest! You see, I?ve loved women with short haircuts for most of my life. I also love having my hair clippered into a nice short flattop when I can work up the nerve.

Gillian has always worn her hair clippered to about a quarter inch on the sides and back and about one and a half inches on top, gelled up in a spiky thicket. She also wears a nice straight line of bangs about a quarter inch above her eyebrows. Gillian likes to experiment with different hair colors and has been every shade from white-blonde to pitch black. What color do I like best? Black, definitely.

Gillian is about 5?3? and 125 lbs. which makes her pleasingly curvy and just the right match for my 5?7? and 160 lbs. As for apparel, Gillian favors a wide variety of styles from tight Levis to airy sundresses that show off her figure like nothing else. Also in her closet, though, is a collection of very sexy night gowns and in her dresser, a collection of silky lingerie. Her ?come hither? wardrobe is dark and rich in color, almost a vague ?Goth? look.

Why do I like the black hair most? It shows off Gillian?s perfect ice blue eyes and full luscious lips. She?s an expert with the makeup too. She uses just the right amount of eye makeup to further enhance her eyes and it seems like every color is her best one. She has porcelain smooth skin and always has a nice natural blush to her cheeks. One thing doesn?t change, though, and that?s her lips. She always wears the richest color of red available and when she has newly applied it, all I want to do is smear it around, if you know what I mean.

Anther thing about Gillian, she smokes. I never thought I would ever be with a woman who smokes, but the way it is with Gillian, even that adds to her sexiness. She doesn?t smoke a lot; maybe two or three cigarettes a day, but she does it with such style and she definitely knows how it turns me on. Weirdly, she never smells like smoke. I don?t know how she does it but her breath is always sweet and the only scent about her is the dark muskiness of Halston.

But what?s the best part about Gillian? The sex, yes? but her job runs a close second. She?s a barber. Not a stylist, but a barber and she works in a shop that looks like it time traveled here from the 1920?s. It has tiny little tiles in an intricate pattern on the floor and lot?s of wood and art deco flourishes throughout. It also has 5 of the greatest antique barber chairs I?ve ever seen and each one is ?manned? by a female barber. Gillian, of course, is the prettiest.

So you can probably guess how we met. I had wandered into the shop for a haircut and was attracted to Gillian at first sight. I maneuvered myself into the position of having her cut my hair that day and the rest is history. After two haircuts, two lunches, one dinner and one overnighter, we both knew it was fate and we moved in together. Things couldn?t get any better. But wait (as they say on the Ronco commercials) there?s more.

I never made a secret of my haircut fetish with Gillian and she actually shared many of the same sexual triggers when it came to haircuts. In fact, Gillian clippering me into a nice short flattop was always a sure warm-up for sex. One thing she would never do is allow me to cut her hair and about 6 months into our relationship she started letting her hair grow out. She offered no explanation and when I asked she said; ?I have my reasons. You don?t just love me for my short haircut, do you?? It was then that I realized how deeply I had fallen for this angel in my bed and I knew that I loved her and not just her haircut. I demonstrated my answer to her.

Things just kept getting better with the two of us. My career as a motivational speaker had taken off and between us Gillian and I bought the barber shop where she worked. We didn?t make any changes, but rather worked diligently to restore anything that had faded from its original art deco shine to new levels of beauty. The barber shop was doing very well. We had been together for 3 years and it was time to look at taking a big step in our relationship. I wanted to marry Gillian.

In two and half years Gillian?s hair had grown from its buzzed and spiky lengths to just below her shoulder blades. She had kept her bangs and the color had stayed mostly black with a few side trips into a vibrant burgundy shade for variety. She was still the sexiest, most beautiful woman I could ever know even with her long hair.

We had talked about marriage a few times and had decided that we didn?t need a piece of paper to keep us together, but little things she said made me think otherwise. When we talked about kids, she would say she didn?t know how she felt about kids if we weren?t officially married. And then I would say little things like; ?Well we could just go to Vegas and make it official.? And then in one of her rare displays of traditional thought, she would say; ?Wouldn?t it be nicer in a church? With all the stained glass, the minister, our friends and family?? And then she would blink her eyes like she was coming out of a hypnotic trance and move on to the next thought.

It was these kinds of exchanges that planted the image of her in a white gown and me in a tuxedo in front of all our friends and family, getting married. It was an image that grew and grew in me until I decided I would take the plunge and ask her to marry me.

I tried to be coy as we window shopped in the mall. She always likes to look in the windows of the jewelry stores and comment on the various designs. I was a little more patient and inquisitive when we stopped in front of Victor?s (her favorite jewelry store). ?See anything you like? What kind of styles would you pick?? She responded by pointing at a Marquis cut diamond in platinum with a few smaller diamonds set outside the main stone. I thought she was going to faint when I cupped her chin in one hand, turned her eyes to look into mine and asked her; ?Will you marry me?? After a nanosecond of pause, she threw her arms around me and said; ?You bet!? That was one of her favorite expressions and I always loved hearing it, but this time was obviously the pinnacle.

We walked into the store and found that the ring she had fancied was ready and available in her size. After plunking down a nice chunk of change, we left the store hand in hand with nearly no physical space separating us. We were stuck on each other like glue.

Time passed quickly as we set a date, made plans for wedding and honeymoon and continued to grow closer.

When the wedding date was just one week away, Gillian called me at my home office and, in a somber voice, asked me to meet her that evening at around five at the barber shop. She said it was important. Based on her tone of voice I was a little worried at what was going on. I paced around until quarter to five and then headed to barber shop.

When I arrived, the lights were glowing through the slits in the closed blinds, but I couldn?t see anything inside the shop. When I got to the door I tried the knob and found the door was locked. I knocked?

Almost instantaneously the blinds on the door moved sideways revealing a gap large enough to see one of Gillian?s other barbers, Trish, peeking out through the opening. She smiled and was obviously happy to see me. I have to admit that when I saw Trish I was much more at ease about what was going on.

Trish held up one finger as if to say ?just a second? and then the blinds fell and the lock clicked open followed by the door opening.

As I poked my head inside I saw Gillian sitting in Trish? chair. She was wearing a pair of dark lavender tap pants, a matching camisole and some matching harem slippers. The camisole had lace trim that reached down into her cleavage. Her legs were crossed in a very ladylike way. Her black hair was arranged around her shoulder in front and her makeup was rich with the piece de r?sistance being her ruby red lips. Her eyes sparkled and shone like blue diamonds. And she had a cigarette, on which she proceeded to take a slow, sexy drag.

I began to bulge in my pants immediately and started to ask; ?What?s going on?? I was shushed by both Trish and Gillian before I could even finish the question. I was motioned to sit in the barber chair immediately across from Trish chair and told to make myself more comfortable. Believe me, under these circumstances, I did what I was told.

Gillian took one last drag on her cigarette and then passed it to Trish who then took a long drag herself, turned and stubbed it out in the ashtray on the counter. When the cigarette passed from Gillian to Trish I could see the dark red ring of lipstick around the end and it turned my excitement up yet one more notch. (Strange, isn?t it, what actions and things can translate themselves into erotica?) With that, Trish pulled a hair cape from the bar behind her chair, gathered Gillian?s hair lifting it to make way for the cape and swirled it gently into place around her body. She took a tissue from the dispenser on the counter, wrapped around Gillian?s neck and then fastened the cape at her nape.

Trish let Gillian?s hair drape all around her shoulders and down the back. She asked Gillian if she wanted another cigarette and Gillian nodded her head and also said; ?Get him a glass of wine, will you?? So Trish dutifully retrieved a nice full glass some deep red Cabernet and handed it to me. My hands were shaking perceptibly and I tried to my best to still them when I reached out for the glass. ?A little excited, are we?? Gillian said as I took the glass.

Trish then tapped a cigarette from the pack and placed it in Gillian?s pursed lips. She then struck a match and lit Gillian?s cigarette. Gillian inhaled deeply and then her hand came out from under the cape to pull the cigarette from her lips and let the smoke drift lazily out with her exhale. I hadn?t noticed before but Gillian?s fingernails wore the most beautiful shade of red polish I could ever remember seeing and it matched perfectly with her lip color. Then she spoke?

?I bet you?re wondering what?s going on here, eh? Well we never really talked about it, but after we first got together and I saw how much you liked short hair, I worried that you were only with me because of all the weird short styles I would wear and also because I was a barber. I couldn?t very well stop being a barber but I could make sure that my short hair wasn?t why you were hanging around. So I let it grow. You protested a bit, but you always said you loved me. Through everything you?ve been here and now we?re getting married. I just thought I?d give you a pre-wedding present and have Trish give me a nice short haircut like both you and I like. That OK with you?? With that she took another drag on her cigarette.

I was having some trouble making words form and could only manage a nod. Then Gillian said; ?And after my haircut, maybe you?ll let me give you a nice short flattop like you like?? Another nod from me. I was obviously hypnotized by the experience I was having.

Trish started to run a wide toothed comb through the length of Gillian?s raven tresses. She combed slowly and Gillian closed her eyes and enjoyed the tension of the comb?s pull. Her head bobbed back a little with each tug of the comb. At the bottom of each stroke her hair released with a little bounce. I had just a little regret that all that beautiful hair would soon be laying on the floor as I had more than gotten used to it being there. I actually liked it. Had I lost my taste for short hair? It had been so long since Gillian had worn her hair short. Would I like it? Hell yes! I would love it!

As if cued by my thoughts, Trish held the wide tooth comb in one hand, grabbed the big Osters with the other, lifted a hank of Gillian?s hair near her crown, clicked on the clippers and ran them over the teeth of the comb holding her hair. 12 inches of shiny black silk fell the floor in a gentle avalanche. It held together as one cohesive bundle until Trish kicked it with her foot and sent separate strands skidding on the tiled floor. And Trish said; ?Away we go!?

With that, Trish began working quickly to remove the bulk of Gillian?s hair. Being a barber, scissors were the last tool she often used and instead used a ?clippers over comb? method to reduce the bulk on top of Gillian?s head with speed and efficiency. Trish worked from the crown forward taking off all the length with the clippers except about 2 inches. The sound of the clipper blades slicing off Gillian?s long hair along with the little clicking sound the blades made on the teeth of the comb was mesmerizing. I watched as each hank of hair was severed and then dropped to the floor, onto the cutting cape, onto Gillian?s legs or onto her slippered feet. It was raining hair and Gillian was really enjoying the experience.

?It feels so good to have my hair cut! Mmmm? I love the sound of the clippers as they free me of all this hair? My head is already feeling lighter? I love you baby? she said to me. Trish had begun to work at removing the hair from around Gillian?s ears and I remembered just how sexy they were. I couldn?t wait to be nibbling them and whispering in them without having to move the hair out of the way. Trish was clipping this hair shorter than the top and was beginning cut in the taper shape at the side that gave Gillian?s hair its great silhouette. She was leaving little wispy sideburns where the hair had been thick just moments before.

Gillian?s bangs had been left untouched as Trish knew how much I liked the way they looked. She blended the sides delicately into the bangs and the contrast between them was stunning! Gillian?s eyes looked twice as big as they had just 20 minutes ago as they were now no longer buffered by the thick hair that hung around her face. Her eyes met mine as Trish finished uncovering her other ear and tapering the hair up so precisely. She pursed her lips at me, rolled the tip of her tongue around them and winked at me. I almost came right there without any physical stimulus other than that wink. How I managed not to, I?ll never know.

Gillian?s hair on the top was now about 2 inches long and the sides had been tapered to a quarter of an inch at the shortest and then blended up to meet longer lengths on top. The strange part was the back. Trish had not touched the back at all and although the removal of all the hair on the sides and top had thinned some of the bulk in back, it was essentially unchanged. ?So when do you start on the back Trish?? I asked.

?Glad you brought that up?; Trish responded. ?Come over here you!? she said to me.

As was obviously hypnotized I could not resist her command and rose from my chair and walked toward Trish and Gillian. ?Want another cigarette, Gill?? Trish queried. ?Now that we?re finished with the front we don?t have to worry about burning any hair.? Gillian nodded yes and Trish proceeded to light one and hand it to Gillian. Gillian reached from under the cape and as I walked by she brushed her hand over the erection that was obvious in my pants. She took the cigarette from Trish and took another sexy drag, slowly exhaling the smoke as she said to me; ?Be patient love? We?ll take care of this soon.

Trish moved me to a position behind Gillian and said; ?Choose your weapon.? Arrayed on the counter were combs, scissors, clippers all the necessary tools to complete Gillian?s haircut. I must have looked dumbstruck because Trish then said; ?You get to finish this job and you get to choose the tools you?ll use to do it.

I regained my composure and picked up the clippers and the comb saying; ?After watching you, I really want to try your method of clippers over comb.? Trish smiled and motioned me to get busy.

Gillian?s hair hung down over the back of the chair and even with a lot of the other bulk gone, there was still a lot of hair that needed to go. I moved the comb to the bottom of where the hair hung and eased it up underneath until it rested on her nape. I lifted the hair and switched on the clippers. The scent of the barber shop, Gillian?s cologne and cigarette smoke filled my nostrils. I was definitely high on adrenaline! With my shaking hand I ran the clippers across the hair and watched 10 silky inches drop straight to the floor. I let out an involuntary chuckle and proceeded to lift up the next section of hair. My hand was shaking less and I was enjoying myself more as I made pass after pass through her hair with the clippers. When the hair on the back of her head was no more than one half an inch, Trish touched me gently on the shoulder and said; ?Had some fun did you? Well now we need to get precise again so why don?t you stand right at my side and I?ll finish the cut??

Gillian was gorgeous and I was so horny I could barely stand up straight. Trish made quick work of the rest of Gillian?s hair. She tapered it to a ?barely there? fade at the bottom and graduated it up to the one and a half inches on the top. There was a hint of Gillian?s natural brown poking through at the shortest places and Trish said; ?Let?s put some dye on this while you?re cutting his hair, OK?? Gillian said ?We?ll see. I may have other things to do than dye my hair then and who says you?re going to be around when I do?? She stubbed her cigarette out in the ashtray on the counter. Another ring of ruby red encircled the spent butt. Then she looked at me, took me by the hand and pulled my lips down to meet hers.

We shared a deep enough kiss to massage each other?s tonsils before we broke and she said; ?Ready for your hair now, baby?? She reached up and ruffled my hair, which had grown to about 4 inches on top and said; ?I?m going cut all this off nice and short, sweetie, that OK with you?? I pushed the word YES out through my lips and realized as soon as it was out that it was louder than I thought it would be. Gillian grinned and called for Trish to take off the cape. Trish gently undid the cape and as she picked it up from Gillian, the rest of the hair that had lodged there slipped to the floor. It was then that I noticed the huge pile lying on the floor around the chair?s base. Gillian looked down and giggled. ?That?s a lot of hair, isn?t it? I sure am glad it?s on the floor now instead of on me! OK, let?s get busy on you!? With that she almost leapt from the chair and in the same movement she twirled me around and pushed me into the seat.

She bent down and kissed me again and I reached up and put my hands in her hair. God it felt good! It wasn?t bristly at all. It felt soft like bird feathers or cat?s fur.

Gillian gave Trish a big thank you hug and a peck on the cheek and said; ?Trish you?re the best? Now leave! I?ve got business with my baby.? They both laughed and Trish went out the door with Gillian clicking the lock after her. After securing the door she turned to me and said; ?Now I?ve got you my pretty!? and cackled her best imitation of the wicked witch of the West from the Wizard of OZ.

About 8 weeks before this amazing evening, Gillian had asked me to let my hair grow a bit for the wedding and it was really getting shaggy. She had said she would trim up the edges a bit before our big day, but the whole time she knew we were working toward the moment of her clipping and then, of course, mine.

She picked up the cape from the chair next to hers and did a little slide step through the long, shiny, black tresses that lay on the floor all around. She held the cape in one hand, cocked her head, smiled and then ran her other hand up through her close cropped hair. With a grin as big as the sky, she said; ?Oh my God that feels good! It?s so good to be free from all that hair again! And speaking of freedom, are you ready to be liberated?? She snapped out the cape and let it settle around me.

I had been in a state of constant erection for almost 2 hours now and it was getting to be embarrassing. When the cape draped over my lap there was an obvious pup tent effect and that made Gillian giggle and say; ?Don?t worry, we?ll take care of you soon,? and with that she patted my erection, wrapped a tissue around my neck and snapped the cape snugly at my nape.

She asked me if I minded if she smoked. I shook my head no and she lit up. She inhaled deeply and then blew the smoke out right onto the back of my head. Although I was secretly relishing the scent of the smoke mixed with the scent of Gillian I said; ?Hey, you?re going to make my hair smell like cigarette smoke!? She returned my protest saying; ?Don?t worry, whatever smells like smoke is just going to be on the floor anyway. And if I let you keep any hair, I?ll wash it for you and make it smell nice and sweet again.?

I heard her snap the blade off the Oster 76?s and snap another one on in its place. She took a hit on her cigarette and blew some more smoke my way. ?You actually don?t hate my smoking do you?? she said. ?You actually like it don?t you? And you better give me the right answer darlin?!? ?I love it baby and I love you! I love everything about you! You are the sexiest, most beautiful woman alive!? I blurted out. She smiled, clicked on the clippers and said; ?Good answer, baby.? She turned the chair away from the mirror and moved behind me with the clippers.

I could hear the clippers coming closer to my neck and then felt them touch down at the bottom of my overgrown nape. She had the cigarette in her mouth and her inhale timed perfectly with the clippers running quickly up the back of my head. She flipped a great big chunk of my hair right on the front of my shoulder where it rolled down into the little space in the cape around my erection. I felt myself get instantly harder and felt my body tense just a bit. She put her cigarette in the ashtray, exhaled and said; ?Hold still now this is precision work!? I did my best to obey but my body just seemed to stiffen more.

The clippers touched down again and moved quickly upward again dumping their payload onto my shoulder. And again they rest themselves at the base of my nape and cut another swath up the back. It?s funny how you can instantly feel the difference when your hair is cut shorter than its used to. The air feels cooler and your scalp is hypersensitive to any touch. Just about then, Gillian ran her fingers over the clippered area and I nearly came right there. ?That #1 blade is doing a pretty good job, but it might just need to go a little shorter before I?m finished.? ?Shorter?? I thought, ?I?ve never had the #1 used on me before. The shortest was a #2.? This was going to be the shortest haircut I?ve ever had.

She continued to clipper the back and dump the hair in my lap. After the 4th pass up the back of my neck, she began to run the clippers up and down, sideways and diagonally over the area she had clipped. Gillian said; ?We don?t want to miss any strays, do we?? I said; ?No we wouldn?t sweetie.? She said, ?Good? because I?m just going to keep clipping and clipping until it?s all gone, OK?? ?OK baby, just clip it all off!? I replied.

When she was satisfied with the back, she clicked off the clippers and placed them on the counter. She picked up her cigarette and took another long drag. This time she turned me around and blew the smoke softly right in my face. I actually inhaled deeply and once again I had the scent of smoke and Gillian running right through me. She leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips and then quickly spun me around again.

She picked up the larger dusting brush on the counter and briskly dusted the cut hairs from my neck. My scalp tingled and goose bumps ran all over my body. And then she leaned down and kissed me again, this time on my newly shorn nape. ?Mmmmm,? she said, ?I?m really liking this!?

Gillian picked up the clippers again and snapped the blade off. She snapped another one on that I assumed might be shorter. My thoughts were answered with Gillian saying; ?This #0000 should get the taper right where I want it and your hair will still have a chance to soften up before the wedding.? The clippers hit my neck again and this time Gillian ran them up and down slowly right near the bottom of my hairline. As they went up she skillfully tipped them away, blending this ?barely there? hair with the slightly longer hair above. It tickled as she ran her fingers over the very precise taper left by the shorter blade.

After she finished my neck, she sprinkled powder on the dusting brush and used it to clean up all the little prickly hairs the clippers had left. She then undid the cape, pulled off the tissue, gathered the cape from its corners and deftly released the clippered hair into the trash bin next to the counter. Since she hadn?t yet touched the top and sides I said; ?What?s going on? You?re not finished are you?? ?Not by a long shot sweetie!? she replied. With that she turned the chair to face her and reached down to my waist. I was still very obviously erect in my jeans (a fact not lost on Gillian as she undid my belt and began to work her way down the buttons on my Levi?s). ?My, my, someone sure gets excited when there?s hair all over the floor don?t they?? said Gillian slyly. I nodded enthusiastically. As she undid the last button she asked me to lift my rear off the chair so she could relieve me of my pants and briefs. My fully erect penis was exposed completely now, nowhere to hide at all. As my butt lowered back onto the chair, I felt the leather just slightly colder than my skin and it warmed up almost immediately.

Gillian slid her tap pants down to her knees and then let them drop to the floor. She stepped out of them daintily, kicked off the slippers and lifted one foot up to rest it on the leather seat right between my legs. Her toes just brushed my scrotum and nearly sent me flying straight up. ?Relax baby,? she said, ?I think we both need some tension release.? With that she moved her foot to the outside of my leg and pushed it toward the middle of the seat cushion. She made the long step with her other foot and brought it to rest on the outside of my other leg. As you might imagine this brought her pussy right to eye (or rather tongue) level. Leaning into me, my tongue came out to meet her approaching pussy lips. I took a long lick up from her ?bridge of sighs? right to her clit. She moaned with pleasure and I stepped up my pace. Very little time passed before I could feel her climax with her characteristic shudder and hear her scream out in pleasure. She held her position for the briefest moment and then she started to lower herself down to meet my engorged penis.

In one deft slide she let both her legs push out, feet first, through the open arms of the barber chair. As she made this move, my cock slid easily into her soaked pussy. My cock bottomed in her vagina and I came instantly. I could feel my hot juice pumping into her and it felt great! I don?t know if I?ve ever had such a strong orgasm!

She pulled my face close to hers and we kissed with passion and abandon. If two people could devour one another, we were close. I literally couldn?t tell where I ended and she began. And then she whispered in my ear; ?I don?t know if I can do those acrobatics in reverse and after that great orgasm, you might have to help me out, ok?? It made me laugh that she was capable of such a practical thought as I was sure that at this moment I had already lost all MY common sense in MY orgasm.

We didn?t try to move right away and just sat there in that compromising position, with arms entwined holding tightly to one another.

As the spell faded and the room began to come into focus, we both realized at the same time that we had things to do and we needed to get to them. I helped her up and when she touched down on her feet she hopped around like some snake dancer saying that both her legs had fallen asleep. God, she was beautiful; with her cropped hair and curvy shape. I could only smile dumbly at my luck in being with Gillian. She turned to the counter, retrieved another cigarette, lit it, took a drag, exhaled, pulled a tissue out of the dispenser, placed it around my neck, threw the cape back over me and fastened it at the neck. She had the cigarette still in her mouth when she was putting on the cape, took a sideways puff as she fastened the cape on me and then exhaled the smoke right into the longer hair on top of my head. She said; ?OK baby, ready for all the rest of this to come off?? She ruffled her fingers through the top as I said; ?You bet!?

She made quick work of the sides with the #1 blade and the big Osters (which, by the way, had finally cooled off again. The hair once again rolled down the cape like brown snowballs on a powdery mountain slope. I could feel the clippings itching in the space between my ears and my head and reached up from under the cape to scratch. ?No, no, no!? she said and swatted my hand away. She continued with ?I?ll take care of everything! After all who?s the barber here anyway?? Gillian picked up the brush and dusted away all the offending clippings. She took another long drag on her cigarette and blew the smoke out slowly, making little rings in the air while pursing her lips sensuously. She picked up the clippers again and traded out the blade for the #0000 again.

She zipped off my sideburns to the top of my ear and then slowly worked her way from front to back blending the short taper on the sides with the short taper in back. She turned to the mirror, put her cigarette between her lips and ran her hand over both sides of my head from behind. She pronounced the sides even and asked if I wanted to take another break or if I wanted her to finish my haircut first. As much as I was ready for another go with my beautiful fianc?e, I wanted my haircut finished so that we could go home to our bed and play all night long.

?Please, baby, cut the rest of it all off. Cut my hair off honey. Clipper it nice and short. All gone.? I was absolutely begging her to relieve me of the rest of this overgrown hairy mess. ?OK, baby, I?m going to take these clippers and cut the rest off, all gone? but I?m not going to shave it all off, ok? I want you to look like a newly groomed Marine when I walk down the aisle to marry you, OK?? I nodded vigorously.

She left the #0000 blade on the Osters and picked up the old fashioned flattop comb, not the one with the bubble, it was the finesse comb used by REAL barbers. Gillian guided the teeth of the comb into my hair at the front, lifted it and sliced off three of the four inches of hair there with the clippers gliding over the comb?s surface. She worked her way to the back, reducing all the hair on top to no more than one inch. I watched it tumble steadily in front of my eyes and land in the familiar tent shape formed once again by my erect penis. This time, though, there were no jeans to restrain its activity and it stood proudly at full attention.

When she finished the once over on the top, she started at the front again. This time she took her time and made a very precise run over the comb reducing the hair in front to just a half inch. I wondered; ?How short would this be?? I must have said it out loud or Gillian was in a total Star Trek Mind Meld with me because she said; ?Oh, it?s going to be the shortest haircut you?ve ever had and you?re going to like it.? I just smiled. In the next cut, she reached the curve of my head and I felt the comb right against my scalp. She worked it over and over as much as she could with the comb and then went about freehanding the final cuts. When she was satisfied with the top, Gillian picked up the comb again and began using clippers over comb to true up the sides and back with the top. My entire head tingled with the bristly sensation of a VERY short flattop.

After that she dispensed with the dusting brush and used the vacuum that was reserved to catch the clipped hairs of only the shortest cuts. She flipped on the switch and ran it all over my head. I could feel the suction gripping my scalp at the sides, back and crown of my head. I knew there was very little hair left anywhere.

She rubbed her hands over my head, threw her head back and closed her eyes. ?That feels soooo good baby! I can?t wait to get you in my bed. But one thing first? I need to clean up the edges with the straight razor.?

She dispensed the warm cream from the machine on the counter and spread it thinly around my ears and down on my neck. She stropped the old cut-throat several times and then carefully cleaned up all the strays at the edge of my hair.

Gillian released me from the cape and turned me to the mirror to see the results of her handiwork. I hardly recognized my own reflection. I had an extremely short, horseshoe, high and tight flattop. I reached up with both hands to feel my newly clippered head. It felt great, electric to the touch and very, very short. I saw Gillian smile in the mirror and then she leaned over, kissed me on the neck and whispered; ?Let?s go home, baby.?

I pulled on my jeans and tried to compose myself a bit and I watched her in the mirror as she primped her closely cropped hair and reapplied her lipstick. She wrapped herself in a full length dark colored car coat. After all it was cold outside and she was a bit underdressed for public viewing.

She was glowing and so was I. We walked wordlessly out of the shop as Gillian clicked off the lights and then locked the door behind us. I put my arm around her and as she nestled into my shoulder I felt her short crop touch my neck and ear. I was hard all over again?

I?ll leave the night to your imagination, but two weeks later we were married, my close cropped baby and her clean cut Marine and still now I wonder all these years later; ?How did I get so lucky??

Oh and since that night in the barber shop had also foretold the soon to be patter of little feet, Gillian never lit another cigarette. And that was just fine. We had other things to look forward to?

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