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This story is a continuation of Flat Topped Flight Attendant, so it is suggested you read that one first.

The plane touched down and Kelly grinned in anticipation, I was still in shock from her amazing confession on the way to Africa, but more about that later. As we taxied in to stand I looked forward to having a good time.

We were here for three months of fun in the sun….our company had allowed us to take unpaid leave for the winter and we had used our concessions to fly to East Africa and see a couple of guys I knew and relax a bit. It was going to be a cheap way to get away from the Winter gloom at home. We couldn’t wait! Two flight attendants on the loose!

I needed a break … Mitch the US Army guy had been pestering me to let him visit me in the UK. Since he saw me having a flat top haircut in the barbers shop that day he was well and truly obsessed, once he got over the shock that is. He begged me for photos all the time and apparently I had quite a little fan club in his Navy Seal division. The guys were going wild for it and begging their girlfriends to do it for them too! There’s nothing stranger than folk. One guy had gone home on leave and marched his wife straight round to the barber so he could watch while she was given a flat top…all before she had time to object! She was now divorcing him on grounds of unreasonable behavior. But Mitch would be a bit disappointed as I had been working very hard and not had a haircut for a while, I was planning to do it in Africa and have plenty of time to grow it out a bit before returning to work. That was months away though and apparently now I was not the only one wanting a new look..

On the flight Kelly had confessed that she was so excited and electrified by my haircut experience she wanted to go and get a short style herself! She told me she wanted to feel the clippers on her head and get rid of all her long hair for a totally new look. I was amazed when she asked me to come with her to find a barbers on the first day as soon as we were settled in the apartment. I hadn’t realised it was so urgent but she told me she had thought of nothing else for weeks now.. since we had booked our trip. Away from people at home that we knew she felt like she could go for it.

So that’s how I found myself in the local village with her hunting a barber to give her the works. Between a mud hut Internet café and a stand selling loads of old shoes and clothes we found the local hairdresser who specialised in everything…and without delay Kelly installed herself in his chair. It was a battered old leather chair with worn chrome work and porcelain arm rests that looked like it had seen better days. Indeed it had as it was purchased second hand, years ago, by its current owner from the enclave of the old colonial powers when they departed upon the country’s independence. The barber wrapped a white towelling strip tightly around her neck, swiftly gathered Kelly’s beautiful mass of thick, mid back, shiny, dark brown, one length hair, swirled it and clipped it to the top of her head like he did this all day every day. Then he shook out a large, light blue, rather grubby looking, cape and expertly swooped it over her and tied it firmly around the towelling strip. The chair might have been old but it was fully functional, as Kelly discovered when the barber jumped on the pedal at the back of the chair and she was pumped skyward.

She wanted a #1, 1/8″ all over, buzzcut, that was her dream and nobody was going to change her mind. The barber showed no reaction whatsoever, as if he sheared long haired women to next to nothing on a regular basis. Her long dark silky hair tumbled down her back as the hairdresser combed thoroughly right through the full length of it and through it again from underneath too. He asked if he could take it off in one go straight down to the scalp as he would then pay her for it and use it to make some long weaves and plaits so highly in demand with the local women. Kelly didn’t hesitate to say yes and trembled in anticipation as he picked up the clippers. I gulped myself as I never thought in a million years she would go through with it. The clippers were not the same as those used when I had my flattop done. Mine were a neat silver coloured set that I later discovered were Wahl Taper 2000s, which hummed quietly with the sound only changing slightly as they chewed into the hair, giving a slightly lower note and the gentle sound of the hairs being severed. These were a large handful of a set, black in colour and with a cylindrical body of about 5″. There did not appear to be any blades on it as the barber grasped the body and flicked the switch next to the entry point of the power cable. The clippers screamed into life, winding up like a jet aircraft about to take off. As they reached their shrieking crescendo the barber reached to the counter and picked up a set of blades that were amongst a range of them set out neatly there. He snapped them into place on the front end of the body and the clipper’s note settled down slightly in pitch and tone. These were Oster clippers, common in the USA and favourite of the US Forces Recruit Reception centres, and they were driving the #1 blades.

The barber placed his hand on the back of Kelly’s head and pushed her jaw down into her chest. He carefully lifted a section of her hair from the middle at the back, and placed the howling clippers at the base of her neck. They hesitated there for a second and Kelly shuddered at their vibration. Then their note deepened slightly as they started to chomp their way up the back of her head. A 2″ wide strip of 1/8″ (3mm) stubble started to appear from the bottom of her skull and heading rapidly towards her crown. The severed 2 ½ foot lengths of shiny long brown locks peeled away and dangled from the barber’s fist as they progressed. I was amazed to find how her shearing, and memories of my own experience in the chair, were exciting me! I clamped my legs together in an attempt to avoid betraying my arousal. Carefully holding each strand he ran the clippers over her head and each time a substantial piece of hair came away he laid it carefully on to the table next to him. Run after run sheared the back of her head. Then round to the sides and they too succumbed to the same fate. Soon her hair had been buzzed down to a #1 all over, just as she wished and she looked like a completely different person. I realised just how pretty her eyes were! The barber repeated ran the clippers all over head from different directions, making sure that it was all even . The barber then snatched up a little set of battery trimmers that growled into life and he proceeded to etch around the edges of her hairline making sure all was neat and symmetric.

I realised that she didn’t look as bald as I had on top even though my flattop had been only a #2. I concluded that this was because my blonde hair was more transparent than her remaining dark stubble, which left a thick smooth pelt visible, with just a glint of white scalp showing through. Kelly examined herself in the mirror and viewed the back in the battered mirror the barber held up behind her. “That looks wonderful”, she gasped, “even better than I’d hoped”. Her hand crept to her head and started to rub it. Her face looked astonished as she continued to rub, changing directions and pressures experimentally. “Wow, that felt good when I was rubbing yours but it’s nothing like as arousing as rubbing a buzz of your own!”. The barber took a brush, that looked like it should belong with a dustpan, and ran it all over her face, bared ears and sides and around her neck. Then he shook a little talcum powder over it and dusted her nape and hairline again. Satisfied, he whisked off the cape, which was almost clean of hair, apart from the tiny clippings from her hairline, due to the barber’s diligence in saving her hair. The toweling strip was removed and wafted behind her. The cool draft washed over the back of Kelly’s head and she squirmed with pleasure, astounded at the feel of the air through her shadow
y stubble.

Kelly took a long look at the huge pile of hair on the table and turned to me. “That was better than sex!!” she gasped. The chair glided back to the floor as the barber released the hydraulics. Kelly leapt from the chair excitedly. A small damp patch on the front of her shorts revealed just how much she had been enjoying the experience. She rubbed her head ecstatically and carried on, ” I am so glad I did that. The drinks are on me tonight!” I decided then and there that I would be back tomorrow for that flat top. As we returned to the hotel Kelly could not stop rubbing her head and I had fun in joining in and learning just how good it had felt for her when rubbing mine. Tomorrow she would get that chance again!

They were only a couple of hours ahead of home there so, even though we had endured a night flight, it didn’t take us long to freshen up for the evening ahead, after taking a long nap. Kelly’s boyfriend from the UK phoned and she had a quiet conversation with him on the balcony while I took a shower. When I came back she looked a bit down and told me it was over between them. He said if she went away they were on thin ice, but now she had told him about her radical new look he lost it totally and finished things completely. Her sad mood was soon replaced by a defiant one and she went all out to look as good as possible. With no hair to style, she could take more time over her makeup, she joked! In a corset top, mini, and long boots she looked great. I slipped on a tiny dress and high sandals, and put on a final layer of lip gloss. ‘Lets hit them between the eyes!” We headed out with Kelly and myself still taking any excuse to rub her head.

I smiled as we closed the door behind us. The open air club was jumping as we walked in and guess who got the most looks. Men were swarming around Kelly and she was lapping it up. She let anybody who asked rub her new velvety head and when she went off to dance she was totally lost in heaven. My God this girl could party!

Halfway through the night she nudged me and we watched as two of the local good time girls came in. We had seen them in the village earlier with short hair and here they were sporting luscious long locks…very like Kelly’s! They looked at her and looked a bit sheepish as they knew exactly who the hair belonged to, but she waved at them, cheekily rubbed her head, and smiled. They relaxed and gave her the thumbs up, while they giggled too.

“That’s paid for your drinks tonight”, Kelly laughed as she playfully pushed me. She was like a new person, I had never seen her like this. Her new short look really suited her and she was radiating confidence like I had never seen before. Just then two tall muscular African guys walked in to the club. With their long wild dreadlocks they were so cool and sexy. It was my good friend Steve and his brother, I had texted him earlier to let him know we arrived safely. Scanning the room Steve spotted us and they made their way over, They were easily the best looking men in the room and every woman followed them with her eyes. Kelly was oblivious as she was having so much fun, but as she turned and her eyes feasted those two gorgeous guys approaching she stopped dead in her tracks. They were totally different to the clean cut military men we loved so much but even more sexy in an animalistic way. I beamed with pleasure as Steve kissed my cheek. “Kelly meet Steve and Patrick, Steve and Patrick meet Kelly” I said……

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