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Gary had a sister-in-law Gretchen that he secretly lusted after. Gretchen was 30 years old and had light thick brown hair that was long and near waist length. She would grow it out long and then have it cut short. Gary would always look forward to seeing Gretchen and his hands would always find her soft long hair. He always felt he could fall in love with her given different circumstances. One summer day not too long ago Gretchen had let her lovely brown hair grow long again till it almost reached her waist. Gary?s wife was at work and Gretchen was going to stop by and pickup a gift for a birthday party.

The door bell rang and Gary let Gretchen in and they exchanged hugs. Gary felt Gretchen?s soft hair. Gretchen was always glad to see Gary too. Gary handed Gretchen and as she turned to leave Gary gambled. ? Gretchen, I know this might sound weird but would you let me brush your hair. It is so lovely. I?ve always wanted to and now we are alone. It will only take a minute. ? Gretchen replied ? I guess there is no harm in letting your brush it.? Gary had her stand still and he grabbed one of his wife?s hair brushes. He started at the bottom and slowly got where he could brush it down from the top. It was magnificent hair long and soft to the touch. ? You have such lovely long hair but normally when it gets this long you go get it cut. Why don?t you let me cut it. I do cut your sister?s hair and she doesn?t complain. ? said Gary. There was a pause. ? How do I know you?ll do a good job?? asked Gretchen. ? Ok, how about if you let me cut the split ends and about an inch off and then if I do a nice job you let me cut it shorter and by that I mean to your shoulders.? Gary said as he placed his hand to the top of her shoulder. ? Well, your right I have been thinking about cutting it and I was just going to go scout a few salons. Were do you want to do it at?? said Gretchen. ? Let?s do it in the master bathroom. I?ll have to wet it down first in the sink.? replied Gary. They went to the master bathroom and Gary had Gretchen bend over and put her head in the sink. The hair filled up the sink and he turned the water on and got it really nice and wet. He then conditioned it as he knew it would make the cutting easier. Gary enjoyed messing with the thick brown mane. He took a moment and admired Gretchen?s nice firm butt. Gretchen pulled her head out of the sink and wrapped her hair in a towel. Gary found a step stool and told Gretchen to stand on it. Gary took a cape from the drawer that he used on his wife and a wide tooth comb. He gently combed out Gretchen?s long wet mane. Then he slowly worked his way across the bottom of the hair trimming just over an inch off. When he got done he asked Gretchen ? Well, how did I do. Can I cut some more?? Gretchen looked over the hair on the floor and her hair in the mirror. It was cut nice and straight. ? Yes, you can cut it shorter to here. ( She pointed to the base of her ears.) I want you to give me a nice short bob. Do you think you can do that?? said Gretchen. ? I sure can and you will look fantastic. Let me get a stool for you to sit on and I?ll get on with it. One more thing Gretchen. This is our secret. You tell your husband you went to a salon like you were planning to ok.? spoke Gary. Gretchen nodded in the affirmative.

Gretchen sat on the stool and Gary sectioned the thick brown hair into four ponytail sections which he secured with rubber bands. He positioned them right above neck level. He then started on the farthest right one with his super sharp scissors. Snip, Snip, snip they went and a 20 inch ponytail was released. The scissors cut easily through the wet and conditioned hair. He then laid the hair on the counter and went on to the next ponytail. Snip, snip, snap, went the scissors doing their job. Gretchen looked over at the hair and asked ? What are you going to do with my hair?? ? Well, I might donate it to Locks of Love or just keep it as reminder of the occasion? responded Gary. Gary snipped off the last ponytail of hair and then started to cut in the actual bob. He took care to cut in an angled line and make sure it would look nice. Gretchen?s hair was beginning to dry so he had to hustle. He then took a pair of clippers and buzzed Gretchen?s neck smooth. He blow dried the hair and styled it with a brush. ? Well, how do you like it? ? Gary said when he was done. ? I must say you did a real nice job. So nice I might let you cut it again sometime when we are alone.? said a smiling Gretchen. Gary led Gretchen to the door and she picked up the gift and then the unthinkable happened. Gary leaned over and kissed Gretchen on the cheek. ? Oh, my, I didn?t mean for THAT to happen. It is just that you look so pretty with your new haircut and you have been so nice to me by letting me cut it.? said an embarrassed Gary. ? Oh, I don?t mind. I know you like me Gary and I like you too.? said Gretchen as she leaned over and gave Gary a kiss on the cheek.

Gretchen left and Gary went upstairs to clean up and put the four ponytails in a place his wife would never find them. Gary?s gamble had paid off and he had 20 inch soft brown ponytails to prove it. He had also found out something else he had been curious about. He knew he would get to cut Gretchen?s hair again after it grew out.

The End
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