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Jill was a young 22 year old church member who had hair past her bottom that was light brown.. She went to church every Sunday. She did volunteer work for the church. She worked at the library and wore her long hair up in a bun. Now, on Sunday?s she wore it down with the ends curled. Now every year in the church a time came to give a yearly tithing or offering. Now, Jill didn?t make much money as a librarian. Now, after church there was always a fellowship where they served cookies, tea, coffee. It was during the tithing period that she told the minister ?I sure wish I could make a bigger offering but I don?t know how with my limited income.? The minister replied ? That is ok, you do enough with your volunteer work.? Standing near by was Jessica who overheard the remark. She waited till she could get Jill alone and spoke to her. ? I heard you saying you wish there was a way for you to make a bigger offering. I know a way if your willing to make a sacrifice.? ? It is true but what kind of sacrifice are you talking about? ? replied Jill. ? Your long hair. I know someone that would give you good money for it.? said Jessica. ? My hair but how would I go about it.?? Listen I run a small salon about two miles from here. I know a man who buys good hair for wigs. Yours looks to be in excellent shape. Course I would have to cut it short to get the best dollar for it. The transaction would take a few days but you sure could make a nice tithing this year with the money. Looking at your hair I?d say I could get several hundred dollars for it. What do you think?? ? That is an interesting proposition. I never thought about cutting my hair. When could you cut it.? said Jill. Well, today is Sunday and I?m closed but I have the keys. Why don?t you think about it after lunch and call me on my cell phone. I could cut it for you this afternoon and then you would have your money by Wednesday or Thursday. It would be between just you and me. There would be no one else in the salon which would make you feel more comfortable. Here is my business card and I have to do some local shopping. Give me a call by 1pm if you decide to go for it.? said Jessica.

Jill went home and thought about the offer and looked in the mirror and brushed her long soft brown hair. The good side was that with the extra money she could make a sizeable tithing or offering to the church this year. The bad side was losing her long hair which she had cherished for so long. Maybe too long and maybe a change would be good. What happened if she came out looking ugly with short hair. She looked at the card and had heard not only of Jessica but of her work as she had overheard members of the church and Library saying they had been to her salon. She wouldn?t have people looking at her if she got it cut today. She would have tonight to adjust. Oh, what the heck I?ll say a prayer and go for it. She took her phone and called Jessica?s cell phone. Jessica told her to meet her at the front door of the salon and to wear an old shirt. The time was set for 1:30 pm.

Jessica met Jill at the door and they walked into the salon. ?Here sit in this chair while I get things turned on.? spoke Jessica. Jessica came back and put a white cape tightly around Jill?s slender neck. ? I have been hoping that you would drop by and let me at least trim your hair bu this will work out better for both of us. I have a nice style in mind that I think you will like. Have you ever had short hair? ?said Jessica while she brushed down Jill?s long mane. ? No, I haven?t had short hair since I was a little girl.? ?Well, it will take a day or two for you to get use to your new look. I?m covering up the mirror?s so you can?t see the change till I?m done. Give a bit of excitement to the moment. Your hair is great and I know I can get top dollar for it. I?ll have to remove the bulk with clippers as it is so thick so don?t be shocked.? said Jessica. Jessica separated Jill?s long soft brown hair into two ponytails right below ear level. She grabbed the clippers and turned them on. Jill heard a click and a buzzing sound and the sound got louder as it got closer to the ponytail located close to her ears. Jessica grabbed the clippers and pulling tight on the right side tail she dug the clippers into Jill?s mane. Buzz, Buzzz, Buzzz, they ate slowly through the thick mass. ? This is the worst part Jill. Removing the bulk. This is the hair I will sell to the wig representative.? The first ponytail was severed and Jessica took it over to the counter and pulled out a measuring tape. ? I measure 26 inches of hair. She held up the ponytail in front of Jill who could only gulp as she saw it. That will definitely bring you a nice price.? said a smiling Jessica. Jessica then spun the chair and attacked the left side ponytail. The clippers again buzzed unmercifully through the thick ponytail. It took just a minute for the tail to be severed. It was near the same length but a bit longer. Jessica ran her hands through what was left of Jill?s chopped off hair. She went over to her station and grabbed a coloring kit. ? Like I said I?ve been admiring your hair and hoping you would be coming in to see me. Since your making a change we might as well make it a dramatic one. You have light brown hair now but I want to make you a softer brighter color. I know you will look good. ? spoke Jessica. ? Ok, I?m in yours and God?s hands? said a nervous Jill. Jessica began applying the blondish hair color to Jill?s hair. The look would give Jill a soft blonde look. Jessica worked quickly and the two chatted while the color took hold. Then Jessica took Jill over to the rinsing station. Jill?s hair was no longer than neck length now as Jessica rinsed out the color and added conditioner. Then it was back to the styling station and Jessica took out a comb and scissor. Snip, snip, snip went the scissors and locks of hair two to three inches tumbled down. Jessica worked her way around and over Jill?s head removing the hair she didn?t want Jill to have. The cut was short but not too short. It was a soft look that would be easy to care for and maintain. It was soft and blended in all over. I barely touched her neck and ears but there was height on the crown. Jessica then turned on the blow dryer and using a brush did the final work.. Jessica went over to the mirror and pulled the covering off. ? Are you ready to see the new Jill?? asked Jessica as she turned Jill around to the mirror.

? Oh my Lord! Is that me in the mirror? exclaimed Jill. ? It sure is young lady? said Jessica. Jill took her hands and reached up to touch her now short hairdo. ? Me as a Blonde?! I?d have never thought to do it. I don?t look as ugly as I thought I feared with short hair. It will take me a week to get use to it.!? spoke an excited Jill. ? I told you I?d do a good job on you. I have a reputation to maintain.? said Jessica as she removed the cape. Jill was in a state of bewilderment. She had gone from long light brown hair past her bottom to short blonde layered hair above her neck in about an hours time. ?Well, let me help you clean up so you can enjoy the rest of your Sunday ? said Jill as she grabbed a broom.

Well, to sum it up Jill made her sizeable offering to the Church the next Sunday. Jessica finally got to cut off the long hair she had been hoping too since first spotting Jill at Church. Jill the new blonde short haired librarian was a hit and her social calendar quickly filled up. The Lord repaid her sacrifice and offering in many ways.

Hope you liked the Story..The End

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