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Rachel was in the bathroom putting her hair up to go to work when in came her husband of one year Bob ? Why don?t you just get it cut!? ? What I thought you liked my hair?? replied Rachel. ? I do but I hardly ever even see you with it down.. You fix it but then you just put it up in a twist to go to work and you put it up in a ponytail when you come home. You should save yourself some time and just get it cut short. I?ve got to go to work. I?ll see ya tonight.? said Bob. Rachel finished putting up her bra strap length chocolate brown hair up in a twist and headed off to work. She went to work thinking about what her husband had said to her this morning. When she took her bathroom break she looked at herself in the mirror. What was good about having long hair if one wore it up 90% of the time. Her husband made a good point.

She got home and made dinner. She let her mid-length soft chocolate brown hair down and turned to her husband. ? Bob, would you like to cut my hair tonight?? ? What did you say?? responded Bob. ? I thought about what you said this morning and decided you were right and I should cut my hair short.? said Rachel looking at her surprised husband. Now, what Rachel doesn?t know about her relatively new husband is that he has a ? Hair Fetish? and removing his wife?s chocolate brown hair would excite him to the nth degree. ? I?ll do a precut and call the salon at the mall and see if they can finish it off tonight. You go set up a stool in the kitchen and I?ll call the salon.? spoke Bob.

Bob walked into the kitchen and had Rachel remove her top clothing. He had always fantasized about giving a topless girl a haircut and here was his young wife. ? The salon will be ready for you in an hour.? said Bob. Bob brushed his wife?s soft dark brown hair down her back. ? Before I start I?m going to take a ? Sample Lock? from your head to save to be able to tell the total length later.? spoke Bob. He reached up and at the scalp separated a quarter inch section of hair and combed it out. He took the scissors and sniped it right at scalp level. He rose the hair up and placed it aside. ? I?m going to cut it up to your shoulders and let the stylist at the salon cut it shorter as she is a professional and I?m not. ? spoke Bob softly to his wife. He combed down his first section and held the soft hair between his fingers and took the scissors. Snip, Snip, Snip they went across the hair and in just a minute Bob smiled and held up a 15 inch lock of brown hair with a curl at the end of it. He then worked slowly but quickly across the shoulders of his young wife. He placed the cut hair on a paper towel inside a flat shirt box for safe keeping. Snip, snip, snip went the scissors removing soft chocolate brown hair from their long time home. He finished the job and then surprised his wife. Since your half naked already and we have time why don?t you remove your panties and lay on the kitchen table and I?ll clipper your pubic area. ? You never said anything before about my pubic hair.? ? Well dear, it just never came up till now but you do need a haircut down there too. So jump up on the table and lay down please we don?t have much time.? commanded Bob. Rachel did as she was told and with her head resting on a pillow and rear resting on a towel her husband spread her legs and took the clippers to her triangle. She could feel the vibration as they removed most of her hair down under. Her husband then took a straight shaving razor and shaped up the area. Her husband finished and she jumped up and got dressed. They rushed out the door and to the salon at the mall arriving at 8pm. She got another surprise when her husband produced a hairstyle picture and gave it to the stylist who he seemed to know rather well. She was led to a styling chair and caped. ? I didn?t know you already had a hairstyle in mind this morning?!? she said in amazement to her husband. ? Don?t you worry as your going to love your new hairstyle.? The stylist led Rachel over to the shampoo station to give her a good shampoo and conditioning before she started cutting the hair. ? You have lovely hair and Bob has been wanting you to cut it since he met you. Your so lucky to have a husband who cares about your hair.? said the stylist as she lathered up Rachel?s thick brown hair. Rachel could see her husband watching and smiling. It excited him to see his wife caped in a chair getting shampooed and soon to be cut. Rachel got up from the shampoo station and was led back over to the chair. Her now wet brown hair near shoulder length was combed out and the stylist lowered the chair. She pulled out a pair of shinny sharp scissors and starting at the top front combed up a section of brown hair. Then she placed the scissors not more than three inches from Rachel?s scalp and snip, snip, snick, went the scissors removing a long, long, piece of brown hair that must have been eight inches as it tumbled away. The stylist took another section of brown locks and repeated the process. Rachel looked and felt the activity. ? Bob, Bob, just how short am I getting my hair cut? I?d better not come out of here looking like my brother.? exclaimed Rachel as she saw the stylist hand the severed lock to Bob who put it aside in a box. ? Now, don?t worry dear. Your going to have a style that will fit in with your busy schedule. You won?t have to worry about putting it up or taking down everyday. You?ll like the wash-n-go style. Just have faith.? spoke her smiling husband. Rachel could only sit there and watch as the stylist worked around her head removing locks of long brown hair. The ground below filled with locks of hair as they tumbled down to the floor. Bob picked up a few of the longer ones to save. Then Rachel saw the stylist grabbed a different type of scissors. ? What are those?? asked Rachel. The stylist spoke ? These are thinning shears. I?m going to thin your hair out for the new style.? ? My hair doesn?t need thinning !? Rachel yelled but it did no good. The stylist went away chopping with them in and out of Rachel?s head. This morning she had awaken to hair down to the middle of her back and now from what she could feel it was no longer than three inches on top and shorter on the sides. She also had thick hair on her pubic area and now that was gone too. Then Rachel heard an unfamiliar sound. It made her freeze. It was a buzzing sound and soon she felt the clippers going up the back of her neck and a chill went through her. Short pieces of hair fell down the cape. The cape was opened in the back and she felt a razor on her neck as her neck was shaved clean. The stylist looked at her freaking out client and spoke ? Now, don?t worry young lady. Your going to see soon that you don?t need a massive head of hair to look pretty.? The stylist then grabbed a blow-dryer and brush and finished styling Rachel?s hair.? She looked at Bob and said ? Well, is that how you hoped she would look.?? ? Oh, Yes, she looks better than I thought she would.? said Bob. ? I guess it is time for you to see your new look. It will be a shock to you at first but you?ll adjust in a few days. I agree with your husband that you look nice without long hair.? said the stylist as she handed Rachel a hand mirror and turned her toward the big mirror.

Rachel saw herself in the mirror and reached her hands up to feel the short cut.? Oh, my shock is right. It will take me more than a day to get use to looking at myself. Is this the way you want me to look Bob? ? said an irritated Rachel. ? I just want to see you with short hair once before you turn gray. I was tired of seeing you fight and fuzz with your long hair. I didn?t think you would ever cut it without a little pushing. I just want the best for the girl I love.? said a quiet Bob.

Rachel kept looking and feeling her head. ? Well, you know I?ve looked worse in my life. It will grow out in time and I was fighting with my old hairstyle. Boy, it sure is a BIG change. However, if that is what makes you happy than I can live with it for a while.? The cape was removed and they left the salon hand in hand.

The End Hope you liked the Story..

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