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Lucine turned the knob on her teachers office, Mr. Kircher wasn’t in there. She searched the contents on his desk carefully for his grade book. Lucine Bitarian was a good student who came to study in America from her homeland of Armenia, she was very good at speaking English, many of the boys in her 11th grade class liked her. She was lightly tanned and delicate, she mainly wore black clothing when she wasn’t wearing her school uniform which was a white blouse and a red plaid skirt that met just above her knees. her breasts were a C cup and perfectly round, her butt was tight, she had large mesmerizing dark green eyes with long dark eyelashes, an Armenian nose, full luscious lips, and one of her loveliest features was her long black hair which hung below her delicate shoulders and reached her waist, it was mainly straight and curved outwards a little at the ends and her hair was very shiny, she wore her glorious hair loose and flowing free. she had very rarely cut it in her life, she liked to wash it and brush her sexy hair. a truly striking middle eastern beauty.

Even though she was so beautiful and very well loved by her new school, she rejected everybody that asked her out. the only boy she ever went out with was Brian, but he just took her to some local shows and his parents were her sponsor. He introduced her to System of a Down, Metallica, KoRn, Marilyn Manson, Dog Fashion Disco, Voltaire, Mars Vulta, and Dream Theater. They would listen to Master of Puppets and she liked to yell out “MASTER!!” when it came time for the chorus.

Lucine (or Luso as her new friends called her) was a bit of a study freak, she spent most of her time after school studying, she was very exceptional in all her subjects except for biology which she had Mr Kircher for. she was looking for the grade book so that she could find out how she was doing grade-wise. She finally found a maroon spiral bound book which was titled “Grades” She opened the book to her class period 3, and looked for her name, Aeger, Lewis Azar, Brian Becker, Charlotte Bitarian, Lucine

She looked to the right of her name …………………78 C+ “KUNEM!!” she exclaimed (which in her language is the word for “fuck”) How could she have gotten a bloody C! a C! On her first term grade, C!!!! she almost cried. She was now prepared to go to Brian’s house, just as she was placing back the book. The knob in the door turned. Mr. Kircher walked in seeing Lucine at his desk,

“I uhhhh, left my pencil,” she said grabbing a pencil off his desk. He stopped and looked at her, “not only are you a cheater, you steal pencils too?” the middle aged man looked at the girl as she stood awkwardly at his desk. “do you understand that I can turn you into the office right now and have you sent back to your shitty country” “no sir, please, no” she stepped back as he walked towards her “Please, don’t give me a C, I tried so hard, I don’t understand science well. choose my discipline” she was against the wall. He put his hands on the spaces of the wall right next to her, trapping her in. His eyes stayed the same, in their angry posture, but his lips curled into an evil smile. “Sit on that chair,” he said glancing over at his desk. He let her loose and she went over to sit down, she looked down at the floor waiting for further instruction. the man walked over to the desk where she was sitting. He opened up the drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. He opened up the blades, Lucine heard the sound of the scissors opening and she looked up at him. He used his other hand the place her dark hair behind the back of the chair. She then realized what he was doing. As she began to panic she heard a piece of her hair being severed from her pretty head, “shnip” an 18” long lock of pure black hair fell to the floor, she started to cry. “what? Miss Armenia can’t take a little hair cut?” with his left hand he grabbed all of her hair and with the right which he was holding the huge scissors. she burst into tears, he opened the scissors again, he placed her hair between the blades, hacking at the silky strands quickly, black hair came loose from her head. He continued to cut making the ends screwed up and uneven. He had succeeded in cutting off her beautiful hair. he dropped the hair to the floor, he turned the chair to where the hair was on the floor “there, see what happens when you snoop around in my room?” he grabbed her jaw and moved her face up to his level, her crying eyes gazed down. her hair was left in a rough chin length hair cut. “yes sir.” she said quietly, tears streaming down. she got up to leave, she was dreading the reaction everyone was going to give her, especially Brian, was he still going to like her with short hair? She was grabbed by the wrist, “I’m not finished yet.” for the first time, her teacher had seen her sexy nape. she used her free hand to wipe her tears away and she wanted so badly to go hide, she didn’t want to face more punishment, nothing seemed harsher than what he did to her precious hair. he nuzzled his face into the back of her neck, she let out a scream as he turned her around and pushed her onto his teachers desk, she noticed his pants had a huge lump in the front, he got on top of her, and tore at her clean white blouse breaking the top three buttons, her perfect breasts were exposed in her little white bra. he placed both his hands on her breasts, grabbing them roughly causing her to scream, which he silenced by placing his pedophile gob on her innocent lips and forcing his tongue into her mouth. She bit the tongue, and he got up and slapped her hard in the face. She cried out loudly. She tried to push him off, but he was too strong. She managed to swing her knee hard into his balls and knock him off howling in pain. Her tears didn’t stop, she ran off, grabbing her backpack, and fled from the room. she left the school.

She ran at full speed, running and crying. She had nearly been raped, he forced a kiss on her and forced his slimy tongue into her mouth, she knew she was going to get into serious trouble and yet her beautiful hair was gone, hacked off by a mad man with scissors. Her mind flashed wildly as she ran, he could go tell that she had kicked him and that she was looking through Kircher’s grade book, she was sure going to be sent back to Armenia and be forced out of her home, not only would she have been kicked out of a huge opportunity, she had her hair cut off, would her big brothers and her father think she was nuts? She reached the Azar house where Brian lived with his father and mother, the people who housed her and made her food. She used her key to open the door, she ran inside and up the stairs, she was the only one home, or so she thought. She went into her room, slammed down her school bag, curled up into a ball on her bed, and continued to cry.

Just then someone knocked on her door, “Lucine, are you ok in there?” she remained motionless, she heard Brains’ voice, yet she stayed silent. She heard the door swing open and a young man with tousled black hair and faded jeans stepped in, he looked at her and a gasp escaped his mouth. She uncurled her body and her face was in her pillow, it felt really strange to not have hair on her neck. He came over and kneeled down on the right side of the bed, he spoke softly then, “Why didn’t you come home right after school?” she looked up, facing him, “Why did you cut your hair?” his intensely dark brown eyes stared back at her, he didn’t look very happy. Brian waited for her to answer, “I did something bad.” she whispered. “Luso, what did you do.” he said. “I looked at Mr. Kirchers grade book, and I’m being sent back.” she said softly. “they can’t send you back for that,” he showed concern in his voice “I don’t want you going back yet.” she looked at him “He did this to me,” she let out another sob “I deserve it.” she cried again. She sat up and told him about the almost rape, about how she decided to take a punishment from him than from the principle, and about the part when she kicked him off. “Lucine, I loved your hair, I can’t believe you allowed that fuck to cut it off, do you want me to even it out?” This was the first time he had looked at her with love in his eyes, he did worry about her, all she did was worry about her marks, her family, and she only did anything if Brian took her with him. He stroked what was left of her hair, she still was incredibly beautiful, maybe even more so. She looked back at him with bright eyes, he leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. …………………………………….

To be continued

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