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Shortly after I moved to town for a new job, things were going along fine. I was making new friends and enjoying the opportunities my new home offered. However, one thing I wasn?t used to was the severity of the winters. The first winter I was in town ? just four months after I arrived ? was one of the worst in recent history. At least that?s what the owner of the hardware store said. He warned me about the dangers of walking and driving on ice. His advice made perfect sense ? after the fact. It was about the third day of the second serious snowstorm when I slipped going down my front steps.

Most of the pain abated after about a week. At least I could go back to work. But after going to a procession of orthopedists, physiotherapists and shiatsu specialists, I realized I was going to have to take matters into my own hands.

I started looking for a gym to work out. I?m over 40 and although I?m not particularly overweight, I certainly don?t have washboard abs. And I probably never will. Nevertheless, there had to be a place I could go. Despite its name, I decided to try ?Golden Abs? because they had a very convincing advertising blitz in the local paper as well as on TV and radio. They were offering a winter membership special ? including two trial workouts. I figured I had nothing to lose. However, after my two trial workouts I realized this was not what I was looking for. True to its name, it is a shiny gym where most people are in such good shape they don?t really sweat. Actually, they don?t even perspire. Too fancy for me.

Then I saw an ad for the gym at the community center. For about the same price as the fancy gym, the community center offered both workout facilities and an Olympic size pool. I figured this was more like it. It just depended on the equipment and trainers.

The equipment was fine. More than I thought I would need. And the trainers certainly seemed professional. So I started really getting into it. They opened early enough that I could go virtually every morning for two hours.

What I liked about the trainers is that even though they were at least 15 years younger than me, that didn?t bother them. First I met John. He is about my height with a boxer?s build. His forearms look as if they have the power to crush anything he wants. His thighs were just as imposing. It was clear that in his spare time he spent a lot of time skipping rope. That is, when he wasn?t pumping iron. In between the massive shoulders, arms and thighs is a slim waist. Amazingly, he was also patient and genuinely nice. Not the kind of trainer who only has patience for those who already know what they?re doing.

In addition to being a nice guy, John is also good looking. He has light brown hair that is fairly short on the sides, and just a bit longer on top. Best of all, he has this nervous habit of running his hands through his hair when he talks to people. Especially if he has been working out and is a bit sweaty.

His friend Jerry was there on alternate days. Jerry is definitely better looking than John. Dark, Mediterranean skin and features, including black hair that is much longer than you?d expect to find in a gym. The fact is, you don?t see too many guys with long hair in weight lifting mags. Nevertheless, Jerry is a weightlifter with long hair. For the first month or so he always wore a baseball cap so I never got a good look at what was underneath. Then he started coming to work without a hat. I was amazed. His hair is a bit wavy but not curly. He uses a fair amount of gel which is a good thing. It?s very full in the back and on the sides, and long on top. I?m sure it reaches well past his nose.

What?s interesting is that if John rubs his head when he?s nervous, Jerry has a different habit. Every few minutes he wets his hair down and slicks it back. Nevertheless, a few strands still fall past his eyes. Then I noticed one day when he was spotting me on the bench press, a few drops of water slid right off his hair and hit me in the face. It was really just a few drops, but we definitely shared a moment. He apologized and I assured him it wasn?t necessary because I was already sweating so much that it really didn?t matter.

But we had still shared that moment.

My workouts were fairly routine for a few months. As I progressed through the weights I also became friendly with both John and Jerry. One day I was the only one left when John was closing up and he asked if I would mind a personal question.

He wanted to know if I buzz my own hair. I have MPB and keep what?s left at about a 00. I told him that I do cut my own hair ? every other day. I figured if the cards are on the table I may as well continue the game. ?Why do you ask,? I inquired. He was clearly a bit nervous to continue, so I helped him along: ?I cut other people?s hair occasionally as well,? I said. ?O really? Do you think you could cut mine?? He seemed more relaxed now that his question was out there. I, on the other hand, felt that telltale stirring in my groin. ?Sure,? I said as calmly as my adrenalin rush would permit. ?I could definitely give it a try. What and when did you have in mind??

?Actually, I was thinking of a shorter buzz,? he said. ?Well, that is my specialty,? I said, rubbing my hand over my short stubble. ?I?ll be back here day after tomorrow,? he said. ?Maybe you could cut my hair once I close up.? ?Sounds like a plan,? I said.

The next two days were extremely slow. The only high point was the next day at the gym when I started focusing on Jerry?s long, black hair that he slicked back every 20 minutes or so. Realizing that John and Jerry are friends, I thought that if one of them came to me for a buzz, perhaps the other would as well. A guy can dream, anyway.

So the next day as the gym was closing, John asked I was still available to cut his hair. I hope my calm affirmative reply didn?t give away the fact that I had been thinking of little else for two days. He locked the building and we went into the shower room. My extension cord just reached. He got a chair and took off his t-shirt. His upper arms are awesome. So there he was in gym shorts and little else. ?Let?s start with a #2 all over,? he said. ?Ok. Are you ready,? I asked. ?Let?s do it,? he said. I thought about starting in the middle of his forehead, but I didn?t want him to freak, so I started in the back ? trying to be more professional than I felt. Before I could even get to the sides, his hand reached back to feel the stubble. He had brought a small mirror so he could get a glimpse of how he looked. ?I think you can go shorter on the sides,? he said, ?but I?ll stay with a #2 on top.? ?That should work,? I said and I continued. As I was blending the shorter sides with the slightly longer top, he looked again. ?Let?s take it down another notch,? he said. ?How about 0 on the sides and #1 on top.?

Up until this point I was fairly calm. I really don?t cut hair for a lot of people and so I had really been concentrating. But the mention of the 0 blade got my juices going. I wasn?t sure what was going to happen. Having just finished my own workout, I was also wearing rather flimsy gym shorts. There was no possibility of pretending I wasn?t tenting my shorts. I tried to keep my distance so it wouldn?t be obvious, but just then John turned around and looked right at my crotch.

I guess you could say that was our moment.

?I thought I was the only one who got turned on by haircuts,? he said. ?Actually, that?s why I thought I?d ask you. Every time I start to ask for a really short haircut in a barber shop, the pressure on my shorts is more than I can bear. I always get this massive hard-on and I can never really enjoy the experience because I?m so self-conscious. I really wanted a short haircut, but I didn?t want to take the chance of cumming while sitting in the barber?s chair. I figured we knew each other well enough at this point that even if you?re not into this type of thing, you wouldn?t be offended.? Quite a confession for a bodybuilder.

?You?ve got nothing to worry about,? I assured him. ?I?m totally into it. How about I give you a few moments alone before I finish up your cut?? ?That?s cool,? he said, ?unless you?d like to share those moments with me.? I winked and said, ?Your wish is my command.?

In a flash he was naked with his solid, 8? rod throbbing between his legs. I approached him slowly both so as not to startle him and to prolong the enjoyment. With my middle finger I barely touched the underside of his tool. As I moved along the shaft I could feel his veins throbbing. I played his tool for what seemed like several minutes but it couldn?t have been. His eyes were closed in delight and his head was leaning back, highlighting his amazing chest. As I felt his precum make my work easier, I became aware of my own erection. I thought about taking a breather to deal with my own tool, but figured I should finish what I started. Who knew where this was leading. So, aided by John?s precum I slowly massaged his throbbing member. As I sensed he was about to cum, I slowed down and then stopped. He opened his eyes and saw my sly smile. The pause was just enough so that when I resumed my work, he came in no time. His jizm sprayed my chest and then as he arched his back, he missed my shoulder and hit the wall behind me. A truly athletic feat.

As he finished, he looked a bit embarrassed. ?Wow? was about all he could say. ?That was amazing . . .? He didn?t finish the sentence because my own member, waiting for some relief, was basically staring him in the face. ?One good turn deserves another,? he said, as he gently began stimulating me. Following my lead, as he sensed my moment of truth about to arrive, he stopped altogether. But when he resumed, I jumped. He had taken me into his mouth and was tonguing the entire length of my shaft. This time as I was about to cum, he surprised me again. He withdrew his mouth but caught every bit of my cum in his hands.

He then rubbed his cum-filled hands all over his new buzzcut. He told me he had always wondered how good cum would be instead of hair gel. Judging from how hot his haircut looked, it was perfect.

We both relaxed for a moment, and then he went to the larger mirror to check out his new haircut. ?Great haircut,? he said as he looked in the mirror. Although I was a bit weak in the knees, I finished the blending between the sides and top. ?Better than I ever imagined,? he said with a wink. ?If you?re interested in giving me a full service treatment, I could really use a good shower now,? he said. ?So could I,? I said.

Say no more. We turned on the showers and washed each other from head to toe several times. The problem is that each time either of us came we started over again.

Finally, with our last burst of energy, we decided to towel off and get dressed. As we parted company, John turned to me and said, ?I wonder if we could interest Jerry in a haircut.? ?I?m game if you lay the groundwork,? I said.

Athletic Buzz Part II

The next day was Jerry?s time to work. If he and John had discussed John?s haircut, it wasn?t obvious to me. At least not until the gym was virtually empty and Jerry was spotting me on the bench press as usual.

He was in his usual attire: baggy shorts and t-shirt. Just before I lay back on the bench, he went and slicked his hair back. It was really dripping as he pushed it back out of his eyes.

I started my first set of presses and he spotted me. Meanwhile the only other person said good night and walked out. I finished the set and lay back in between sets. Jerry resumed his position in back of my head with his legs straddling me.

I began pumping. ?Sounds like you and John had an interesting time yesterday,? he said. To say that I was in a compromising position is an understatement. I was laid out on my back with this incredible hunk?s formidable legs on either side of my head. When I wasn?t concentrating on the weights I could easily look right up his crotch.

I finished my second set and sat up. ?John said the buzz you gave him is amazing. He couldn?t stop talking about it,? Jerry said. ?I got the impression that he thinks I would look great buzzed. He also said he was sure I?d enjoy the experience ? whatever that means. The thing is, he knows the main reason I have long hair is that I really don?t like going to the barber ? and stylists aren?t for me.?

?Well, if you ever want to go shorter, I?d be willing to see what I could do,? I said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic. ?Whatever . . . I guess I?ll wait till I see John later.? I finished my workout and we walked out together.

The next day John worked early which fit into my schedule. I must say he looked hot. It wasn?t just the attitude. It was also the haircut. For the first half hour or so we had the gym to ourselves. As I moved to the bench press John came over. I lay back and had my nose up his shorts. To my surprise there was nothing there but his 8? rod. ?Taking a bit of a chance there, aren?t we,? I said. I had an unusual perspective. Because I was lying on my back I could see his rod, his chest and his face. He blushed. ?I don?t know which I enjoyed more,? he said, ?my haircut or the shower afterwards.? I took a chance and gave him a quick squeeze. ?We better watch it,? he said. ?After all, we?ve got a great thing going here and we don?t want to blow it.? He paused. ?No pun intended.? I smiled and returned to the weights.

I finished my workout and prepared to leave. ?I?ll walk out with you,? he said. He turned to the others who had come in in the meantime and told them he?d be right back. He needed to get something out of his car.

?Listen. About the other night . . . I sure got more than I bargained for,? he said. ?But I?m not complaining. I could go for a weekly full service buzz. And in between haircuts . . . I still need to shower,? he said giving me a winning smile. ?I?m still trying to get Jerry to admit he wants his hair cut short,? he said. ?Well, actually, he?s almost there,? I said and told him about the conversation I had with Jerry the previous day. ?In the meantime, are we on for Thursday night again,? John asked. ?Sure, why not,? I said.

So I worked my way through the rest of the week, looking forward to Thursday. I hung around when closing time came. The last person left and John locked the building.

If I had planned the first cut, John knew what he wanted this time around. This time when we went into the shower room, we just hung our clothes on the hooks. Naked bodies and aroused cocks were the order of the day. ?Let?s change the order a bit,? John said. ?How about if we start with our showers,? he said. ?Ok with me, but you realize we may not get to the haircut.? ?Don?t worry,? he said.

This time my shower was first. He said something about payment in advance for the haircut. He soaped me up and down and took my throbbing cock into his mouth. This time he took my cum and rubbed it all over his body. I thought I was going to cum again I found it so arousing. It was his turn to be soaped. The combination of soap and cum was like nectar. For the first time I took his pulsing member into my mouth and worked him very slowly.

He was definitely in a take-charge mood. ?Let?s get to my haircut,? he said once his cum had been spread all over my chest. ?Ok,? I said, ?but you realize there won?t be much difference this time. After all, it has only been a week.? ?O yes, there will be,? he said as he dried himself. ?Once you finish with my haircut, I want you to cut my bush.? John was definitely turning up the heat. My cock bounced into action and gave him the answer. ?If you want, I?ll clip your bush, too,? he said. I didn?t think my cock could get any bigger, but the thought of this hunk having me cut off his bush and then cutting mine was almost enough for me to cum without touching myself. He looked at my cock, smiled and said, ?I guess that?s a yes. But first, my haircut.?

?So what?s your pleasure this time,? I asked. ?How about a 0 all over ? just leave a little bit up front.? He clearly knew what he wanted and when I was finished, there are only two words to describe how he looked: very hot!

Once the haircut was complete, John got out of the chair and exposed his crotch to me. I don?t know which of us was more turned on: John because he was about to have his bush cut off, or me because I was going to do the clipping. I guess it was a draw. The only problem I had cutting off his man fur was that his cock was jumping all over the place. He couldn?t wait for the shearing to stop and the sucking to begin. Once again I let him cum into my hands so I could spread the cum all over his denuded crotch.

?Your turn,? John said. I assumed a similar position and he returned the favor. Those who say shaving their head is something every man should try once have obviously never had their crotch shaved. Who cares if it itches. That?s just a reminder of the pleasure involved. For several days afterward I could practically cum without touching myself ? just thinking about John?s artistry between my legs.

?O man, we?ve got to figure out a way to get Jerry to join us,? John said as we parted company that night.

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