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Samantha stared at her husband. She hated to think what kind of a state he would have her in for the next two months. How could she live through this? He sat against the headboard, back supported by huge white pillows, reading the paper, with his reading glasses lowered on his big nose. His nose that seemed much bigger now. In fact all of Jake’s features stood out now. Without that wild thick jet-black hair, Jake’s features appeared larger and more prominent. Not unattractive and Sam had to admit still cute; but still seemingly more prominent. God he looked fine. She could live with this for a few months. Happily.

Their night before had been ungodly. Samantha felt she could now die a completely happy and satisfied woman. No woman on the face of the earth could possibly top what had happened to her the past evening. “Royally and most truly fucked.” Sam whispered to herself and stretched out on the elegant white bed coverlet. Like a satisfied kitten.

“What, sweet?” Jake mumbled. Not taking his eyes away from the paper. He reached for his coffee cup and sipped.

“Nothing.” Samantha pulled herself up on her knees, her arms up over her head, she reached for the ceiling, feeling the muscles that would probably be sore by tonight. “Mmmmmmmm! Yum!” She walked forward on her knees until she was beside Jake and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She laid her head on one shoulder and nuzzled him. He smelled of all-Jake and love-making. She closed her eyes and sighed, stroking the nape of his bare neck. “I feel like a big cat, Jake. A very satisfied feline. I would love to purr and cuddle all day. Can I do that please? Just let me crawl into your lap and curl up and stay there all day.”

“No.” Jake kissed the top of her head. Her blonde curls tickling his nose. She smelled of Sam and love-making. ”We have a re-shoot later today.”

“What?” Sam lifted her pretty blue eyes upward towards him and then she frowned. “No. Tell them no. I want you, today.”

Jake let the newspaper slide to the floor and he yawned as he placed his arms around her waist. Some times he felt Sam was a little girl. She was so tiny and he could do almost anything he wanted with her body. But they needed to get up. Eat a decent breakfast and then he’d be needed at the studio. There wasn’t an early morning call. Just a mid-morning call. And they hadn’t had much sleep. What a wonderful night it had been. One of the best ever. He felt himself become aroused just remembering.

He flipped her over with ease and pushed her downward on the bed, coming over her back. He wrapped the long curls around one hand making a fist and pulling her hair to the side. Up and away from her slender nape. Kissing and nibbling on her neck, Sam felt his dick hard and pressed against her soft bottom. She wiggled from pleasure, not trying to escape; but Jake tensed and pushed down on her heavier, stronger. “Be still. This won’t take long.” He announced in her ear.

“Jake?” Sam closed her eyes. “I’m so sore, baby.” She started shivering again. It seemed he’d had her in that state for almost an entire day. Almost 24 hours. “Jake?” she repeated and although he ignored her, she didn’t care. Sam forgot about being tender.

“You know what we are going to do?” Jake sounded as if an idea had suddenly come to him. He sat up and straddled her. His hands dipped down and cupped her breasts, neatly, as if he owned them. He flicked the tiny nipples slowly. Painstakingly slow as he talked.

“There’s a place. A place you can go. Rent or pay a hefty sum to ….to….that’s like an adult playground. It’s a fantasy house for couples, married or otherwise who would just like to play out their fantasies….”

“Jake!” Sam opened her eyes and pushed backwards trying to sit up. “Now wait a minute!”

He pushed her back down gently but with a force she couldn’t match. He pulled her legs apart and drove one hand down to capture her pussy. His hand completely covered that and he massaged the smooth pink skin. “Of course we will discuss this. Of course…” he came back down over her. “….of course, baby doll. It will be what you want. Of course it will.”

Sam attempted to roll over but he wouldn’t allow it. He entered her from behind and pulled her up off the bed and onto her knees. He pumped, slow at first and then hard and urgently.

“Of course…” Sam whispered and bent her bottom up and towards his thrusts. She pushed her hands down, supporting them and meeting his actions as best as she could. Her wild hair thrown over her head and her neck bare, Jake gripped her tiny neck with his hand and held tight. He rode her.

“Of course.” Her husband grunted through clenched teeth as he exploded into her.

They both collapsed onto the bed and rolled apart. Jake extended one arm and captured a Sam curl, he rolled and twirled around his finger. The room was silent except for the heavy breathing. The sunshine broke through the edge of the curtain and rays fell onto Sam’s body. She glanced up at the curtain and noticed the tiny present she’d never unwrapped on the bedside table. They’d forgotten it. She jumped forward and grabbed it, ripping open the jewelry box to an exquisite pink diamond ring. It wasn’t huge. It was just plain and classically beautiful. A large ring would look gaudy on her tiny fingers.

“OH, OH! Jake.” She looked up at him. Balanced on one elbow with the sun hitting his face Jake squinted at her and grinned. With the shaved head, Jake did look older. For once he looked older than eighteen with that grin plastered on his face.

“You never had an engagement ring. We went straight to the alter, didn’t we baby.” He was correct. She had a small diamond that matched her wedding ring. But this ring was so much prettier. It was a sweet gift to give for no reason at all.

“I love you Jake Patterson.” Sam said breathlessly.

“I know.” He swung his legs over the side of the bed and drug her up too.

“Come on. Shower. Let’s not get mushy. Let’s stay raunchy. OK?”

“Of course.” Sam said and hopped directly into his big arms.

“No I will NOT!” Sam said again. She rubbed her wet curls in a big white Beverly Hilton Hotel towel and flung the mass back behind her head.

“Come on.” Jake said, standing with one of the towels wrapped around his waist.

“No, Jake. You come on.” She started towards the bathroom door but Jake captured her waist and pulled her back. She had on the gorgeous peach gown he’d bought her and her skin was still wet in places. This caused the gown to be damp and clingy.

“Yes, you will.” He held up the razor in one hand. “You HAVE to do this Sam.”

“No, baby. I don’t… I just don’t….want….” Sam crossed her arms. Her eyes met his in the bathroom mirror.

Jake grinned from ear to ear. He had begun covering his head with the white shaving crème and had told Samantha quite off-handily that she would have the task of re-shaving his head every morning. “Look.” He said and drug one of her hands upward to touch his head. “See. Five- o&rsquo
;clock shadow already. I’ll have to do this EVERY morning……I can’t reach all of it. The back.”

“Jake I just can’t…” for some reason it bothered Sam. She would be in a sexually obsessive state as it was, without doing the actual shaving.

“It’s either that or that new 20-year old hair girl. You know that little redhead. The cute one with the huge tits? I’ll be nose to boob with her every day…….”

Samantha jerked the can of crème out of his hand and squirted the foam into one hand. She pushed him down on the small bathroom stool and slapped the mess onto his head, rather roughly. It was definitely a slap.

“Ouwwww. Don’t be rough.”

“Shut up.” Samantha said. She covered his head, rubbing it in not gently at all. He knew this would drive her insane. Honestly, Sam had decided Jake had only taken this part to make her hot and it was working. Big time.

He held the razor up and she looked at it. She just loved Jake’s hair. Something about getting rid of it herself upset her terribly. It was bad enough watching someone else do it. She was already ready to see it grow back in again.

“Sam?” Jake gave her the stern father-tone of voice.

She met his eyes in the mirror.

He raised his eyebrows which made him look even sillier with his head covered in white foam.

“Samantha.” He said sternly again.

Her eyes welded up with tears and she grabbed the razor and held it to the top of his head for the first stroke. She went about her task softly and gently, swallowing and trying to just finish without losing her cool. Still she cried a bit and wondered what would happen if she had to do this in public with people watching her. Stepping to the back, she pushed Jake’s head down. “Put your chin on your chest.” She ordered. Running the razor down and then back up she removed the white crème on his neck and up the back of his head. Sam stroked it to make sure there were no stray stubbles, she’d missed. Then she ran the razor from the top of his head down over his ear and down both sides towards the back. Double checking the top she knew she’d almost completed her task. Her touch was so soft it took Jake’s breath. This was nothing like the old barber’s work. This was delicate and sensual with his woman handling his bare and sensitive scalp.

“Sam, that feels so……..so damn sweet, baby.”

“Jake don’t you need some crème. Something to keep your scalp well….moisturized. It shouldn’t be all like razor burned or spotty.

“Whatever.” Jake was pleased. She was at least talking about this head shaving like it was OK.

He felt better. She’d be doing this for him every morning and that would be fine by him. That would make it tolerable. Not only tolerable, but sexy as hell. That had been his intention all along.

She swung the stool around so Jake was facing her. She stepped closer and forced his knees apart so she was as close as she could get. Her husband put his hands on her waist. He rubbed gently and Sam put her fingers under his chin and tilted his head back so she could shave the front part of his head. If she thought about what she was doing she would get more upset. She concentrated on just doing a neat and clean job as if she were shaving her legs. Jake closed his eyes and enjoyed her touch. At first he’d thought this was only to turn Sam on. He’d never expected this to be such a thrill for him as well. He opened his eyes and lifted his hand to wipe the tears away that had fallen on her cheek.

“Stop, baby. It’s all OK. This is so hot and so sweet. Really. That just feels great! Thank you for doing this. So much nicer than old Ed or any other silly hairdo girl.”

Samantha sniffed but couldn’t look at him.

Jake dipped his finger in some of the lather and touched the tip of her nipple peeking through the gown. He drew a circle around the hard bud and covered it with the crème, soaking the front of her gown, before he attacked the other one.

“Stop, Jake.” Sam said quietly. She quivered and tried hard not to jump. “You don’t……”

“Shhhhhh.” Jake said softly. “Don’t pay any attention to me. Go on with what you are doing.”

“Jake. You don’t want my hands to get…….” His finger circled around and around the tender bud making sure it was well coated.

“Oh.” Sam paused and closed her eyes. “You don’t want me to get shaky hands do you sweetie?”

“No.” Jake pushed her backwards and stood up. He picked her up and went directly to the big bed in the hotel suite. His head almost completely shaved but still with some foam on it, he dropped his towel and attacked his wife once again.

“Oh, Jake.” Sam said. “See, we’ll never finish.”

“Yeah.” He said as he entered her. “I don’t plan on it.”

“On what?”

“Being through with you.”

Samantha hugged him to her. She reached up and held onto the back of his neck and opened for him. Surrendering to this man was easy. It was also her only choice. He’d always get his way. Thank God, she wanted to surrender. Samantha knew they were conceiving their second child on this wonderful night and day at the Hilton. There were some things she just knew in her heart.

She opened her eyes and watched her husband working away over her. He looked down into her eyes.

“You planned this didn’t you?” she smiled and asked him. “The movie role, the whole thing?”

“Of course.” He smiled that wonderful sneaky movie star smile. He bent his head down into her shoulder ready to build up steam for the big finale. “I plan to do anything and everything to keep you happy and hot for me. Forever. Thank God we both found each other.” He raised up and balanced himself over her. He studied her eyes, her lips and the pretty and still damp curly hair.

“Thank you, Sam.”

“For what? Shaving your…..”

“No. But thank you of course for that. I said that already. No, thank you for my son, sweetheart. My son, our family. You and me. I know I’m a lot to handle at times. A real asshole. And you know well, even through it all……what I’m trying to say …well I mean……. I love you Sam. More than you’ll ever know.”

Sam ran her hands up his neck and onto his newly shaved head, wiping some of the remaining crème off and kissed the side of his head above his earlobe. Her hands fell down and she cupped his tight ass. She pulled forward as if to help him drive into her.

“I know baby. I know.” She whispered and gave herself to Jake.

The end.

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