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What a great time we had in our first couple of days enjoying the hot African sunshine and the company of our two gorgeous friends Steve and Patrick. First of all there was the excitement of Kelly’s barbershop visit, our great night out, and then the lovely hot days at the beach. As a matter of fact I had hardly seen Kelly. She had disappeared with Patrick quite soon after our second day and I think they were enjoying each others company. She had all but forgotten her ex boyfriend. Patrick was obsessed with her buzzed hair and they looked amazing together, since he had long wild dreadlocks tumbling down his back. She was certainly leaving all of her inhibitions behind.

Steve never left my side either and we caught up on lost time. We had known each other for five years and become very close. We enjoyed a relationship based on fun and sex, since we both knew the other would not move countries. He was a lovely guy and very open minded. He couldn’t do enough for me.

After a day or two I decided it was time for a haircut and it was no surprise to Steve that I asked him to help me out finding a very good barbershop. He had never seen me with my flat top although he knew the story. To be honest I thought he preferred me with long hair. To my surprise he not only knew a good place, he asked if he could come and watch! We went into town where he took me to his cousin’s friend’s barbershop which catered for some of the military guys who were based in the area, and he settled back into the waiting area chair to watch me have my haircut.

His friend was very nice and when I asked for something special he said he knew just the thing. I climbed into his big barbers chair and felt a familiar thrill as he pulled a strip of cotton wool from the top of a container on the counter, wrapped it firmly around my neck, and then draped a gown around, fastening it tightly on top of the cotton wool. The barber began his special cut as I relaxed in the chair enjoying reliving those familiar sensations. He plucked the clippers from their hook on the side of the counter. A couple of drops of oil were applied from a tube and the clippers flicked on and off to spread it thoroughly over the flashing blades. He sorted through a pile of coloured guards, selecting a purple one that he snapped onto the clippers with a practised hand. Steve could hardly contain himself as the clippers were switched on and watching him in the mirror I swear he never blinked, he was transfixed. A deep smooth hum emanated from the white handled Wahl Super Taper clippers, now bearing the #2 guard.

He placed his hand firmly on the back of my head pushing it forwards and down so that my chin ended up on my chest. The hum approached and got gradually louder and I couldn’t resist a shudder of pleasure as they rested vibrating on the nape of my neck before slowly starting their journey upwards. Hair tumbled from the blades over my shoulders and down over the cape as they chewed ever upwards. They headed on up over my occipital bone towards the crown. I was expecting them to be lifted away as they reached the crown but there was a new experience to come as they buzzed on up over my crown and through, over the top, towards my fringe. Longer, thick chunks of my blonde hair were now cascading from the front of my head, past my eyes and pouring down over the cape to the floor. The clippers exited from front dead centre of my head. As they returned to my nape I noted in the mirror that the route forward over the top had not shorn all my hair to a fuzz but had produced a graduated lengthening through to the front. I realised that clippering with the lay of the hair did not reduce it all to the guard length and I rather liked the effect. The clippers sent shivers down my spine as they vibrated up the nape of my neck again. Again they passed up over the crown and through to the front, emerging slightly to the right of the last path, leaving a nice thinned fringe.

The clippers passed up and over my head from back to front repeatedly, taking the back to a lovely, barely visible, soft blonde pelt up the back of my head and a neat taper over the top. The clippers now came down and round to the left side of my head. They penetrated through my sideburn and headed upwards. The buzz grew loud in my ear as the clippers passed in front. Severed shards of blonde tumbled, bouncing out of the curve of my ear and down onto the cape. The clippers buzzed to the top of the side and then curved forwards to run with the longer hair on top. My left ear was folded forwards and the clippers ran up round from my nape, around the ear and on up to the top of my head. The blonde #2 pelt was extended all through the left hand side of my head. The clippers moved to the right side of my head and the shearing was repeated there. My senses were reeling at the vibrations of the clippers and the feel of the barber’s hand stroking over the #2 stubble as he made sure all strands were severed equally on the back and sides.

The cut was looking like it might be over, but the barber snapped off the guard and replaced it with a red one, the #1! My head was pushed forward again to my chest and the now warm clippers came to rest on the centre of my nape again and the vibrations started to run up the back of my head. They passed over the occipital and journeyed on, right to the crown. The action was repeated all round my head, which was swimming with pleasure at the sensations. We were not finished yet though. The guard clicked off again and the bare blades ran up the back and sides again only tapering out as they reached the last 1/2″ to my crown and the tops of my sides. The clippers clicked off and were returned to their hook on the counter. There was a whirring noise behind me and suddenly a hand full of white foam was smearing it all around the back and sides of my head to 2″ above my ears.

“I used to use a straight razor at this point”, said the barber, “but I’ve recently switched to the new Gillette Mach 3 Power. I’m sure you will soon realise why! I use a new blade each customer by the way.”

He swirled the razor in a jug of hot water and I jumped as it touched my head and I realised that it was vibrating! It was placed at the top of the lathered area and stroked downwards. It was very smooth and comfortable and the vibrations from it were delicious! After each stroke the barber swilled the blade in the jug, leaving a developing white scum with little shards of severed blonde evident amongst it. After a couple of minutes he had finished. My hand slid from under the cape and felt the gorgeous smoothness, finding some odd tiny bits of stubble in places. The cut looked great! Back and sides were shaved to 2″ above my ears and then tapered to #2 at the crown with an increasing boyish crop on top as it went towards the fringe. Very butch but it looked surprisingly and stunningly feminine! He grabbed the clippers again and snapped the purple #2 guard back on. Without further comment he placed them on my forehead and pulled them back over the top. Soon he had buzzed the whole top to a 1/4″, almost invisible in some lights, blonde stubble. The guard removed again and the back and side taper was taken even tighter, till it left just an oval of the buzz on top. He coated the back and sides of my head in shaving foam again and, this time, proceeded to shave against the grain of my hair, testing with his fingers to check that he had it all totally smooth. Finally, he took a small set of battery trimmers from the counter. They roared into life like a buzz saw! I was instructed to “Sit Still!” and he placed the blades of the trimmers at the crown so that they were biting almost straight into my scalp. With the slightest of movements he started to work from back to front up the right hand side of the remaining oval of stubble. What was he doing? He was obscuring the mirror as he worked forwards so it was with a gasp of surprise that I saw the parting he had just etched down the right hand side of my head as he stepped clear. It was a very severe cut but it looked incredibly
good on me I thought and BOY! DID IT FEEL GREAT! I couldn’t keep my hands of it as they roved over the buzz and bald mix.

Steve jumped up and came straight over to rub my head and enjoy the feeling of the bare skin around the sides and back of my head contrasted with the velvety furry texture of the hair that remained.

“We have to get out of here ” he whispered and paid the barber, before grabbing my hand and dragging me to his Jeep which was parked outside. We drove straight to his place without a word, where he carried me indoors and laid me on the bed. That afternoon I experienced the best loving I had ever had in my life, as my big strong wild man expertly took me to heaven and back over and over again. I was so exhausted and exhilarated I slept for twelve hours straight, and when I awoke I touched my hair, feeling the sensations that Steve had so obviously enjoyed.

The next day I saw Kelly and she admired my new haircut. Swapping notes we couldn’t believe the effect our clippered hair styles had on these two guys. I mentioned to her what do you think would happen if we went all the way, imagine? After some initial reluctance, she agreed and we started to hatch a plan.

Next night we went clubbing with Steve and Patrick in a fantastic beach side open air club not far from our apartment. We had an absolutely fantastic time and later the guys suggested we go to the beach, where they had a beach hut, and build a small camp fire in the sand. The beautiful palm trees swayed in the night air, and all you could hear was the waves crashing on the shore. Dawn was a couple of hours away and we drank some rum as we all sat together chatting around the fire. The beach was deserted and it was such a beautiful idyllic scene, I enjoyed the spirituality of the moment and lost myself in pure pleasure. This was turning out to be a fantastic holiday.

I asked Steve why he loved my hair so much as he simply couldn’t keep his hands off my head and to be honest Patrick was the same with Kelly. All he could say was it felt incredible to touch and the excitement he felt while watching the hair fall away as the clippers ran over my head was incomparable to anything he felt before. Watching the barber brush the hair away from my ears and neck had tipped him over the edge and he has wanted me in a wild animalistic way as never before. It was the perfect moment. I asked him how he would feel if I went all the way and he nodded enthusiastically.

“I will take you to the barbers first thing on condition I can watch!” he said.

“No, Steve, what I mean is, would you like to shave me yourself?”

Before he could take it all in I looked at Kelly who had been lying on the other side of the camp fire having the same conversation with Patrick, and slowly she opened her bag. Don’t ask where she got it but there was the equipment needed for two head shaves. She proceeded to pull out a set of small battery clippers, a tin of shaving foam and two Gillette Mach 3 Power razors and laid them all out on one of several towels that were in there too.

The guys could hardly contain themselves. They played Paper, Scissor, Stone, best of 3, to decide who was going to get treated to the clippers first. Patrick won, so Kelly was up first. The tiny clippers didn’t look man enough to do the job, especially as they were powered by a single AA battery. But they were Wahl Pocket Pros and they left no doubt as to their capabilities as Patrick placed them at Kelly’s forehead and ploughed a 1/2″ wide side parting from front to back. The remaining stubble was visibly shorter than that left by their mains powered counterparts. The narrow blades passed repeatedly, front to back, over Kelly’s head. She was revelling in the narrower cut pattern and the fact that more runs were therefore necessary. Soon it was my turn and the, now warm, clippers were handed over to Steve and I shuddered as they took their first run, straight down my etched parting, widening it to 1/2″. The guys were all too obviously enjoying this experience and their excitement was still increasing! I was turning rapidly damp at the thought of what was to come later! The tiny clippers sheared manfully on and soon the oval on the top of my head was history.

The guys were chattering excitedly as they fetched some fresh water from the beach hut. They each took a big handful of shaving foam from the can and began to lather our heads all over. It was so weird. We were facing each other so although I couldn’t see myself being shaved, I had the pleasure of watching Kelly and vice-versa. The sun was beginning to rise and it was the most incredibly sensual experience of my life, feeling the razor gliding over my head and watching Kelly being shaved by Patrick, enjoying the same feelings. Steve took his time, obviously relishing every second of the experience, and still incredulous that he was actually doing this to a woman. Soon our heads were being re-lathered and the razors were taking every last vestige of stubble as they ran against the grain this time and the guys rubbed their wetted fingers over our scalps as the razor passed to find any slight areas of remaining roughness. A damp towel was used to wipe the remnants of shaved stubble and shaving foam from our bald heads. Finally it was over and Steve fetched a soft dry towel and gently rubbed my head polishing it to a gleaming finish before dropping the towel and looking at me for what seemed like an eternity.

“You look absolutely beautiful”, was all he could say.

He gently massaged my newly smooth scalp with some oils and lotions and continued all over my body before taking me into the beach hut and once again making love to me until the sun had risen high in the sky. Kelly was no doubt experiencing the same treatment from Patrick but I don’t know where, we had lost track of each other long ago as we enjoyed the amazing experience. As we finally laid there exhausted I decided that I had to experience swimming with my bald head. Someone had told me it was an experience not to be missed, along with the first shower. I jumped up and ran naked down the beach, plunging head first into the gentle waves. The feel of the cool water engulfing my naked head was something else, no wonder it had been recommended!

Next day we caught up on the beach and Kelly looked fantastic, we admired each others new look and rubbed factor 30 into each others bald heads, enjoying the attention we were receiving from onlookers. We frequently went swimming during the days that followed and enjoyed the pleasures of using the cold beach showers to ‘wash the salt off’ on exiting the waves! We enjoyed the experience so much we repeated it several times over the next couple of months, each time letting our hair grow out a little and then going to a new exotic location. Once we shaved each other in front of the guys which they loved too but Steve confessed to me nothing truly compared with the first time he shaved my head. It blew his mind!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and a month before we left we had to stop the fun and grow our hair a bit, to avoid trouble with our company. We finally stepped on the plane on our last day sporting cute little pixie styles and our gorgeous guys waved us off, having had the time of their lives as well. Taking off and watching the beautiful landscape disappear into the distance, I smiled to myself and knew that neither Kelly nor I would ever forget our incredible African adventure……..

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