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Sam looked at Jake Patterson’s outstretched hand and took a deep breath.

She let it out and the cold air turned it into a visible mist. She grasped her husband’s hand and allowed him to pull her out of the black limo. Wrapping his long arms around her bare shoulders, Jake hugged her tightly. He let his long black coat wrap around his wife, as he slammed the car door and thumped the top of the roof. The driver drew away from the stone steps and headed down the driveway, leaving them alone in the dark cold night. Crisp lights shone brightly on the porch of the huge mansion but somehow that didn’t make it anymore inviting to Samantha. It frightened her. The massive doors at the top of the steps loomed and made her very aware of the mystery of what lay behind them.

"OK." She shook her long bright curls back underneath the circle of Jake’s coat. She felt the ends sweep the skin close to her waist where the glamorous low-cut gown dipped. Her hair had grown with this last pregnancy and fell in waves to the length she’d had when she and Jake had married. She fluttered her eyelashes and lifted her eyes sweetly to met Jake’s bright black ones. "I’ve changed my mind." She said, her cheeks ruby in the cold.

Elegantly dressed in a black tux, her husband laughed deeply as he captured her small face in both big hands. He kissed her forehead, rested his lips balanced there and looked over her head at the stately house so brilliantly lit. It had the look of a governor’s home or a state capitol. On the outside there was not one hint of the true nature of the establishment. The white columns running across the front gave it a classic look.

"Doesn’t look like a "cat-house" does it?" He mumbled and raised his eyebrows mischievously.

"Cat-house?" Sam turned her head and stared. "Is that the correct terminology? Doesn’t matter." She wiggled in Jake’s arms and pushed away from him. "I’ve changed my mind and we’ll never know what the hell goes on in there." She crossed her arms and shivered in the cold. "Call the car back, Jake. OK?" She smiled sweetly. She had been tipsy on the champagne Jake had poured her in the car, but the cold air was changing that.

The two were celebrating their fourth Anniversary. Samantha had given Jake his second son, six months earlier and as he put it, ‘ It was crazy erotic wild and kinky sex time’ and therefore had made a request for this Anniversary. A night of adult adventure at a certain "adult-fantasy" establishment in New York. Actually Samantha wasn’t sure where this house was. She hadn’t paid that much attention on their ride out of the city. Leaving their boys with a new nanny for the weekend, she and Jake had experienced some good old fashioned necking in the back of the limosine. From the time they had pulled away from the inner city hotel, Sam had enjoyed having no children and having her sexy husband all to herself. Yes, married life could make things unromantic at times. Their marriage had matured and they had both appreciated the fact Jake was on hand for Paden’s birth. It had been wonderful to welcome another healthy child and Sam was truly happy Jake was becoming such a great father and husband. He was exceeding all her hopes. He’d been behaving very well. In fact his only bad behavior always involved business details and arguments with agents. As for she and the babies; they only got the best of Jake. He was enjoying his family. He was a very happy man and that in turn made Sam a very happy wife. If he wanted something special, she was more than eagar to comply. He deserved it.

After it was all said and done, the young parents were rekindling the fire that was always there, bubbling under the everyday life. Samantha was all for it. And she was willing to please Jake. But this so-called experimental sex play was something Sam was hesitant with, obviously. It had taken Jake all of the six months since Paden’s birth to swing her towards this. And she still didn’t understand it. She was, of course seriously against the haircutting, even though it was something that they both warmed to. She was confused and didn’t want things to get out-of-hand. Their lifes, in bed and out, had been progressing just fine for Sam. She wanted it to remain so. So even though she had agreed, standing there in the cold night air, Samantha had that dreaded fright she’d known before when she’d trusted Jake.

"Too late." He pulled her back into the warm embrace of his arms and the big coat and moved them smoothly up the steps.
Using the big brass knocker, he banged loudly as Samantha still tried to chatter away. Her doubts were piling up to the surface and spilling out of her shivering lips. "But, Jake, I just….I…I…..well can’t you explain…"

"No, babe. First…." the door swung open and the warmth hit them invitingly. "Inside. NOW."

Sam stared into the blue eyes of an older woman. Silver-haired and dressed conservatively, she smiled widely at Jake and stepped back. "Hello, Mr. P. We’ve been expecting you. Come in. And this is your wife or partner for the weekend?"

Sam felt she was at the start of a very strange weekend and yet this woman was not unlike a dear aunt. ‘Where was the kink in this woman?’ she wondered as the lady introduced herself. "I’m Mrs. T. Initials and no real names, my dear." she reached for Sam’s cold hand, pulling them both inside and closing the door to the night air.

"My wife, Mrs. T." Jake said charmingly. He slide out of his coat and the so-called Mrs. T rubbed Sam’s arms sweetly, warming her as best she could.

"Well, Mrs. P, then." she smiled. "And why did you let your little wife out like this with no coat? And no luggage? Just what you’ve brought earlier?"

Two other younger woman appeared at that point and one took Jake’s coat. They were both blonde and dressed like ordinary maids. Very, very pretty indeed and both seemed to be in their twenties. Sam raised her eyebrows and looked at Jake. She rubbed her arms and felt warmer but still shy about all this. Jake had told her nothing about this whole event, except to say, he had made all the arrangements. He hadn’t mentioned other people.

Taking her hands in his, he looked into her eyes. "I’ve given Mrs.T, here all my instructions, sweet-pea. Here sit down."
He settled them on a dark burgundy love seat against one of the dark paneled walls of the big front foyer. The three women stood to the side waiting for him, it seemed.

"OK, Mrs. T. has the clothes and things I’ve had delivered for our visit. What you do here baby, is simply outline your fantasy. How you want the weekend or your visit to be. Then they comply. Period. No names, just initials, OK? Complete discretion."

Sam nodded and supposed she would just go ahead and see what this would all encompass. "Jake." she lowered her voice. "……… my hair?…..I mean what does this all involve? I’ve been pretty patient. I haven’t bugged you? I mean what’s the goal here…..?"

Jake was thrilled she had agreed to this experiment. He knew Sam would love the weekend when it was all said and done. She might have a hard time at first but he was confident it would all please her in the end. Jake was usually confident. He’d gotten past his only big screw-up with Sam and had learned his lesson. At least Sam thought he had.

"OK." He took a deep breath. "You need to do whatever I have come up with here. Whatever I say. Whatever, Mrs. T tells you, you must do. It’s all my instructions. OK? That’s it. Do this for me baby. We’ve been through this before. OK? You know I can’t tell you right now and some of this may shake you up but you know it will be O

"Oh, Jake." Samantha shivered, frowned and reached for him. She was hesitant and visibly scared. He pulled her close enough to whisper into her ear. She wrapped her arms around his neck and listened.

"God, I love you Sam. You are submitting to me, baby. You know the game. I want you at my mercy. I want anything and everything from you. Don’t be embarrassed, or scared, or nervous. I’d never hurt you or let anyone hurt you. It’s all play. You’ll never see these people again. There’s nothing here that’s horrible. Just you, showing me how much you love me. Silly stuff, really. If you can’t do this tell me now. But I know you can. Really it’s just games." He pushed her back and held onto the back of her upper arms, rubbing them softly.

"Look at me, baby.’

Samantha gazed up into those wonderful dark eyes of his. She melted a little bit like she always did.

"Do you love me, Samantha?" He whispered. Suddenly it was as if they were completely alone. Just the two of them, together. It was so sweet and romantic. The hallway was lit with many candles and there was soft music coming from somewhere down the hall. Looking deeply into his eyes, Sam felt she might swoon. She did feel a little dizzy from the champagne she supposed. The man was a sweetheart. They really didn’t have to say anything. She could tell how much he loved her. He always made her feel safe and cared for. He was as crazy for her as she was for him. She wouldn’t let him down. If these silly games made him happy, well then she knew she’d do what he wanted.

Samantha lifted her hands and placed them on both sides of his face. "You know I do, baby. I love you so much it almost makes me dizzy, sweetie. I’ll try, OK?" She blinked and felt sleepy.

"No, Sam. Say you will. Not try. Just say you will? I want to do this with you completely sure."

"OK. Yes, Jake. I will. I love you so much. You’ve been so good to me. You’re always so good to me."

"Well, I adore you, baby." her husband smiled.

"I know you do. OK. I’ll do whatever. I will Jake." Samantha closed her eyes and yawned. She opened her eyes again and looked at Jake closely. "Baby I am woozy. Can I take a nap before we start the hot sex?" she giggled.

"That’s the pill in the champagne. Just to relax you. It’s working…"

"What?" Sam shook her head.

"Well, you know. I really didn’t think you’ll go for this without a little help…"

"JAKE!" Sam realized whatever he’d put in her drink was making her very, very relaxed. Tricking her again. She didn’t know how she felt about that. But at the same time, she was tingling and feeling very nice indeed.

"Shhhhh." Jake smiled hugely and touched her lips with his finger. "No names, babe. Try to keep our names out of this. Or call me ……well, let me think about that. All though Big Daddy doesn’t sound that bad." He came for her lips and kissed her in a very, very deep and sexy kiss. ‘God, he can kiss!’ Sam thought giddily. ‘Wow!’

Jerking his mouth away, Jake grinned down at her thrilled that everything seemed to be heading in the right direction.
"Now. Stand up sweet."

Samantha had her eyes closed and a goofy grin on her face.

"Stand up…" Jake said as he pulled her up. Reaching around for the one clasp on the top of her gown at the nape of her neck, he swooped her heavy mane of hair up at the same time. "….turn around….." He released the dress and began pulling the dress down.

"……..and step out of that, baby."

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