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As you probably know by now I work as an assistant with doctors (kind of a nurse). Most of the time I am at the telephone, but once in a while I actually have to assist a doctor (injections, bandages etc.).

Well there was a beautiful woman who came in on a Saturday, she called us and told that she had severe headaches. She tried medicine, painkillers, but nothing worked. I was in the doctor’s office when she came in. The doctor said it wasn’t a migraine, it didn’t match with her symptoms. I was a beautiful 30 year old woman with very long blond hair (to the butt!), in good shape, nice make up, nice clothes, a businesswoman. The doctor checked everything, but couldn’t find anything. “Oh please, doctor” she cried, “please help me, I can’t stand these headaches any longer, it feels like my head is gonna explode, it feels like someone is pulling strings in my  face”. The woman was really desperate.

At last the doctor looked at me and asked me to step out of the office for a minute with him. We stepped out, leaving the woman there crying in her chair. He said to me: “what do you think about it”? “Well doctor, I think there is probably one diagnose left you didn’t think of and I just know how to solve the problem too. Will you let me handle it if I’m right?” “Oh yes Ellen I trust you and I know you’re right about diagnoses so often! What is it you’re thinking of?”

“She told us she has the pains every day and it gets worse the later on every day. She hasn’t got much pain when she is sleeping or lying down, so I have just one conclusion.” “Which is?” the doctor asked. “She has very long and heavy hair, it must be too heavy for her head to wear. I suggest she cuts it short to solve this problem.” “Aha,well I think I have to agree with you, I will send her to a hairdresser as a therapy”. “Doctor, I have another suggestion. I think she will protest against this idea, but since I am good with hair, I suggest I will cut her hair here. Maybe you can give her an injection with some sedative? She mustn’t sleep, but maybe a little more willing to do whatever we ask her?” “Another good idea! Ok then, but shall we just tell her that we have a therapy and give her something to rest now, so she won’t panic before you start?” “That seems like the right thing to do doctor, I’ll get the injection and you give it to her, then I’ll take her to a quite and deserted examine room to do the job.”

So I got him the syringe with the medication and we got back to the woman, she was still crying. “Please doctor, I’d do anything, but just help me to end this pain!” “It will be all right now soon, miss” the doctor said “I’ll give you an injection and then you go with my assistant to another room to rest a bit and get rid of the pain.” “Oh thank you so much doctor!”

The doctor gave her the injection in her upper arm muscle and then I gently took her by her elbow to take her with me. I had a big smile on my face, but not to look friendly to the woman, it was more that I was very much satisfied that my little plan worked! It was a coincidence that this all happened in my presence, but suddenly I got this brilliant idea during the time the woman consulted the doctor! I felt the excitement go through all of my body and I shivered…ohh just the thought that I would have this blond for myself in a few minutes….I hold on to her arm and took her with me, she was already starting to talk a bit slowly…..medicine did it’s work! I was lucky that the right doctor was on duty too! This one was always friendly and relying on my opinion.

So, we arrived at the other room, it was not as cold and sterile as other rooms, there was a big relax chair in it (sometimes we use it in our nightshift) and curtains at the windows. I asked the woman if she wanted to take off her clothes so I could give her a relaxation massage as well. Maybe it was because of the medicine she got, but she agreed willingly and asked no questions. She was totally naked now, I could barely take my eyes of her, what a beautiful woman! She sat down in the chair and leaned back, a little sleepy. I told her to keep it that way and that I would solve her problems in the next hour or so. Doctors have a lot of useful stuff, like washing bowls, scissors, buzzers……a little pleasure dome for me here. I told the woman I’d wash and massage her head and hair first and then go further with the “therapy”. She just nodded.

I started massaging her head a bit, but actually just to feel that big bulk of long, soft, silky, blond hair…..hmm I let it slip through my fingers and felt how thick it was. It felt very good. The woman almost fell asleep, not suspicious at all. She moaned a bit as if she liked it all and that was a sign for me to go on and follow my own path. I found myself a stool and sat right behind her, after I locked up the door. I just wore a nurse’s dress and secretly I undressed myself too. So there I was: naked, sitting behind a most beautiful drugged woman and all the pleasure I needed within a small range. Her hair was so long and I draped it a bit over my thighs…it tickled and almost made me mad. My pussy got wet immediately and I closed my eyes for a moment. I grabbed a lock of her hair and held it against my pussy, rubbing it softly. This was so exciting! There was a little trolley standing beside me with all the necessary tools on it. I got a brush and brushed her hair firmly, but gently enough to let her enjoy it. There were some dead ends in her hair, how annoying! So well taken care of and then dead ends….brr. I told her what I saw and asked her if it was ok if I trimmed her hair a little bit, I did that often for my friends (not!). She said slowly: “sure…” I took a comb and the better I combed and looked, the more dead ends I saw. All of her hair was straight down now, I took the scissors and made a first cut….the fantastic dry sound was in the air…schnick, schnick….a long thick tress fell off, it was cut to the midst of her back now! The woman was softly humming a song and didn’t notice anything else. Her eyes were closed. I went round her head, rolling around on my stool (on wheels) and cut all of her hair as short as the first tress. Everything I cut off fell on my lap. The woman didn’t have bangs, so I decided to cut her bangs, just to see how she looked with it. She had her eyes closed and I pretended to give her a forehead massage. Then combed her still long hair from the top of her head to the front, it was hanging in front of her eyes till on her breasts, I saw that she reacted on it, because her nipples went stiff right away, hmmm. I walked to her front side and kneeled, I pushed her legs apart and crawled between her thighs. Her skin soooo soft… My own hard nipples were against her breast as I very slow and gentle combed the hair one more time down. Then I put the scissor blades against her forehead and…..schnick, schnick, schnick……a waterfall of blond hair fell over our breasts. It was like living in a sea of blond silk. She was still humming a bit and I think she didn’t have the slightest idea of what was happening to her. I couldn’t control myself and I just had to touch her breasts, I took one nipple between my lips and sucked on it. I heard her: oooohhhh….her loins came up….hmmm she was just as much enjoying it as me! Her vagina was also wet and glimmering and it was just inviting me to do something. I put my index finger inside. I got it out again all wet and tasted her in my mouth. So good!

I couldn’t wait for too long, because the medicine wouldn’t work too long. I stood up again and sat down on my stool again. Her hair was now reaching to the midst of her back and she had straight bangs. Hmm looked kinda dull to me! I was in a strange mood now, I wished I had some more time, but I had to hurry. I grabbed into her hair and started cutting it of in a wild way, as if I were someone else, standing beside myself. It seemed like we were in a cloud of hair, there was a huge pile of it on the floor, around my feet…My “patient” was still out and humming….I puffed a litt
le to get rid of some loose hair and now I saw the mess that I created! She couldn’t go out like this, I had to clean up this mess. She just sat there, but I mentioned that she got a little restless, maybe she was coming to her senses again! I watched at her hair and was thinking about what to do, it was completely ruined, so there would only be one solution: give her a good clipper cut. I took out the clippers and put on a nr.1. I pulled her head a little backwards, holding her forehead with my left hand and put on the clippers. And with the buzzing sound she suddenly opened her eyes wide and looked anxious. Really hurrying now! I ran the clippers from front till back over the midst of her head and quickly shaved all of her head, again lots of hair coming off, over her body and face. She felt something was wrong and started crying, trying to feel with her hands what was going on.

I talked friendly to her, trying to get her a bit calmer. I explained that the doctor decided that her headaches were coming from the weight of her (formerly) long and heavy hair and that it was best to cut it off and keep it short for a while. I stroked her gently over her stubble head and wiped away some tears. I asked her if she wanted to see how she looked like now. She nodded, so I got her a hand mirror. She looked and gasped….started crying out loud now. What did you do to me? Doctor’s orders I said. I cleaned her up with the brush and she kept watching now.

You have to get used to it, but if I may say so: you look great actually, I said. Your face is much more coming out and your eyes speak. You’ll see that people will compliment you with this.

Hmm, she wasn’t convinced, but…I don’t like the stubbles, she said, I wonder what it would look like without stubbles? She put her hand on her head to feel it and she didn’t look happy.

Well, I said, I think that would be even better, would you like me to shave you shiny bald?

Yes, I think that would be better, although I am still angry that you did this to me without any warning!

The doctor gave you the injection to give you some rest and you wouldn’t be so upset while doing it. It is all for your best you know! I said.

Ok please go on then, let’s get it over with! She said.

I took off the protection blade from the clippers and put it on again….bzzzz oh how I liked that sound! I started at her nape, so she couldn’t see how it looked like immediately and she couldn’t stop. I saw her close her eyes again, but now a little smile was around her lips! The little bitch! She actually liked what I did! I did the front of her head too and she didn’t say a thing. She even surprised me: she put her fingers in her wet pussy and started rubbing. Ohh maybe we shouldn’t have drugged her before….

I lathered her head in a sensual way, she shivered a bit when I put it on her head. Then I took out a big razorblade and started gently taking off the lather and the remaining stubbles. After that I washed her head and softly dried it with a towel. Took some cream and massaged that into her now smooth and shiny bald head. She just looked gorgeous!

When we said goodbye, I opened the door for her and there was the doctor…..his eyes open wide, his face turned red. He looked at me, but then the woman thanked him…….

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