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Donald or "Don" for short was born to a 20 year old woman who was a factory Employee and his father was a Police officer who often patrolled 10 hour days. Don’s first visit to a barber arrived at age 4, Don was very nervous when he sat in a "booster" seat and was about to receive a haircut via clippers.

Jeff the barber talked to Don and assured him he was ok and started talking to him. Don’s mother instructed Jeff to trim Don’s hair. so Jeff used a "clipper over comb" technique. when Jeff finished Jeff gave Don a "sucker" and Don handed it to his Mother. at this age, Don didn’t have a clue the sucker was for good behavior.

Early April Don’s mother brought him to the shop and Don had his first flat top at 4 and a half. Don liked the Haircut and continued to have this kind of haircut each March for 5 months. at age 8 Don had his first headshave mid march prior to spring vacation. Don liked it, a few of his friends at school who were im-mature poked fun at his "bald" head for a few days.

when don entered Middle school he had a "mo-hawk" and it grew back out and Don kept it short.

Don was a good student and all his teachers liked him and he received good grades his first semester.

he even had the interest of a young girl. he occasionally purchased her lunch. they were good friends. her name was alison she had very short hair above her shoulders. she wasn’t very attractive but had a good personality.

Don and Alison started dating on friday and saturday evenings going to see a movie or going to the mall.

don received good grades his first year of middle school and went to 8th grade. him and alison continued to be friends.

Don had many classmates who were girls and a few boys but alison was a special one to him but she had no idea.

Don started his final exams on June 2nd and completed them June 3rd. and was told he’d have to come back 1 week later for his results. him and alison went to a movie a few hours after school concluded for the year.

Don went to the middle school 1 week later accompanied by his mother and collected his report card and he received A’S And B’S. he was ready for his freshman year. his mother treated him to Lunch and then they went to to the mall where his mother went clothes shopping for herself and Don purchased some clothes he needed for himself. he and his mother went to their house and Don phoned alison to discuss going to the mall friday and she agreed.

Don’s father arrived from work at 5:30 and don showed his report card to him and his dad was very happy.

Don and alison met at the mall friday afternoon and they went to a few stores and she bought a few clothes and Don bought himself and her lunch.

Don walked her back to her house and when they arrived she told Don she wanted to break up with him. Don asked if there was another man and she replied "No" she suggested they see other women. Don accepted it and didn’t question her. she said she’d like to stay friends and don agreed.

Don walked back to his house a little un-happy but he thought it may be a temporary seperation.

Don and his Father and mother went on a 1 week vacation a few weeks later and don enjoyed being away from home and being with his parents.

Don and arrived home and un-packed his clothes to be washed and he decided to go to the mall and play a few games and seen alison alone and went to play his favorite game. Don felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned his head to his left and it was alison and she said "Hi" and don said "Hi" Back. don conitnued to play his game and then Alison suggested they play a game together. Don walked Alison back to her house and then he walked back to his house.

a month later Don and his mother went to the freshman High to enroll don for the school year and they walked around part of the school and it was nicely constructed.

Don was kinda nervous about starting school and he expressed it to his Mom and she said "you’ll do fine" and his father agreed.

Don went to the barbershop for his 6 week cut and and his hair needed it. he had it trimmed.

Don wasn’t excited about school starting but he was thinking about the challenges he’ll have. he thought he would face those challenges and do his best.

the morning of August 20th arrived and Don’s alarm sounded. his clock said 5:30 "i didn’t set it this early" he thought.

he set it for 6:00 and went to sleep.

the alarm sounded at 6am and Don Sat up and belched. he went to the bathroom to clean his teeth and applied his deodorant and cologne.

he went to his closet and picked out his clothes for the first day. "think i’ll wear a shirt and tie" he thought.

he slipped in to his dress pants and his dress shoes. they werent the nice ones he had. they were the casual ones.

he went downstairs to the kitchen a grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and had a little cereal.

His mom entered the kitchen in her night gown "you’re wearing a tie?" she inquired.

"yep" Don replied. "it’s nice with your white shirt" she said.

"it is" Don Replied.

"I hope your first day goes smoothly" she said.

"me too" Don said.

Don departed from the house at 6:45 to meet the bus at prior to 7am Don walked the quarter of a mile to the 4 way stop where there was a shelter for the students to wait for the bus. Don arrived at 6:53 there wasn’t anyone there, he could see a few kids walking to other houses. at 6:55 Don’s friend Travis arrived. Travis didn’t have any long hair like he did awhile back. "hey, travis where’s the long hair?" Don Inquired. "My mother asked me to cut it for my freshman year, so why argue with her?" Travis replied. "you look nice with short hair." Don said. "Thank you, my father likes it too" Travis said. "you ready to be a freshman?" Don asked. "I think so" Travis replied. "you’ll do fine" Don said. three boys and 1 girl arrived at 6:58am and it was a cool morning so some of the students were wearing jackets.

the bus arrived at 7:05 and it was a 15 minute ride to the school and Don and travis entered the school and they went to their lockers to wait for their friends and then they were instructed to go to the gymnasium.

the gymnasium was big…Don and Travis seated themselfs and observed other people entering the gym.

the gymnasium was loud for a little while and when all the students were there, the principal spoke.

the principal spoke about the handbook and the changes and then the other assistant principals spoke.

some of the teachers spoke and one teacher had a joke which was a good one and had the crowd laughing.

the convocation concluded at 8:40 and the students all went to their lockers.

some freshman stopped to talk to Don and asked Don to step inside his locker and don declined and pushed don inside his locker and locked him in it. "gee, how am i supposed to free myself?" don thought. then Don seen a maintenance guy walk past the locker and don banged on the locker.

"what are you doing in there?" the guy asked. "some guy pushed me in here" Don replied. "okay, let me open the locker" the guy said.

the guy opened the locker and said "follow me…i’ll walk you to your first class"

Don was a minute late and the students were there and the teacher wasn’t for english class. the teacher was a short guy a little taller than Don and said his name was "Mr. Tilbuckle" he was wearing a suit and tie and he told them about himself and asked if they had any questions. one question one of the students asked made the teacher giggle. he gave a good answer. he asked if they had any other questions. there were a few other questions and he answered them.

of all things to occur the first day, don’s locker didn’t want to open after first period and had to have a maintenance guy open it.

don went to lunch at 12pm and managed to find a table with his friends sitting there.

alison was sitting 20 feet from their table.

Don hoped she’d come to their table but she didn’t.

when lunch was concluded she tracked down Don spoke to him briefly.

Don looked at his schedule he had two classes remaining. it was biology class. he walked to the room and there wasn’t anyone there yet. he sat down and a minute had passed and a guy walks in. "i assume, he is the teacher" Don thought.

he looked at Don and Grinned.

a few other students had arrived and were sitting down. one of them was a girl, very attractive.

the bell rang and the teacher said his name was "Mr. Hindle" and he wore a suit. he was an older guy perhaps late 40’s. he asked all students to stand and introduce themselfs. Don hadn’t didn’t this previously but did as he was asked. he then handed out papers and they were his class rules. they were common ones such as "respect for others" and "hand in assignments by their due dates" he asked if they had any questions and there were a few and he answered them.

he then gave them all a questionaire, it was a personal questionare.and asked them to complete it and they took out their pens and started writing.

they handed them in and the teacher reviewed them and asked 1 male student to come to his desk. a minute passed and he asked another one to come to his desk. "I hope he doesn’t ask me" Don thought. Mr. Hindle stood up and stood in front of the class and talked about the assignments they’d be doing. he didn’t seem to be very friendly. he asked if there were any questions, there weren’t. He didn’t seem to be a friendly guy. don hoped this part would pass. he asked them to relax for the couple of minutes remaining. the bell rang and don walked to his 7th period class. it was "english" don walked to the classroom and the teacher was there at the doorway. she smiled at him. she had short hair about mid ear length and she was an inch taller than Don. Don went and sat at one of the desks. a minute later 3 boys walked in and sat down and a minute later 6 others walked in and sat down.

the bell rang and the teacher said "My Name is Mrs. Wendell…need to see who’s all here"

she read through the names and they were all there.

she then talked about herself and asked if anyone had any questions. there were none. she distributed her classroom rules. she read them all and discussed each one. they were common sense rules like Mr. Hindle’s.

she discussed her expectations and talked about the type of assignments they’d be doing. she asked if there were any questions there were none.

she handed out their books and recorded their numbers as she handed them to each student.

she then told the class to relax for the remainder of the period.

the first 3 months of Don’s freshman year were good. he received good grades from each class and Mr. Hindle had a good personality and his assignments were challenging. Mrs. Wendell had a good personality too.

Don and alison were good friends and started dating again the 4th month of school after long seperation. alison was letting her hair grow a little and was looking good.

Don passed his Freshman year and was ready for the challenges he’d face as a sophmore.

Don and alison continuted to date after school was out June 2nd.

Don passed his sophmore and Junior year.

Don was a month from Graduating and Alison "dumped" him again because of a rumor and she later found out it wasn’t accurate and she and don were back together a few days later.

Don and alison continued to date a few days per week. when college started he was mainly taking evening classes because he was employed during the day. he and alison were mainly dating friday and saturdays.

he phoned her regularly.

Don completed his college education and graduated the middle of March.

Don was tipped about a possible employment opportunity locally with a local marketing department and applied for a position and was awarded the position a few days after he talked to them about it. he then gave his current employer his notice.

Don finished his employment with a local library and started employment with the other company. the position he was doing pays good.

Alison would be graduating about 2 months so he thought this would be a good start if they wanted to share expenses together.

Don noticed he needed a haircut so he went to the barber and had his hair flat topped. it looked very good on him.

Don noticed Alison had recently had her hair trimmed during their friday date.

Don received his first check and it was good.

Alison Graduated from High School and Don attended her open house and met her relatives and they had their pictures taken.

Don was going to treat her to dinner when he received his check friday.

he was going to ask her about sharing an apartment together locally, he hoped she would be interested.

Friday arrived and don received his check prior to leaving at 4pm and went to deposit it. he was set to be at alisons parents at 5pm. he arrived and alisons dad was outside changing the air filter on the car, he looked up "Hi Don, she’s waiting for you" he said. "Hi" Don said. Don entered the house and Alison was at the kitchen table. after visiting for a few minutes he and alison were off.

"have you had dinner yet" don inquired.

"No,why?" Alison replied.

"I’d like to take you to dinner" Don said.

"Okay" alison said.

Don drove to their favorite resturant and they were seated. a young waitress took their order and alison asked for a double cheeseburger and a salad. Don ordered a combo which includes a steak. they sat there and discussed their week. and then Don asked. "I have a question for you" "what?" alison asked. "would you consider sharing an apartment together?" alisons eyes got big as if she were suprised. "How about a house instead?" she said. "we can share a house" Don replied. "when should we look for one?" she asked. "well, how about we buy a local paper and see if there’s anything available" Don replied. "okay, what budget should we have for monthly rent?" Alison said. "I’d say $500" "Okay" Don said.

Don seen the waitress bringing food but wasn’t sure if it was their order she slowed down and her hands were shaking a little because the plates were a little heavy she gave Don his combo meal and then was very slowy giving alison her cheeseburger off the food carrier and she lost grip of it and it fell to the floor and she was embarrased. "I’m so sorry.. I lost grip of it" the waitress said. don looked for her name "Myra" was her name. Don smiled "it’s okay ma’am..accidents occur" he said. "let me clean this off and I’ll have another sandwhich made."

The manager walks up and "did we have an accident?" "yes,we did" myra said. "well you know, thats unfortunate but ya know accidents do occur" the manager said. "yes, they do" myra said.

the manager giggled.

"I’ll have another sandwich meal made… be 5 minute wait" myra said.

"okay, Thank you ma’am" Alison said.

Don and alison continued to discuss what they were going to do and the waitress came back with her alisons meal. "sorry about the accident ma’am…enjoy your meal" myra said. "thats okay" alison said and then starts giggling. then myra starts giggling and walks away .

Don and alison finish their meal and and myra brings their bill and Don gives her a tip.

"Thank you..have a nice evening" myra said.

"your welcome myra" don said.

Don paid for their meals and then went to his car and they went to a gas station and bought a newspaper.. they looked through the "rent houses" column and found a 2 bedroom house for less than $300 per month. Don and alison went to Don’s house and phoned about the house and it was available and set an appointment for Sat a.m.

Don took alison back home and he would be at her house at 11am sat a.m.

saturday morning arrived and don went to Alisons and arrived prior to 11 and they went to see the house it was 3 miles from Alisons parents. they met the owner there and they toured the house and they liked it. Don seen another house for rent and had an appointment to see it. they went and seen it. it was in good condition.

alison liked the first house and they phoned the owner and said they’d like to rent it. so a move in date was set for 2 weeks for the owner to do some painting.

Alison and Don moved in a week and a half later.


after 6 months of sharing a house together… Don wanted to propose marriage…he had bought the ring and was ready to ask. Don had his haircut and decided to treat alison to dinner.

Alison was employed by a local accounting firm and she was finishing at 5 he was there at 5:02 she came out at 5:10 and was wearing casual clothes. she stepped in to the car and they went to a nice resturant.

when they ordered their food Don pulled a small box out and gave it to alison.

she opened it and it was a very pretty ring and her eye’s lit up.

"would you like to be married?" Don inquired. Don was ready for rejection.

Alison had a tear going down her cheek and took a deep breath.

she knodded her head.

"okay…. how about we set a date for it?" Don said.

"yeah… how about 6 months" Alison replied.

"agreed" Don said.


their wedding date arrived and they had a late morning wedding after they exchanged vows it was off to the reception. they received lots of gifts and money too.

they had a reservation for a suite at a hotel 30 miles away and when they arrived, she said "I would like to shave your head"

"well, okay…. you’ll need clippers" Don said.

"i bought them a week ago" alison said.

"okay..let’s go to our room" Don said.

they checked in and went to their room and boy did alison shaved his head with clippers than a razor. then they went to dinner.

The End.

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