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My name is Tanya, I am 5’5″, 115 lbs, with long flowing brown hair past my shoulders. I recently began experimenting with women after my fiancé left me 4 months ago, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I began dating Holly about a month ago. She’s a gorgeous blonde bombshell. I’ve always wanted to see her with a shorter style, but she would never budge on the subject. She wanted long hair, and that was that.

My fascination with bald women came after I surfed the net and came across several sites that portrayed women having their heads completely shaved on camera. I instantly became envious of these women, and wished my lover would do it for me. One Monday morning at breakfast I brought up the fact that I had been thinking about trying a new hair style.

“Oh? What kind” she said.

I replied, “I was thinking short short”

“How short?”

“I’ve been thinking about shaving my head lately”

She sat there for a moment and said “It’d look good on you, but it definitely wouldn’t look good on me. You should go for it”

I was so happy, after breakfast I headed for town to buy some supplies while Holly was at work. As I walked down the aisle of the hair supply store I came across some hair removal cream that read “Apply for 5 minutes and wipe away the hair. No burning for simple, safe, and pain free hair removal. Better than shaving. WARNING leaving cream in hair for 10 minutes or longer will permanently kill the roots.” I immediately purchased the cream and drove back home.

I went to the bathroom, took off all of my clothes, and admired my body in the mirror as I brushed my hair one last time. I unscrewed the cap to the bottle and squeezed a portion into my hair. It was cold to the touch. I took the cream and ran it through my hair, making sure to get every part of my scalp. After it was on I set a timer for 5 minutes, and began to wonder how I will look afterwards. My scalp began tingling after a couple of minutes, but it felt nice and I could tell that it was working. After 5 minutes I ran my fingers through my hair, and a massive clump of hair came off. Next I took both hands and slowly began to pull the remaining hair. It came out easily, and after a few minutes I was completely bald. Afterwards I jumped into the shower. The water felt amazing on my naked head for the first time.

When I jumped out of the shower I admired myself in the mirror one more time. I loved the look of my bare head and decided to keep it for a while.

When Holly came home she flipped out.

“Oh my god, you look amazing”, said Holly

“Good I was afraid that you would hate it”
She reached over and ran her hands over my head.

“I love it” she said.

That night I made dinner for the two of us, but dessert was in the bed room. We made passionate love for hours, before finally falling asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and as I sat there I began to think about the bottle and the warning label. Holly would never shave her head willingly, and I really wanted her to be bald for me. I took the bottle into the room where Holly was still fast asleep. I took a little portion of cream and made a small circle on the crown of her head. To make sure she had a small, but permanent bald spot, I left it on for 15 minutes. Afterwards I reached over and pulled on a couple hairs. They came out easily.

The next morning I woke up and made breakfast. Sure enough when Holly came downstairs after her shower, I noticed her little bald spot I gave her last night. She apparently didn’t notice it. After breakfast, she went to work.

When she got home, I had a glorious dinner waiting for her, and afterwards we made wild love to one another. While she licked my pussy I kept staring at her bald spot. When we finished we were both very tired. After she fell asleep, I got out of bed and grabbed my bottle again. This time I widened her bald spot, and rubbed a little on her hairline too look as if it were receding. Once again, I waited 15 minutes and tested the area.

When I woke up in the morning, Holly was already in the shower. I went down stairs and put on a pot of coffee. Holly came down shortly and sat at the table to read the paper. I look at her forehead, and it was noticeably larger. When I got up to get her a cup of coffee, I looked down at her head, and the bald spot was obviously larger. I could see where she had tried to cover it up, but it didn’t work. I got excited at the fact that my lover was going bald with my help, and she had no clue.

That night after we made lover, Holly immediately fell asleep. I got up and grabbed my bottle. This time I widened the bald spot to about the size of my palm, and I rubbed some more cream on her hairline, pulling it back considerably. There was no way should could try and hide the fact that she was going bald.

The next morning I woke up and heard Holly in the shower. So I walked into the bathroom, took off my pajamas and stepped into the shower. She greeted me with a long good morning kiss, and proceeded to wash her body. When she turned around I noticed how big I made the bald spot. It was glorious.

“That’s some bald spot you have going there baby” I said

“I think I’m going bald from stress at work. My hair line is receding also. At this rate I’ll be bald before next week”

“Are you ok hun? A lot of women go bald”
“I’m sure I’ll adjust to it. Its just strange to not feel hair there anymore” she said

I could tell that she was upset. But somehow I think she liked it.

That night we had the most passionate sex we’ve ever had. While she went down on me, I rubbed her bald spot. It was soft and smooth from the recent denuding. After she fell asleep I grabbed my bottle once again. This time I rubbed the cream all over the top of her head, but left the sides alone.

When I woke up in the morning I heard the sound of scissors in the bathroom. When I walked in I found Holly complete bald on the top of her head, with long hair going around the sides. She was cutting the sides very close to the scalp.

“Oh my god, are you ok honey?” I asked

“Yes, I just didn’t think I would go bald this fast.”

“It’s from all of the stress baby. You’ll probably lose the hair on the sides and back of your head before too long.”

“Do you still love me?” She asked

“Of course I do. But let’s take care of your hair. We’re going to have to shave the rest of it off to make it look better.”

I took the scissors from her and cut all of the length off before I took my leg razor and shaved the rest of the hair off. Afterwards I took my bottle of cream and rubbed it on the back and sides of her head.

“What is that stuff?” she asked

“Just cream to sooth the skin”

“It tingles a little”

“That means its working” I said

Later on in the year, my hair grew out to a chin length bob, while Holly’s head remained smooth, and I began to feel bad for what I had done to her. So I decided that I would let myself go bald too. One night I took my old bottle of hair remover and squirted a little in my palm and rubbed it into a circle on my crown. After 15 minutes I reached up and began to pull the hair out. After I was down I reached up and felt the spot that I had just denuded. I made it large enough for Holly to notice it.

The next morning as I sat at the table drinking my coffee Holly came over and rubbed my bald spot.

“What’s this?” She asked

“What’s what?”

“I think you have a little bald spot Tanya.”

“No way, my brush probably pulled out a little hair this morning” I lied

“Okay baby, well I’m off to work”

Later on that night after Holly had long fallen asleep, I snuck back to the bathroom and pulled out my bottle and widened my bald spot even larger to about the size of a baseball. Then I rubbed some on my hair line to pull back my hair line. After 15 minutes I began to pull off the hair I had just treated. I looked ridiculous in the mirror, and the bald spot felt massive.

The next morning Holl
y commented on it once more

“I think you’re going bald Tanya”

“Yes, it seems so. I guess I’m just going to have to shave it all off.”

“Good, I can help. We can be baldies together” She smiled

She took me into the bathroom and cut my hair down to the scalp with her scissors, and proceeded to shave off the rest of the hair. After she finished I took out the bottle and rubbed some on telling her that it was just soothing cream. I used up the last bit of it. After 15 minutes I became bald permanently just like Holly, and the sex have never been kinkier.

The End

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