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(This is purely fiction)

My aunt was very beautiful she had brown eyes,was pretty tall and the major attraction was her very long brunette mane.But she had a very bad habit of fighting with strangers even for small mistakes that they used to commit.One day the same thing happened,she saw three burly men hit a man badly and run. She went and lodged a police complaint. The three of them were gangsters which my aunt never knew.

Next day my aunt had to go to her uncle’s place.She was good at driving so she decided to make her journey in the evening. She got ready,she was looking simply sexy with her hair tied in a big bun which she had washed at that time. The smell of shampoo was in the air .On leaving the city and while entering the outskirts she found that the road had been blocked. Before she could react the three of them against whom she had lodged a complaint were standing in front of her.”Get out u bitch said one of them”.My aunt was completely shocked to see them. One of them pulled her out of the car. They dragged her to some place that looked like an old shed. Her shrieks were in vain as there was nobody present over there at that time. After entering the shed they pushed my aunt to the floor. They started removing her dress but then one of them told “let us have hair sex with her and then proceed to the next step”. They tied her to a table. One of them opened the bun and was surprised to see her silky brunette hair sway beautifully.

One by one they all came and started rubbing their erections against her scalp while pulling her hair up and down.After all of them had finished my aunt’s hair had become completely wet due to the cum.One of them said” we can get a lot of money for long hair like this in the market.Let us wash her hair and the hair and then …”.They used some shampoo that they got and washed her hair.They blow dried her hair.My aunt had already started crying after she had heard of their plans.Nothing could stop them.One of them tied her very long hair in a ponytail.And a long pair of scissors did the trick and schnick the 30 inch of hair was on the floor.Other than leaving my aunt at this stage.The three of them had oral sex with her and fucked her in every hole and left her naked in the shed and went away with the priceless possession,her hair.

I think my aunt had learned her lesson.

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