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Mylanne returned from her shopping trip and presented her boyfriend Stephen unexpectedly with a parcel, wrapped in brown paper.” For ye”, she said softly as she kissed him.”Whats this”, he asked puzzled?” Open it and see it’s for my use, but your benefit. You know mine, but intended for ye”! Totally baffled Stephen did so and what a surprise, a Wahl Hair Cutting Kit! “Yes from noo on I’ll be in charge of yer heer and when it needs a cut ye’ll just sit yersel doon and it’ll be mah pleasure” exclaimed Mylanne! Looking at his astonished face she burst into a fit of giggles and kissed his blushing cheeks. My God I hadn’t expected this, thought Stephen.

      “Dinna worry Stephen I can confidently use it, after all I’ve watched an instruction video and I’ll make a guid job of yer heer”, said Mylanne. She pictured him with a short, sharp crew cut and knew in her mind that, that was her full intention! Mylanne has long cascading tresses, which flow three quarters of the way down her back. Even knowing that wasn’t going to hold her back from zooming the Wahl shears through his hair. Leaving just a quarter of an inch of soft stubble, she wanted to start now, but she decided that they could both have a cuppa first. Unknown to him Mylanne had intended to learn to cut his hair herself ever since their trip this summer to Scarborough at the Yorkshire Coast. There she’d treated him to a similar cut in a local barbers and had carefully watched the lady called Katrina, who’d done him the cut. Mylanne was confident that she could learn to do it herself. On observation she realized that no scissors or layering skills were necessary.

        Mylanne was like any normal lady she fancied a smooth, shaven look on some men and she’d decided that this look would definitely suit Stephen. Her mind was made up that he was to have it done for her! After all she would reward him and didn’t she always keep a head of long and well cared for hair for him as well as herself? His time’s come thought Mylanne smiling to herself as she made two cups of tea!

       Stephen just couldn’t believe that this cute, dainty little lady was actually going to take on the role of being his barber. He couldn’t picture her shearing him with the clippers at all, but she’d manipulated him already! Soon Mylanne disappeared upstairs and returned with a white cotton table cloth. She’d adopted this as a barber’s cape for Stephen to wear. He ignored her returning with the cloth and in a flash of white she disappeared into the kitchen. Today she was dressed in one of her favourite outfits, her white cotton skirt and a short sleeved white, silk blouse. Mylanne’s hair was tied up in a white silk hair scarf, making her hair cascade behind her in an elegant long ponytail. It swished whenever she turned her head.

     Presently Mylanne set up a stool near a plug socket. Out came the shears, comb, neck brush and depth grade attachment combs one and two. She decided upon these combs, when she read that they would cut Stephen’s hair to a quarter of an inch long and give it a shaved taper into his neck and sides. She decided that this would be short enough! She plugged in the shears and switched on and off a few times. She smiled as the shears buzzed into life as the blades oscillated.

    “Intae the kitchen sweetheart and I’ll start yer heer noo whilst I’m in the mood”, she softly called in her Scottish drawl. He hesitated,” come on and dinna be scared I’ve spent mah guid money on these things sae come on and I’ll dae ye a guid job”, demanded Mylanne. As Stephen appeared she whispered,”sit yersel doon. Slowly he sat down on the stool and Mylanne draped the cloth around him and tucked it into his collar. He loved the feeling of her supple fingers down his neck! Next she picked up the barber comb and began to slowly run it through his hair. She put the comb down on the working top and then calmly picked up the shears and fitted comb no. two to the end. She picked up the barber comb in her other hand. Next she clicked the shears on and they buzzed into life.

     “Pit yer heid doon Stephen and dinna speak” said Mylanne almost in a whisper. He obeyed as she firmly held his head down. Like a woman possessed she zoomed repeatedly up the back of his head, from nape to crown with the shears, yes there was no turning back now! He looked down and watched the clippings falling onto the cloth and rolling onto the floor! Unseen by him Mylanne was secretly smiling, grateful that it wasn’t her hair that was falling onto the floor! No her tresses were tied up and out of the way. This didn’t concern her at all! Nor could Stephen see the shears creating shorn furrows as Mylanne worked them up the back of his head. She stifled a snigger, how she was bubbling and having fun, using the shears like a lawn mower and shaving off his hair. She could see now why so many girls and young women desired to become barbers these days!

   “Chin up”, said Mylanne sliding her delicate hand under his chin, to lift his head.” I’ll dae yer top noo and dinna worry it’ll look fine”, she whispered. Next Mylanne began to sing, she was completely in her own world. Eventually she explained that she was thinking of a pop video she’d seen recently, where the female singer was a gent’s hairstylist.” I’m just like her aren’t I”, giggled Mylanne as she merrily sang? Soon she got round to combing his fringe down, or what was left of it. As soon as she saw how much he’d receded at his temples, she proceeded to shave it off completely!

      Next came his sides” over”, said Mylanne as she moved his head to one side. Stephen felt her smooth, delicate fingers holding his ear down. All he could hear was buzzing as she shaved away the hair around his ears.” I’ll keep yer side burns, but I’m shaving them close”, she told him. Soon all his hair was down to the required length. Mylanne was getting carried away and secretly she would love to shave his head completely, but she realized for the first time she must leave him some hair. Maybe next time she could trick him into having his head shaved!

    Instead she replaced no. two comb with no. one.”Heid doon again”, she whispered and then she shaved the bottom of his neck, around his ears and his sideburns even closer. Stephen loved feeling her firmly pull his ears down with her supple fingers, followed by her taking them between her index and middle fingers. As she let them go they sprung back into their natural positions as though they were made of rubber. Thinking this made Mylanne smile! Mylanne flapped his ears gently with her fingers to clean all the tickly clippings off them.

    Presently the shears were switched off and returned to the working top. Mylanne ran her comb through what was left of his hair.”Richt Stephen that’s short enough for ye and how it suits ye that short”, she added. Mylanne unfastened the cloth at the back and picked up the neck brush. She brushed his neck and gave the backs of his ears and his forehead a dust. Once again he felt her delicate touch as she tucked the cloth into his collar again. Then the buzzing returned as Mylanne took the clippers in her hands again.”Heid doon I’m going tae tidy yer neck up”, she whispered.

    Stephen loved the feeling of the shears vibrating on his neck. Mylanne gently stroked the skin on the back of his neck to feel it was shaven close enough, how sleepy he felt! “Chin up”, she whispered. Once again her felt her fingers gently holding his ears down. She did this for five minutes before deciding to shave off his sideburns in a last minute decision. After all she was in charge! “Richt sweetheart yer done”, said Mylanne turning off the shears. Nex
t he felt her fingers softly stroking his newly done crew cut. He wished that she could do it forever! “Thanks for trusting me”, said Mylanne as she kissed his cheek twice. “Before ye get up though I’ve something tae tell ye”, said Mylanne as she took his face into her hands and stared directly into his eyes with hers!

    “Richt Stephen I’ve just done yer heer and its okay”, she whispered. “I’ll let ye see it in a minute, okay I’ve shaven most of it aff, but it suits ye. I’m pitting this equipment away noo and ye dinna need tae touch it understand? Nae it disna concern ye, it’s just me who’ll use it”!

    As usual he was mesmerized by her manipulative stare and manner. He didn’t dare get up until Mylanne had removed the cloth from around his neck and shaken it free of hair clippings. “Go and take a seat and I’ll clean up”, smiled Mylanne. The cute little Scottish lassie was really pleased that she’d learnt a new skill and could cut her boyfriend’s hair. Already she knew he appreciated it and bedtime tonight in her sexy silk nightdress and her silky soft tresses cascading loose would be the tester.
    Soon Stephen stood in front of a mirror, whilst Mylanne showed him the back and sides with a hand mirror. Yes he had to admit that she’d done well, after all he would do anything for her, wouldn’t he? Meanwhile he sat on the living room floor, whilst Mylanne sat in an arm chair with him between her knees. “Ah love tae stroke yer shorn heid, A’d be guid as a barber mysel widna I” she whispered? He didn’t answer, just enjoyed his relaxation!

       Unfortunately if Mylanne was a barber she would shear everyone else the same as she’d just done to Stephen, regardless of what they asked for! Yes as they left the barber’s shop almost minus all of their hair, they’d see this cute little long haired lady cheerfully sweeping up their fallen hair from the floor. The last thing they’d see as she deposited the clippings in the bin was her see you next time smile. Well that cut suits my boyfriend, so why shouldn’t it suit ye, she’d think?

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