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It was about closing time on a Friday afternoon. I was sitting in the barber chair looking at the newspaper when I heard the door open. I looked up to see two beautiful women with long hair standing there. One was a blond with waist long, wavy hair. The other was a striking redhead. Her hair was twisted on top of her head held with a big jaw clip.I asked them what I could do, thinking they probably wanted directions. The blond woman asked if I still could give her a haircut today. I quickly said yes and showed her to the chair. She jumped up in the chair shaking her head so her georgeous mane of blond hair swayed back and forth.I gathered her hair into a ponytail and pinned it on top of her head. I picked up the cape, gave it a flip, and placed it over her. I snapped it snuggly around her neck. I let her hair down, picked up a comb, and started to smooth it out. She seemed to enjoy it and I knew I sure did. I asked her how she wanted it cut and to my dismay she said,”Oh, take off about an inch.” Needless to say I was disappointed, but that’s life. I sectioned her hair and pinned up the top portion. I picked up the scissors and started cutting off an inch off her wavy blond hair and watched as it slid slowly down the cape to the floor. As I continued I noticed how excited she and her redheaded friend were getting. I continued to bring down more sections and snipping off the curly ends. I could tell that the girl in the chair, even with the cape on, was rubbing the inside of her legs with her hands. Her friend kept changing positions with excitment. This was a real turn on for me also. I asked her if she ever thought of going shorter and maybe even bangs. She replied,”I’ve thought about it, but I love my hair long.” I removed her cape and finished brushing out her hair and must admit it did look great with the new blunt cut. She got out of the chair, looked in the mirror at herself, and smiled. I looked over at the redhead and pointed at the chair. She replied,”No thank you. I only came to watch.” I thought to myself. This is turning out to be a real disappointment. We went over to the cash register and the redhead said,”Don’t you need shampoo?” The blond agreed and took me back to find the kind she wanted. In the meantime the redhead went through the register knowing it had the whole weeks receipts in it. The blond picked out what she wanted and we went back to the register. As soon as I opened it I noticed that there was a lot of money missing. I asked them to wait while I went to get a bag for their purchase. What they didn’t know was that I have a surveilance camera that got them on tape. Sure enough while the blond kept me busy the redhead stole the money. I came out with the tape in my hand and a horrified look came over them. I told them that I had it all on tape and would be calling the police. They pleaded with me not to call the police and that they would do anything not to turn them in. Fine! Now we’re going to do things my way. I put the closed sign on the door and locked it. I pulled down the shades and turned and walked back to the chair. I looked at the blond and motioned to the chair. She swallowed hard, walked slowly to the chair, and climbed up. I gathered her hair once more and pinned it up. I threw the cape over her and snapped it around her neck. As I pumped the chair up her hair bounced back and forth for the last time. I wheeled over a cart covered with a towel. As I removed the towel she became very nervous because on the cart was a comb, scissors, and a electric clipper. She said,”You can’t just cut my however you please.” I said,”Fine, lets just make a call to the police. I’m sure you’ve done this before.” She said,”OK. Do whatever you want.” I let her hair down and brushed it out. Even under the circumstances everone was excited. I gathered her hair in a ponytail at the nape of her neck, gave it a twist, picked up the scissors, and placed it at the base of the ponytail. As she watched in the mirror, I pushed her head foward, and closed the blades of the scissors on her magnificent, thick, wavy ponytail. In a matter of seconds she saw me holding twenty four inches of her hair in my hand. Her hair was now reduced to barely above the shoulders. To make her more nervous I told her that I was just getting started. To my surprise she was beginning to enjoy it. I could tell she was arroused the way she was moving around. I sectioned her hair front and back. I combed through one front section. I placed the comb so it went from her chin to half way on her ear. I picked up the clippers and she jumped when she heard them snap on. As she watched them get closer to her hair the sound seemed deafening. I quickly buzzed her beautiful blond hair using the comb as a guide. Her thick tresses were no match for the merciless clippers. The hair slid down the cape to the floor. There was quite a pile of blond hair on the floor. Now I let down the back hair and snipped it straight across mid ear length. Finally I took the clippers, pushed her head down to her chest, and placed the clippers on her neck. All that remained was removing the nape hair up to the hair at ear level. The clippers removed it quickly as it also fell to the floor. What once was a waistlong mane of blond, wavy hair was now reduced to a georgous inverted bob with a buzzed nape. I removed the cape. She got up slowly, looked at herself in the mirror, and smiled. As she walked away I saw a wet spot on the chair and had to smile. She really did enjoy it. To my surprise the redhead almost ran to get in the chair. She said,”I never thought I would like to have my hair cut so short, but she looks great.” She got in the chair, I placed the cape around her, and pumped up the chair. As I removed the clip from her hair it fell down over her shoulders to mid back. It was red and very thick. I told her I was going to go shorter than her friend and she nodded with excitment. I didn’t hesitate. I grabbed her thick, red mane and twisted it high on her head. I flipped on the clippers and she jumped. As the clippers severed her georgeous pony from her head I could see her arch her back with arrousal. She looked in the mirror with disbelief as her red mane was gone. I grabbed the scissors and cut a straight line mid ear all the way around her head. I took the scissors and comb and cut in a choppy, layered style on the back hair between her ears. Finally I combed down some of the front and scissored in some soft feathery bangs which really showed off her beautiful green eyes. I quickly combed through her hair and removed the cape. She jumped up and said,”I love it!” Can we come back when we need a trim. I just shook my head and said,” Sure, anytime ladies.”

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