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Jenna had been looking forward to her anniversary date all day long.  In the year since they met, Bryan had been everything she had expected.  They shared a love for music and the outdoors.  He was the tall and handsome man that she had dreamed of for years.

She arrived at Bryan?s apartment around six.  The plan was to eat a nicely prepared dinner at home followed by a night at the symphony.  The hall was only a 15-minute walk from Bryan?s apartment.  Jenna hoped the walk in the crisp fall air might spark some romance on the way home.

Bryan arrived at the door in dressed excellence.  A crisp white dress shirt was cut by a solid gray tie, which nicely complimented his dark trousers.  As Bryan slipped off Jenna?s jacket, he couldn?t help but smile approvingly.  The jacket revealed the bare shoulders exposed by her strapless black velvet dress.  A pair of two-inch heels gave her just the slightest lift.  A sophisticated string of pearls lined her neck, and a moderately sized black headband sat along Jenna?s forehead at her blonde hairline.

Headbands had always been a staple of Jenna?s wardrobe, but she the forehead look was new, a suggestion of Bryan?s, as was getting her blonde hair cut from bra strap length to just above her shoulders.  The new hairstyle suited Jenna well.  She had recently been looking for ways to experiment with her looks now that she was away from home.  While she enjoyed her girl next door look, Jenna always wanted a way to jazz it up.

The dinner was exquisite.  Bryan had prepared chicken with vegetables and provided a nice red wine.  A couple of glasses later and Jenna was ready to head to the symphony hall.

Bryan stopped Jenna from moving too far.  ?Before we go, I have an anniversary gift for you.  Follow me,? Bryan said as he took Jenna?s hand and led her down the hallway.

Jenna was confused.  They had agreed that their gift to each other would be the trip to the symphony, and now he had found a way to one-up her?

As Bryan led Jenna into a spare bedroom, Jenna became even more confused.  The boxes that lined the room just the other day were gone.  Nothing sat along the walls.  In the middle of the room sat Bryan?s desk chair on a large sheet.  To the side a small table sat with a black cloth covering the top along with some long strips of a thicker black cloth.  To one side of the room, facing the chair, Bryan?s video camera was set on a tripod.

?What?s going on here
? Jenna?s questioning tone was quickly silenced by a long, passionate kiss.  ?Do you trust me,? Bryan asked as he released his lips from Jenna?s.

?Of course I trust you,? she said.

?Good,? Bryan responded with confidence.  ?Then please have a seat.?

Jenna took her spot in the desk chair.  Bryan moved in front of her, grabbed the first long cloth strip and secured Jenna?s left wrist to the chair.  The strips were restraints to hold Jenna in place as she received her gift.  Another question was quickly hushed as Bryan tied down Jenna?s right wrist and secured her arms again near the elbow.  Another strip locked down Jenna?s ankles to the main post of the swivel chair and yet another just above her breasts held her torso tight against the chair?s back.

?You are almost ready,? Bryan said as he lifted the larger black cloth from the tray.  Jenna?s confusion quickly turned to shock and then a smile as she surveyed the table?s contents.  On it sat a brush, a roll of tape and another black strip, scissors, electric clippers and a package of disposable razors.

Jenna realized that she was about to live out one of her biggest fantasies.

A couple of months prior, Jenna had revealed to Bryan that for some time she had been having fantasies about shaving her head.  It started in her senior year in high school, when Jenna watched one of the most popular girls in school have her long black hair shaved off for a charity fundraiser.  In front of the entire school, she had gone from a long-haired beauty to bald.  She smiled the entire time, and when all was said and done she looked even more beautiful without hair than she did with it and the guys still raved about her.

Jenna herself had never worn her hair short.  The closest she ever got was a chin-length cut.  She fought off the urge to cut it all off in her first couple of years in college, thanks to a fashion plate of a roommate, instead experimenting with highlights, different styles and the headbands.

Tying Jenna down, however, was Bryan?s touch, his way to add some added sensuality to the gift.  He had dreamed of this too ever since Jenna revealed her desire.  Her dream was now his.

?You look ready,? Bryan said as he pressed the record button on the video camera, its red light rapidly blinking over the lens.  ?From this point on, you will only be allowed the senses of hearing and touch
and those created by your imagination.  Happy anniversary.?

With that, Bryan secured a blindfold tightly around Jenna?s eyes, blacking out the world around her.  Some type of adhesive held the blindfold tightly to her face, just avoiding her eyebrows and the adjacent headband.  Bryan ripped a piece of tape from the roll and placed it over her mouth, holding her two lips securely in place.

Jenna was truly helpless to the fate she faced.  She was bound beyond movement and made unable to either see or speak.  She couldn?t wait for what was next.

Bryan moved behind Jenna, removed the headband from her forehead and placed it on the table.  He picked up the brush and started slowly, methodically pulling it through her blonde locks.  ?I love your hair and I love what you do with it,? Bryan said, ?but I think you will like your new look even better.  You will be a new woman, the woman you have dreamed of being.?  Jenna became more and more aroused with each pass of the brush, knowing each one could be the last for a while.

After five minutes, Bryan started brushing Jenna?s hair up into a long ponytail, leaving only the first layer of her shoulder length tresses behind.  He used the headband to secure the ponytail to the top of her head.  Bryan set down the brush, picked up the clippers and fixed the No. 1 guard to its blade.  Jenna let out a muffled moan of pleasure as the clippers jumped to life.  The fantasy was about to become reality.

Bryan placed the clippers at one side of her nape and slowly pushed down.  The first strands released themselves as Jenna felt herself getting wet.  He methodically moved front right to left across her neckline, exposing the bottom half of her head for the first time.  From there he moved to her left temple, running the clippers straight back above her bear to the back of her head.  A strip of stubble now lay between Jenna?s ears and the strip of hair secured to the ponytail.

Bryan moved to the right temple, repeating the process and leaving her black velvet dress covered with blonde hair.  He snapped the clippers off only long enough to remove the guard.  He made a second pass along the emerging undercut, taking off as many last remains of yellow as possible.  He took a quicker approach as he got even more excited about the next steps.  It was hard to contain the excitement in his pants as he became increasingly aroused by the denuding of his love?s skull.

The clippers snapped off, and Jenna waited in silence as Bryan retired to the bathroom.  A minute later, her blind daze was awoken by the sound of a spray can.  Shaving cream.  Jenna?s sm
ile strained uncontrollably against the tape.  She was so enjoying what her fantasy was turning out to be.

Bryan applied shaving cream along her temples and the back of her head.  He was very careful to move slow with the first few scrapes of the razor.  He wanted to be sensual with this part and careful not to cut virgin skin.  He slowly worked his way across the back of her head, leaving nothing but bare skin as he moved down towards her neck.  He was slow again along the temples, carefully moving behind the ears.  When he was completed with both temples he applied a second coat of shaving cream, pulled out a new razor and started again.  If she was going to be bald, Bryan wanted as smooth as she could get.

After the second shaving, Bryan set down the razor.  He smiled, approving of the first phase of his ultimate anniversary gift to the woman he loved.  He swiveled the chair, turning Jenna?s back to the camera to show off his handiwork.  ?Behold, Jenna?s first undercut.  Our first undercut,? he said.

When Jenna faced front again, Bryan released the ponytail from the headband.  What was left of her shoulder length hair spilled down over her ears and neck, hiding most traces of the shaving job underneath.  ?Sometimes it is sexy to keep little secrets like this.  Secrets like you kept from me for so long,? Bryan said.

As he brushed her hair out again, Jenna began to feel a letdown.  Was this all?  Was all of this build up to climax in only finishing half of the job?  Is the fantasy ending here?  Jenna wanted to demand that Bryan go on, but the restraints held her physically.  The blindfold hid her inner emotions.  The tape kept her from crying out her desire.

After another significant hair brushing session, Bryan again gathered Jenna?s hair up in a ponytail, once again using the velvet headband to secure it to the top of her head.  ?Now the fun part truly begins,? Bryan said as he picked up the scissors.  Jenna let out a little squeal of pain as the hair pulled as Bryan pushed the scissors into the thick ponytail.  After 10 seconds of chewing, the scissors freed the ponytail from Jenna?s head.  She moaned loudly and climaxed as the felt the freedom of her head and the realization of a fantasy.

Bryan snapped the clippers back to life.  This time, he bypassed the No. 1 and started straight in with the bare blade.  ?The true transformation begins now, my love,? Bryan exclaimed.  Jenna moaned again as the clippers touched her forehead and started their journey across the middle of her head.  She felt the rush as hair cascaded down her body and the rush of cooler air followed the clipper?s path.  Once again, Bryan was methodic and sensual with his progress, taking the time to savor each pass across Jenna?s head.  She was enjoying it too as with each pass came a new height of arousal and pleasure that she had never experienced before.

It took far too short of a time for the clippers to finish their job.  Jenna?s head, just a few minutes ago covered with blonde hair that she had taken care of so well for so many years, was inhabited by nothing more than stubble.  Because she was a blonde, she already looked completely bald to the camera far away.

Jenna listened to the rushing water in the nearby bathroom.  When Bryan returned, he carefully placed the hot towel over Jenna?s virgin skin.  She jumped a bit as the towel contacted her body in this new way, but quickly settled as Bryan massaged her scalp through the towel.  Soon the towel was removed, the air rushing back in cool and sooth the skin.  The hiss of the shaving cream can followed.  Bryan used fingers and palms to massage the cool cream around the top of Jenna?s head, taking the time to caress her ears as he made sure every inch was covered.

Once again, a new razor came out of the package.  Much like he did with the clippers, Bryan started in the middle of Jenna?s head, carefully removing the stubble that remained on her scalp.  He moved to the left, and as he did chills ran down Jenna?s spine.  This is what she had dreamed of, and to have it happen in this way by the hands of this man!

He shifted from left to right, moving the razor carefully down towards the line where hair once met undercut.  Once finished, he lathered Jenna up again, repeating the process.  A large wet spot showed through Jenna?s black dress.  The feel, the excitement of the razor passing over her head was too much to contain.

Then once again, all too soon, the shaving was over.  Bryan stood for a moment, staring at the masterpiece he had created.  He looked over to the windowsill and compared the new Jenna to a picture of the old Jenna.  There she stood with Bryan with in nice white blouse and blue jeans, her long blonde hair held in place by a wide white headband against the front of her hairline like Cameron Diaz in Charlie?s Angels.  She was sexy and beautiful that day and she is even more sexy and beautiful now.

It was time to show Jenna the new her.  He carefully removed the tape from her mouth.  As she caught a couple of deep breaths, Bryan removed the blindfold.  He moved in and planted a long kiss on the long covered lips.  ?Happy anniversary Jenna,? he said.  He held up a mirror so Jenna could see the transition. ?Oh my God,? she gasped as she stared at the beautifully bald woman in front of her.  She realized that the dream was complete.  She was living her fantasy.

Bryan removed the restraints from Jenna?s body, and for a couple of minutes could not take her hands off her head.  It was so new, so sensual, so sexy.  She moved in on Bryan and started a long, sensual kiss.  His hand moved up to Jenna?s head, once again caressing the virgin skin.  Jenna moved her hands down and started to unzips Bryan?s slacks.  He pulled away.  ?Not now,? he said.  ?We have a concert to catch and I have a ravishing woman to show off.?

Jenna smiled.  Bryan picked up the black cloth that had covered the table.  The covering proved to be a large headscarf.  Bryan moved behind Jenna and wrapped the scarf around her head.  He tied it loosely behind her head, and then used the headband to secure it.  ?It is breezy outside, you know,? Bryan said.  ?And besides, it is sometimes sexy to keep a little secret.?

POSTSCRIPT: Jenna found that the enjoyment of being bald was all that she expected it to be.  She soon moved in with Bryan, who shaved her head every other day before work.  While she enjoyed her headscarves and the occasional headband, she most often showed her head off for all to see.  Every six months of so, Jenna lets her hair grow out for about a month so she can again have the experience of the clippers and a sensual shave from her lover.  Jenna and Bryan are planning their wedding for this summer, and Jenna has asked her bridesmaids to shave their heads as well.

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