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I met Gail on line in a dating service. After chatting abit we started discussing my fetsh with hair. I told her that I loved to cut,color,and clipper hair. Gails hair was layered past her shoulders to almost her bra straps. Gail said that she was in need of a new cut but would not allow me to cut it real short. I asked her what real short was? Gail said anything off collar and above ears. She had her hair cut that way several years ago and was just getting used to having hair again. I teased her that a clipper cut hair style is sexy and awsome.  she said she would think about it. Gail asked me if I could come over to her place on Friday night to give her a trim? I said sure. She asked if I had any fantasies? I said yes with hair. Gail asked what it intailed. I told her. She said that she was not scared of me or my clippers.

I met Gail at a convience store to find her place. Gail said I have a room at a local Hotel. I Hope you dont mind sha asked? I said no. That would be ok. Gail led the way to the Hotel room. I followed behind her. We had agreed to cut and color her hair tonight. Her natural hair color was brown. Gail said she always liked the blonde haired look. Gail had baught a box of ultra light blonde to be placed on her freshly cut hair. After walking into the room, we started to kiss and hold each other tight.

Gail asked if I was ready to cut her hair? I asked how do I get to cut her hair tonight? Gail smiled and said its your night honey. I said if its my night it will be real short! gail smiled again and said I am not afraid of you or your clippers. The hair will grow back. and besides, its only hair. I smiled and  said ok. I helped her out of her clothes and she helped me out of mine. We were both totaly naked and realy horney. Gail asked where did I want her and what did I want her to do. I asked, is it realy my night tonight honey? Gail said yes, anything you want. my hair is all yours to do as you please. what ever makes you happy.  I asked are you sure, Gail smiled and kissed me on my lips as she grabbed my dick and leaned down and took it into her mouth and started to give me a blowjob.

I just grabbed her hair and my clippers. a 1 inch guide comb was already attatched to my clippers. I flipped the clippers on. Gail just continued to suck away. I placed  the clippers under her hair in the back and pulled upwards to her crown. Gail never stopped or slowed down. as I continued with another pass, long lockes of brown hair slid down her back and onto the floor. Some of her hair fell down onto her knees as she kneeled before me as I clippered her hair off. When  the back was done. I asked her to stop and sit on my lap facing me. Gail smiled as she stood up and ber brown hair fell to the floor. she looked down and as I sat down on the bed, Gail came and sat on my lap and smiled asI placed the clippers next to her forhead. I asked her if she wanted bangs. She said its your hair style.

What ever you do is ok with me. I pusked the clippers back to the crown.Long lockes of brown hair filled  our laps as I pushed the clippers back towards her crown. After top was clippered down to an inch I started working on the sides.

After all the long brown hair was clippered down to an inch all over I put the clippers down for some wild and passionate sex. we had sex for awhile and when we finished, Gail said its time for you to shape the hair cut some. I grabbed my clippers and removed the 1 inch guide comb and just used the clippers and a comb. I asked her how she wanted the side and back, she said the sides need to be cut down near the skin above the ears. no hair can touch the ears.I said ok, Then she said the back, clipper it up short and high. a cut  like a little boys cut. tapered back and sides with sides ultra short. as I finished I asked if she wahnted to see her new style. Gail said you have not colored my hair yet. I placed the color on her hair. as we waited for time to pass, I shaped her brows pencil thin with a nice arch. her brows were unkept before me met that night. As I plucked her brows Gail played with my bald dick. gail mentioned that she loves a bald dick on a man. I said I love a woman with a bald pussy. Gail sail that there has not been hair on her pussy for over 20 years now. I smiled at her and said that is awsome. After 25 minutes, we both went into the shower to wash off the hair color and her freshly cut hair.

Gail looked at her new hairstyle and color after the shower and said that she loved it. we left her hair standing up on top kinda spiked up.  As I left we kissed afor a long period of time. Gail said that I need to go before she would not  allow me to leave. I asked her if we were going to have more hair cutting sex in the future, Gail smiled and said yes. My hair grows fast and I want to have more fun next time we meet. Gail walked me to my car and said next time we meet, she was going to shave me bald as I lick her pussy. I said If I let you shave me, I want to shave you also. Gail smiled and said, when are we going to schedual it. I said you have not answered me. Gail said Yes I did, when are we going to do this.

Gail smiled and closed my door and said sweet dreams driving home.

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