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Being the haircut nut I am I started out one day to find a salon that could give me a new look and add some fun to my old boring life and look.

I must have driven to 50 miles looking at salons only to chicken out in the parking lot.

Then the time felt right when I pulled up at very brightly light salon that looked very new called changes.

It was 50 miles from my home and I felt safe to be able to get whatever I wanted done without question.

First let me tell you a little about me [Male 35 with hair just to my shoulders with about 10% gray]

I opened the door to the salon to find about an hour wait for service that would be great so I could look at the hair style books and give an idea what I wanted to do.

Just then a very sexy hair stylist came in to clock in for the afternoon shift and said come on back I can take you first before my regular clients.

Not ready at all I said OK.

She took me to her station and said so what are we going to do today.

I said I had no idea but wanted a total new look and to have fun with this experience.

By the look on her face I knew she was the one to do this right.

OK then she said any ideas what you were looking for or should I just give you the total makeover.

A total makeover I said, you can do that?

She said sure we do it all the time.

So what’s in the total makeover?

I will help you with the whole thing just you trust me and my judgment.

Are you willing to do that?

I said YES I think that was what I was looking for.

Someone to just take control and do it?

Well then that’s what I will do said Kelly.

This is as much fun for me as it is for you said Kelly.

This is what I was looking for and thanked her.

She said it would be here pleasure too

OK then lets gets started, great I said.

I see as a blond, I said OK lets do it.

She then said lets get some of this length off and then I will give you some great color.

She gathered my hair into a small pony and said you do trust me don’t you, I said yes more than you know.

Kelly then pulled the small pony and chopped it off, wow what a relief that was.

There that now gives me a nice length to cut from.

Kelly said would you like to keep you pony, No I don’t.

Cool she said, now let me mix up your color and I will be right back to blonde your hair.

You are going to look so HOT Kelly said.

She applied the color to my hair making sure to get the best coverage and said I will see you in about 45 min.

Kelly then introduced me to Cheryl.

She will help you with some other services we have here to make you look cool.

Cheryl then looks me over and said do you have your left ear pierced?

I said yes I do.

Cheryl said that’s so dated to have only one ear piercing, but we can fix that and fast too.

Cheryl said I will be right back; she then came to me with a plastic board with earrings on and said so what ones do you like?

I said well I am not sure if I want any earrings today.

Cheryl said you are here for a total makeover and I think it would look very hot on you.

Just then Kelly said, Go for it Bob you will like it, come on.

OK I like the gold earrings on the bottom.

Great said Cheryl; I will get them ready for you.

Cheryl talked to Kelly for some time and than came to see me with two pairs of the gold earrings that I had picked out.

Kelly then came over and said time to wash your color off, come with me.

When I was at the wash basin Cheryl came over and said well lets get this done now too.

Kelly said cool never did it here before.

Kelly said you do trust me right, I said yes.

OK then I have a surprise for you, we are going to give you the earrings that you picked out and pierce the top of your ears with the same studs also.

Not even knowing what Kelly meant I said well OK.

Cheryl then stared over with the first of four earrings that I would be getting.

Click goes the one in my right ear lobe well that was OK.

Kelly then put the matching earring in my already pierced left ear and said looks very nice.

Cheryl then returned and said you get one side I will be on the other.

The girls then got real close and said you ready, I am ready Cheryl said and then CLICK, CLICK went the earrings into the tops of my ears, WOW now that hurts I said.

Kelly said come on you baby lets get you hair done and stuff.

When I looked into the mirror I saw all the new earrings and said wow, now I know what you meant.

Kelly said come on look at my ears I have 5 earrings in each, don’t be a wimp.

Now time to get cutting.

Kelly started cutting what looked to be a lot of hair and than after a short wile said well as you know I have decided to give you a very short cut, it’s looking great so far.

Please lean your head forward I need to do your neck, Kelly then took out clippers and shaved my neck so close Wow.

You are almost done Kelly said just need to shape you up a little closer and stuff.

Kelly then removed the cape and used some powder on my newly saved neck and said there just the way I wanted you to look.

What do you think?

My ears still pounding from the two piercing and having my first hair color change of my life said YES I like it.

I then went home betting my wife home only by 15 mim, She came in and said what did you do, you look all cleaned up and very nice.

I went to a salon and got what they called a total makeover.

Well you look very nice said my wife of 13 years.

Thanks I said, it was fun you should try it sometime.

OK I will she said, tomorrow I will go and get my hair and nails done.

The next day when I woke my wife was already gone, I wonder if she did what she said she was going to do and went to the salon.

Many hours passed and then the phone rang, HI babe she said, I said were you?

She said I am just left the salon and I want you to meet me for dinner at our place.

OK I said, she then said OK then get dressed and meet me at 7:00.

It was some time science we had a night out together and I was looking forward to a nice night.

At 6:45 I pulled up and parked my car at the restaurant and waited at the bar for my wife.

7:15 came around and she had not showed, just then a tap on my shoulder came from the way I was not looking and she said hi babe, what you did not see me?

WOW I said you look great, she was dressed in very sexy dress and had cut her hair in a very close crop with blonde highlights, she had hair about mid back before and dark brown, it was then she placed her hand on my leg and I saw the glamour length nail tips bright red.

Well dear are you going to order me a drink or what, sure what will it be?

After a couple of drinks she told me of her day at the salon and told me when she got their and was seated in the chair she said do whatever you want, just make it dramatic, I am ready for a big change and do you know of any store local I can get a tea length evening dress for a very special night tonight?

The stylist said yes just down the street is a little shop with top quality fashions for special occasions.

We had sat for a wile when she said well do you like what I have done with myself.

Yes very much you look fantastic.

I wanted to keep this story G rated so the rest I will leave out, but we did have a great night after that also.

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