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After 20 years of marriage, my wife left me for a man that she met while attending our local community college. I worked overtime nights to pay for her education. She went to school nights.  The day after she received her diploma, as a registered nurse was the day she served me with divorce papers and moved out to be with her new lover. It was a bitter divorce. I hired a women attorney who had a reputation for being a shark and specialized in representing men against women. It was the best money that I had ever spent. My cunt of a wife got half of the proceeds for the sale of our house and contents.  In return for me not going after the money I spent on her education, and the income received had we stayed married, the bitch signed off my retirement and stock options. The slut also agreed to pay off all of her own credit card debts, which ate up most of her share of the money. Do I sound bitter about my ex and/or women in general?  Perhaps I am bitter. My parents raised me to treat women with respect. I always thought I had a great marriage. I listened to her opinions. Our sex life was OK; the whore refused me oral sex. I tried to be sensitive to her moods and needs. I let the bitch decorate our house the way she wanted it in flowery pastels and dainty uncomfortable furniture. What crap! Look where being a gentleman got me; being cuckold by a male nurse, not even a doctor for god sakes.

After the divorce was final, I got a fresh start. I bought a piece of property just at the outskirts of town that included a large stone house, a barn, and several small out buildings. There was a small pond on the property. I later discovered an overgrown dirt road that ended at an abandoned gravel pit. My property was included in city postal route that was mostly a walking one.  I was the last stop and the only stop were the postal carrier drove up to the house, got out and had deliver the mail to a mailbox on the porch.

After I got the barn and outbuilding in order, I started on the house.

The mostly costly renovation was to the slate roof. This included a complete tear off, resetting the existing slate tiles with bronze nails and replacing all the copper flashing and gutters. I paid plenty to have this done.

My friends and I remodeled the inside of the house, stripping the original woodwork and dark paneling to original condition. We replaced all the wiring and most of the plumbing. I furnished the rooms in all solid masculine colors and bought massive comfortable overstuffed leather furniture. In time, I intended to put in a concrete driveway. Having a gravel pit on the property gave me a free source of base stone.  I drove down there to check things out and noticed a series of tire tracks leading to a small overgrown gully off of the gravel pit.

I got out of my truck and walked in.  I found almost approximately fifty extra heavy-duty lawn & trash bags full of canceled mail.  It was mostly all junk mail and catalogs, some of it 2 years old. The bags were stacked upon one another and each layer covered in gravel.  I went back to the house and got my camera and returned to photograph the contents of random bags I pulled from the pile.

Later I did some checking and found out that the names and addresses on the mail were from people on my postal carrier’s route.

Over a period of time, I stacked out the area with my camera to try and catch the person dumping the mail. I hoped it was my postal carrier, because if it was, I had plans for her.

After a months time, I caught her on my property in the late fall dumping some bags and covering them with gravel. From my point of concealment, I got dozens of photographs of her dumping the mail.  I waited to develop the pictures before I confronted her with the evidence and my proposal.

In the mean time, I contacted a retired State Trooper who owned a private investigating agency.  John was a hunting buddy of mine and referred me to my divorce lawyer. He agreed to get me personal information about her no questions asked.  I gave him case of Jim Beam Black Bourbon Whiskey for his trouble and he threw in a set of handcuffs for good measure.

To make a long story short, Mary, my postal carrier was 40 years old, a widow and financially well off from her deceased husband’s insurance. Mary had great credit, no debt and her modest house was paid for.  She had worked for the postal service for 20 years and had no children.  Mary lived alone and didn’t appear to have boyfriend. Her closest living relative was her foster mother living in another state. Mary could retire with full pension in five years if she didn’t get caught and prosecuted.  Even if she managed to get off without prison time, her legal fees would ruin her financially.

Mary was about 6 foot tall with a slim willowy build. As near as I could tell through her loose uniform she had small breasts and a tight compact ass.

Mary has light brown hair that she always had pulled back and hidden underneath her uniform cap. It appeared to be braided, although I didn’t know how long her braid was because of the cap. She had green eyes and somewhat to heavy eyebrows.

A week before Christmas I gave her sealed red envelope. I told her it was a Christmas tip with many more tips to come. The envelope contained a card with her pictures in it.

The following Monday evening, Mary appeared at my front door and asked if we could talk.  I let her in and invited her in and asked to sit down at the kitchen table.

She took off her winter coat and knit hat and sat down.  She was wearing a red sweater, faded blue jeans and pink moon boots.  She wasn’t wearing any makeup.

Mary’s hair was braided in a single braid down her back that reached almost to the bottom of her pert ass.  The braid was very thick almost to the end were it tapered off almost to a point the last six inches. Looking at her, I wondered what she would look like with bangs. I also realized that I was correct about her having small breasts and a small tight ass.

Before she could speak, I slammed my hand down on the table. I told her to keep quiet and hear what I had to say.  I informed her that I had enough evidence to get her fired as well as a sentence in Federal Prison. I told her that I was not interested in hearing about her reasons or excuses. I told her that I would keep my mouth shut and destroy the evidence only if I had her cooperation.

I then laid out the ground rules. In this envelope, I have written down what I want from you for me to keep quiet.

Take it home with you and read the contents over the weekend. Everything is spelled out. If you agree, and you really don’t have a choice, you can walk away from this with a clean slate. You will have to trust me to keep my word. I want 7 months of your time. Or if you like you can take your chances with the authorities. It is your choice 7 years or 7 months.

Be a smart girl, I’ll see you Monday, 6:00PM sharp.

The following Monday at the agreed time, a subdued Mary appeared at my doorstep. I let her in and locked the door behind her.  Per my instructions, she had styled her long hair in a braided bun. Mary was wearing a newly purchased knee length winter coat. When she removed it, she was wearing a nice dress but no bra or panties underneath.  I pointed to a corner of the room and told her to stand there facing the wall with her hands crossed behind her back.

While she was standing there, I handcuffed her wrists together and had her step out of her shoes.  I roughly cut her dress off with upholstery scissors warning her gruffly to keep facing the wall. I made her stand there naked for about an hour. I fondled her breasts and rubbed her ass.  I played with her pussy, whispering what I was going to do to her.  I removed the pins from Mary’s bun and let her braid drop down be
tween her ass cheeks.

I cut six inches or so off the bottom of her braid with the upholstery shears making it the same thickness it’s entire length.  I then sat in my leather chair and made Mary give me head while I undid her braid and played with her now loose ponytail. I warned her to swallow it all or I would cut all her hair off. After I came, I removed the handcuffs and had her take her hair out of the ponytail. Mary’s hair now fell long and loose to the top of her ass. It was very beautiful. It was mine to do with what I liked for the next 7 months.

Mary spent the night and I had my way with her, with and without the handcuffs.  In the morning I sent her home for the Christmas Holiday. She was to return on Dec 31st. at our appointed time. Mary left minus her ruined dress and her cut of braid. She however did leave with new written instructions, which she could open only when she got home and only after I telephoned her with permission. Mary arrived on the 31st. right on time.  When she removed her coat, I was pleased to see she was wearing a short tight strapless black dress. Mary was wearing her hair loose down her back.  It was blunt cut all one length and about four inches shorter. I was also pleased to see that she now had eyebrow length blunt bangs that set off her green eyes.  She looked cute in bangs.

I had her slowly undress in front of me. When she was naked, I took her upstairs to the bathroom and had her sit on the vanity by the sink with her legs spread apart. I used electric clippers and buzzed all the hair from her pussy. I lathered the remaining stubble and shaved her pussy bald and smooth like a little girls. I finished up with some cold baby oil chilling along with champagne in an ice bucket.  I then made her fix her hair in twin pigtails to complement her new bangs. Mary gave me head in the bathroom while I played with her pigtails. It seemed to me that she was getting better at it.

Mary looked much younger with bangs and pigtails. I had her change into her black dress and took her out to dinner and dancing. Mary’s hair remained in pigtails the whole evening, black dress and all. She received some interesting looks. Afterwards it was back home for champagne and more sex.  Mary left the next day with written instructions to keep three appointments that I had made for her and to bring her checkbook to pay for them all. As usual, she must wait for a separate phone call for each set of instructions.

On Saturday, Mary was a half hour late. She had just come from the beauty salon and she looked hot. Mary’s hair was now a rich red auburn.  It was curled in beautiful large spiral curls that fell to the bottom of her shoulder blades.  Mary was wearing makeup done to perfection and her eyebrows were thinned and shaped beautifully. Mary spent her money well for me.

I made her strip for me and then looked her over thoroughly.

Mary was stunning. Her pussy was still smooth and bald like a little girl, but looked a little sore and pink from the electrolysis.  It would be like that from now on and not require daily shaving. Mary also had a full body wax and aside from her head, was smooth and hairless from the neck down.

I buried my hands in all those curls while she gave me some of the best head ever, and as always she did not spill a drop. I rubbed cold baby oil on her sore pussy. I had her get dressed and had her pin her curls up. We took in a movie and dinner and back for more sex. On subsequent visits over the weeks, I made her style her long hair for me in just about every way possible. I took lots of pictures of my favorite styles with her posing in the nude for many of them.

The last two weeks of Mary’s seven-month commitment was the most interesting. On the second to last, I handcuffed her again from behind the minute she walked through the door.  While she gave me head, I slowly and deliberately cut her now middle of the back length auburn hair just to the base of her neck.  This I think, more then anything else upset her.  After she was shorn of most of her locks, I sent her away with her final instructions.

Mary returned much relieved for her last visit with a short blunt pageboy with bangs. Her once long luxurious tresses were now cut just below her ears. She thought I made arrangements to have her hair cut much, much shorter. I dropped hints during our sessions about a possible pixie cut. It was still however a rich red auburn, a color that suited her well. The last and final blowjob was the best one yet. Although her hair was short, it was still thick and soft. I went down on her for the first time, driving her crazy for a change. When I was done I had Mary take a curling wand and curl her hair. Mary looked cute with a curly pageboy. I took before and after pictures for the last time.

With a rented a backhoe, I dug a trench.  We threw all of the mailbags into the trench, and all the brush I saved in clearing the road to the gravel pit; to which I added 25 gallons of diesel fuel. We sat and watched until it burned itself out. After the fire was out and the evidence completely destroyed, I filled the hole over.

After about a year, Mary was promoted to an indoor job at the Post Office waiting on customers at the front counter. I got a new Postman; my ex lost her nursing license for one year pending a review and asked to borrow some money from me or the bank was taking her car. I sent her a bus pass.

On evening I was dozing in my chair when the doorbell rang.

Mary was standing there in a long trench coat with a nervous smile on her face. I noticed that her hair had grown out from that short pageboy. It was still the same rich red auburn I liked and pulled back in a french twist. Her makeup was impeccable. Mary still had the same cute bang framing her green eyes. She also had a red envelope and a bottle of champagne.

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