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Patty was working in the afternoon at Vision Optical a small family run place. She had been working there near six months for the owner John and his wife Joyce. John was the Optometrist and Joyce handled the books and business side of the operation. Patty was a small young lady near 120 lbs in her early 20’s and just a little over five feet tall. She wore crude eyeglasses and her best feature by far was her thick shiny raven black mane of hair that hung to her waist. She had thick bangs and wore her massive shiny mane either up in a twist like it was today or down with big curls at the ends. Today she wore a nice silk blouse and dress that reached almost to her knees. Her two other coworkers  were a bit taller but their hair was near shoulder length. Patty knew that her six month evaluation would be coming any day. She really liked working for John and Joyce.

It was mid-afternoon when John came up and spoke to Patty. ” My wife wants you to stay late after work and help her with the books. Is that ok?”  Patty responded that is was OK.  Now, Patty had seen Joyce in earlier and had no problem with the idea. The other workers did it from time to time. Joyce had been in earlier and had seen Patty with her thick shiny hair up in a twist that she struggled with to keep in place and her pretty silk outfit. Closing time came at 6:00 pm and after everyone left Patty helped close the place up Joyce locked the door and motioned for Patty to come back to the office area with her.

Joyce spoke ” Sit down Patty I have a Personal Issue to discuss and solve with you tonight.”  Patty tensed up ” A Personal Issue?”  Joyce reached into her desk and pulled out a video tape like they ran in the security in house cameras and placed it into a VCR TV combination sitting in front of Patty. Joyce spoke ” I want you to watch this short video of about ten minutes and tell me what you see.” Joyce turned the VCR on and Patty saw herself fighting on the store camera with her long hair. When it was up she was fighting with it to stay up and when it was down she was flipping it out of the way. The tape stopped and Joyce asked her what she just saw. ” I saw myself fighting with my hair no matter how I wore it.”

“This correct and that is the issue. I have gotten complaints from customers and your coworkers about you and your long hair being a distraction. What do you see as a solution to this issue?”

“I’d say I need to change my hairstyle or the way I fix my hair.” replies Patty.

Joyce speaks ” You are correct but I think you need a brand new hairstyle. Now Patty you’re a good worker and get along with your fellow workers and the customers. Me and John would love to give you a good raise and more responsibility if you agreed to a new hairstyle. Could you agree to that? “  Patty nervously responds ” Well, yes I guess I could. How soon do I need to make the change?”

Joyce looked at Patty and smiled ” How about RIGHT NOW, TONIGHT. You do know that before and after I married John I ran my own salon.  Why your own mother was one of my customers. We can cut it tonight and you can come in with your new look tomorrow. We then could make your pay raise effective in the morning and give you permanent status.”

Patty reached up and touched her shinny hair and spoke ” I do have to admit my hair has been getting in my way recently. I was going to wait till next month to make a change as I’m short of money but I guess tonight is ok if you say so. “

Joyce motioned for Patty to follow her down the hall and opened a door to a room that Patty thought was only storage. Joyce opened the door and turned on the lights. Patty saw at the end of the room a full length mirror and in front of it a styling chair station that must have been taken from Joyce’s old salon. Patty saw on the counter scissors of various shapes and sizes and a set of clippers. A bright blue cape hung over the chair. Her stomach filled with butterflies.

Joyce spoke ” I think this place will be fine for your hairstyle change. She looked at Patty Oh, Patty, I’d hate to mess up your pretty silk cloths. Could you remove them except for your bra and panties. You can place your cloths over there in the corner and you need not be nervous it is only me and you.  I want to try out my new digital camera by taking some before and after photos of your makeover.” Patty looked around and saw no reason not to comply.  She took her cloths off and revealed her small but nicely shaped body. Joyce came over and took off her eyeglasses as she didn’t need them. Joyce had her stand in front of the mirrors and took pictures of her from the sides and back with her hair still up. Joyce stepped up behind her ” Before, I let down your hair I’m going to remove your bra so when I brush your hair my brush won’t get hung up on it”. Patty nodded and let Joyce remove her bra which revealed a nice set of young c-cup  breasts. Joyce smiled and had Patty face the mirror. Joyce then reached up and undid the massive twist of hair. Patty’s shiny thick raven hair cascaded down to her waist. Joyce took some more pictures and after Patty did a quick turn around she took a comb and after finger combing Patty’s hair started to brush it out. ” No wonder you had just a hard time fighting your hair. It is so thick and yet it is soft and shiny. Must have taken you a lot of time to take care of it.” Joyce had Patty bend over with her cute butt to the mirror and pulled her red panties up tight so it looked like a thong. ” That will do and now it is time to get down to business.” Joyce had Patty sit in the styling chair and after putting the cape tightly over and around her neck she lifted Patty’s thick black mane over it. It hung over the blue cape nearly to the floor. She turned Patty away from the mirrors.

Patty could feel herself tensing up as Joyce separated her hair in front of her ears and the back above her ears was separated and clipped to the top of her head. The bottom part parted just above her ears from side to side was combed down. She could feel Joyce pulling on it to give it tension. Joyce spoke ” I know you’ve heard the saying that long hair makes a girl and short hair makes a woman. Well, Patty tonight I’m going to make you a woman. ” Joyce pulled tight on the separated hair and pushed Patty’s head down. Then Patty heard a click and the buzzing sound  of clippers and being turned on. Patty took a death grip on the chair arms as she felt the clippers attack the back of her neck. Joyce pushing them ever upwards toward the top of Patty’s head. She stopped at the part and repeated the process a few more times shearing off the long locks of Patty. Finally the section was completely severed and Joyce held it up in front of Patty to see. ” I’d say I’ve got near a 26 inch ponytail in my hand. “  Said Joyce as she took a tape and measured it. ” Your hair is so thick that the clippers are the best way to cut it off.” Spoke Joyce as she laid the ponytail on the counter. Joyce then let the thick top part down and buzzed it across at the part just above the ears. She brought the thick ponytail around in front of Patty’s eyes. Patty looked at Joyce tying off the side hair near the bottom of her ears. Patty could hold back the tears no longer. Her long hair that she had cherished for so long was being sheared off like yesterdays news. She could feel the air on her neck. Joyce gave Patty some tissues and spoke to her. ” Now, pretty Patty I know it is tough going from a girl to a lady  hairstyle wise but your long overdue. The worst is about over.”

Joyce then grabbed to tied off ponytails on the side of Patty’s head and again the hungry clippers ate through them. Patty felt the air on her ears and felt the water as Joyce sprayed down her now short hair and proceeded to use the scissors and fine tune  the haircut. Short pieces of black  hair fell down the cape and to the floor. ” I’m almost done Pretty Patty.” said Joyce as she released the
cape and shave Patty’s neck area of any stray locks and fuzz. Patty was emotionally drained as Joyce turned her face back to the mirror and began to blow dry and brush out the short head of hair. “Oh, Pretty Patty you look terrific!” said Joyce as she removed the cape and handed Patty a hand mirror. Patty saw herself  with a combination A-Line and short bob haircut.  A style that she would have never chosen for herself. She looked over at the counter and saw her long ponytails of shiny black hair laying there. She looked down and saw short pieces of hair on the floor. ” Joyce, you cut it shorter that I would have ever done but I have to admit I do look more mature and more stylish. It will take me a week to get use to not having my long hair. No one will complain about my hair being in my way as you have cut most of it off.” Joyce spoke to her ” Before we go do you mind if I trim up your pubic area. ” Patty shook her head no and Joyce had her stand on a stool facing the mirrors. Joyce pulled down Patty’s red panties and using clippers and scissors styled up Patty’s private area. She pulled up Patty’s panties and had her pose for some after photos.

“Well, were all done and I think you should go home and recover from your experience. Take tomorrow off and come in the day after. You might want to go buy a few accessories to go with your new look. Here is a pair of contact lenses courtesy of me and John for you to wear to work. I’ll get started on the paper work for your raise.” said Joyce as she let Patty out.

Patty left and Joyce locked the door. Joyce went back to the styling room and from a concealed door out stepped her husband John. ” You know installing those two way mirrors was the best thing I ever did. I’ve got some fantastic video and that petite girl had a fantastic body.”

” She also HAD a terrific head of hair as she handed the thick shiny black ponytails to John to look at. ” I think turning that girl into a woman will work out fine for everyone.”
Joyce was right about Patty. When she came back to work and for a week afterwards she got many compliments both from customers and coworkers.
Do you know someone who is ready to make the change from a girl to a woman?

The End.

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