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Lee my boyfriend was going away on holiday with the boys without me for two weeks. I had enough and finally made the decision to shock him when he came back. I dropped him at the airport at 7:00am knowing I wouldn’t see or hear from him for two weeks, this was my time. I went home and made preparations and phone calls.

The next day I had an appointment at the piercing shop. I had piercings when I was younger, but took them out when I met lee, because he didn’t like them, but now I was going to get them all back, plus maybe a few more. I was there ready and waiting when they opened. One of my old friends worked there, and he knew my tolerance for pain, and although it wasn’t normal he said he would work on me as much as I needed.

I love pain always have always will, and Mike my piercer knew this better than anyone.

I sat in the chair, I had forgotten how comfy the leather was. I wanted to make an impact, and although I wanted to get all my piercings back, I wanted Lee to be in extreme shock when he first saw me, so I decided to go for all facial piercings. We started on the easiest part, my lips. You would be surprised how pain free a lip piercing is. Because the skin is so elastic the needle goes through easily, with nothing more than a slight pop as it drives through. Five pops later I had a wonderful lip full of metal. Both my eyebrows were next, I knew I was going to hurt like a bitch tomorrow, but that was all part of the fun. Then came my septum. I didn’t have that pierced before, but I always wondered what it would look like. Fuck it hurt, but as soon as I saw myself with a face full of gold I knew I had made the right decision.

I went home, constantly licking my lip, and looking at myself in the mirror. I was on a high. I tried to eat a little food, which was difficult and then took myself home to heal. The next few days were a bitch, my eyes were black and swollen and my lip looked like I had been punched, but I still loved the feeling. It didn’t take me long to heal, and by the start of the second week of his holiday the swelling was gone and I was looking like I always should have. I went back to the shop and mike was very happy with my progress. I walked out with two more rings in each nostril, just to finish the job right. I was so proud of the twelve new rings in my face. The day before Lee was due to come home, I went shopping with his credit card that he had left behind. I bought some 6inch thick soled boots, a short leather skirt and a leather top, just the kind of thing Lee would hate. I headed home for the final step.

I stood in front of the mirror and took one last long look at myself before I finished the job. I had invited mike over to help me out. Mike arrived and we sat drinking. Mike was the greatest guy ever. I had known him since I was about fifteen. We sat and slowly got drunk and stoned together. After a couple of hours I announced it was time.

I sat on a chair in the middle of the room. “Are you sure you want to do this?” mike asked very caringly

“Never more sure of anything!” I exclaimed

I pulled my long brown hair into a pony tail, and tied it tight. “You start” he asked

I plugged the clippers in, and turned them on with a crack. Without hesitation I pushed them into the side of my hair, I couldn’t help but smile.

I handed the clippers to Mike, and he continued to shave my head. He was an expert from shaving his head so often. It was only a couple of minutes before my luscious brown hair was nothing more than stubble. I rubbed my head, loving the sand paper like feel. “So are you going to finish the job?” Mike asked

“How do you mean?”
“Are you not going to razor the rest?”
“I hadn’t planned on doing”
“Fuck it, let me razor you bald!”

I was a bit drunk, and my hair was buzzed to almost nothing so I giggled “Go for it”

He covered my head with shaving foam, and very gently began scraping away the stubble on my head. Once he had finished he did it again to make sure there was nothing left. My scalp was so smooth; I couldn’t stop rubbing my head. “Do you trust me Soph?”
“Of course I do Mike, you know that”
“Then close your eyes”

I closed my eyes, and I could feel him touching my face. It was warm, his touch was so nice. When I opened my eyes he had carefully shaved both my eyebrows

“Where do you keep your eyeliner?”

I got him the eyeliner, and watched in the mirror as he meticulously penciled in my new fake eyebrows.

I looked at myself in the mirror, I had never been bald before, and I have to say my white head against my tanned skin looked weird.

“I look like a freak” I exclaimed, shocked at the extreme difference in my looks.

“No you don’t, you look as sexy as fuck!”

I looked down and saw clearly through his jeans he was as hard as rock. “You really think so”

I grabbed a hold of him, and pulled him close, his hard cock was sticking in my leg. I put my hand on his face, and kissed him slowly. He pulled away

“Sophie you have a boyfriend, what are you doing?”
“Do you think he will want to be with a freak like me tomorrow?”
With that, he kissed me back, and we headed to the bedroom for the wildest night of sex ever, with him finally christening my fresh bald head.

The next day I went to pick up Lee from the airport in my new outfit, completely with huge bite marks all over my neck courtesy of Mike. I saw lee coming out of the doors, and he stood looking for the old me. He glanced at me a couple of times, but obviously didn’t recognize me. Then he put his phone to his ear, and my phone began to ring.

“Where are you?” He asked
“Right in front of you”
“I cant see you” he growled
“Look harder”

After a few seconds our eyes met, and the look on his face as he realized the baldie in front of him was me was priceless.

He didn’t say a single word, but put the phone down, and walked outside and hopped into a cab. At that point I knew it was over, and I headed over to Mikes house, where I have been ever since.

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