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Tori picked up the phone, “Of course.  That isn’t a problem”, and hung up with a smile.  She was booked to do a fashion show in Milan with up and coming designer Gregory, and Gianni was going to be one of the male models.  She quickly dialed Gianni’s number in Milan – “I coming in for the show next week, can you pick me up or should I have a car bring me into town?”  “I will pick you up and shower you with kisses.  I am surprised you agreed to do the show – considering”.  “You know I always wanted to shave my head, now I get to do it and get paid for it.  But I want you to do it – while I am on my knees pleasing you.”  “Oh yeah, and then I will make love to you.”  “Yes!”

Tori arrived in Milan on Tuesday for the show on Saturday.  Gianni was at the airport with a bouquet of stargazer lilies, and a gift-wrapped box.  After a long hard kiss he handed her the flowers but not the gift.  “This is for later”, he said with a wink.  As they approached the car Gianni grabbed a handful of Tori’s hair and hacked off a piece.  “What?”  He smiled and threw down the severed lock, “There is more to come.”  Kissing her hard as she sat down, he grabbed a hunk again and cut.  Tori smiled.

They arrived at the Galleria for a lunch before heading to Gianni’s.  Seated in middle of the outdoor restaurant.  Gianni handed two hair ties to Tori.  “Put you hair into a loose ponytail at the back of your head and put the second tie an inch below it.”  Tori complied and the two front pieces Gianni had cut earlier fell toward her face.  “Yes, you would like to lose that ponytail in front of all of these people?”  “Yes, I would.”  “I thought so – and you will.”  Gianni handed the gift to Tori and inside was a pair of electric clippers; hand operated old-fashioned clippers, thinning shears, and a straight razor.  Gianni removed the straight razor and went behind Tori.  To the gasp of the people around him he made a slice into Tori’s ponytail.  It was still intact, but only partially.  “You will have kicked out of here!”  “No, not yet.  Are you wet?”  “Yes, thank gosh for the tablecloth.”

With two bottles of Proseco downed, Gianni asked for the check.  When the bill was presented Gianni placed the cash on the bill, went behind Tori and removed the rest of her ponytail.  He placed it with the cash.

Tori couldn’t get her clothes off fast enough upon entering Gianni’s home.  He took her into his mirror-surrounded bedroom, and plugged the clippers into an extension cord.  Tori dropped to her knees “shave me.”  “No” and Gianni raised her up and began fingering her.  He handed her the scissors, “cut your hair off for me.”  Tori grabbed hunks of her hair and began to cut.  Her hair fell around her feet and as she was ready to cum Gianni pushed her onto her knees and pushed his cock into her mouth.  The clippers came on with a roar and Tori smiled up at him.  He ran the clippers down the center of her head, and continue shaving his beautiful model to a head of stubble.

Their lovemaking was fierce and slept came quickly.  When they awoke at ten o’clock Gianni informed Tori to shower – they were headed to the club to meet the other models and Tori was to shave all of them over the week.  Tori smiled and jumped into the shower.

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