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After my divorce a year ago I moved back to my parents farm and lived in the old hired hands house that wasn’t used anymore. My brother took the place over when mom and dad retired a few years ago and moved to a small house in Ashton so I’ve been helping my brother until I get reestablished.

About 2 months ago I was canvassing for charity and met up with Rob. He grew up just a mile away. I wasn’t aware he divorced about a year before I did. So we started seeing each other.

He remembered me from years back and joked about my being a bit of a tomboy with a ponytail. I told him I’d kept the ponytail right up to my divorce but decided it was time for a new start. The fact was I got it cut a couple of times until it ended up about 6 inches long. He complimented me, saying it looked better shorter. The problem was it kept needing to be trimmed.

Spring was just ending so when I planned to go for an appointment, he suggested I try it shorter for the summer. I hadn’t been to the local salon since I was a kid. I was shocked when I saw the result. I’d said I wanted it a bit shorter, but was unaware this was Rob’s landlady and I now suspect he may have said something to her. She cut the top just an inch and a half and less than an inch around my ears. Not only that but she charged more than I’d ever paid before. I felt naked but it was so easy to look after. I could run my fingers through it and it flicked into place. In spite of the shock I immediately liked it. I mean out here, who was going to see or care for that matter. But I thought the cut looked a bit uneven, perhaps because she took so much. Rob agreed but insisted he really liked the shorter style.

He told me how his ex used to cut his hair with clippers and used a large one on top and a medium on the sides. That didn’t mean much, but he suggested I could try doing it for him, then added with a smile, after that he could even up mine. He told me he had attachments that could do it the same length and would make sure everything was even.

The subject dropped until the weekend when he mentioned the haircut. We’d been joking around and had a few drinks so I was ready to give it a try. He set up the clippers and I began buzzing away. It seemed really easy. He adjusted them for the sides and I was proud of myself for doing such a great job. It took off over an inch but it suited him.

He showed me the attachments he said went up to an inch and a half, just like I had mine cut. So it didn’t seem a big deal when we changed places. Besides it would even it up.  I sat on the stool as he wrapped the sheet around me and began using the clippers at the back. This was a lot more erotic than going to a salon. I warned him to be careful. He told me it was the same length I had before and went over my entire head. Indeed it looked a lot better. He then adjusted the clippers and went back over the sides. I watched holding a hand mirror. It looked good but he was cutting it shorter. When he asked if I liked it. I said, “Yes!” With that he suddenly swept right up over the top. I gasped and squealed. Then he mowed from my forehead straight back. When I got up, the top was just an inch and the sides less than 1/2″. “It was really short, and looked a bit boyish, but I loved the feel, besides out here on the farm who cared. We both enjoyed it a lot and the feel of him running his hands over my head was very erotic.

It was about two months later and I was home visiting my parents. Even though my hair had grown over an inch my mother was stunned by my transformation and commented that I looked like a boy. She had a habit of meddling in my affairs and wondered how I could attract a man “looking like that!” I’d packed for the drive back and was saying good-bye when she decided to take another jab, “Your hair used to have such a nice shine!” I resented her trying to manipulate me. As I pulled out of the driveway I glanced in the visor mirror. My hair had more than doubled in length since Rob cut it. I thought it would be fun to get it trimmed and surprise him when I got home.

I knew the local salons didn’t use clippers, at least not like this, but I remembered a small barbershop on a back street and drove by. The old guy was sitting there and I could see he wasn’t busy. That was fine since I didn’t want a bunch of guys watching and was nervous about explaining what I wanted. When I went in he told me he didn’t do women’s hair. But it was obvious my hair had been really short so I explained that last time my boyfriend just cut everything short with the clippers. He looked surprised, “You mean all over?” I nodded. He pulled the cape off the chair. This was the first time I’d ever been in a barbershop and I could feel myself shaking as I sat down.

He ran his comb over the top then took the clippers from the shelf, switched them on then asked, “Keep everything the same?” There was a moment of panic but I forced a giggle, as I nodded. They buzzed a lot quieter than the ones Rob used. He tilted my head forward and held his hand on the back forcing me to stare into my lap.

He started pruning at he back of my neck. It felt like he was cutting a lot closer than Rob had. Nervously I mentioned how Rob had used a plastic attachment to adjust the length. Still holding my head he brought the clippers forward and showed me a leaver on the side that adjusted the length. He used his thumb to flick it back and forth and told me he sued that to adjust the length. I didn’t understand but I remained silent.

I thought he was going to continue at the back of my neck. If it was too short I would ask him to go longer, but suddenly he raised the clippers to my forehead and pressed them into my hair. In one sweep he went straight back over the top. When I raised my head and stared into the mirror my stomach heaved. He shaved it so close there was just pale scalp. “Short enough like that?” He asked. I was speechless. Panic ran through me. He was shaving my head! He stood there smiling. I had no choice. He ran his finger over the stubble; I knew there was no way to put it back. Trapped; in desperation I nodded, “It’ s Ok!” He brought the clippers back to my forehead. As he pressed into my hair again he commented, “This gets everything a lot shorter than those plastic things.” In just 2 or 3 minutes my entire head was just like a 5 o’clock shadow.

When I met Rob he didn’t recognize me. Seeing myself in jeans and a tee shirt I look like a guy. It’s embarrassing meeting friends for the first time. Everyone is shocked. But it does feel really great, so last Saturday when Rob asked me if I was thinking of keeping it short I paused. It had been 3 weeks since I shocked him. He laughed and told me he’d love to do it for me. Moments later we went into the kitchen and I sat on the stool as he pressed the clippers against my forehead. A half-inch slid into my lap as he told me he’d bought a 5-0 blade that would keep it shaved as close as possible.

The animals still seem to recognize me even if my family doesn’t!

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