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Sarah had worked for the company for almost a year.  She really enjoyed what she was doing and was around some great people.  In fact everything seemed to be going so well until that Monday.

It started off like any other Monday, that is until Ms. Chambers, her boss walked in.  Ms. Chamber’s lip length bob haircut was no more.  Instead she was now wearing a flattop.  The talk at lunch that day was about when others would be getting their hair cut.  Sarah didn’t quite understand all this talk.  At least not yet.

Sarah was getting ready to go home for the day when Ms. Chambers called her into her office.  As soon as she walked in, Ms. Chambers said, “Sarah, you are doing a wonderful job.  As you know you are approaching your one-year anniversary.  Up to now you have worn your hair in a bun.  At one year, as you read in the policy manual on page 24 paragraph 2, `at one year of service employees are to have their hair cut at least as short as their immediate supervisor.’  Not only am I your immediate supervisor, I am the president of this company.”

Ms. Chambers continued, “You have a choice.  One week from Friday if your hair has been sufficiently cut, you will receive a wonderful raise.  However if you choose not to cut your hair, you will immediately be fired with no severance.”  Oh, by the way, I thought you might like this.  She handed Sarah a business card with the name Flattops R’ Us broadly stamped on the front.  Down at the bottom she saw the name of Sherry.  

Ms. Chambers kept going, “Sherry will do a great job.  Tell her Gwen said hello.”

Sarah didn’t know what she would do.  She needed this job.  Not only did she need it, she wanted it.  It was the best job she had ever had.  On the other hand, she had not had a haircut in about 10 years.  Her auburn hair was her pride and joy.  Sure she kept it in a tight bun at work but just as soon as she was in the parking lot, she would let it out of its bondage.

As the days passed, more and more girls were wearing a flattop.  Sarah knew what she must do.  She pulled out the card.  She found out that the barber shop was not too far from the office.  She decided to walk down there and look during lunch.  It was on the Tuesday a week after she had heard from Ms. Chambers when she first ventured down and around the corner.  She noticed a coffee shop across the street.  She also noticed that there were lady barbers.  Each of them had very short hair.  She decided that the next day she would go have lunch at the coffee shop and watch the proceedings.

Wednesday at lunch she walked to the coffee shop.  She got an outdoor table where she had a good view of the barber shop.  Just as soon as she sat down she saw a lovely, tall, lady walk out of the shop  with a lip length bob, similar to what Ms. Chambers used to wear.  Sarah thought it looked so cute.  She knew she could not get a flattop all at once.  But having a bob haircut would be a start.  She knew right then that later that afternoon she would have a new look.

Sarah could hardly wait for the afternoon to pass.  At about 3 o’clock, Ms. Chambers called her into the office.  “Sarah, I know that going from long-hair to a flattop would be tramatic.  So this is what I am going to do.  I will give you until next Wednesday to get up the courage to cut your hair. Why don’t you take the rest of the afternoon off.”

Sarah immediately left.  She went to the parking lot and let her hair down.  She thought this is the last time this will happen.  She was almost at a run trying to get to the barber shop.  As soon as she walked in she felt comfortable.  All the barberettes had short hair.  She noticed something else, all of them were wearing a sweater and each of the customers in the chair was wearing a fur cape.  

After signing in at the desk she was led downstairs where she was told to pick out a sweater.  She found a lovely cashmere turtleneck with a fur trim.  She was led back upstairs and told to sit in a vacant barber’s chair.  She had never been in a barber’s chair before so this was a whole new experience.  For that matter she had never been in a barber shop before.  

The barberette, was dressed in a black, knee-length sweater dress.  Her red hair was cut even with the eyebrows and buzzed in the back up that same distance.  Before Sarah could get settled in the chair good, a bald lady came around the corner.  She leaned over to the barberette and whispered something and the red haired lady left.  Sarah then noticed that the bald lady would be taking over.  She said, “Hi, I’m Sherry.  Gwen told me you might be coming today. Before I get started I need you to take off your clothes.” Sarah did so.  Sarah was then put in something like iron shackles on her wrists and her ankles.  Sherry covered her with a fur cape and said, “What will it be today?”

“I have had my hair cut.  I saw a lady with a chin length bob earlier today and thought I would try that.”, responded Sarah.

“Very nice choice”, said Sherry.

Sarah saw Sherry grab some clippers from a hook.  She noticed Sherry remove a guard from them.  She heard a click and then a buzzing sound.  Soon Sherry had placed the clippers at Sarah’s neck and she noticed air on her neck.  This continued until all of her neck was bare.  Sarah couldn’t believe what she was feeling.  It was so freeing  and exciting.  Sherry finished the cut and cleaned her up.  After Sarah was allowed to get out of the chair and put her clothes back on, Sherry said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Sarah knew that it would not be long until she looked just like Ms. Chambers.

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