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   I only had a couple late morning appointments at my salon so I thought I would take the coastal route. It was a sunny, very hot day so I drove my vette with the top down. As I was driving along I noticed the traffic was stopped ahead. I turned on the radio to find out there was a wreck and we would be stuck for at least an hour. I thought to myself that I picked a great day to take a different route. Then all of a sudden I saw another convertible pull up beside me. I looked over and saw a georgeous blond behind the wheel. She looked over at me and we exchanged smiles. After awhile I got out and went over to her car. I said,”I guess we’re going to be here for awhile, my name is Jim.” She smiled and said,”It looks that way, my name is Rachel.” Right then I thought to myself,”I love a traffic jam!”
  I said,”Rachel, do you have somewhere to be soon?”
  She replied,”No, I was just going for a drive. Are you late for work? I hope you don’t get in trouble for being late.”
  I said,”Yes, it looks like I’m going to be late, but I won’t be in trouble. I own a salon and I only had a couple appointment’s this morning. I’ll call my receptionist and tell her to cancel them.” When she heard me mention my salon her eyes lit up. I noticed she had her hair in a braid. She got out of her car and walked over to me. Her thick, blond braid hung down almost to her waist. I became instantly aroused and she knew it. As she moved her braid swayed back and forth and I could’nt keep my eyes off her.
  She said,”So Jim you own a salon. I love my convertible, but it’s so hard to control this long hair. I love my hair long and am scared to cut it. What do you think?”
  I replied,”Rachel,”You could cut quite a bit off and still have hair long enough to pull back or curl. If you want to I would be glad to show you.”
  She smiled and said,”I haven’t curled my hair in five years. It has gotten so long all I do is braid it or pull it back into a pony. I would love it if you would do me.”
  I said,”Rachel, I would love to, but we just meet.”
  Blushing she said,”Jim, I meant do my hair. For now anyways.”
  I handed her my business card. We agreed on five o’clock. I said,”Rachel, you can bring a change of clothes and we can go out for dinner afterwards.”
  She answered,”That sounds like fun. I’ll see you at five.” We got in our cars as traffic began to move. I could hardly wait till five.
  When I got back to the shop I told the receptionist she could go home for the day. She thanked me and left.
  At just about five I heard the door open and there stood Rachel. She was tall with long shapely legs, bright blue eyes, and of course beautiful long blond hair. She walked in, set her bag down, and came over and gave me a nice hug.
  She said,”Jim, thanks for the offer. I could hardly wait to come over. It’s going to be a lot of fun for me. I’ve been wanting a change for some time. I’m all yours.”
  What more could a guy ask for. Well, there is more. I said,”Come on over Rachel and have a seat in the styling chair.” She walked over and as she stepped up into the chair she shook her head so that big braid rubbed up against me. It was so soft and had the most wonderful aroma it almost drove me wild. I thought that I was in total control of this haircut, but she had me wrapped around her finger. She sat down and settled into the chair. I removed the band from her hair and took her braid apart. I combed it out and couldn’t believe how long her hair was. As I combed it out she closed her eyes and was totally immersed in the moment. I snapped the cape and she jumped. As I placed the cape around her, she took a deep breath. I smiled and said,”Are you ready Rachel?”
  Without hesitation she replied,”Jim, I trust you completely. Do whatever you think is best for me. I’ve been looking for the right guy for a long time and you’re him.”
  I pulled out a cart which made her eyes open wide. On the cart were combs, clips, scissors, and a clipper. I pulled her hair back into a loose ponytail and banded it just below her shoulders. I picked up the clippers and clicked them on. Rachel watched as I approached. I placed them below the band and as they severed that mamonth pony she arched her back, let out a deep sigh, and wet herself with excitement. I handed her an eighteen inch pony and she gave me a big smile. I removed the band and finished trimming her hair to shoulder length. Rachel shook her head and watched as her shorter hair grazed her shoulders swinging back and forth. I was amazed at how much wave her hair had.
  Rachel exclaimed,”Jim, I love this length. Now could you do me another favor? I would love it if you could give me a really curly hairstyle for our evening out.”
  I replied,”I would be glad to and you will look even prettier when we get done.” I turned her away from the mirror and told her I wanted this to be a surprise. I took the spiral curling iron and began to curl her hair. As I released the iron her hair came out in georgeous, bouncy, spiral curls. I did all her hair this way until her entire head was a mass of chin length, blond curls. I turned her around so she could see her new look. I asked,” Well Rachel, how do you like your new look?”
  I can’t believe this is me. I absolutely love the shorter length, but I adore all these curls. I feel like a princess.
  I replied,”Rachel, you will be tonight.” I ran my fingers through her curls to get them just perfect and gave them a light spray to hold them. I told her to give her head a good shake. She did and loved watching them bounce back and forth. I said,”Rachel, if you’re ready you can go in the back room and change for our evening out?”
   Rachel stood up, walked over to me and rubbed my cheek with her hand, and said she would be right back. I changed quickly and came out to wait for her. Rachel returned wearing a short, strapeless, red dress. THe bare shoulders and her new curly hair was breathtaking. She knew from my expression that I was speechless. She came closer, rubbed up against my body, and gave me a peck on the cheek. Then she said.”Jim, is that a rock in your pocket or are you glad to see me?” With that comment we both broke out in laughter.
  The restaurant was close by so we decided to walk. It was a pleasant evening and a full moon. As we walked I couldn’t help notice all the looks see received from the other men. She realized this also and just smiled.
  I said,”Rachel, I could get jealous with all these men staring at you.”
  Rachel replied while putting her hand in mine,”You have nothing to worry about Jim.”
  We got to the resaurant and were seated at a secluded table. She patted the seat next to her for me to sit down. As I did she snuggled up to me and whispered in my ear, I’m starving. We ordered and enjoyed each others company. During the meal she took my hand and placed it on her leg. I ran my hand up her leg until I felt her lacy underwear. She bit her lip in an attempt to control herself. At the same time she placed her hand in my lap and stroked my rock hard manhood. She said,”Lets go back to your place.”
  I replied,”As soon as I am able to stand up without hurting myself!” We laughed and left the resaurant. We walked back to my shop arm in arm. When we got back to my shop I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed her in my arms and gave her a long, passionate kiss.
  She smiled and said,”I’ve been waiting all evening for that. It’s been a magical nig
ht for me.”
I replied,”It’s not over yet, Rachel. Would you please sit in the chair again?” Looking a little puzzled she sat down while I brought out the cart again.
  Are you going to cut my hair again?
  I said,”Well yes and no.” With that I tipped the chair back and slid her dress up exposing her panties. As I started to remove her black, lacy panties I saw her passion rising. She began to rub her thighs and I could tell that she was ready. I pulled off her panties and slowly spread her legs to expose her magnificent treasure. I said,”Rachel, you’re even curly down hear. I hope you don’t mind, but I like a woman who is schoolgirl clean.” She began to tremble as I placed the clippers on her warm, wet treasure. The clippers quickly removed her curly hair leaving only stubble. I picked up the shaving creme and applied it to the stubble. I picked up the razor and as I shaved her clean she became very wet. I toweled her dry and picked her up in my arms. I carried her to my bed and layed her down. As I removed the rest of her clothes she was busy tearing mine off. She layed down and I started to kiss her while I carassed her ample chest. I reached down and stroked her newly shaven treasure with my hand sending her even higher.
   She said while grabbing my hard rod,”Take me now, Jim. I can’t take much more.”
  I climbed on top of her georgous body and slid my hardness into her warm, wet beauty. She moaned with pleasure as I drove deeper and deeper. She dug her fingernails into my buttocks holding me close. As I rocked back and forth I couldn’t hold back any longer and I exploded into her. She grabbed me and gave me a deep kiss. I pulled out and rolled over next to her breathing hard. After a few minutes she leaned over and said,”What do you have planned for tomorrow!”
  Rachel just put her head on my chest as we fell asleep.
  To be continued

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