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I had been keeping my hair bobbed some time now and our 10th wedding anniversary  recently happened in the month of August. My hubby being a short hair enthusiasist wanted me to try something very short as a part of our celebration and wanted me to take to a barber.  I was very nervous and finally made up my mind to oblige him. He showed me the appended pic from the web and I okayed it. He said he will take me for the cut that evening.
That was a friday and he came back from work and started around 6 in the evening for the cut. He took a print out of the pic. I had a bob just about shoulder length. I had shampooed the hair in the morning that day and styled it. He drove me down to a place near the mall and parked the car. He took me to a shop which was reading “Richardson Unisex Barber” and we entered the shop. There was a guy in the chair getting a cut and the barber showed us the waiting area. It had two barber chairs but only one barber, an old man must be in 50’s who was cutting that guy. The barber was cutting that guy on top with scissors and soon he was done.The barber was paid by that guy and he dusted the chair and swept the hair bits from the floor. My hubby got up and moved towards him and he turned the chair towards him thinking that he has come for the cut. Hubby just took out the pic from his pocket and showed the barber and said “she needs a cut like that” and asked if he can do the same. The barber nodded his head in concurrence. Then my hubby called me and I walked towards the chair nervously.
I sat in the chair and the barber took a white nylon cape and caped me. He took a comb and side parted my hair. Took the clippers out and plugged it in and fixed no.4 on it and switched it on. He came to my side of the chair and slanted my head and held it by one hand and started running it from my cheeks up and turned around ears. Slowly he was running it all the sides and big chunk s kept on falling on my cape and it was sliding down. Soon my ear was exposed. When he was done on one side and i lifted my head straight. Then he stood behind me and switched the clipper on and gently pushed my head down and started  running from the corner of the side he clippered and went up to may be ear lobe height. I couldnot see anything when he was doing the back.He run from one end to another in the back and moved on to the other side and slanted my head. Run the clippers same as the other side.Clippering was over and he switched it off and placed it on the desk in front of the mirror. I took a deep breath and looked at my hubby and he was full of smiles in his face.
The barber then took the  spray bottle and sprayed water all over the head. Took the comb and combed me side parted again. Sprayed water where he found its not wet enough. Took the comb and started cutting the sides scissor over comb and then the back upto the top of the back and then the other side too. Then started cutting the top by lifting it and holding it through fingers and reduced the length to more than half. Then combed all hair in front and cut a stright line to slightly above eyebrow length. Then he combed me side parted.
I thought it was done. but, he took the thinning shears and started thinning my hair and it was making my head twist and i sulked.He noticed that and left it at that and sprayed water and used a razor for thinning. Then again styled me side parted.He then looked at my hubby and asked if its the same as in the pic and my hubby said its a bit shorter in the pic and i got butterflies in my stomach. But i didnot want to create a scene there and so i kept quiet. Then the barber took the clippers and plugged it in and changed no.2 guards and started from the back and then on to the sides a bit. Then he again wet my hair and used razor to thin on top further. After that he again combed me side parted and looked at my hubby and hubby said ok. Then he took the small clipers and set the line right on back and on sides and corrected my sideburns as in the pic. Then he uncaped the back and applied some talcum powder on back and dusted it. Then he took a mirror and showed my back and I was stunned to see hair so short at the back and tapered. I was cursing my hubby but he was pleased.
We paid the barber and went home. Throughout, I was telling hubby its very short and was literally in tears. but, when i went home and when all my friends complimented me saying its very nice on me, I started liking it and I admitted to my hubby that his judgement was right. We had a nice time since then.

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