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Susan & Betty had been friends for a long time. They shared the same apartment & worked in the same office. Susan had short blonde hair cut right above her ears & she preferred to keep it like that by getting a trim every fortnight. Betty on the other hand had long, silky, perfectly straight, dark brown hair that hung just a couple of inches below her hips.

Betty put in a great deal of effort in taking care of her lovely tresses. Her hair was all of equal length without any bangs. Every weekend she would spend hours pampering her hair. Susan too admired her friend’s long hair & often helped her take care of it. She did so because she too at one point of time had long hair but had to cut it off because of she could not take proper care of it & now she had got used to the short hairstyle. Susan loved to comb her friend’s thick long hair & put it in different styles. Betty’s usual style was to put her hair in a single braid without part. The braid ran down her back in a straight fall of even thickness to her hips with the last four inches left untied.

Now Susan had a friend Mike who ran a haircutting Salon near their office & gave Susan her fortnightly trims. Betty often accompanied her friend to the salon but all she ever did there was. `Wait’ till her friend got her trim. Whenever Betty went to Mike’s salon he would always tease her for getting a haircut & Betty would always laugh it off knowing that he was joking (about which she was wrong as Mike had hair fetish & often fantasized about undoing Betty’s hair & running a pair of scissors through it) On some occasions Mike would ask one of his assistants to give Susan a trim  & on the pretext of taking a break would come & sit next to Betty & try to get his hands on her braid. Though Betty did not mind him caressing her braid but she never let him unbraid it despite Mike’s best attempts to persuade her to do so.

Mike was always left disappointed as Susan’s trim never took more than 10 minutes Which did not give him enough time to play with her braid or to peel off the rubber-band.

One night just as he was about to close up he heard a thunder & it began drizzling and just then he saw a lady outside his shop on the sidewalk waving towards the road for a Taxi. Her back was turned towards the shop. Mike immediately recognized the thick. Magnificent, gleaming plait hanging down from her head & knew it was Betty. He called out her name from the door. She turned around to see Mike asking her to come inside. She stepped inside the shop as mike closed the door behind her & flipped the `Open’ sign to `Closed’.

Just as Betty sat down in one of the waiting chairs they heard a loud thunder & it began raining heavily. Betty told Mike that she had some additional work to take care of since Susan was out of town for a couple of days & that is how she was late. Mike offered to drop her home soon as the rain would stop & Betty agreed. Mike was beginning to feel lucky as he looked outside & hoped that the downpour should not stop for a couple of hours as this was his first (& probably last) opportunity to be absolutely alone with Betty.

As he turned around he saw that Betty take a novel out of her bag & started reading it. As he moved towards her he saw Betty’s hand go behind the back of her head while her eyes were fixed on the book & pull out the magnificent braid resting it on her left shoulder. She caressed the braid a couple of times & then pushed it away slightly as she did not want the braid to be pressing upon her back while sitting. The braid now was dangling just off her left shoulder

Mike sat down next to her & with his regular jovial behavior told her that they won’t be able to go back for a while because of the heavy downpour to which Betty just nodded but kept her attention in the book. Mike knew that she wouldn’t mind if he caressed her braid again without disturbing her & if she continued reading like the she was he just might succeed in at least undoing her hair.

He was sitting to her left & noticed that the end of the braid was resting on her lap stretching nearly to her knee & once again to start his regular schedule of caressing her braid he took hold of the end of her braid with his right hand so gently that she did not even notice. He now gently pulled it towards himself slightly. He noticed that Betty was still not paying any attention so he held the tied end with his right hand & gently pulled the rubber band out.

Immediately he could feel an erection as he saw the tight end & loose hair that followed began to relax. Maintaining the grip with his right hand he pulled a finger through the first knot. Nearly 10 inches of unraveled, smooth, lush, silky hair was in his hands. He caressed the loose hair with his fingers for a while then gently pushed the plait behind the back of the chair & held it near the nape. Betty felt his grip on her hair but ignored it as she thought that Mike again was playing with her braid as usual.

Mike got up & stood behind Betty’s chair, gripping the braid at the nape tightly with his right hand & he began unraveling the braid with his left hand so that she would not feel that he hair was being undone. Betty could feel the slight tugging in her braid but did not realize that this time Mike was actually undoing her braid instead of just playing with it. Mike was now slowly unraveling the braid knot after knot he would pull his finger through & as he moved up he could feel the heavy mass of silky hair unravel in his hands. The perfectly straight hair had a slight wave from being in the braid all day. Finally his hand reached the nape with 4 knots still to go & Mike knew that he could not undo those knots without Betty’s noticing it.

He still decided to risk it. He now used both his hands to unravel the knots. The first 3 knots were unraveled without hassle, now it was the final moment, just one more knot & Mike would be able to see Betty’s hair in its full glory. He held on to the knot for a moment & lifted a thick lock of unraveled hair to his face. He smelt the intoxicating fragrance of her hair & as he did he inserted his thumb into the last knot & pulling it out. Betty’s head was yanked back slightly & she immediately turned around to see what Mike was doing.

She put her hand on the back of her head to feel her braid but instead found her hair all undone with Mike holding it in a loose ponytail at the shoulder level. She looked at Mike with a surprised look. Mike did feel a little embarrassed but was not willing to let go of the opportunity. He smiled at her & said, “I am sorry dear.your hair is so beautiful that I just couldn’t stop myself, let me finish it by putting it all back for you” & pulled a comb out of his pocket. Betty by now was holding on to her hair but did not know what to say. Mike pressed her shoulder & said “trust me.you will like it”.

Betty gave a smile & turned around. Mike just could not believe it. He was now standing behind a woman with the most beautiful hair, all at his disposal. He gathered the hair in a ponytail & began raking it. Betty was beginning to enjoy this now. Mike ran his fingers right from the scalp to the end of her hair. He would wind her long hair around his hand & then unwind it, gathering handfuls of her hair he would lift it & then drop it. After about 10 minutes of this magnificent hair play he started combing her hair. He ran the comb all over her head through her long hair & then began under-combing it.

He kept the comb aside & this time began gathering her hair in a tight ponytail a little above the mid-back level. He ran his hand all over her head to ensure that he did not miss even a sing
le strand. Even though Betty’s attention was in her book he knew she was enjoying this as every now & then he could hear soft moans of pleasure coming from her.  He was now holding her magnificent gleaming hair in his left hand & looked at the mass of hair in his hand, which ran down in straight thick fall. He ran his fist around the ponytail a couple of times before taking out a pair of big scissors from his coat pocket. He snapped the scissors in the air a couple of time to which Betty immediately turned around. He saw a greedy look in Mike’s eyes & tried to get up. But Mike’s grip on her hair pulled her back. She let out a painful moan as he hair was yanked back, which brought tears in her eyes. She turned around her hand holding on to her precious hair & tearfully she said “please Mike.. don’t cut my hair” but Mike it seems wasn’t listening. He simply said “I am sorry dear but it has to go” & with that wound her hair around his hand making it taut to her scalp & making her lose her grip on her hair.  

She was crying bitterly as he placed her hair between the hungry blades. Her head rocked with movement of the shears. `Scrrrunch. Scrrrunch.’ went the scissors. Mike was getting really excited as he saw the hair parting but he still had to put in a lot of effort because of the thickness of the hair & also to keep Betty from shaking her head. Eventually with the final scrunch the ponytail came free in his hand.

He lifted the ponytail in his hand like a trophy & then looked at Betty who was crying with her face buried in her hands. For some reason he felt an odd sensation cover him as looked at Betty’s shorn head. He felt all of his excitement disappearing as Betty looked up, her hair ruined, her face soaked in tears. He felt he was a monster holding the scissors in his hand & Betty’s hair in the other.

He didn’t know what to say. He placed the scissors & the shorn hair on a table nearby & as he turned around, he saw Betty who slowly got from the seat & walked towards the door. Mike closed his eyes for a moment feeling disgusted.

Just then he heard a loud thunder & flash of lightening. He quickly opened his eyes. “What was that?” he heard Betty say. He looked around everything seemed perfectly normal. He was sweating, still standing behind Betty, holding on to her braid with the last one knot still undone. He looked at Betty who was now looking at the door because of the thunder & then turned around to see what was Mike doing. She touched the back of her head & realized that Mike had undone her hair. Mike by now had regained his senses & realized that he had just been dreaming. He smiled & said to Betty I am sorry dear.your hair is so beautiful that I just couldn’t stop myself, let me finish it by putting it all back for you only this time Betty flashed a beautiful smile back & said `ok’.

Mike undid her hair, played with it for a while just like in his dream only this time he fashioned her hair into a beautiful chignon. The rain by now had stopped so; Mike locked up his shop & went to drop Betty off at her apartment. It was a silent drive all the way back & when they reached Betty’s place, before getting out of the car Betty said “I loved what you did with my hair we should do it again”. Mike smiled back & said, “Only if you promise to keep your hair long & never cut it”. They looked at each other for a while & then started kissing.

From that day on Betty would go to Mike’s salon almost every other day where they would secretly indulge in an exciting session of hair-play &. something else as well. After a couple of months of which Susan was invited to be the `Maid of Honor’ at Mike & Betty’s wedding & this time her hair was almost reaching her shoulders.

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