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My friend Jen came over this morning and I didn’t even recognize her! Jen had cut her hair short, I mean really short! It looks absolutly stunnig too! I had to know everything about it and why all of a sudden did she part with her luscious waist length hair. I actually felt left out, Jen and I have been best friends for ever and always tell each other of something as big as getting a MAJOR haircut!

Jen explained that she went to her uasual salon for the official 1 inch trim and her stylist was out sick so she either had to try a new guy or reschedule her appointment..P Jen said I’m here lets do it! The stylist said thats the spirit ! Nort only that he was seriously CUTE and SINGLE!! I thought at first he was gay because the other stylists were keeping him at a distance. So did I mention he was really cute? He keeps asking if he can restyle my hair and hes quite persauvasive, I told him yes he can give me a restyle, bothing too extreme though and he said no never…. next thing I hear is crunch crunch as I feel him pulling on my pony tail and it comes off in his hand!! I yell out I thought we agreed nothing too extreme! He said wait, you will love the style I have for you as he pushed my head forward and holds it down when I hear “click hmmmmmmmm” and feel him plowing the electric clippers high up my neck.

Huge clumps of hair are tumbling down onto the ground and I know its too late to stop now, so I try to relax and enjoy the sensation I’m getting from this haircut. I was HORNY as hell and squirming for more! Those clippers on my neck felt wonderful! The dam stylist figgured it out and used them to bring me to several mind knumbing orgasams!! I was so wrecked by the orgasams I nearly had to be carried out of the mall! When I got to my car I got to see the extent of the damage he inflicted with the clippers, I was nearly bald on the sides and looked pretty manly but after touching my clipped neck a bit and nearly orgasaming again I began to LOVE my extremely short haircut!

It feels delightful to touch, I take your your hand and put it on my bristly nape and heard you make a purring sort of sound as you stroke your hand on my bristly nape. I knew right then that you would be out looking to get your hair done in a similar fashion. I rang him up and made you a appointment for 10am tommorow to see Phillipe and his magical clippers!

We met at noon for lunch and I didn’t recognize you initally I saw the drunken swagger and knew it was you and that Phillipe had scored a home run for the visitors! Grinning madly I began to laugh when I saw how badly you were butchered by the magic clippers, you were nearly completely BALD!! I could also tell that you couldn’t care less! Your hands were a blure of motion as they explored what little was left of your waist length locks. You were staggering along in a trance wildly rubbing your buzzed head, it was hilarious! After I got past the shock of seeing you nearly bald I saw how well it suited you, and you looked simply amazing! Then when I began rubbing your very bristly head and tou began screaming and got us kicked out of the mall coffee shop LMAO!!

Neither of us will forget that day, the day we became more than friends. We became lovers, lovers of short hair!

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