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Went I finished school I did not know what I want to do for a living. So I was orientating myself for a couple of months. After that time I still did not know what to do, but at a certain day I passed by an kind of job agency what looked interesting to me. I decided  to walk in and have a chat. There was a woman behind the desk offering me a seat. After we had walked for a while she showed me an album with all kind of neat pictures of an office with uniformed men and women. She told me that it was an army office where they where still hiring. She explained me a little bit more about the work to do, which was mainly administrative. If I would apply for the job, she could make the arrangements. There was a 6 months global military training before I could go to the military academy where I should get all the ins and outs of the job. I was enthusiastic about the things I all heard and decided to apply.

After that day thing ran fast. I went through some programs, necessary to real apply for the army, but finally I came through and received a letter at home that I was approved. Final call for duty should be in four weeks after I received the letter. I told my parents and friends that I finally had found a job. They where happy to hear and quit surprised when I told them that I was to join the army.

Two day ago I received the final call and now I was travelling through the military training centre, sitting in the bus. I was feeling my thick silk brown hear, normally hanging down till the end of my back. For this occasion I had put it into a braid, because I thought that this was one of the army rules. Nobody had told me during all the sessions that there where anymore hair regulations in the army! Not much later I arrived and was welcomed by an officer taking in the papers I received.

He told me that one of the first things was to get rid of my jeans and coat and get into a formal army uniform, the dress code at this training centre. No jeans or any other clothes except the uniform where allowed inside the training centre. He told me where to go to get changed. There was a big hall with uniforms hanging all around. A female officer came to me and told me that she had to take my measures to get the correct sizes of my uniform. She asked my name, which was Amy. After that she took my measures she was walking to one of the racks to take a uniform and gave it to me. She pointed to one of the fitting rooms and told me to change. I took off my clothes and pulled on the uniform skirt, shirt and tie. Finally I took my uniform coat and hat to finished dressing. I was ordered to leave my own clothes in the fitting room, because I did not need them anymore during the military training. Somebody should take care of them. When I walked out the female officer was waiting for me. She told me that we should go outside for the final inspection. She handed me over an black leather trench-coat, belonging to the uniform, to wear outside. She told me to follow her!

Outside she told me to stand straight so she could start the inspection of my new uniform. She corrected the way I had knotted my tie and did some minor corrections on my leather trench-coat, from what I liked the nice soft feeling of the leather very much. Than she start looking at my hair, still braided. She told me that during military training it was not allowed to have long hair, also not braided or tight up. The hair code was short! I stumbled that nobody had told me so. She said again that nobody was allowed to have long hair during military training and the hair had to be taken off! A nice fitting uniform with short hair was the code. She escorted me to a bus waiting a little bit further. When I entered the bus I saw four other uniformed women siting in the bus already waiting. The female officer told us that we all had to go to the barber to get changed.

The female officer closed the door of the bus that took off. We drove for half an hour to hold in front of an old style barber shop. The female officer told us to follow her into the barber shop. When I entered the shop I saw four old style barber chairs with leather seats and chrome hand-rests. With three barbers, dressed in white shirts with black ties, covered by classic barber coats. I managed to get at the end of line, so I had some time to wait and see what was bound to happen. The female officer told us to get our trench-coats off and put them together with our hats on the chrome standard in front of the barber shop. I turned around to hand my coat at the standard. When I turned around again I saw the three women walking to the barber chairs to get seated. I walked to one of the chairs along the all of the shop, when I heard somebody calling me. A woman, also dressed in a white shirt and a black tie covered by a classic barber coat was entering the barber shop at the far end. She was the one calling me to get seated. I nearly could breath anymore. I had hoped that I could escape for a while of the hair cutting. That change was gone by now. The female officer told me to hurry up. I walked, shaking all over my body to the female barber to get seated in the chair. I saw that the barbers putted a tissue around the necks of the other women and covered them with a cape. I got seated. The female barber laughed at me, she had short blond hair, a bit like a boys-cut. She wrapped a tissue around my neck and closed the cape tightly around my neck. We where all waiting for what had to come now. One of the barbers asked the female officer how the hair should be cut. She answered, the same procedure as normal, a high and tight crew-cut! I could not believe my ears, should most of my long silk brown hair be shorn off. It looked like in a terrified dream. Before I realized what was to happen next, I felt the barber chair getting up. The female barber was pumping it higher to make it easier for her to work around my head.

She start to lose my braid, as what happened by two other women. She was still smiling and told me that I should soon facing a real army haircut. Now she start combing my silk brown hair out. It was hanging all around my body now down to the floor, shining in the light for the last time. I heard some scissors already taking hair away at the women beside me.

The female barber took her pair of scissors and start cutting off my hair, first at the top of my head where she start cropping it down to less then one inch. It took a while to get the thick shiny hair away at the top of my head, but the female barber seems to enjoy it and keep on cutting. Finally finished at the top she start at the left side of my head cutting the hair away to the same length, soon I saw my left ear exposed in the mirror. It was a strange kind of feeling to feel the fresh air flowing around my left ear. I had never experienced this before because I had wear my hair long my whole life already. Then she continued cutting the hair of at the back of my head and finally finished at the right side doing the same, cutting my right ear free of hear and then worked her way up. My head was far more lighter now then it was ever before and the fresh air was now touching both of my ears. I had to admit that it did not feel bad, but when I looked around the chair I still feel miserable, looking at the piles of brown shiny hair laying down at the floor. Still afraid what still had to come.

The female barber putted her scissors down and opened a drawer. She took a pair of clippers out and connected the cord to a power outlet. There was a attachment over the clipper that she took off. She walked with the clipper to the back of my chair and put my head forward till my chin was touching the cape. I heard that she switched on the clipper. Soon after that I felled cold steal touching my neck, coming slowly up to the crown of my head, then it turned a little bit to the right, making the same movement, and again and again. When I looked in the mirror I saw the clipper coming closer and closer to my left ear, shearing all last bits of my silky brown hair away, what was left was blank skin, almost
now hair was left. She was shearing all the hair at the left side of my head away with a number 0 clipper, leaving only skin. Then she moved again to the back of my head and start working the other way, again up to the crown of my head. Now she was working the other way around coming slowly to the right side of my head, moving the clipper around my right ear to the top of the side of the head. Again I had to admit that it was a strange but nice feeling feeling to feel the cold steal of the clipper and the fresh air afterwards not only touching my ear, but also my skin. It felt like a kind of relief. The female barber worked her way up to finish the right side of my head taking off all the hair there too. Finally there was only hair at the top of my head left which stand a little bit strange straight up. It seems like it needed something extra to get into shape. The female officer told the barbers in the mean to put an attachment number 3 on their clippers to finish the top of our heads. The female barber put the attachment on and was start working her way to my hair at the top through, leaving very short cropped hair at the top of my head. When she was finished, it really felt very nice, very light. I did not expected that the feeling was that good. When I looked in the mirror I saw a nice face with shaved sides and short cropped at the top, and I liked it immediately. My shock was gone, although I still felt a bit sad of all the nice thick shiny brown hair that was taken of my head by the female barber. But it was still not all over. The female barber, like the other barbers, start taking some lather and put it on the sides and back of my had. She took a barber knife from her drawer and sharpened it at a leather stripe falling down the barber chair to the floor. With the sharp barbers knife she start shaving off the last stumbles of hair from the sides and back of my head. At the end she was smiling at me and said that she was almost finished. She sprayed my head with water containing a kind of perfume, to make it smell nice. She removed the cape and tissue around my neck, pulled down the chair again and told me that I could leave the barber chair now.
I was the last one in the row. The other women where already finished and had the same crew-cut I received. The barbers start taking the chopped hair away into a kind of big basket coming out of the flour. One of the women had already short hair and not so much was removed, but all other ones had hair falling down at least to the middle of their back. We looked more formal now in our uniforms with our crew-cuts.
The female officer told us to stand straight in line in front of the wall for a first inspection. She ran with her hand over the sides and back of our heads to feel of all the hair was removed. It seems she was satisfied with the inspection and made a complement to the barbers for the good job done. She told us to keep on staying straight in line.
Now she was walking to the female barber and took place in the barber chair herself. She asked the barber to give her a crew-cut too. Although she had short black hair she could use a haircut. She told us that she would look like the same as us to start training us.
The female barber took a new tissue, wrapped it around the neck of the female officer and closed the cape tightly around her next. The other barbers where watching, as we did. The female officer had still her hat on her head. The female barber took it off and put it on the drawer. The female barber took her clippers again, took a way the attachment and pushed the head of the female officer down till her chin touched the cape. She start shaving the back of the head of the female officer in no time, working her way to the left side around the ear and up to the top of her head. The same happened with the right side. Blank skin was exposed around the head of the female officer. On top she received also a number 3 clipper cut. Like us her sides and back got leathered and shaved with a barber knife. The female barber finished of the head of the female officer with some perfumed water and released the cape and tissue from her neck.
The female officer felt with her hand at the sides of and the back of her own head and seemed satisfied with the received crew-cut.
She told us to thank the barbers for the nice crew-cut we received and to put our trench-coats on again. She advised us to put the collar of our trench-coats up to feel the cold leather touching our shaved necks. So I did and I must admit that It really felt great. The soft cold leather against my bare shaved back of my head. I start more and more enjoying the crew-cut and it felt that I should forget the long brown silky shining hear soon. This was much more easy to maintain, it felt great and together with the uniform and the trench-coat it felt really good.
We entered the bus again to bring us back to the training centre, now fitting in all army rules, as well for the uniform, as well for our shaved ‘crew-cutted’ heads. When we arrived at the training centre again, the female officer told us that we had to go for this trip every two weeks to get our crew-cuts maintained.
Last we had to go to the photographer to get a picture for our ID card, in our uniform with the crew-cut.
I got the idea that I liked to keep the same haircut after the training was finished and start working in one of the army offices.

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