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Louisa, my roommate and my best friend, had fallen in love. Madly in love! When I met her new lover for the first time my breath was taken away. Indeed he is a hunk, a young blond god with deepblue eyes and a marvellous body. I wonder how he got attracted to Louisa who looks pretty but is not particularly intelligent or witty. And not an outstanding beauty. Of course with the exception of her hair: it is darkblond, thick, shining, wavy and extremely long. Yes, that is her greatest attraction.

Their love seems to be mutual; they are always kissing and cuddling and they don’t seem to be bothered by my presence. On the contrary: Alec seems to like it when I am there too! Just as if he has also a crush on me! Not that he ever tries to kiss or hug me but when he looks at me his face has such an enigmatical expression. And he looks at me often. Why? It couln’t be because of my hair……or could it? You must know that it is very short and spikey. I am Chinese from origin and have ravenblack, straight hair. Not long ago it was at waistlength. About two months ago I was knocked down by a car while crossing a street. I don’t know what exactly happened but it seems that my head bounced against a windshield and I lost consciousness. When I regained it, it turned out to be the next day. My head had been bandaged and I had bruises at several places but fortunately no fractures. I was told that my hair had been a bloody mess and to explore the injury they had to cut off most of it. After all the wound had not been very extensive but the bleeding had been considerably. When the bandage was removed my scalp was covered by short, uneven wisps and bald patches and there was no other way but shaving all off.

I had noticed, during the course of time, that Alec was particularly attracted by Louisa’s hair. He was always pampering, fondling and brushing her beautiful mane.

“Are you sure that Alec loves you?” I asked Louisa. She was upset: “Why do you doubt it?”

“Well, you are so in love that your vision might be blurred. Sometimes I have the impression that he loves your hair more than yourself.”

“Oh, surely he loves my hair. What is wrong with that? ” Mischievously she added: “You know, now and then I’m teasing him by telling that I intend to have it cut. That makes him beg me not to do so. It is so swell when he is begging me,” she laughed.

Christmas is approaching. The end of the first semester of our first college-year.

Once again Louisa had told Alec that she wanted to cut her hair.

“I’m fed up with those long locks. It takes so much time to keep them in shape, so much trouble shampooing, conditioning and blow-drying them. I want a short and easy to maintain hairstyle.”

This time Alec had not protested, he had looked at her and simply said: “Well, it is your hair.”

Of course Louisa has not the slightest intention to do it.

When I entered our room I saw Louisa kneeling in front of Alec, who was sitting on her bed, busy giving him a blowjob. They were not ashamed to do such things in my presence. Alec who was tousling Louisa’s hair smiled at me.

The next day he came to see me and we made an arrangement.

Alec didn’t more come to our apartment before Christmas Eve.

Then he told Louisa that he had a surprise for her: “You want a haircut? Well, I’ve made an appointment for you.”

Of course Louisa got nervous. “Where and when?”


Louisa was astonished. “All salons are closed tonight.”

Alec grinned. “Don’t bother, I’ve found a barberette willing to come here tonight. Merry Christmas, sweetheart.”

You should have seen the expression on Louisa’s face! Embarrassment and fear! She didn’t know what to say.

“Well, we should bring out a toast,” I suggested.

Louisa emptied her glass in one gulp.

A knock at the door  and a young woman entered bearing in one hand a suitcase.

“Louisa and Lin, meet Tracy, our barberette.”

“Oh my,” Tracy said to me, “you certainly are in need of a tidying up! I think you should sit down.” She pointed at a straight chair which Alec was putting down next to a sochet and upon a spread sheet.

Tracy didn’t ask me anything. She took a cape from her suitcase, threw it across my shoulders and fixed it. Next She grabbed a pair of clippers, plugged them in  and switched them on. There was no guard on them. She pushed my head towards my chest, put the clippers at my nape and gently moved them to my crown, shearing of my short hair. Sweep after sweep, stroke after stroke, my scalp was was denuded of hair again.

Louisa looked on in horror. Of course Alec and I had arranged this event.

After having put aside the clippers Tracy spread shaving foam across my head and shaved me bald. After a second lathering and shaving she wiped my head clean and rubbed a lotion into my scalp.  

“Nice scar,” Tracy said, “it is healed excellently and adds an interesting issue.”

I rose.

“Your turn, sweetheart,” Alec told Louisa.

“I……..I…..” she stammered, ” After all…..I don’t think…….”

“Oh yeah,” Alec said, grabbing her arm and shoving her on the chair. “You want a haircut, don’t you?”

Tracy brushed Louisa’s long tresses who was fidgeting on the chair.

“Does she get the same treatment, Alec?” Tracy asked.

“No!!” Louisa  sqaeled, jumping up,”Please, don’t shave my head!”

In one move Ales stood in front of her and held Louisa’s head between his two hands: “Sweetheart, relax!”

But Louisa couldn’t pull herself together. Sobbing she stammered: “Ssshe……ssshaved…Lin.”

Alec grabbed her shoulders: “Louisa, how many times did you tell me that you want to cut your hair short?”

“I ddidn’t mmean that….I..I only ssaid it to tease you.”

“So you lied to me?”

“Yes…I..I’m sorry.”

“That’s not sufficient, hon. You should be teached a lesson, don’t you agree?”

“Yes…but please, don’t shave me bald.”

“Listen, hon, Lin has been shaven as your substitute. What do you say about that?”

Louisa looked at me, her eyes still full of tears: “You shouldn’t have done that for me.”

“She has saved your hair so far. Nevertheless you have to pay, you can’t get away so easily. I’ll consult Tracy and Lin about a penalty. What do you suggest?” he asked us.

“Make her your slave for a week? A month?”

“Give her tattoos and piercings.”

“Why not cut her hair short? A crewcut?”

“She needs a good spanking.”

Alec pondered on the answers.

“I think it to be a good idea to make her my slave. But only during the Xmas-days. Do you agree, Louisa?”

“Yes,” Louisa answered in a not very convincing voice.

“Answer  me right, slave. You know that I am allowed to let you do anything I want?”

“It will be a pleasure to serve you, master, and I’ll obey every order you will give me.”

“Okay, to start with: strip to the skin.”

Louisa took off her shoes and clothes. Naked she stood in the centre of the room.

“Tracy, are you able to give her piercings?”

Tracy patted on her suitcase: “Sure, I’ve everything in here. But shouldn’t we first remove her bush?” She pointed at Louisa’s luxurious dark and curly pubic hair.

“Good idea, go ahead.”

Louisa was ushered to her bedroom and ordered to lie down on her back across her bed, her spreaded legs over the edge and her feet on the floor. Tracy produced a pair  of battery operated small clippers and made short work of Louisa’s pubic bush. Next she lathered the area and shaved it smooth, inclusive the perianal region.

Louisa didn’t more cry, the clipping and shaving of her private parts clearly had  excited her.

Alec knelt between her legs and kissed her exposed lips, his tongue slipped into the split between them. Louisa moaned but Alec retired before she could build up an orgasm.

“Which places do you want to be peirced?” Tracy asked impatien

“At the upper side of her vulva two studs on each of her lips and an umbilical hoop. That will be enough for tonight.”

Tracy went to work. ”It will hurt somewhat, but it won’t last long,” she warned.

“You don’t do tattoos, do you?” Alec asked Tracy.

“No, but I might take her to a friend of mine tomorrow.”

“It’s Xmas you know?”

“Sure but is doesn’t matter. She’ll do it if I ask her.”

“Well, that’s settled then.”

The next morning Tracy sowed up already early.

“Merry Christmas everyone,” she wished us while kissing each of us.

I had made breakfest and all of us gathered around the table.

“How did you sleep, Louisa?” asked Tracy.

Alec answered: “Thanks to your pills she slept rather well but no more than that.”

No sex possible, he meant to say.

Tracy smiled: “What is up today?”

“A lot,” answered Alec. “Did you make an appointment with your friend?”

”Sure, she is expecting us.”

“What about me?” I asked, “I don’t like to stay behind alone.”

“Of course you may come with us,” Tracy said, “Why don’t you take a tattoo too? Your scalp is well prepared now.”

Susan, Tracy’s friend, took me as her first victim. She was redheaded and freckled and apart from a small fringe her head was covered with stubbly hair.

“Yeah, tattooists ought to have shaven heads,” she grinned. “You look great but to achieve best results you should have an absolute smooth scalp. Do you mind me shaving you again?”

“On the contrary, I like it.”

I did indeed. The scraping of the razor across my scalp aroused me! Should I let my hair grow again or not? On the one hand I wanted to have hair again, on the other not. Tracy wiped my head clean and I rubbed my scalp with both hands; it felt so smooth! True, when I went outside I had to cover my head, otherwise it would feel like  a lump of ice.

“You know, I would like to create a tiger. I can incorporate the scar into the pattern of the stripes on his body,” Susan told me.

“Okay, but your work is in vain when I decide to grow my hair again.”

“Well, that’s up to you. You could always expose it again, if you wish. In any case I’ll start with outlining the figure and apply the colours later.”

In the meantime Tracy worked on Louisa.

“I want your hair out of your face and ears, so it would be the best to braid it.”

“Will you make two plaits?” Alec asked.

“No problem. Just like a little girl, you bet.”

She started with Louisa’s eyebrows. She made two perfect bows which gave Louisa’s face an expression of permanent wondering. With electrolysis she destroyed the follicles of the dipilated area so that no more hair would grow there.

Next came a permanent make-up: eyeliner and lips. Tracy injected some gel into the lips to make them fuller and somewhat pouting. She inserted five studs in each earshell and one in Louisa’s right nosewing. In each earlobe a hoop.

After lunch the tattooing started. A wrath of butterflies encircled Louisa’s vulva. A kolibri was outlined on her left shoulder and a rose tattood at her right buttock.

Late in the afternoon the session was finished and for the first time Louisa was allowed to look at her reflection. Surprised by her new appearance she stood in front of the mirror and admired herself.

“Wow…..but could I unbraid my hair? It doesn’t match with my new looks.”

But Alec denied her request. He took all four of us girls with him to a restaurant for a Christmas dinner. You may imagine how much attention I caught with the tiger on my shaven head. The fine foods were sprinkled with lots of exquisite wines and all of us got into a cheerful mood. Tracy told Louisa that she should keep her ears exposed to show her new adornments and Louisa again complained that she disliked her plaits. That gave us an opportunity to talk her into a shorter haircut. How short? The wine had made Louisa euphorical and giggling she gave in.

We went back to Susans studio. Unceremoniously Tracy cut off the two plaits and the shortened hair fell around Louisa’s face.

“Well Louisa, what shall I do next?”

Giggling Louisa said: “Let Alec decide, it’s my Xmas present to him.”

Alec grinned misschieveously: “Give her the same tiger as Lin has got.”

What would Louisa do? Would she agree? Well, she was madly in love with Alec and girls madly in love do crazy things and in her euphoria she light-heartedly agreed. Tracy grabbed a pair of clippers, pushed Louisa’s head to her chest, flicked on the switch and placed them at her nape. Slowly she moved them to the crown and forward across the top of her head, leaving short stubble in his wake amidst pale skin. A second path next to the first made the wake broader while sheets of hair rained down….First the right side of Louisa’s head was bared, then the left. Tracy got a towel, soaked in hot water, and applied it to her shorn skull. After a few minutes she withdraw it and covered Louisa’s scalp with shaving foam. She sharpened a straight razor and shaved the foam and the stubble from her head. After repeating this procedure she wiped Louisa’s head clean and rubbed a lotion into the naked skin which made Louisa’s dome a shining cueball. While Louisa rose Tracy said: “Your
 turn, Susan.”

Surprised Susan said: “What do you mean? The tiger? No, not today, it is late and I’m off form to perform such delicate task but have you forgotten our arrangement? If you should  succeed in convincing Louisa to cut her hair short I would get your consent to give you the same haircut. Well, I think I’m in the right mood now to do that. So, it is your turn!”

Meekly Tracy sat down and awaited her fate………….Her neat chinlength bob would soon vanish and her head turned into another shining cueball!

The end. 

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