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“And at last I grant a legacy of $ 25.000, free of taxes, to my stepdaughter Savannah Mc Gregor if she agrees with the following condition.”

The notary paused and looked at the girl who dumbfounded had been been listening. For Savannah had never been at good terms with her stepmother who had considered her to be a nuisance. Savannah had hardly known her own mother who had died when she was nearly two years old. Later her father had married again and his new wife had given birth to a son and a daughter. The stepmother had worshipped her own children and disliked the child of the first spouse of her husband.

Savannah went to college to study psychology when she was 18. About one and a half year later her father was killed in a car accident and he left her some money but not enough to get by. Though her stepmother had plenty of money by herself she had never slipped her one cent. So Savannah had to work as a waitress every evening and also  during weekends in a pub serving food.

She was now twenty-one and she was listening to the reading of her deceased stepmother’s last will. She had granted her $ 25.000? Something didn’t fit in!

Soon she knew why when the notary continued: “My children Jerry and Charlene will cut off Savannah’s hair and shave her head in the presence of everyone gathered here in front of the notary.”

Perplexed Savannah looked at her stepbrother and -sister. The 16-year old Charley smirked while the one year older Jerry seemed to have listened with close attention. It seemed to be clear: Charley and her mother had conspired to inflict an ultimate humilation upon her. A headshave in front of the relatives of her father and stepmother!
Of course she could refuse. No, impossible, she needed the money urgently. Her study results had got worse owing to shortage of time caused by the necessity to work in the pub. If they didn’t improve she ran the risk of losing her scholarship and that would be disastrous. It could mean the end of her study.

“I have to think about it,” Savannah said.

The notary shook his head: “You have to decide now while everyone is present. The decision cannot be postponed.”

Savannah gulped, then said in a choked voice: “Okay, I agree.”

Charley got an evil grin on her face while a chair was placed not far from the notary.

“Will you please sit down here?” he asked Savannah.

Charlene stood behind her and started to brush and comb her hair. Her beautiful, thick, wavy and shining auburn hair that cascaded across her shoulders to her waist! Charley parted her hair in the middle; she gathered everything on the right side in her left hand, pulling it taut, while Jerrygave her a pair of clippers in her right hand. There was no attachment applied to them. Charley flicked on the switch and moved the clippers to Savannah’s hairline.

“Stop it, you cannot do this!” a man called.

“Sir, it’s completely legal, it is part of the last will of the deceased and miss Mc Gregor has voluntarily given her consent. So there is no reason to prevent the execution of the will,” the notary said.

Charley moved the clippers slowly backwards to the crown, leaving a nearly two inches wide furrow of stubble. She went back to the hairline and repeated the movement next to the first. In front and over  Savannah’s right ear, then behind it and from the nape upwards. All of the hair on the right side of Savannah’s head came off, still held by the hand of Charley.

The spectators gasped: it was an odd look, the denuded right half of Savannah’s head whith on the left side her long hair descending in its full glory. That wouldn’t last long, Charley moved to the left side and repeated the procedure. In less than three minutes all of Savannah’s hair had been severed from her head and handed over to Jerry who had put the two bunches in a plastic bag.

Now he put a glob of shaving foam on her head and spread it out across her scalp. Charley shaved Savannah’s head with a safety-razor. For the second time Jerry lathered Savannah’s head and Charley repeated her action, making sure that the last vestiges of hair were removed. Jerry wiped Savannah’s head clean and rubbed her scalp with a lotion.

All the time Savannah had not moved, her face showing no emotion.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your presence. I’ll take care that the last will of the deceased will be executed and now we can close this meeting. Only one thing: Jerry, you don’t owe that hair. Give it to me, I’ll make an arrangement with miss Mc Gregor later.”

Andrea, cousin of Savannah, daughter of her father’s sister, gave Savannah a scarf and took her with her to her small apartment where she lived together with her boyfriend. For the first time Savannah saw her image in a mirror and she got herself to rub her hand across her naked head. She started to cry.

“How can I go to work tonight? What will my boss say?”

Andrea hugged and consoled her:  “I think you should buy a wig.”

” I can’t afford it.”

“Well, I can borrow some money, I’ve samed somewhat. You may pay me back when you’ve got your legacy.”

Savannah smiled through her tears. “Oh yes, I get a lot of money, don’t I? Therefore I sacrificed my hair. Wish I hadn’t done it. Anyway, let’s see if we can find one.”

“800 dollars!?” cried Savannah, “Never I’ll pay so much for a mop of hair.”

“Yes miss, they are expensive. It’s real hair and all handiwork. But we have others, less expensive, artificial hair. And much shorter, if you don’t want to spent much money. This one is  $ 175.”

Savannah bought one. Ugly, you could clearly see it to be a wig and it didn’t fit perfectly but it was all Andrea could borrow her.


When Savannah came home her roommate Cathy shrieked: “What did you do? Why this ugly wig?”

Savannah told her the events of this day.

“Take it off,” ordered Cathy, “Let me see how you look like.”

Savannah started crying again.

“Come on, you look different but it’s not bad. Your head is well shaped, your ears are small and are lying flat to your scalp and your  slim neck is superb. I did never yet see it!” said Cathy, while scrutinizing Savannah’s new appearance. “Your hair will grow back, it’s not disastrous.”

“She means well by me,” thought Savannah, “But it doesn’t carry me through: I’m totally bald.”

“I’ve to change,” she said, “But take a shower first.”

The feeling of the water running across her naked scalp surprised her. It was a wonderful sensation! She toweled herself dry and put on her black cotton dress and black nylons according to the regulations. Without haircare she got ready in a record time. Well, for the first time she took advantage of her new look!  

As soon as Savannah had left the house Cathy called Jim, the pub owner. As she too worked there as a waitress but only during weekends, she knew him well. In fact she had provided Savannah with the job.

mp;nbsp;                                                                              —————————————–

Jim was already waiting for Savannah.He threw a quick glance at her when she entered:  “Come with me.”

He took her to his office. “Why this dreadful thing on your head?”

“I lost my hair.”

“I know, Cathy called me. Take it off please.”

Savannah obeyed. Jim investigated her head carefully. “Splendid,” he said. “You know what?” He took the wig, opened a cupboard, threw the wig into it, closed and locked the door. He put the key in his pocket. “You are working tonight just like you are.”

Startled Savannah cried: “Oh no, the patrons will laugh at me and call me baldy!”

“No, they won’t,” answered Jim and at that moment Karen and Ally, the two other waitresses working that night, walked in.

“We guessed that you would be here……..” Karen started to say but then saw Savannah. “Jesus Christ, what happened to your hair?”

“Are you blind? It has gone,” Savannah said in an angry voice.

Ally embraced her. “We are really sorry for you, sweetheart. It is such a shock.Who could do such a thing to you?”

” What do you think it has done to me?”

“Silence girls!” Jim stepped in, “May I have word? I present you the new Savannah. Well, what do you think? Maybe the new look of all my girls. Come on, girl, I’m going to present you to the customers.”

Roaring with laughter he took Savannah with him.

Startled Karen and Ally looked at each other. “Do you think he means this?” asked Karen.

“Noway,” answered Ally, “I’ll never do that.”


Jim addressed the patrons, mostly commercial travellers and the like or men meeting their friends before going home. Generally only a few women visited the pub.

“Hi folks, you remember Savannah with her ravishing long hair? Well, she has changed her looks, very radically and courageously, you may say. What d’ya think of her now?”

Jim pushed a kiss on her bald pate and the men cheered and jostled each other to pat and rub her head. They didn’t scoff and didn’t laugh at her. It made Savannah at a loss what to do about it but she felt relieved: everyone seemed to like it! And she was tipped better than before. Of course she had to share them with her colleagues.

During the following days the visitors seemed to increase. Jim beamed: “That has been a lucky hit,” he thought, “Worth while to repeat it.”

All of the girls working at the pub in the evening were students who needed an extra income. After closing time a friend ot them picked them up with his car as it was not safe for girls to stroll along the streets after midnight. A few nights later Frank  happened to be the driver and Ally, who had been on duty, secretly had her eyes on him.

“Wow Van, you look cute!” he exclaimed when he caught sight of Savannah. “Why did you do?”

Ally felt a stab of jealousy in her chest. Did he really like her…lack of hair? Nervously she twisted a lock of her shoulderlength hair around her indexfinger….


Savannah found a letter from the notary in her letterbox. He wrote that soon she should receive a cheque worth $ 25000 and further he asked what she wanted him to do with her hair. If she wanted to keep it he would send it and if not, would she agree that he granted it to “Locks of Love,” a foundation collecting hair to make wigs for girls,being bald owing to disease or chemotherapy, who couldn’t afford to pay for one.

Savannah decided to call the notary and tell him that she loved to grant her locks and to tell Jim that in the future she only wanted to work during the weekends. He wouldn’t be pleased! The other day he had just told her that her hair began to grow back and he had begged her to shave her head smooth again.

“Shave my head?” she had repeated his question, “I want my hair to grow!”

“You may do that later, Savannah, please do it for me.”

He had looked at her in such an emploring way that she had got weak. “During which time?”

“Oh, some time, a few weeks,” he had lied.


“Oh no! Please Savannah, not yet. I cannot miss you right now. A few weeks, yes? I beg you.” Jim said emploring.

“Well, I didn’t say that I quit rightaway, I’ll be on duty at the weekends.”

“I know, I know.I appreciate that, darling. But cannot you continue to come every night for just a few weeks? Oh p
lease, I love you!”

“Well, just a few weeks then.”

“Oh, you are such a sweet girl, the dearest I have.” Jim kissed her scalp.

“Did you think about it? Shaving your head, I mean.”

“Oh Jim, you are unsurpassable. I just can’t turn you down. But only a few weeks.”

He kissed her again. “Thank you, girl, you make me a happy man.”


“What?! You promised him to shave your head again? Are you crazy?

“Only for a few weeks, for the time that I still will be working every night.”

Not understanding Cathy looked at Savannah: “I thought that you only should work on Saturday and Sunday.”

“And Friday night but Jim…..”

“Oh, my god…..you know him, don’t you? A few weeks means an indefinite period. You are stuck for an unlimited time.”

“Well, I can always put an end to it.”

“But you won’t. He will talk you into it again. You cannot say no.”

“We’ll see. In any case I promised him for the time being.”

“Yeah, I guess so…..If you want I’ll shave you.”

“That would be great.”

“We always shave each others legs and underarms, don’t we? So, why shouldn’t I shave your head? Come on, sit down, I’ll give you a lovely shining dome.”

“Mmmm…that feels so good. I didn’ t realize that when they shaved me in the notar’s office in front of everyone. It was so distressing and humiliating.”

“I must say it is different from shaving your legs. The scraping sound is exciting in a way. “

Cathy lathered Savannah’s head for a second time and shaved it again. Afterwards she rubbed a lotion into her scalp.

“Well, a nice cueball again. are you satisfied?”

“No, I wish I had my hair back. Well, I have to do without.”

“Your hair will never grow again if you don’t stop listening to Jim. You would even say yes when he would ask you to marry him.”

“Do you think I’m crazy? He is too old and fat.”

The girls laughed. Cathy brushed her black straight hair. It was cut in a chinlength bob with bangs just above her eyebrows: a Louise Brooks hairdo.  

“Time to go to college.”


The petite Chinese girl with straight black hair, cut into a shoulderlength bob, giggled.

“You want to work in the pub?” Jim asked her .

“Yes, I heard from my roommate that you like to engage co-eds.”

“I do. What is your name?”

“My name is Lee.”

“Well Lee, I suppose that you want to be on duty in the evening? You know what to expect?”

“Yes sir, my roomate told me. She is also working here.”

“She does? Who is she?”


“Ah yes, my dearest girl. When could you start?”

“Whenever you want, sir.”

“Okay, come next weekend. It is always busy then and I can use any help. Well, you have to fill in and sign some forms. By the way, you have nice hair. Did you always wear it like this?”

“No sir, during high school I had very long hair but I cut it when I went to college.”

“Did you ever consider to go shorter?”

Lee giggled again: “Sometimes I think it might be easier.”

“How about shaving it all off?”

Surprised she looked at Jim, then giggled anew. Hesitating she said: “I don’t know.”

She didn’t say no, thought Jim, but he didn’t urge her any further.

“Okay, see you next weekend.”


When Savannah came home from college she found a letter sent by the brother of her deceased stepmother. What did he want from her? Did he object her being granted  a legacy? But it was described in her stepmothers last will, so it had to be legal.

He asked her to visit him. Could she come next weekend? He wrote that he had gained the legal guardianship over his niece and nephew and wanted to talk with Savannah about them in private. She called her stepuncle and said that she would come over on Saturday morning but had to leave in time as she had to work at  the pub.

 About noon Savannah arrived at her stepuncle’s place. His wife and Jerry and Charleen were present too. Charley’s behaviour seemed to be extraordinarely humble. She kept her eyes down when she greeted Savannah.

“Will you join us for lunch?” asked Hugh, her stepuncle, “We are just about to enjoy it. Afterwards we can talk.

After lunch he took Savannah apart.

“I’m sorry that you lost your hair. As you know I objected but the notary dismissed my objections.”

“I agreed with the condition.”

“I know. It is right that you got a legacy but I think  this condition to be disgusting. I have questioned Charleen and after severe interrogation she did confess that it had been her idea. It is sad that my sister agreed and had this recorded in her last will. Jerry had nothing to do with it.”

“Well, it cannot be changed.”

“No, but Charleen deserves to be punished. She and her brother will inherit a lot of money when they come of age and I won’t let her get away so easy.”

“So what do you suggest?”

Hugh looked at Savannah: “The bible says: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

“No, I don’ t want an act of revenge.”

“You have shaved your head again, haven’t you? Why?”

“My boss begged me to do this. The patrons seem to like it and his sales have increased.”

“I see. Well, why do you object to treat Charlene the same way. There is no need pitying her.”

“Do you want to shave her bald?”

“No, I want you to choose a penalty for her.”

“Why me?”

“It is not an order, Savannah, it i
s a request. I think it is no more than approprate that you do.”  

“Okay, let’s join the others.”

“Charlene, we have talked, haven’t we?”

“Yes uncle.”

“And you have admitted that your way of acting concerning your stepsister has been totally wrong. True?”

“Yes uncle, I am sorry for her.”

“Ask her to forgive you.”

With her eyes lowered Charley began: “Savannah………”

“Look into her eyes, girl!”

Reluctantly Charley raised her eyes and looked into those of Savannah.

“I’m sorry, Savannah, having done this to you. Can you forgive me?”

“I can do that, Charley, but you will understand that you can’t avoid punishment, won’t you?”

“Yes, I understand, I deserve a penalty.”

“Okay, aunt Helen and I will escort you to your chamber.”


Meekly Charley awaited  her fate.

“I think you have an idea how justice will be done, Charlene,” said Helen.

Scared Charley looked at her: “Please, not my hair. Savannah got a lot of money.”

“It is not the money, Charlene, that’s beside the point.  You humiliated her by shaving her head bald in front of all those people. That’s what counts. And that is what should be done to you.”

Charley began to cry: “Oh please, I’ll do everything if you don’t shave my head,” she sobbed.

Savannah mixed into the discussion: “You would do everything? Okay, take off your clothes!”

Charley pulled her sweater over her head,dropped her skirt and stepped out of it and pulled off her shoes. She looked at Savannah.

“Go on, all of it, your underwear too.”

The girl unhooked her bra, stripped off her panties and stepped out of them. She was completely naked now, her young breasts pointing proudly straight forward, nervously awaiting further orders.

“Okay, that is nice,” Savannah said. “Now I want you to go to the mall, enter the supermarket and bring back to me a pair of shears.”

Horrified Charley looked at her: “May I dress first?”

“Noway, I want you to go in the nude.”

She began to cry again: “I cannot do that, I will be arrested.”

“Probably. I don’t care. Just go!”

“No, I can’t, it is impossible,” Charley sobbed.

“So you won’t do anything, huh? Well, I gave you a choice but you didn’t make use of it. Aunt Helen, do you happen to have a pair of shears for me?”

“I think I have everything you need, Savannah. I’ll get it for you.”

“Sit down, Charley,” said Savannah, pulling a chair to the centre of the room.

Sobbing the girl obeyed. She knew that she couldn’t possibly avoid her fate. Helen brought a pair of clippers, a set of disposible razors and shaving foam. Savannah didn’t waste time. She flicked on the switch of the clippers, put them at the poor girls hairline and moved them across her head to her nape, leaving in its wake a broad path of short stubble. Long blonde tresses slid down on the girls naked thighs. Soon the top of her head was denuded, the sides and the back followed. Helen applied the shaving foam at her scalp and spread it across her head. Together Helen and Savannah shaved every vestige of hair from Charley’s head, altering it into a nice cueball. Sobbing she sat on the chair, surrounded by the mass of blonde locks on the floor.

“Get dressed, Charlene,” said Helen, whiping off loose strands from the girls shoulder.

They took Charley to the groundfloor to show her to Hugh and Jerry, then they paraded  her through the crowded streets. No need mentioning that the two bald girls attracted a lot of attention.

“After all, revenge is sweet,” said Savannah to her uncle when she departed.

“I’m glad you did it and I hope it has teached Charlene a lesson.”   


“Hallo Savannah, glad to see you did as I asked you,” Jim said, pushing his lips on her freshley shaven scalp. “I want you yo meet Lee,” he continued, pushing the Chinese girl forward. “She is going to work for me and you are going to show her the ropes. You will do that, won’t you?”

“Sure, of course. Hi Lee, I’m Savannah.”

Lee looked in awe at the bald girl………..

Later that evening when they paused in the restroom for a short break Lee asked: “Did Jim ask you to shave your head?”

“Yes he did.” Savannah didn’t say that it hadn’t been her first shaving.

“Why does he want it?”

“He thinks it attracts customers and I think it works.”

“He asked me too.”

“And what did you answer?”

“I din’t know what to of think of it but I think I know now.”


“What would you say if I shave off my hair too?” asked Ally.

“You cannot be serious, I thought it to be out of the question,” Karen surprised answered. “How come you ask that?”

“Well, you can change your mind, can’t you? I have reconsidered it. Mmmmm….Savannah looks very particular, don’t you think?”

“You are not she. How do you know if your head is regularly shaped like hers a
nd your ears do not stick out. Or maybe there are moles.”

“I could find out. It is no permanent change. If it is not what I expected I just let my hair grow again.”

“It sounds as if you have decided already.”

“No, I’m thinking.”


Ally was quite nervous when she entered the barbershop. She had told her regular hairstylist that she considered to shave off her hair.

“You are crazy,” Sylvia had said, “Your hair is so healthy and shining; it would be a shame. Why should you do this?”

“I have my reasons. Don’t ask but just do it.”

“Oh no, I won’t. If you want to do such a foolish thing you should visit a barbershop. They won’t ask questions but please, don’t do it. I don’t want to lose you. We did always get on together. Don’t disturb that.”

“Sylvia, you are the one that causes the estrangement. You are sending me away.”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, I am not able to do what you ask me. It is contrary to my principles. This is a beautysalon you know, not an institute of destruction.”

So Ally had gathered courage and had taken the road to a barbershop.

The barberchairs were occupied by men only. She moved to the waiting area where a few men and one girl were sitting. Surprised Ally recognised the girl: Lee began to giggle when she saw Ally approaching.

“Are you here for the same reason as mine?” Lee asked her.

“I suppose so,”Ally answered, pleased to find a partner in distress (and soon to be detressed ). “Why do you do it?”

“Jim asked me. I think he likes his waitresses bald.”

“Yeah, I think so too. Though he didn’t say it in so many words.”

She didn’t mention Frank.

After all of the men had been served the two girls suddenly could take their places next to another.

“We don’t often see girls in the shop. What can we do for you?”

The girls looked at each other.

“We want our hair cut off and our heads shaved,” said Ally.

“Is this a contest? Or did you lose your bets?” One of the barbers asked.

Lee giggled. “Just do it before we back out.”

The barbers watched each other and worked simultaneously. They caped the girls, grabbed their clippers, pushed the heads of the girls towards their chests, switched on the clippers moved them from the napes to the crowns. After the first pass came a second, parallel to the first and so on, denuding the back of the girls heads. Strands of blonde and black hair tumbled down. Then they stepped to the right side, baring it and afterwards the left. Again they stood themselves behind the chairs. Simultaneously they put the clippers at the hairline and attacked the last long hair on the top of the girls heads, leaving only stubble. With smaller clippers the barbers reduced this to  nearly baldness, then wrapped hot towels up the heads and took those away after three minutes. They covered the heads with shaving cream, spread it out across the scalps and shaved them with sharp straight razors. A second time the heads were lathered and this time shaved with safety razors, removing any lasting vestige of hair. At the same time the men were ready, cleaned the heads with  towels and rubbed them with a lotion.

“Well ladies, all done. What do you think?”

The girls looked at the mirror, then at each other.

“My god, I’m feeling naked,” exclaimed Ally and moved her hands to her head. Lee giggled.

They paid and left the salon, gazed after by people passing-by. But they didn’t mind, they stared back, laughing.

“Ally, would you mind to come with me to my room?” asked lee. “I’m alone, my roommate is away this weekend and  well……”

“Oh, not at all,” answered Ally, “I need company too and especially a partner in distress. I’m feeling strange, just as if I’m not myself. We are catching the eyes of everyone and the air is so cold.”

Lee giggled. “You are right. Well, my room is not far away.”  

”I think I’ll take a shower first,” said Lee, “I’m itching everywhere. Do you join me?”

Without a sense of shame she undressed herself and strolled towards her bathroom. Somewhat bashful Ally followed her.

“Ooh, that’s great!”….” Wow!”….” Insane!”….”..What a feeling!”

The girls were elated when they felt the streaming water from the sprinkle nozzle beating their bare scalps.

“It is just as good as sex!” exclaimed Lee.

“Almost,” laughed Ally.

Lee gave Ally a kimono with dragon characters, she herself put on a plain creamcoloured one.

“Want tea? Chinese tea?” Lee asked.

Ally nodded: “Please.”

“One moment.” Lee went to the kitchenenette and came back with a small package.

“Want a joint?”

“I don’t know,” Ally wavered, “I’ve never done that.”

Lee giggled. “Give it a try, it’s only weed, hashis pot. It won’t hurt and it makes you feel better.”

I could use it, Ally thought. She wasn’t sure whether she had done well shaving her head. ”Okay”

They sat down on a couch, next to each other, sharing the joint.

”Phew, it goes to my head…it is weird.”

Lee tittered: “That is the intention. Feeling better now?”

Suddenly Ally became aware that Lee had slipped one hand under her kimono and started to fondle her breast.

“Like that?” Lee whispered in Ally’s ear.

Embarrassed Ally could only moan softly.

“Want to make love?” Lee bent her head, her lips touched Ally’s and her tongue split them and explored Ally’s mouth. Lee’s hand slid down across Ally’s belly.
Ally shivered, she felt very strange and excited. Lee’s fingers crawled through Ally’s pubic hair fumbling after her vulva. Two slid inside and found her clit.

Ally writhed with pleasure and squeaked when she came.

“Oh god, I’ve never made love to a girl,” she panted when she had recovered somewhat.

“You didn’t, I did,” giggled Lee. Pulling off her kimono she begged: “Please, will you now indulge me,please?”

Ally looked at the naked girl, noticing that she had no pubic hair. She had not paid attention to it before and it gave her a little shock. But there was a dark shadow visible, so she had shaved her pubic region. Ally lowered her head, bent Lee’s legs and pushed her tongue into the most private part of the girl. Ally couldn’t believe that she did such a thing but she was so aroused that it was plain sailing.

This had been the strangest day in her life, she had done things she would never have dreamt of!

Lee kissed her: “You were wonderful.”

“But I’m no lesbian, ” said Ally, “I’ve had boyfriends but never girls.”

“But you did like it, didn’t you? Why should you bother?” Again she tittered.

“I think I could use another joint,” said Ally.

“No, not now, later. I think we should dress. We have to work tonight.”

“You are right. Besides I have to go home first and fetch my gear.”

“I’m going with you.”

;                                                                              ———————————–

“Those are my girls,” Jim was delighted and he kissed  their smooth scalps. He called Savannah and Cathy who had just arrived.  

Cathy gasped: “Good heavens, I think I’m totally out of place amidst of you three.”

“Oh, it is easy to arrange that,” laughed Jim.

“Noway, I won’t cut my hair, forget it.”

Jim took Ally and Lee to address the patrons.

“Look boys,what do you think of their hairdo’s?”

“Cathy, why didn’t you shave your head?” a man called out.

“She won’t do it,” Jim answered before Cathy could react.

“Oh, come on, you cannot stay behind,” several others howled.

All the evening they teased Cathy but she didn’t give in.

 When itwas closing- time Jim said to Savannah: “Cannot you convince her to do it? In the near future I only want girls with shaven heads as waitresses.”


Frank waited with in his car. Aghast he gazed at the bald girls but he hardly paid any attention to Ally. The more to Lee, much to Ally’s disappointment and anger. When Frank had delivered Savannah at her home, Ally told Frank that she would accompany Lee to her place. Now it was Frank’s turn to be disappointed as he had hoped to be alone with Lee after Ally would have left the car.

When they had got out Lee tittered: “He is sour but oh boy, would he have looked foolish when he had discovered my disposition.”

“You had promised me another joint, you know,” said Ally, still upset.

“Sure, come in,” she noticed that Ally was not her usual self.

“Phew, first of all get rid of this stinking dress,” Lee said, unzipping and taking it off unceremoniously as soon as she entered her room. There she stood, dressed down to her bra, panties, black stockings and shoes. From a drawer she took a small bag and rolled a joint, lighted it, took a drag and gave it to Ally.

“Tell me, did you come with me as you want to revenge yourself on Frank?” she inquired.

“Why do you ask that?” Ally asked, somewhat disconcerted.

“I’m not blind, you know, your face was clearly showing your feelings.”

Ally blushed. “It is not the only reason.”

The effect of the weed began to exert his influence. Lee let herself  down next to her on the couch. She looked  somewhat surprised when Ally suddenly began to kiss her.

“I want to be fucked,” whispered Ally, unhooking Lee’s bra. Lee on her turn began to strip Ally and soon both girls were fondling each other…………

Satisfied they fell asleep in Lee’s bed later.


“Oh my god, You really did it!” exclaimed Karen when Ally came home in the afternoon.

“Yes, I told you I considered that.”

“I didn’t believe that you would do it. Did Frank see you already?”

“Yes, that bastard! You know, when I entered the barbershop I saw Lee sitting there. You know Lee, don’t you?”

“Sure, I met her at the pub.”

“Well, we were sheared simultaneously, sitting next to each other. Yesterday Frank collected us after closing time to bring us back home but he had only eyes for Lee. Oh, I could kill him! Anyway he has no chances for Lee only likes gals.”

“How do you know?”

” Didn’t you notice that I didn’t come home last night? I slept with Lee.”

“You did what!? I can’t believe it. You have never…..”

“No, it has been a surprise for me too…An embarrassing experience. I had never thought……Well, after the shaving of our heads we were both emotionally instable and Lee asked if I would come with her to her room as she didn’t want to be alone. As you were away and I would be alone as well I agreed. And well, I let me seduce.”

“My god, Ally, I hardly recognise you! First your hair gone and moreover this! It feels as if you are another person than I knew up till now.”

“I don’t more know myself. I have to do a lot of reflexion.”

“And Lee? How do you go further?”

“I don’t know. We had sex but I’m not in love with her. Besides she has Kyra.”

“Are they lovers?”

“I don’t know. I don’t care either.”

“So Jim has now already three bald gals.”

“Yes and I’ve heard saying that Carry will be the next.”

“Well, she has not much to lose with that boyish style.”

“You have to think about it, Karen. Jim wants all of his gals to shave their heads or to quit.”

“Yeah, if he can find enough substitutes.”

p;nbsp;            —————————————–

Savannah didn’t get the chance to speak to Cathy for the latter had got a message that her father had fallen seriously ill and she had gone home immediately. Three days later Cathy returned. She told Savannah that her father had suffered a stroke and that his right side had been paralyzed and he couldn’t speak. He was now out of danger and although the doctors thought that his situation might improve somewhat they were not optimistic about his possibility to resume his normal activities.

“That means that the income of my parents will be reduced drastically. The question arises whether I will be able to finish my studies or will be obliged to find a job.”

“It would be a waste if you had to stop now. It is just a little more than year before your graduation.”

“That is true and my mom told me that she will do anything to make it possible. But have a brother and a sister.”

“When you graduate you might be able to help them.”

“That’s what my mom said.”

“Listen Cathy, with the money from my legacy I can pay the rent for both of us.”

“That’s very nice of you, Savannah. I’ll pay you back as soon as I can. In any case I’ll have to work every night at the pub.”

“Cathy, Jim has asked me to speak to you. If you want to continue working for him, he expects….at least he wants only gals with shaven heads.””

“I doesn’t bother me anymore, Savannah, I have seen the relativity of everything. I’ve seen my father in an instant turn from a selfconfident man into helpless cripple. What is the importance of hair. I’ll have my head shaved but I don’t want it being done in a barbershop with everyone gazing at me. Would you do it, please?”

Savannah was suprised. ” Me? But how?”

“I know, we have no clippers, but you could cut my hair short with scissors and then shave it off.”

“No, I don’t think it to be a good idea. I’ll go and see if I can hire a pair of clippers.”

“But do you know how to use them?”

Savannah smiled and patted Cathy on her head: “Don’t bother, I’ll be back soon.”

Savannah returned with a pair of Wahl clippers. Cathy looked at them in awe: “Are you sure that you can handle them?”

“Yes, the barber has shown me.”

“Shown? But….”

“He let me practice. Don’t bother, it’s not so difficult.”

Cathy was not convinced. “What do you mean by practice? Did you use them on somebody?”

Savannah laughed. “Sure; he let me do.”

“I can’t believe it! Did his client allow that?”

“It went all very fast. It was a little boy getting a buzzcut; he didn’t object.”

“But you used an attachment, that is not he same.”

“I used them without an attachment to shave the back and sides of his head. Well, are you convinced now? Then let’s start.”

Savannah spread a sheet on the floor near a socket and paced a straight chair on the centre of it. Cathy didn’t seem to feel very reassured but she sat down. What else could she do? She had asked for it.

“Better to take off your shirt,” said Savannah. “Are you ready? Once I have started there is no way back.”

“Not really, you know how I think about shaving my hair off. I only do this to keep my job.”

“Yeah, it’s the only way.” Savannah switched on the clippers and placed them at Cathy’s hairline. There was no guard on the clippers. Cathy shuddered..

“Are you sure? Last chance to chicken out.”

“Do it before I before I lose my guts.”

Savannah moved the clippers right down the middle, leaving a furrow of black stubble from front to nape. She went back to the hairline and repeated the procedure next to the first path and so on. Then she removed the right sideburn, the hair in front, above and behind the right ear, next the same action on the left side. At last the backside was shaved to stubble. In afew minutes the precious bob had disappeared, all the black hair  lay on Cathy’s shoulders, her lap and on the floor.

Cathy didn’t move, her face showed her apprehension, a few tears rollled down her cheeks.

Savannah took a soft brush and removed loose remnants of hair from Cathy’s face and scalp.  “This has been the worst.”

Cathy nodded while Savannah applied a hot wet towel at her head and left it there a few minutes. Then she lathered Cathys scalp and shaved her head with a safety razor, working with short strokes from the hairline backwards. She repeated the procedure, this time starting at her nape, making sure that no vestiges of hair escaped. Savannah handed her friend a handmirror. Hesitating Cathy accepted it and looked at her image.

“Oh my god! Is that me? Oh no!”

“You’ll get accustomed to your new appearance just like I did. I know it’s a shock the first time you see yourself without hair but you’ll get used to it.”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“Look at me. You know, it doesn’t bother me any more to be bald. In a way I like it, especially the few maintenance work. I don’t crave to have long hair again, no, I think it to be a passsed station. Believe me, together we’ll manage.”

“But, Savannah, as long as I am studying I’ll have to work for Jim and I’m supposed to keep my head shaved. But how if I graduate and try to find a job? I canot wait till my hair has grown to a reasonable length.”

“That’s where wigs are for, silly. Don’t bother, it will not constitute a problem.”  

Savannah kissed Cathy’s bald dome. “Believe me, you are looking terrific. Besides, maybe you’ll come across a boss later who likes a bald co-worker,” she said, laughing.

“Savannah, Lee, Ally, Carry, Cathy and soon Kyra. That makes six. Within a week six gals with shining domes! Well. the others will have to follow or else….” Jim summed up.

Karen knew; she had to decide soon.

Two weeks later three girls had submitted. Three others had refused and had to quit. Among those Karen; she had not the heart to butcher her long hair to keep her position. She and the other two were replaced by willing co-eds. Finding them constituted no problems.

Jim’s pub became famous for the baldheaded student waitresses. But also at college they caught attention and it encouraged adventurous girls who wanted to make a striking move to follow the example. It didn’t remain restricted to the area but it spread like a hype over the country!

The end.

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