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Lucy gazed out of the window, like she had done so on several occasions since moving in with her friend Fay, across the street to the barbershop on the other side. From her vantage point, she could clearly see the two red leather barbers’ chairs, but was disappointed to see them both vacant.

“What you doing?” Asked Fay, her flatmate, as she walked into the room.

“Oh, nothing. Just looking out of the window.” Sighed Lucy. “I was hoping to catch a glimpse of some young stud having his haircut.” Fay joined her at the window.

“Mmmmmm, you get a good view from here. I’ve often stood here for over an hour watching that old boy.” She revealed, as the elderly barber swept around his two chairs. “Saturdays are good!” She added with a smile. “Plenty of young men on a Saturday, and he’s merciless with his scissors. Mind you, his daughter isn’t too bad herself!”

“His daughter?” Lucy asked.

“Yes. She only works there on a Saturday morning. Her weapon of choice is the clippers, not that anyone complains. She’s very cute!”


“Oh yeah! She’s probably only twenty or twenty-one, has a gorgeous figure and generally wears the tightest jeans you can imagine. Her ample cleavage bursts through her red barbering jacket, and she wears her long, blonde hair in a very sexy ponytail. She is definitely a sight for testosterone-filled sore eyes!”

“She sounds interesting! I can’t wait to see her on Saturday!” Lucy exclaimed. Fay turned to Lucy.

“If you fancy it, she cuts women’s hair as well you know? They both do.”

“Do they?”

“Yeah! I let her cut my hair once. It was lovely!” She sighed. Fay had always worn her hair short for as long as Lucy had known her. “But I warn you, they’re just as ruthless with females as they are with the blokes!” Fay put her hand up to Lucy’s blonde locks, gently teasing them with her fingers. ” But if you’d like that lot shaved off, then she’s the one to do it!” She pushed Lucy’s hair upward off her forehead. “Mmmmm, it might suit you.”

“I don’t think so.” Lucy replied.

“I’ll come with you if you want moral support?” Fay smiled. Lucy couldn’t tell if she was just joking, or if she was testing to see if Lucy was interested. “We could go this Saturday. I’m here all morning, and my hair does need cutting?”

“No, you’re okay Fay. I’m not planning on having my head shaved in the near future!” Fay looked back at her disappointedly, and then laughed. She went to walk back out of the room, but paused at the doorway.

“You might change your mind when you see her?” She teased, before closing the door behind her.

Lucy raised her hand to her head, and slowly let her fingers run through her shoulder length locks. Her hair was due for a trim at least, if not a cut, but the idea of going across to the barbershop did not appeal to her. But, then again, Lucy was strangely intrigued by the sound of the old man’s daughter? She smiled to herself and dismissed all thoughts of getting her haircut, choosing to continue unpacking her things. She was already fed up with living out of boxes! Neither Lucy nor Fay raised the topic of haircuts again that week.     

Saturday morning arrived, and Lucy was the first to wake up. She showered and then went into the kitchen to make herself some toast. Still wearing her dressing gown, she walked into the living room and opened the curtains.

There she was! Lucy couldn’t help but see her. As she pulled the curtains back, she caught her first glimpse of the young barberette. Operating from the chair nearest the shop window, she looked just how Fay had described. The long, blonde ponytail swinging freely, the ample bust, the tight jeans and, to cap it off, she was wearing black, calf-length boots. Caped in her chair was a young guy, who was halfway through receiving a very short clipper cut. The barberette danced around him with the clippers held in her hand, shearing his black, wavy hair away from his head. The cape, and the surrounding floor, was covered in his shorn hair.

Lucy took a bite of her toast, and pulled up a chair so that she could watch the barberette for a while. Soon, her customer had the cape pulled away from him, and he stood up out of the chair. As she took his money, another eager customer jumped into her waiting chair. She turned to him, shook her cape loose, and flung it around him. Within seconds, his doomed locks were being combed in readiness for the clippers. Fascinated by the scene, Lucy watched intently as the young girl picked up her clippers off their hook.

As her hand firmly held his head forward, her other hand pushed the clippers up his neck. Large clumps of hair could be seen falling to the floor. The ferocity with which she used the clippers aroused Lucy. Without consciously thinking about it, Lucy slipped her hand under her dressing gown, and began to pleasure herself. As the captive customer received the last few strokes of the clippers, Lucy began to imagine walking up to the barberette’s chair and sitting in it. She pictured the cape being flung around her, and the barberette looking at the length of her hair with disgust before combing it hastily. Then, picking up her hair clippers, Lucy imagined the barberette giving her a wry smile as she switched them on, walked behind her, and then pushed her head forward.

“She’s quite something isn’t she?” Interrupted Fay suddenly. Lucy hadn’t heard her come into the room, and immediately pulled her hand out from under her dressing gown. Fay saw her do it, but chose not to make comment. Instead, she just stood behind Lucy as if waiting for her to reply. Embarrassed at being caught obviously masturbating as she watched the barberette, Lucy blurted out her reply.

“Yes, she is.” She stuttered, unable to look Fay in the eye. She felt Fay’s fingers playfully tease her locks.

“Wouldn’t you just love to be sitting where he is now?” Fay asked, making reference to the barberette’s caped client. “I’m sure you’d enjoy her giving you a proper haircut.” She added, as she stroked Lucy’s hair. “Certainly, I’m sure she’d like to get her hands on this lot!” The words hit a chord with Lucy, and she felt a rush go through her body. She didn’t answer at first, looking straightforward and avoiding eye contact with Fay. The barberette was busy removing the cape from her latest shorn customer. As she pulled the cape away, Lucy saw a mass of hair fall from it and onto the floor. “Imagine if that was your blonde hair Lucy?” Teased Fay. “Wouldn’t you love her to cut it off like that?”

“I don’t know,” debated Lucy, clearly not as defiant as she had been earlier in the week, “I’m not sure that I would want it cut that short?” There was no denying that the idea did excite her, and Fay sensed that Lucy was warming to the idea of having her hair cut. Continuing to stroke her blonde locks in a soothing, almost massaging manner, Fay tried to reassure her.

“Nonsense. I can tell you’d love her to cut it that short! Besides, it’s not a matter of how short she cuts it, but the way in which she cuts it!” Encouraged Fay. “Just picture yourself in her chair, caped and sat in front of that large mirror, and totally at her mercy. All your long, blonde hair fanned out across your caped shoulders, ready for her to cut as short as she desires.” Fay could see that her words were having the required effect on Lucy. “I know you want her to cut it for you Lucy. You’re just a little nervous, right?” Lucy looked up at Fay. Her expression confirmed to Fay that her persuasion had worked. “Well, don’t be sweetheart! Everyone is nervous of change.” She smiled. “I was nervous when I had mine cut short for the first time. Listen, I’ll come with you. It’ll be fine!”

“What if I don’t like it?”

“You’ll love it Lucy, I know you will.” Fay said dismissively. “You’ll wonder why you didn’t have it cut short years ago!”

“Do you really think so?”

“I don’t doubt it!” She replied convincingly. Eager to keep the momentum going, she added “Com
e on, get changed out of that dressing gown and we’ll go over!” Surprisingly, Lucy put up no resistance. She took one last bite of toast, stood up, placed her plate down on the coffee table, and walked back towards her bedroom. Fay looked out of the window, down at the barbershop, and allowed herself a devious smile. Watching the young barberette shearing another customer, she pondered on the thought of Lucy soon sitting in that same chair. Her smile widened.

Within a few minutes, Lucy reappeared in the doorway. She was dressed in a black t-shirt, blue jeans and white trainers. Her blonde hair had been freshly groomed, and Fay imagined that Lucy had sat in front of her dressing table mirror and brushed it lovingly one last time.

“Okay, I’m ready!” Lucy announced. “Well, I’m as ready as I’m ever likely to be!”

“There’s no going back now!” Fay declared. She swiftly directed Lucy towards the front door and down the stairs. As she walked behind her, out through the apartment block entrance, Fay watched as the breeze lifted Lucy’s blonde locks. She smirked to think that, in only a matter of minutes, the wind would no longer have any affect on Lucy’s hairstyle!

As they crossed the road, heading towards the barbershop, Lucy was obviously becoming nervous. The young barberette was clearly visible as she stood there, working away in the front window, shearing the hair away from another gentleman’s head. Fay slipped her arm through under Lucy’s as if by way of a supportive gesture, but moreover to ensure that she could guide her directly towards the shop door. They exchanged glances, and Lucy realised that Fay was not about to let her change her mind on this one!

Fay pushed the door and held it open for Lucy to pass through. The interior, so familiar to them both, opened up as they entered. The entrance of two women didn’t seem to attract the interest you might expect. The barberette and her father continued attending their respective customers without making any acknowledgement of Fay and Lucy’s presence. Although both barbers’ chairs were occupied, to Lucy’s relief there were no customers waiting. Fay indicated Lucy to take a seat on the waiting chairs, ensuring that she sat on one between Lucy and the door, preventing her from making a sudden run for it! Lucy looked over at the barberette. Up close, this young woman was even more attractive than when viewed from afar. Her youthful face was a picture of concentration as she precisely sheared around her customer’s ear. Lucy’s eyes widened as she watched her move around the chair, noting that those provocative black boots stood in a mass of different coloured hair piled on the vinyl flooring.

As if expectedly choreographed, the barberette appeared to be finishing ahead of her father, who remained busy doing a scissor cut on an elderly gentleman. All too soon, she was removing the cape from her customer and ushering him towards the cash register. Lucy stared at his freshly clipped scalp in awe. She lifted her hand and instinctively felt her long mane. Fay, seeing her flatmate’s hesitancy, lightly squeezed her other hand as if to reassure her.

“Okay ladies, who’s up first?” The barberette called, walking back to her chair. She picked up the cape and shook it loose, looking over to see who would rise from their seat. Her eyes widened, and her lips curled with a smile, as Lucy stood up. “Right then, come and take a seat then.” She instructed, guiding Lucy to the waiting chair with her arm as she stepped forward. Lucy lowered herself into the barbers’ chair, and felt the young girl pump the treadle a couple of times to raise its height slightly. Suddenly, there she was; sat in her barbers’ chair and ready to receive a haircut! The barberette swung the cape around her and swiftly gathered it tightly around Lucy’s neck. She took hold of the mass of blonde locks and fanned them out across Lucy’s shoulders. For a second, she stood to admire Lucy’s impressive mane. “I love it when a long haired woman comes in!”

“I’ve convinced my friend here, Lucy, to go shorter.” Fay called out from behind the barberette. “She was a little nervous at first, but..”

“Well Lucy,” The young girl interrupted, “you’re in the right place for a short haircut! It’s what I had planned for you anyway!” She said smiling.

“She’s been watching you from our apartment across the street.” Fay continued, much to Lucy’s clear embarrassment. “..and she’s thinking of having a clipper cut.”

“Well, yes, it’s kinda what I want.” Lucy stammered. “But not too short, if you know what I mean?”

“There’s no such thing as a long clipper cut!” She laughed. “Certainly not in this shop. Besides, I think your friend is looking forward to seeing you to have a decent haircut!” She added, assuming that Lucy was not having this haircut by choice. The barberette reached down for her clippers, lifting them off their hook, and then pausing to oil the blades. “They’ve been busy this morning.” She remarked. “They’re in need of lubrication. Especially if I’m going to shear all of that lovely blonde hair off!” Lucy was now feeling quite anxious about going through with this. Sure, it was sensually arousing to have such an attractive young woman threaten to shave her, but Lucy wasn’t completely sold on the idea of losing her precious hair.

“Couldn’t I have a short scissor cut?” She suggested, trying to reach a compromise. The barberette smiled and ran her hand through Lucy’s blonde locks.

“I’m afraid not.” She sighed. “You’re not getting out of my chair with anything other than a nice, short buzzcut.” The clippers were switched on and the barberette walked behind her. Lucy suddenly felt the young girl place her hand on the back of her hand, firmly forcing it forward. At once, she felt the clippers touch the base of her neck, and then slowly being pushed up her nape. She heard their humming turn into a scrunching sound as the blades began slicing into her hair. Lucy squirmed in the chair with sexual excitement as she realised her crowning glory was being shorn clean away. Fay also watched with a sense of satisfaction as the barberette rapidly despatched those long blonde locks to the floor.

“What do you think?” She turned and asked Fay. “Better?” Fay gazed at the shorn patch on the back of Lucy’s head. Those glorious locks had gone, and only short stubble remained. Fay could not contain her delight.

“That’s much better!” She exclaimed. Hearing Fay’s reaction only heightened Lucy’s sense of arousal even further.  Successive passes of the clippers removed masses of blonde hair, which tumbled down the back of the chair. As the barberette worked her way around the chair, Lucy’s beloved blonde tresses continued to rain down. As Fay had expected, the young girl was showing no mercy to Lucy and had chosen a no.1 guard, ensuring that her remaining hair was very closely cropped to her skin. Lucy gasped as she watched the clippers mow her hair away from the side of her head, leaving her left ear completely uncovered.

“I love that reaction!” Grinned the barberette. “All women are the same. Once they see their lovely hair start falling away in large clumps, the reality hits them!” Relentlessly, she continued to shear away Lucy’s locks. “You won’t be needing another haircut for a while after this!” She smirked.

Lucy was enjoying the experience too much to care. The barberette was so femininely attractive, and yet so sadistic in her attitude to Lucy’s haircut. The feeling of her humming clippers being pressed against her scalp was almost orgasmic. It was all she could do not to climax as she sat there in the chair! As the barberette passed the clippers over Lucy’s head once more, the last of Lucy’s long tresses was shorn away and fell onto the her caped lap. The young woman stepped to one side to admire Lucy’s cropped hair.

“That’s much better!” She smiled, rubbing Lucy’s scalp playfully with her hand. “Do you like it?”

“Yes.” Came the reply from Lucy. The barberette was visibly amused at her response, still believing that the dramati
c makeover had not been made by choice. She turned to Fay.

“It really suits her doesn’t it?” She smiled. “You’ll have to make sure she doesn’t use as much shampoo as normal, otherwise she’ll get all lathered up!” She added, grinning at Lucy through the wall mirror. “Or, if you want me to, I could shave her scalp completely. Then she wouldn’t need to worry about shampoo at all?” Fay, however tempted by the idea, just shook her head. “Very well then, we’re done here.” The barberette swiftly removed the cape, shaking it as she did so to release all of Lucy’s severed locks to the floor. Both Lucy and Fay looked at the pile of blonde hair on the floor in amazement. There seemed so much of it!

“You look great!” Fay complimented Lucy as she rose out of the chair. The barberette paused for a second, holding the back of her barbers’ chair.

“Your turn now is it?” She asked Fay.

“No, no. I’m only here for moral support.”

“Pity. You’d look good with a nice, short clipper cut yourself!” Suggested the young girl. “I could do it for you now if you wanted? There’s nobody waiting?” Lucy looked across at Fay, surprised by her reluctance. Hadn’t she said her own hair needed cutting? So why wasn’t she getting in the chair? Fay just paid for Lucy’s haircut and ushered Lucy towards the door, clearly with no intention of having her own hair cut. As they left the shop, Lucy questioned Fay’s change of mind.

“I’ve had another idea.” She replied. They crossed the road together, heading back to their apartment.

“Well?” Asked Lucy. She was both puzzled and angry with Fay. She felt she had been cajoled into having such a short haircut, only to see Fay back out when it was her turn.

“I thought you could cut my hair for me?” Fay declared.


“Yes you! Don’t worry, I’ve got a pair of my own hair clippers. They’re so easy to use you know?”

“You want me to give you a clipper cut?”

“Yes, I’d love you to. It hasn’t been cut since Janice moved out, and it’s really beginning to bug me now!” Fay smiled. “We can be our own personal hairdressers. You can do mine, and I’ll do yours.” Lucy paused for a second.

“You’ll do mine?”

“Yes. Not straight away, but in a couple of weeks when it’s grown a bit. Now that you’ve had all that long hair cut off, I’ll keep it nice and short for you.”

“You will, will you?” Lucy quizzed, feeling uneasy with her flatmate’s sudden interest in home hairdressing.

“Of course I will.” Fay continued. “Don’t worry Lucy, as long as you’re living with me I’ll make sure your hair never grows too long!”

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