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In 2008 the population reached a point where there was not enough water or gas for everyone.  The government instated water restrictions.  Everyone would get three gallons of water a day for drinking and another five gallons per household for cooking.  They were afraid that when everyone had not showered for months, diseases would start spreading rapidly.  To prevent this they made a law that everyone must have their body free of hair.  They created depilation centers to assist in the task.  As it is understood today these people would enter the center, be put on a table, strapped down, and then the table would move through different stations.  Their hair would be clipped off, and then depilation cream would be spread all over their body to burn off the hair.  The cream would be left on for a short period and then their body would be sprayed off.  They would then be hairless for the rest of their life.

A small force of hygiene police were created and if someone had to be forced to come in they would then have to assist in finding more rebels and their sentence lasted until they had found 10 rebels and has brought them in.  They were then released to go back to their lives.  The government kept profiles on all these people; the stories of the people also have come out over the years.

Rachel Gray
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 45 kilogram
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Hair Length: 60 cm
Found: Home

I was sitting at home naked after I had brushed out my hair.  I was about to get dressed and then start working on my computer when I heard a knock on my door.  Thinking it was one of my friends (another ” rebel” as we’re called now) I went to open my door.  There was a heavyset man in a hygiene police uniform with his gun drawn.

“Come with me” he growled.

Before I could say anything let alone try and run, he had grabbed me and had my hands cuffed behind my back.  He shoved me out the door and in to a waiting van where five other longhaired women sat on two benches lining the walls.  Some were crying while others were very mad and others were had resigned themselves to their fate.  I fit into the third group and spent my time in the van enjoying my first time in a motorized vehicle for a while and probably my last.  Very soon we arrived at the depilation center.  I was pushed out first and grabbed by an officer who brought me over to a table that was on a narrow track, rumor had it that the tables here were moved by power from rebels who fought too much and in addition to the normal sentence they have to spend two days at a crank generator that powers the center.  The table was cold and slightly damp from its last occupant.  The officer wasted no time in strapping my chest to the table and then he put my ankles in wide stirrups and strapped them in. he the did something similar to my arms so that my armpits were exposed. He then took my hair out from under me and    brought it over the back edge of the table so it hung down the back.  He pressed a button and the table started to move down the track to whatever lay ahead.
The table stopped and I saw two men with clippers.  One man took his clippers and ran them over my head very quickly while another man took a pair of trimmers and started running them over my pussy.  The sensation of the two sets of clippers made me want to orgasm again and again, but I held it in and they continued the clipping.  If I had known that getting depilated would feel this good I would have done it ages ago.

Once he had finished my pussy the man with the trimmers moved on to my armpits and removed them in no time at all.  He then took off my eyebrows and by that time the man doing my head was done.  They stepped away and my table continued on. 

At the next station a man spread some cream all my body, concentrating on my pussy and my head.  Immediately the pain came like a wave.  This part was so much worse than the last part.  He quickly finished covering me in cream and as my table moved forward I tried not to cry from the pain.  Soon the pain disappeared as suddenly as it had started and by that point I was in a room identical with the first and again I was sprayed down and this time it felt so much different without any hair.  I soon left that room and came to a stop next to yet another officer.  At his side was a rack of black id collars.  He undid my chest restraint and told me to sit up.  He then put plastic collar around my neck and snapped it shut. He then told me that I would wear this until I had found 10 more rebels.  It had my ID number in front and would also allow them to track me and if I hadn’t found 10 rebels after 3 months and wasn’t actively looking for any they would come and get me and make me work in the generator room.  He said that I could find a pair of handcuffs stored in the collar for when I arrested a rebel.  He then told me that once I had found one I should walk them to the depilation center and check them in at the desk.  At that time they would program the capture into my collar and if it was my 10th they would remove the collar.  He then pressed a button and my table moved out thorough a door and once the door had shut and locked behind me all of my restraints automatically released and I set out in search of rebels.

To be continued.

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