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Her heart pounding as she ran across the campus, JJ fear drives her to go faster to reach the cafe. If she is late, she will be in a world of trouble. In fact, her world would end if she misses the appointment with who ever sent her the vanilla envelope filled with evidence of her cheating. The school would have no choice but to expel her. After that, her options would be the military or working for minimum wage at some job she would detest. All she wanted is to be an artist. Everyone praises her work and tells her how far she could go. Now, it is all in danger.

The cafe is empty when she arrives. Out of breath, she bends over to catch her breath only to feel a heavy smack on her ass causing her to shriek like a small child. Standing up, face flushed due to her run, the hand grabs her hair and pulls her forcefully to a table. Surprisingly nobody sees this happening. Finally she gets to see the blackmailer. He is thin, fair skin, with straight black hair. Most of all is the piercing eyes of an animal that distinguishes him from others. She recognizes him as Stash: a senior with more than enough ego to alienate most in the program including herself. All of his ex-girlfriends and boyfriends speak of him in fearful whispers. No one deals with him if at all possible. The faculty indulge his every whim as if he were the next big thing that they wish credited to their teaching.

He stares at her like a predator.

“What do you want?” JJ asks.

“I want? I want to turn you in you slut,” he snaps.

“Why?” she asks.

“Because like the whore you are, you think that because you are cute that you can get away with anything.”

“Please don’t,” she begs. “I can’t go back home disgraced.”

He laughs at her. “You should have thought of that before you slept with the professor. A clear violation of the student teacher code and here you are begging for yourself and not him. How selfish of you.”

JJ thinks that she is going to have to give Stash a blowjob or something more. He could be bought with sex. “What do you want, Stash?”

He stares at her as she readies herself for what she is certain will be sexual.

“I want you to be my final piece of art.”

“That’s it?” asks JJ.

“You should be honored whore. What I am going to do is going to make history and you are perfect. I will give you the pictures and negatives after the show. Do you agree?”

JJ senses a trap and starts to say something.

“Yes or no, JJ. You either agree and sign this consent form or else I go to the student ethics board.”

“Yes,” she said thinking that whatever he had in mind she could handle it.

“Good. Show up tomorrow at the gallery workshop. You will need to get there at four and the show starts at six. If you are late…you get the idea.”

With that, Stash produces a document and tells her to sign, which she does without reading it. He smiles maliciously and leaves the cafe. Shaking, JJ begins to worry about what Stash has in mind. An ache forms in her stomach and then she runs to the bathroom where she vomits into the toilet.

Stash lets her in the gallery. JJ is dressed casually but is everything but that. Her body trembles as he leads her into the empty adjacent studio. Stash’s assistant comes through the door.

The small with straight black hair and blue-eyed girl giggles as she looks at JJ. She pulls a camcorder and begins filming the blushing and nervous JJ.

“This is Nina. You have her to thank for your situation. It is because she wouldn’t be the center of my art that I had to find you. Believe me, if Nina wouldn’t do my project it has to be seriously demented.”

“Now that we have the before pictures, let’s begin the transformation…JJ strip off your clothes. All of them silly girl.”

JJ balks causing Stash to shoot her a warning look. Seeing that he is serious she is soon naked before them as Nina continues to record every step with the camcorder. JJ tries to cover her nakedness with her hands. Stash chuckles and orders her to stand up straight. He has little time to waste, he tells her. JJ does as she is told and suddenly becomes less worried about what he has in mind. If she has to stand naked for a couple hours then that is what she will do to get the incriminating evidence.

“You have a nice rack. Too bad you aren’t shaved down there. Your ass is nice too, but you are less toned than I hoped. You should really think about an aerobic class or weight training. No tattoos. That is good.”

Just then another student arrives with a box full of paints. He stops and stares at JJ causing her to cover herself.

“Don’t worry. Andre is gay. He is only admiring you aesthetically. Isn’t that right, Andre?”

Andre glaring at Stash nods in a fey manner. He takes the box and begins doing something at a nearby table. Stash chuckles and tells JJ to go to another table and lie down. She does. It is all so confusing. She doesn’t know what he has in mind, but so far it has been only embarrassing. Nina continues to film her as Stash comes over with a basin filled with hot water.

“First, JJ we need to shave your pussy,” he states with glee. JJ sits up only to be met by his stare. It reminds her of what is at stake. She lies back and closes her eyes. Stash smiles and looks into the camera before holding up a pair of clippers. The buzzing makes JJ eyes open and watch as he lowers it to the edge of her pubic hair. The clippers touch her flesh causing a not so unpleasant vibration. The soft, silky, and curly rust colored hair falls along her thighs. It feels like someone sprinkling powder or something light between her legs. Her clit extends and she becomes moist between her legs. Stash’s hands brush away the hair and inadvertently makes contact with her lower lips. He feels the moisture looks at her knowingly making her loathing building. Next is the feeling of hot water on her, followed by cool lather, and the kiss of a razor blade. He continually dips the blade in the water basin and traces her sex. Another rinse of water followed by a sharp pain that makes JJ yell. Did he cut her with a razor? Looking down she sees him with a pair of tweezers with a strand of pubic hair in between them. Stash plucks the stray hairs left with abandonment. He gets off on JJ’s groans and yells. Finally, he declares that he is done and orders her off the table.

Looking down, JJ sees herself naked and exposed. Stash hands her some aloe and tells her to rub herself with it. Touching herself, she feels herself aroused by the sensation of a hairless vagina. It seems much more vulnerable than she remembers. For a moment, she forgets about all of them before she hears Stash ordering her to come sit in the chair. JJ crosses the room with Nina following closely. Once seated, Stash places a blanket over JJ.

“Now you are going to learn what it is to be in the Army.”

The sound of the clippers makes JJ stand up. “No, Stash. No. Not my hair!!!”

Stash turns off the clippers. Andre stops what it is he doing to watch the scene unfurl before him. Stash stares. He says nothing but with an _expression of annoyance.

He nods, “Either sit or leave, JJ. I don’t have time to waste.”

JJ starts to head for the door, but stops herself. She returns to the chair and sits. Tears roll down her cheeks as he starts clipping. He takes the handfuls of hair and places them on a table next to the chair. The clippers make JJ vibrate, but the tears won’t stop flowing. She feels cool air on her scalp and the weight of her hair disappearing with each pass of the clippers. More hot water on her scalp followed by lather then shaving. Through it all, JJ keeps her eyes closed and Nina films each moment with a faint smile.

“Done,” shouts Stash.

JJ’s eyes open. She is drained of everything. Weak and helpless, she gasps with horror when she looks and sees her hair on the table next to her. It is too much and she lets out a cry of anguish. Stash removes the cloth and pulls her to her feet. He leaves her standing the
re naked to everything. JJ is vulnerable to all. There are no secrets to hide. She loses all sense of self and those around her. Everything becomes a blur…Andre painting her…Nina filming her…Stash painting her some more…being led to the gallery next door…being tied between two poles…lighting being adjusted…more touch up paint on her body…nipple clamps being applied…a curtain being drawn…the curtain opening to a crowd of faculty, students, and patrons of the program…gasps…Stash explaining the piece before the finale…the lights dim to darkness…a black light revealing words and shapes on her body…slut, whore, jezebelle, wanton, slave, bald, cunt….the curtain being closed…applause and boos…Stash freeing her…removing the clamps…scream…led back to the adjacent room…Nina filming still…Stash handing her clothes and ordering her dressed…Andre helping…Stash thanking her and handing her the envelope.

JJ awakes the next day. No one will know that she is the girl who was the center of Stash’s show. She takes a hiatus and heads home. Her hair grows and all is forgotten until the tape Nina made shows up in her mail the week after graduation. Stash has need of her services again.

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