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The game is in full swing, when she sits at the table. All those sitting at the table stare at her with both lust and anger. This is a poker game for dominants only and this girl, who claims to be a submissive, is asking to play. Doesn’t she know the stakes for this game happens to be submissive slaves? As usual, she doesn’t care and demands to play.

The girl is JJ and she has been a pain to many of the dominants at the table. She had been attending the parties and clubs for almost a year. The dominant that brought her to our group disappeared, but she is considered to be a regular. A thin body, pretty face, and exhibitionist attitude help make the parties more entertaining and most of the dominants tolerant of her faults. Even though she declared herself to be a submissive, she often acted the opposite and flouted the established protocols. Many times she would lure a dominant into falsely believing that she would submit to them, only to change her mind leaving them frustrated and angry. JJ is a bratty submissive tease

I never accepted her challenge or pursued her, but she is on my radar and tonight she has presented me with an opportunity to teach her a thing or two. While JJ is a tease and a brat, she is honorable when it comes to debt. How I know this isn’t important. It is instinct. So when she sat down and demanded to play, she had doomed herself.

After much discussion, we agree to let her play but with the condition that if she went bust she would be obligated to be the submissive to the winner. The submissive men and women in the room, all stakes themselves in the game, exchange glances of disbelief at her audacity. The chips are placed in front of her and we begin to play. JJ isn’t a bad player, in fact she is quite good, but it doesn’t occur to her that poker isn’t about the best hand or the ability to bluff. It is a game of familiarity. We play against each other all the time and read each other’s hands with a high rate of accuracy. With each hand played, we know how and when to make the bet. JJ on the other hand has no familiarity with us and we are all looking for a Tell that will give us the edge.

JJ tries to use her formidable feminine wiles to distract us. She takes off her blouse to show us her leather bra encased bosoms and bending over the table giving a nice view of her shapely ass. Her breasts are pretty and nice, but not big enough to break my concentration even when she shakes them in a display of bad sportsmanship when she wins. She declares that the submissive she picks will be hers forever. The submissive stakes all hang on her every word and hand finding her a beautiful alternative. The dominants at the table are sensing this and really want to bankrupt her. I keep such emotions cold as I watch her stack the chips she has won. It is borrowed time she is living on and once I find her Tell, she is done for.

By the fourth hand, JJ gives it away. It is quite obvious but easily missed because of all the flashing and teasing she does, but I see it and feel my cock stir: her fingers quickly strokes or plays with her hair when she is bluffing. I make certain of this by watching the next two hands. Then I start to play her hard. It doesn’t take me long to deal with the other players as they back off their hands and fold early. They all sense that I am breaking JJ. It takes me six rounds of cards to put JJ into the moment of decision. Under the rules of the game, you must play until you are wiped out in order to prevent players from leaving the game with chips and not surrendering their submissive stake. If the players agree to end the game, the submissive stake stays with their dominant. So JJ needs a big win to ride out the game because usually the players agree to end it after a few hours. Of course by then bets are made for services at the table using the submissive stakes. Drinks, whippings, oral sex, masturbation, all occur during a game. Since JJ refuses to bet her services, she has nothing but the chips working for her and now she has few of those to ride out the game and needs a big win.

The cards on the table and her face up cards make her good for a straight. It is very likely she has it and I consider folding since my hand can’t beat that when I see her stroke her curly, red, shoulder length hair. She is bluffing. I play her by being uncertain of my hand. She encourages me to bet higher by cupping and squeezing her bra covered breasts. Such a dirty girl, I think. It makes me play indecisive even more enthusiastically. I worry out loud and wonder if should fold. She licks her lips and teases me with seductive words. Her chips are on the table and she is sensing that I will fold at her brash confidence. Not me, JJ. I have you now and call her bluff.

The submissive stakes all gasp as she goes bust. The dominants all cheer me and I claim my stake, JJ. My submissive stake, Ashley, stands and leads JJ away from the table and out of the room. I bid the other dominants a good night. Before leaving a pretty female dominant tells me to teach JJ a lesson leading to laughs of triumph. JJ is standing next to Ashley who is keeping JJ from bolting. I order Ashley to give JJ directions to my dungeon and what time to be there ignoring the stunned JJ. I remind her through my directions to Ashley that if JJ does not show, she is banned forever from the parties and club. Worse, I say for extra wicked pleasure, if she doesn’t show up everyone will know she can’t keep her word or pay her debt. JJ shudders as she hears my commands again after Ashley repeats the conversation, then we leave JJ at the party to decide whether to honor her debt or leave the scene forever.

To Ashley’s surprise, JJ shows up the next day on time. I spy on them through my surveillance system in the guest bedroom. Ashley taunts JJ about what to expect and chides her for playing against me in poker as she helps JJ change into the outfit for her session. I watch on the monitor as she slips out of her seductive feminine adult clothes into the school girl outfit. After putting her hair into pig tails, Ashley takes JJ to the dungeon and leaves her there to wait for me. The place where I play is called the dungeon for good reason. It has no amenities and is a cold place. It is a converted work space with exposed brick and fluorescent lighting giving it a harsh impersonal atmosphere. I let JJ soak in this atmosphere and watch her confident bratty nature crumble as time passes and the austere nature of the place works on her sensibilities. The school girl outfit is perfect for her and she looks like the brat I see at the party that night.

I’m dressed in a black boiler suit and ready to humble JJ. She turns around as I come in and immediately take charge. I tell her she is going to change and from now on she will know what submission is as I order her hands behind her back. She is taken aback by how fast I bind her. She takes the spanking that I give her well. The suspension and rope work that follows causes her to descend into submission. When she feels the vibrator applied to her pussy she fights against the ropes that eventually leads to a powerful orgasm that wets her white panties. Afterwards, the panties are removed as is the bra after the blouse is ripped open by me. Nipple clamps make her scream as weights are attached and the vibrator is placed against her exposed pussy and left there. More pleas and moans as one violent orgasm blurs into another. I make her beg for release before turning the speed on the vibrator up causing her to beg me to stop. Next comes a bit of a rest, more torments. Soon she is naked, shivering, and bent over a table exposed and bound. I pull out the cane and make her count. By the time I’m done, she has a red face and ass to match. The welts turn my dominant side on as rub her ass. I reposition myself and push my cock at her mouth, which she opens. I hear her gags and sucking sound as my fingers play with her openings. Soon, she is free and fucking my cock while I hold her arms. Her ass is backing up into me to get me deep inside. She is thanki
ng and repeating my degrading words. She and both have powerful orgasms. I leave her bent over the table and shout for Ashley.

Ashley shows up and I order her tie JJ to the chair. Secured, I tell JJ how I beat her in poker by revealing the Tell involving her hair. JJ isn’t able to comprehend why I am telling her this. She is still in submissive state where it doesn’t matter what she thinks only what I command. I inform her that I am going to remove the Tell to remind her of what her arrogant, bratty, and teasing has cost her. Ashley, who is a hairdresser, unpacks her bag. The sound of the electric razor causes JJ to sober up and shout out in protest. It does no good as Ashley begins.

At the next party, JJ is suspended from the ceiling. Dominants and their submissive slaves all stare at her. They see the remnants of the caning I gave her and her sex exposed. The hood she is wearing is remarked upon because nobody is certain that is the bratty JJ who lost to me in poker. JJ is lowered and made to kneel on her knees. Your eyes peer at me through the eye holes in the mask devoid of the arrogant spark. I pull off the mask that reveals the new submissive you to all in the room. Your baldness shocks and scares the women both dominant and submissive slaves as they realize it is you as you are made to demonstrate your submission through commands and acts.

JJ the brat is dead and JJ the bald headed submissive is born.

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