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The next couple of weeks, the girl endured more humiliations than she thought possible. The blackmail had put her into a new world in which she had no say into whatever the photographer wanted. He made her shave her head every week. She had to model for him and Mistress Christina’s photo shoots. Sometimes she would cry during the photo sessions only to have the photographer praise her for being so beautiful. The girl began to believe that she had adjusted to her new situation and there were no more surprises left. She loved being fucked by the photographer especially when he made her strip and bend over his desk. Sitting in the reception room talking to the models who did their best not to stare at her. The alternative chicks were just the opposite. They changed their minds about her and some even flirted with her-making her a bit more than uncomfortable given being both repulsed and turned on by them. If the photographer told her to, she would sleep with them. Oh my god! Did she really think that? Shocked the girl focused on her work hoping that idea didn’t cross his mind. She didn’t know what he would do, but she knew she had no choice but to obey.

She was surprised when Mistress Christina came into the reception room with a man carrying a rectangle box following. The girl immediately greeted the smartly dressed and coiffed woman. The man said nothing but held the box without making eye contact. The girl knew that he must be one of her clients or slaves. The photographer came out from his studio and greeted Mistress Christina who told him that she had a gift for his office. With a snap of her fingers, the man carrying the box opened it. The girl mouth dropped wide open in shock. The box contained a framed portrait of the girl from their shoot. Because of the angle of the shot most of her face was obscured but everything else was revealed. Her nude body and baldhead perfectly clear as well as her sex with the landing strip. The photographer held the frame and declared it beautiful. The girl blushed red and was too shocked to say anything. The photographer decided that it be placed in his office and brought out for special parties or showings.

The man with Mistress Christina then took the frame from the photographer and went to the office where he hung up for the photographer. The girl sat at the desk feeling ill. Now every time she went into the office, she would have to look at the picture. Even if she grew her hair again, she would always remember her baldness and crime. They returned to the reception area. The photographer pleased with his gift began talking to Mistress Christina about giving her a gift. The girl’s throat tightened because she knew what he was thinking.

“Take her,” he said pointing to her. “She is good at obeying and I’m sure you can find some use for her.”

Mistress Christina thought it over but declined. “The girl is bald and I really like pulling my slave’s hair. Besides she not very pretty, maybe when her hair grows back.”

“Don’t be mean. She is very trainable and has talents.”

“Well, if you insist. Get your things slave, we are leaving.”

With that, the girl found herself sitting in the back seat of a car with Mistress Christina wondering what would happen next.

The girl’s job as their assistant turned out to be a challenge. First, she had to wear fetish or revealing clothing all the time. Her baldness and clothing often made the men and couples very uncomfortable waits. She could see the shock on the first timers faces as she greeted them at the door. The women in particular because they believed Mistress would shave them like her. To date, no other woman had their hair shaved but that didn’t stop their fears. Then there were the shopping trips and errand runs for toys and clothing. Mistress made the most out of ordering her around in front of the merchants. Worse was her choice in clothing Mistress selected. Every piece was something the girl would never buy for herself let alone wear in public. She had turned her into a punk rock submissive chick wearing tight revealing clothes. One burst of wind would flip her skirt revealing whether or not mistress allowed her to wear panties.

The sessions she participated in were mostly as an assistant but once a week she had to submit to the Mistress and occasionally her husband. Nothing sexual-well there were a couple of times she was allowed to masturbate-happened but she did endure some floggers, crops, clamps, and a caning. The Mistress was building her pain tolerance with plans to use her for party and workshop demos. This hadn’t happened yet, but the girl kept finding herself looking forward to it.

The only point of sadness was the requirement that she keep her head shaved. Why? The Mistress made certain that it happened on schedule and often would rub her head looking for stubble. To make matters worse, when the girl stayed overnight, Mistress made the girl brush her hair. It frustrated the girl to the point of tears. She never said a word, but the Mistress could read her like a book. Then it was explained to the girl one night when brushing her hair.

“You must be thinking that you will never do this for yourself ever again?” Mistress asked. The girl said nothing and continued to brush the Mistress’s beautiful black hair.

“I keep you bald to keep you humble,” she said. “You are beautiful with hair and that would make you impossible to train. Both my husband and I would make love to you every night. With you bald, we can make you a better person. When I am convinced that you will never be the spoiled girl you once were, I will allow you to grow your hair back. So one day, you will be brushing your own hair but you are going to have to earn it.”

And no more was said.

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